Weirdest Ebay Items #2 (GAME)

Weirdest Ebay Items #2 (GAME)

It’s time to look at some more
weird items on eBay. Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Goooood Mythical Morning!
– eBay is a treasure trove of amazing things, but as we’ve established in a
previous episode, it is also a treasure – trove of weirdness.
– And those weird things keep getting replenished every second because
that’s kind of how it works. So, we ask ourselves, why not
play another weird eBay game? – Why not?
– So, it’s time to play… (Link over gameshow music) Guess That
Price on eBay For That Weird Thing! (game show host voice) All right, let’s
get right to it and welcome our first and only contestant to the show,
Rhett McLaughlin. Come on dooooown! – Woooooo! Woo!
– All right. – I was back there.
– Hello! Where you from? – Back there.
– Oh, that’s great. And, you know, I’m gonna present to you
eight– count ’em– eight– Hey. would you believe, Link, I’ve hosted
the show before I know how it works. – (fake laughter)
– (laughs) Okay, eight different weird eBay items. And featuring the help of our
amazingly talented producer and – number-shower, it’s Stevie!
– (applause) – Woo!
– (Rhett and Link laugh) – Whoa.
– She’s very enthusiastic today. This time she’s hiding behind you
totally, but… there we go. Okay, – there she is. She’s thug life.
– Should I hide her, or should I… She’s being, like, thug life, sportin’
that sweatshirt that we sell in our store. – (laughs)
– All right, so here we go. – Wait, what am I playin’ for?
– You are playing for… count ’em one, count ’em one dollar, or
you can choose what– – (laughs) You don’t have to count to one.
– what is in this box. – You just point to it.
– The mystery box. – What is in that box?
– I’m not gonna– it’s mystery. – But you have to get–
– (mocking) It’s mystery. five out of the eight questions correct,
so that’s just a little over half. – Are you ready to play?
– I am ready. All right, let’s go with Weird Ebay
Item #1. Ladies and gentlemen, Rhett… (Link, over game show music)
Bags of fresh Rocky Mountain Air. – (Rhett) Bags? How many bags do I get?
– You bid on a ziploc bag, like a gallon bag of fresh Rocky Mountain air from
Alberta, Canada, famous for its Rocky Mountains and its air. Google “Banff”
or “Lake Louise” for more information. There’s absolutely no way that
the bag still contains the air. – Yes it does.
– I mean, no, no, it’s not possible. The bag will be completely leaked by
the time it gets to me. It’s not worth it. He calls it “Vitality Air.” A bag will be
filled fully by vitality and shipped to you super fresh, if you’re willing
to pay what Buy It Now price? (Link) Is it $15 or, as
Stevie is gesturing, $100? You’d have to be an idiot
to pay 15 for it, so… – (laughs) What?
– I mean, you’d have to be an idiot – to pay 100, obviously.
– It’s one of these two. I know. You’d have to
be an idiot to pay 15. – Oh.
– (Rhett) You’d have to be a really, really big idiot to do 100.
So I’m gonna go with $15. – All right.
– (Rhett) People are not that stupid. – No! Yes they are!
– (buzzer, sad music, sad crowd noises) – That’s it.
– Nobody’s buying this! But that’s where he set it, because, hey,
here in L.A. we need some of that air. Moving right along– Your back’s against
the wall already, Rhett McLaughlin. – I forget how people are.
– Our next item– that’s right, you’ve – heard it correct– a man’s thumbnail.
– (Rhett) Euy! – (Link) A man’s thumbnail.
– It looks like he did something to it. He probably knocked it
in a door or something. – Why do I want to buy this?
– His item description just says, – “Get it before it’s gone, L-O-L.”
– (Rhett laughs) It’s already gone! It fell off of you, what
do I want to do with it? – Right. What is the winning bid?
– It could be a guitar pick, I guess. – (Link) Right, it–
– (Rhett) What is that? – (Rhett) It’s a man’s thumbnail.
– (Link) Are we talking… – (Rhett) Oh, winning bid.
– Winning bid. Somebody won this thing. Was it 25 cents or one dollar? Not a lot
of margin for error here, Rhett. Think about this. Somebody bought
this for one of these prices. A quarter. I mean, hold on– it’s not even
worth shipping if it’s– Yeah, a quarter. I’m going with a quarter. – (buzzer, sad music, sad crowd noises)
– I’m never going on eBay again! (Link) Somebody bought that dude’s thumbnail. I’ve lost all faith in humanity already,
and I’m only two questions in! All right, so we had a nail,
now we’re going with a foot! This is a voodoo-style real chicken foot. (Rhett) Does it have magical
powers? Or is it just a chicken foot? – It is…
– ‘Cause if it’s a magic chicken foot, – it’s worth more.
– No, it is a preserved chicken foot. (Link) Use it for anything from a
prank gift to a voodoo ceremony. – Buy It Now price?
– Do you have to stir it in with – a goat head?
– Yeah, you gotta have other things if… – And then you curse someone.
– If you wanna really witch it up, – you gotta…
– (high-pitched voice) That’s, I mean, that’s… listen, I’d be willing to
pay a lot for a curse on somebody. Would you be willing to pay $16
or $54.75? Buy It Now price. – (normally) $54.74 for a chicken foot?
– That’s pretty exact. You think someone… I think that you can use any chicken foot
for voodoo ceremonies. I don’t think anything has been done to this. I think
it’s about what you do to it, so I think the price comes on the backside.
I’m gonna go with $16. (Link) And the correct answer is… – (bell rings, applause, winning music)
– $16! Yeeeah! Voodoo that! Voodoo that! All right, here we go. Next up– up for
item auction on Ebay, the weird section… Something instead of nothing, no thing,
nothing, ask me for advice on something. Now, I know that’s
a little confusing, just– – I don’t understand.
– Just focus here. He’s basically selling his advice. Ask me for advice or opinion
on info or topics that you need advice – or opinion on.
– Why is the title, something instead of nothing, no thing, nothing, ask me
for advice– “advise” on something? – ‘Cause it’s nothing.
– Listen, buddy. I’m not paying for advice – if you can’t spell advice.
– But it’s… it’s– – You’re spelling it “advise.”
– All right, so we need to know the – Buy It Now price.
– (Rhett) Is this the dog we’re talking – to? That would make more sense.
– I don’t know why he put a picture of a dog, but I think he’s a human. And he
did note two things before you name the Buy It Now price. He said, “I am not a
professional anything and I only profess to assert an opinion which is what you
will get.” But he also offers free – expedited shipping.
– (Stevie laughs) – (Link clicks tongue)
– (Rhett mutters) 49 cents… So, free shipping included. What’s the
Buy It Now price on this dude’s advice? – $0.49 or $49.
– One piece of advice, not a world of advice. Anybody who is stupid enough to come up
with this strategy is also stupid enough – to price it at $49.
– (Link) Is it? – (buzzer, sad music, sad crowd noises)
– No! He knows himself! He says he’s not
a professional anything, dude! – (Link) You’re losing.
– (Rhett) $0.49? Where does he come up – with this stuff?
– All right, here we go. – Moving right along.
– (Stevie laughs) Next item: Vintage Applefolk made
in Tasmania from a real apple. Take a look at this picture, though. Now,
that looks like a totally rotten apple, right? But I think it’s preserved and
mushed in to look like… – A human’s head?
– the head of some weird troll. So it’s not an actual person. – No, it’s an apple from Tasmania.
– That’s a disappointment. An apple from Tasmania. Made from a real
apple, 7 centimeters high, 4.5 centimeters square base right there. What’s the
Buy It Now price, Rhett? Is it $13.13 – or is it $23.34?
– I’ve lost all hope in myself and… – people who sell apples shaped like heads.
– This is a work of art, but it is just an apple. (sighs) $13.13. – (buzzer, sad music, sad crowd noises)
– Oh! You are… You can’t get this, but I’ll still open it
and I will taunt you with what’s inside. – All right, moving right along–
– Aw, c’mon, give me another chance. – All right, I’ll give you another chance.
– If I get fifty percent. Let’s see if you can get this one
right and I’ll string you along, okay? – (Stevie laughs)
– Here we go, people. A fur-bearing beaver trout. That’s right, a freak sideshow
novelty cryptozoology taxidermy gaff. This is a fish with beaver fur on it.
Ah… enough said, pretty much. – Is this an actual specimen?
– It’s got real glass eyes. (Link) It’s 11 inches long and it’s
mounted on a thing 6 inches tall, – 14 inches long, man. This is big.
– But this is real? – It could be a centerpiece.
– You said it was a gaff. Does that mean it was a mistake? He was trying to
taxidermize a beaver and it turned – into a fish?
– Ah, yeah. Exactly. – Or vice versa?
– Exactly. That’s exactly what happened. It is a real animal but
he just messed it up. – (Rhett and Stevie laugh)
– What is the Buy It Now price? (Rhett) Well, considering this is the
only ever beaver fish– beaver trout! – Beaver trout! Is this $99 or $499?
– I hope it’s $99. – But it’s a work of art.
– Oh, you’re– What if I told you that it was signed and
dated by the artist and has a certificate – of authenticity?
– Well, is he known for this? – Maybe.
– Okay. Are you leading me astray, man? – (softly) No.
– (Stevie laughs) $499? Okay, $499. – (buzzer, sad music, sad crowd noises)
– (Rhett and Link laugh) What! I was gonna say $99. You gotta
give me that ’cause you made me – second-guess myself!
– Okay, I’ll give you that. All right, I’ll give you that one.
All right, here we go… – Did you not know what it was?
– I forgot. – (laughs) Great job, host!
– I don’t have it written down. I don’t have the answers!
They’re on the board! – Okay, all right.
– Number-puller Stevie has the answers. – Number-puller.
– Here we go. Men’s used gym socks. (Link) That’s right, you can get these
on eBay: My boyfriend’s stinky gym socks, – (Stevie laughs)
– cleaned per eBay policy. – Hold on, they’re not stinky anymore?
– I think it’s got a wink sign, that means she didn’t really clean ’em
because that would devalue them. – Ah. Is he famous?
– Nope. Is this Angelina Jolie
selling Brad Pitt’s socks? – No, this is just…
– (Nasal voice) My boyfriend’s socks. (Link) My boyfriend’s stinky
gym socks. That’s all she said. – (Rhett) We might as well be married.
– (Link) Buy It Now price: $30 or $5, Rhett? – Ah, man.
– (Link) They are laid out. I hope that the Buy It Now price is $5. – (buzzer, sad music, sad crowd noises)
– Buy It Now price $30. She’s going for it. She’s trying to make a little scratch.
People are desperate. – You’re not gonna sell these socks, lady!
– And finally, there is a dude selling my human soul– his own human soul.
“Important: eBay policy prohibits the sale of nonmaterial items.” Tell
that to the guy giving advice. – Yeah, right! For 49 cents.
– “In other words, something physical has to be shipped. If you purchase my soul,
I will send you a piece of paper with my signature confirming
the purchase of said soul.” – How many times can you buy it?
– Once. And only one person can buy it. – Is the Devil bidding on this?
– Maybe! You might have a bidding war going on. Look at his face. He’s reaching
for some sort of object on a wooden wall. “I’m in a bidding war with the Devil.”
That’s a good name for a country album. – (Stevie laughs)
– And look at this guy. – (Rhett) I want that guy’s soul.
– (Link) Does he even have a soul? – I want that guy’s soul.
– You want it? Are you willing to pay – $105 or $104?
– (all laugh) (Rhett) Oh, gosh! Gosh! What? That’s
so stupid. I mean, this kinda guy… – I mean, I’m gonna go… okay.
– You think he’s an even-number man – or an odd-number man?
– (all laugh) I think that… my intuition says that
this guy would say $104 ’cause he’s so crazy and who comes up with that?
But I’m gonna go with $105 because that goes against what I’m thinking
and I’ve been wrong every time. Stevie? – (bell rings, applause, winning music)
– Yeah! Five! You did it! And you know what?
You only had to get that one right to either get a dollar or what’s in the
Mystery Box. Which do you want? – Really?
– I don’t have a dollar. Don’t have a sympathy–
Oh, you don’t have a dollar? – No. (laughs)
– Okay, what’s in the Mystery Box? There you go. Open that up and show it to
the people. Here’s a hint: It’s a coffin. It just looks like a Christmas present. – It’s a…
– Tell ’em what you’ve won! It’s a Fred Flintstone coffin. He’s
buried in Frosted Mini Wheats. Yeah, that’s right. As all
good guys like that should be. – Did you get this on eBay?
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– You know what time it is. My name’s Hannah.
I’m from Seattle, Washington, and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality! If you’re the kind of person who likes to
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you taken care of in a mug format (laughs) – at
– (unison) store! (Link echoing) store, store… Click
through to Good Mythical More. I got some more really weird Ebay items
that I want to share with you. (Rhett) Rhyme thyme! This is when one
person says a word and the other person has to rhyme with it until you
can’t come up with a rhyme. – Okay, ah… you start.
– (both laugh) I can’t even come up
with a word. You start. – Flakes.
– Makes. – Rakes.
– Jakes. – Bakes.
– Quakes. – Drakes.
– …Mm– [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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    offer suggestions about the best course of action to someone.

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