Wednesday, October 9

Wednesday, October 9

Live, from New York City, it’s the “Wendy Williams Show”. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel feel feel it ♪ ♪ Feel feel it it it ♪ ♪ Feel it feel it feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go come on you need it ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ You do it ♪ How you doin’? Now, here’s Wendy! (applause and cheering)
(upbeat music) ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ You do it ♪
♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ Thank you! (applause and cheering) Thank you for watching my show! (applause and cheering) Say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. (applause and cheering) How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doin’ okay. Let’s get started. It’s time for Hot Topics. (applause and cheering)
(upbeat music) (Wendy mumbles) (applause and cheering)
(upbeat music) Every day is a hustle. Sometimes you forget the last little things. You know what I mean? Forgot to moisturize. I shake a lot of hands. I like them to be soft. (laughter) Well so, you know what happened yesterday on the show? And, no one told me until today. Okay. You never know who’s gonna be in the Wendy audience. We were graced with the presence of Ron Artest Sr. (audience exclaims) Yeah! Metta World Peace’s dad was here! (audience exclaims)
(man laughs) Uh-huh. Well no, that’s Ron. Metta World Peace Jr., Ron Artest. But, his dad was here. Now, when I asked you about this, Normand, you said do we need a picture? And, you got a picture quick. But, I was talkin’ about a picture, a screenshot.
Yeah, of Senior. Of Senior, in the audience.
Right. Like, where was he sitting? I have no clue.
Was he wearing glitter? I don’t know (laughs), I don’t know. (laughs) And, a boa? Like everyone else. A tiara?
Yeah! I wonder whether he received me nicely, or whether he was givin’ me the gristle face. Right. All I know is that when the show was over, (laughs) when the show was over, I found like, thank you, Mr. Artest, for leaving me that really wonderful bag of basketball memorabilia, and things like that. Honestly, really nice. Thank you so much. But, if I knew that you were here… (applause) If I knew that you were here, I would have highlighted your experience here. I feel like we lost the chance. I know. Audience department, heads will roll! (laughter) Like, you’re supposed to tell me who’s here, where they’re sittin’, and why I should be there. Anyway… But… Okay. Speakin’ of dads. Drake’s dad is calling him a liar. Ooh.
What? Well no, no, no, no (laughs). I don’t even know why this is a story, ’cause we’re not even talkin’ about Drake, we’re talkin’ about his dad, but okay. So, Drake has said many, many times before, that his father, Dennis, was an absentee father, who left him and his mother alone. And, if you listen to Drake’s lyrics, you’ve heard this before. But, Dennis was on the Nick Cannon podcast… The radio show?
Yeah. I think so.
A podcast is a radio show, isn’t it?
Yeah, sure. Yeah.
(audience laughs) (Normand laughs) He was on the Nick Cannon radio show, and Drake (stammers), anyway, just take a look, and then we’ll talk. I have always been with Drake. I talk to him, if not every day, every other day.
Wow. And, we really got into a deep conversation about that. I said Drake, why are you saying all of this different stuff about me, man? (stammers) This is not cool. And, he goes, Dad, it sells records.
(Nick laughs) I said okay, well cool. (audience scoffs) I don’t know what to believe. I’m still tryin’ to figure out why there’s a big star like Nick Cannon had Drake’s dad on this show. (stammers) That’d be like having my mom on a show. You know, it’s the parents of, their not showbiz parents, they’re just regular people tryna get some shine. Mommy you know what you do. (audience laughs) You know what you do, and you know you do it too, but that’s why I block you. (laughter) No, from doing stuff like that. (applause and laughter) Like, people try to get my om and dad to do stuff, ’cause they’re my mom and dad. I’m like, oh no you won’t. Oh no you won’t. (stammers) All money’s not, no you won’t. Just relax, be old, and chill with the fruits of your labor. Now, Drake’s dad clearly wants to be noticed. What do I believe? I believe that Drake has said many times that his… (laughter) Yeah! (laughter) He looks like a pimp named Sweet Back, right? (laughter) But, here’s the thing. I do feel like Drake has said it enough in his songs, some of the lyrics, I can’t even think of the lyrics. Normand, hit it. “0 to 100”, I think he wrote something about his dad.
Real quick? What’d he say? Somethin’ about his dad wasn’t around, and he never used to pick him up, and left him alone. Word, I don’t know. (laughter) Anyway. I don’t care. Can we move on? Can we move on? I don’t care, you know. (applause and cheering) My thought is, is that Drake did live this experience, and that he’s making money off his experience. So, for him to say to his father, something like, Dad, be quiet, this makes money. Because, you were an absentee father, and my real-life stories do make money. People can relate to that. He’s not the only one who’s had an absentee dad. Alright. Anyway. Exhausted. (laughter) I wish Mr. Artest though, would’ve raised his hand, or clapped out loud, or, Suzanne, why didn’t you know? (Suzanne stammers) Like, he really did come in here? There’s always people comin’ by. I know, but we always know them. Yeah, I know, I know.
You know what I mean? We missed an opportunity. Sorry, Wendy. Like, when the Oak Ridge Boys were here. Yeah, well they were really– We saw them.
Yeah, but, they were really obvious. (Wendy mumbles)
(laughter) Yes! Yes.
It’s tough, but… Marco, why didn’t you know? I’m sorry, Wendy. (laughter) Good answer! I don’t know what, no don’t give him a mic. Put the mic back.
(laughter) Okay, so the rumors are swirling, that Lindsay Lohan won’t be back at “The Masked Singer”, in Australia. Now, I just told you, she just got this job, but Lindsay is telling a different story. According to an Australian magazine that’s called “New Idea”, producers of the show were sick and tired of her long list of demands. Well, now here we go with these demands. (audience scoffs)
You know, yesterday, was JLO, and the cookies and the milk. And, I told you that I like the Tropicana, with no pulp. (audience laughs) Just ’cause you have to say something (laughs). Alright, chicken wings, fried hard. (laughter) Jolly Ranchers, lots of toothpicks, and don’t forget the Red Hot sauce. (applause and laughter) (Wendy laughs) And, disposable Tupperware, so I can take what I don’t eat, with me. Just saying. As long as you’re gonna ask, I’ll tell ya. (audience laughs) But… They were saying you know, that she took these long breaks, interrupting production. Like, 45 minute cigarette breaks, and you know, what not. I can believe that. Lindsay smokes, and you know, she might be outside, stressed out on the phone. It’s not a big deal. But, Lindsay went on “The Kyle and Jackie O Show”… (laughter) In Australia. And, she denied being a diva. I want you to take look, but look, just watch how present she is in her– I’m team Lindsay on this. And, I’ve got a suggestion afterwards. Go ‘head. People wanna find the negative for no reason. And, there was only positive. And, that makes people angry. Yeah.
You’re right, I see. You know, there’s nothing negative about it. So, just be happy.
Yeah. And, we had a great time, and it was a really cool experience. (audience exclaims) Here’s my thought. My thought is, I think that Lindsay has gathered herself, but we’re just not ready, well, you’re, I am. I’m a forgiving person. A lot of people weren’t ready to forgive her. And, because she’s dug such a crusty hole for herself, that’s all that people will remember. And, for a lot of people, that’s all they wanna see, ’cause a crusty hole is more interesting… (laughter) (audience hollers and laughs) What I’m saying, is a problematic life is more interesting than seeing somebody who finally gets themselves together. Once people get themselves together, all the sudden, a lot of people are done with them, because togetherness is boring. Whereas a mess is fun. (applause and cheering)
(Wendy laughs) If you know what I mean. And, I’ve learned you do. (laughter) Anyway. You know what? I would love to see her do the US version of “The Masked Singer”. Unfortunately, I like all the judges, and I don’t want another judge on that show. I was tryna figure out who they should fire. Nobody. Robin Thicke is really good on this show. Well, first of all, clap if you watch the show. (applause and cheering)
Okay. Enough people. I like Robin Thicke on the show. Plus, I like his voice. You know what I mean? And, you know, you might not like him, sexually speaking, but there’s something… (stammers) But, there’s something about him, you know? Jenny McCarthy is the bees knees. Like, I love Jen. I listen to her podcast.
Yeah. Now, she’s got somethin’ on… I think she’s on “Sirius”. She’s on the “Sirius”.
Yeah. Isn’t that a podcast? No, that’s a radio show.
Alright. Well, I listen to that. (laughter) I listen to Jenny, and her comic stylings. I like Jenny on this show. Of course, there’s no replacing Nick. Who will soon be a daytime talk show host. (applause and cheering) And then… I like Nicole Sher-shing-burger. I like her a lot. And, Ken Jeong… I like him a whole– He’s got big personality. So, you know, right now, there’s no room for Lindsay, in the US one, this “Masked Singer” show. But, I beg of you, everyone, give Lindsay a chance. (stammers) Give her a chance. You know, we’ll always remember her as being a mess, but she’s growing up right before our eyes. Oh, you laugh. (applause and laughter) Okay. So, speaking of Jenny McCarthy… Oh.
Mmm. She says that she’s done with “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”. With Ryan Seacrest. (audience exclaims) Now, I don’t know what you do on New Year’s Eve, or where you are. I don’t watch the countdown until about 15 minutes before midnight. You know what I mean? That’s when you make sure your snacks are good and warm. (audience laughs) Or cold, and thirsty. And then, you get in front of that TV, ’cause you wanna be there for that last 15 minutes of the New Year. And then, you count down. And, I don’t know what you watch. I love Anderson Cooper, and I love Kathy Griffin. Kathy’ll be here, as a matter of fact, on the show, soon. But, that’s not the one I watch, ’cause that’s not what I grew up on. It’s kinda like tradition. If you’re in the house on New Year’s Eve, don’t you kind of do the same thing all the time? Yes.
I don’t, I don’t part on New Year’s Eve, ’cause I feel as though New Year’s parties for amateurs. (laughter) You know what I’m sayin’ (laughs)? People who wanna do the most. Get outta my party way, I’m a pro at this. I’ll go out tomorrow night, not tonight. So, but I turn on the New Year’s, the “Rockin’ Eve”. The Dick Clark one. Which–
Yeah! (applause)
Yeah. And, that’s the one that Ryan took over. So, Ryan Seacrest is now in for Dick Clark. And, Jenny McCarthy is his foil. And, she’s there with him, but she says she’s done, she’s quitting, and you know why? (coos) In the name of being a good mom. You know what she says? She says her 17 year old son asked her, please stay home this year, New Year’s Eve, with me. (applause) Well, first of all, I know that’s a good check, it’s also a good look. Now, you listen here, son. (laughter) Who’s payin’ these bills? Okay? I’m a single woman out here in these streets. New Year’s Eve is happenin’. Look, you sit in the greenroom then, we can be together. I’ll side-eye you, while I pull the level on 2000, what year? 20.
20 (laughs). On 2020. Well now, who’s gonna cohost with Ryan? ‘Cause, Ryan cannot do it by himself. Ryan, I love you, but not by yourself.
Wendy! Wendy!
Wendy! (applause and cheering) Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy,
I would love to! Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy. (laughter and applause) Now look, look it here, New Year’s Eve committee. Over at the Ryan Seacrest show. I’m not beggin’ for anything. All’s I’m sayin’, is you already have my Brendan as one of your people. Brendan, you do that every year. I have 15 years.
15 years you’ve been out there. (applause) I’ve never been to Times Square on New Year’s Eve. I could not imagine. Like, I would have to be in a Pope mobile though. You know what I’m saying (laughs). Like, something glassy. All the people. You can’t bring a handbag. Where do I put my lipstick? Then I’m talkin’ to Ryan in between. I only met him once, and that was at the “E! News”. And, it was kinda awkward. He’s all short. (laughter) It was like, weird. You know, with that smile of his, plastered on his face. Ryan, you know I like you, but you do need somebody else with you. And, if it’s not going to be Jenny, then you better pick a good one. Otherwise, I’m watching Anderson, and Kathy? Andy Cohen.
Ope, then I’m watching Andy Cohen. That’s it. That’s it.
(applause) Quite frankly, I’ve been asleep the past few New Year’s Eve. You know what I’m saying? It’s like, five, four, three, two, (snores). (laughter)
That’s it. So, do you know this show, “Insecure”? Do you watch that? Clap if you do.
(applause and cheering) Oh. Well then, you’ll be very interested to know that Amanda Seales is one of the stars, you know that already, and she’s very upset with her costars, and they are currently filming the show. It’s got to be awkward on the set. Well, Amanda says that she blocked from getting into an Emmy’s after party, thrown by Issa Rae’s publicist. Now, Issa Rae is the creator, director, and producer of the show. Plus, she stars in the show. Do you understand what I’m saying? Yes!
Okay. Issa Rae’s publicist, this beautiful woman down here, with the slinky hair in her eye, she had a party to celebrate the cast. And, they blocked Amanda from getting in. Well, this what the second year they did this to her. Okay no, follow me with this. Okay, last year, around this time, another party was thrown for the cast, and Issa Rae was blocked from going in, at that time, she showed up with that guy with the blues, that a lot of people don’t like, ’cause he’s– No, the first year was Jill Scott. (mumbles) Alright. Okay, thanks. The first year, which was last year. Yeah.
Okay. Issa showed up at the party with Jill Scott. And so, they’re standing at the door, to get into Issa Rae’s cast’s own party. Jill’s not in the cast. Jill was just the cut-buddy. The security told Jill, come on in, they told Issa Rae (mimics screeching hault).
Amanda. I mean, Amanda.
They told Amanda. They told Amanda, I’m sorry. Amanda. I gotta watch this show, I’ve never seen the show.
Yeah (laughs). It’s so good.
It is? Uh-huh. Amanda’s good in it. Is she?
Yeah. I gotta see the show.
Yeah. She might not be in it for too long. (laughs) Right. Okay look, so here’s what happened. Alright so, the first yeah then, Amanda, last year, went with Jill Scott. Jill’s not even in the show. Amanda is. They told Amanda, stay at the curb, you’re not allowed in. Jill Scott, go in and have a great time. Wow.
Okay. That was last year. This year, fast forward, Amanda shows up with Jesse Williams, the guy from “Grey’s Anatomy”, who’s wife can’t over the fact that he ran on, and is divorcing him (laughs). This is layered Hot Topics, come on now. Anyway. She showed up with him, alright? They gave them a hard time to come in. Eventually, she was escorted in, and she gets to the table, all of her castmates are sitting there, but they’re like… (audience scoffs) Yup, they’re not vouching for her. They’re not saying what’s up, girl? Nobody’s givin’ hugs, nobody’s doing anything. People are lookin’ with a squinty eye, like mmm. Security suddenly comes over to Amanda, in this year’s party, that just happened the other day, and escorted her out. (audience scoffs) Now, I don’t know what it is that she does behind the scenes. I have to catch up with this show. I know nothing… About this particular situation. But, Amanda talked about it on her podcast. Now see, this is why she might be out of a job in 32 seconds. Just listen. So, there’s a table for the show that I am an actual series regular, and a star of, but I am not allowed into the party. So much so, that a security guard has now been dispatched to escort me out of the party. I’m like, you know what? I’m out. Because now, I’m also seeing people see this happen, and they’re doing nothing. If I saw this happening to someone else, I would have been all up in that. And, for the record, nobody made a ruckus for me. Nobody. Wow.
Oh. Well, in the workforce, sometimes it comes down to every man for himself. Number one. Number two, maybe they didn’t make a ruckus, ’cause they know more about it than we do, out here. We don’t know your behavior behind the scenes. Do you show up on time? Are you testy with your costars? Do you forget your lines? Are you making the workday more hellish than it normally is? I don’t know whether it was wrong that people didn’t help her, but that’s shady boots. Because, this show… (stammers) By the way, Amanda, you didn’t help your case by complaining on your podcast. What you’re supposed to do when people shade you like that, you’re supposed to do better to show ’em later. Yes.
Exactly how it’s done. (applause) I gotta tell ya somethin’. (applause) I’m gonna tell ya somethin. And, this is a real story, and it will be played out in my “Lifetime” biography, which comes out in February. (applause and cheering)
No, no, I’m gonna tell ya something. (applause) Once upon a time, there was a music mogul who sent his all-girl group to beat my ass in front of the radio station. (audience exclaims)
Fact, fact! (And, I finished my (stammers) I finished my air… Oh, God. Anyway, I finished my shift, round up my headphones, put my bag in the crook of my arm, and see everybody lined up at the window, lookin’ down at the sidewalk. And, you know, I just work. I have coworkers, they weren’t friends. You know how I tell you all, you better be careful of your coworkers, ’cause you work before the, nobody’s paying your bills, but you, right? So, I’m wrapping up my headphones, and I’m going down stairs. My new boyfriend at the time, the bad Kevin, he was picking me up.
(laughter) But no, this was when he was the good Kevin, right? So, I’m walkin’ in the elevator with my intern at the time, Skeletor. And, but look, I’m like, why is everybody lookin’ down at the sidewalk? I mean, noses were pressed to the glass. And, I get downstairs, and find this girl group, jump out of a gypsy cab. To come after me, to kick my ass. And, I’m like for what? You know what I said was true. You all are broke, and you were living in the projects, and that was that. (applause and cheering) (stammers) But, the point I’m making is, you know, Amanda, you shouldn’t have– I didn’t get back on the radio, and talk about it. What I did was desire to do better, so I could have a purple chair, and talk about it right now, and then have the whole scene play out in the “Lifetime” movie. So, Amanda, I’m sorry what happened to you. I need to know more of the story. But, we’ve got more of this story today! More great show for you, everybody. Up next, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is here. So, grab a snack, and come on back! (applause and cheering)
(upbeat music) ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ Welcome back. Our first guest is an astrophysicist. Don’t be intimidated. He’s also a New York Time’s best selling author. Do not be scared. He has a new book, it’s called “Letters From an Astrophysicist”. Everybody, compose yourself for Neil DeGrasse Tyson. (applause and cheering)
(upbeat music) Come up here
How you doin’? How you doin’, Oh my gosh! ♪ Woo woo ♪ Have a seat (laughs). ♪ Woo woo ♪ (applause) Okay, wait. Okay, wait.
(applause and cheering) Okay. You got the rockin’-est show, anywhere. I just wanna say. Thank you.
Yeah. Wait, no. Shoe cam, please.
Oh, shoe cam, shoe cam. Keep your feet there. I got ’em.
Model, go. Oh.
Now, is this is a full boot, is this bootie? What do we have–
This a boot. A boot situation goin’ there. Well, you’re already a tall man. So, now you’re even taller. It’s a little bit. It’s like 3/4 of an inch. I’ve checked it. Yes, yeah. So, these are my fry boots. I love fry boots. Yeah, you know, sometimes you gotta wear some boots. Yeah, well–
‘Cause, sometimes, some things need stompin’. (laughter) Hey, Neil. What’s up? Do you remember when we had that civilized dinner, with Phil Donahue, and Marlow Thomas, at Whoopi Goldberg’s house?
Yes, I do. Is that when I first met you? Yeah, I was with the bad Kevin at that time. Okay.
Yeah. (laughter) But, we were all there.
Yes. We had pork chops, and applesauce, and– And, Whoopi’s got a new book about entertaining. I think she expects people to do that at home, but they all just wanna go to her place now. Yeah, well no, she has those dinners where she collects like random people who don’t know each other. It’s really, actually a good idea. Yeah.
Random people who don’t know each other, and the we all just sit at the table, and we eat.
Right, and talk. I must say, that I was takin’ it back, that oh my gosh, it’s an astrophysicist. Okay, what do I say? Do I say, how you doin’? (laughter)
I don’t know what to do. That works.
And then, Phil Donahue, the legend, was there. Was like, oh my gosh. What do I say, Whoopi… This is, might not be my crowd, but we had a good time that night, I thought so, I thought so. Okay, what is an astrophysicist? Yeah, we care about everything that’s not on Earth. So, it’s the whole universe. Basically, and we care about Earth as a planet. So, you can learn a lot when you study other planets. And say, Oh, Venus has a runaway greenhouse effect. So, it’s 900 degrees fahrenheit there. And, I did the calculation. If you put a pizza out on the window sill, in Venus. It cooks in four seconds. Wow!
Yeah. So, you cook too, so that’s a problem. But, ignoring that detail, it would cook in four. So, you learn about Earth in ways you never thought you’d learn about it. By going elsewhere. Now, when you entered Harvard, did you major in astrophysicist-ist-ist?
Astrophysics, at Harvard. Yeah. And, you grew up in the Bronx? Da Bronx. Da Bronx.
You’re so right. Bronx in the house. Yeah. (applause and cheering) In fact, in fact, I don’t mean to brag, or nothing.
Go ‘head. But, I’m in the Bronx Hall of Fame. Wow!
Oh! It’s a, what they do with the Hall of Famer’s, is they have a little sign, with your name on it, and it’s lining the Grand Concourse. Really?
Mine is like, three blocks South of Yankee Stadium. Wow.
Yeah. You can find it, yeah.
Good for you. Well, thank you. Yeah, it felt good. You know, there’s not much hometown spirit in New York. It doesn’t have, it’s not small enough to have that feeling. But, for that to happen in the Bronx, I felt good about that. We have hometown spirit here. That’s a big deal. Eight million peop– That no hometown goin’ on here. Well, okay so, you got in Harvard. You went to Harvard.
Yeah. Are you, you’re layered in master’s degrees, and stuff like that? Yeah, there’s a bunch of master’s. I spent time at the University of Texas, and then finished my PhD, at Columbia. Oh, doctor? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh. I heard you like doctor’s. I love doctor’s, I do, I do. May I say something about that? Okay? If someone leads with that title, you should wonder, what is it they’re hiding about what they don’t know? (audience exclaims) Because–
No, I don’t (stammers). You don’t think that (laughs)? No, no, and I am not a doctor, but the reason I revere doctor’s, whether it’s a PhD or an MD, is that you spend more time in school than the rest of us.
Yeah, we do. And, if you earn that title, you should be respected as that title. But, sure okay– That’s just me, that’s just me. No, no, that’s good. Plus, you get the best tables at the restaurant. (laughs) That’s very respectful. All I’m sayin’ is, if you’re gonna believe what I tell you, I don’t want you to say, it must be right, because he has a PhD. I want you to believe what I say, because I made sense to you. And, the argument–
No, I say it must be right, ’cause he has a PhD. Then I didn’t make my argument convincingly enough. No, you’re being convincing. Look, is it the end of the world? (laughter) Okay, what time you wanna know if the world ends? Do you wanna know what the time the (mumbles). Yeah, so the world will end.
Okay. (laughter) (stammers) Earth? You’re talking about the earth? You said the world, Earth. Earth will be swallowed by the sun, in about five billion years. Oh, well, well.
(Neil mumbles) Fine. No, so the sun will expand–
I would already rock my grandkids, and their kids too. The sun will expand, and engulf the orbits of Mercury and Venus. And, it’s surface will be so close to the earth, that it will send our oceans into a rolling boil. They’ll evaporate into the atmosphere, the atmosphere into space, and then we will descend a charred ember, as we vaporize to the center. Okay, wait. So, have a nice day.
(Wendy stammers) Yes.
I’m listening to you very, very carefully.
Yes. I do believe what you’re saying, ’cause you’re a doctor, you know, you went to Harvard. Look. Doctor–
A lot of stupid people went to smart schools. So just (murmurs).
That is very true. That is very true. That is very true though. But, look. Neil, one of my favorite names, Neil. Woo! (laughter) Well, it’s not Doctor Neil, apparently. (mumbles) Neil, Doctor Neil.
No, it’s Neil. What will life be like for people on Earth, as we get to that point? Okay, so here’s the thing. If we wanna live beyond five billion years, we have to learn how to planet hop, or find another star system. So, you kinda need to start, you kinda need the space program by then. But–
We haven’t been on the moon since 19, what, 71! I know! Don’t get me started! Well, what are we doing? Okay so, there’s another issue before we get to that point. Is that you?
Oh, no (laughs). (laughter) Is that? But look, why haven’t we been on the moon since the ’70s? Okay so, I’m sayin’, if you wanna live long enough to escape the death of the Sun, we have to be able to survive ourselves. But, what I’m asking you, what would life be like for those last people? Like, will it be 100 degrees every day? 100? Girl, oceans are rolling boil. (laughter) No, no, it would be bad! So, (stammers).
So, everybody should live in a high rise. The higher up you live, the less you won’t roll in boil? We got other issues before 5 billion years come. Are we gonna flood ourselves from the melting ice caps? Are we going to,
Right. Are we going to not nuke ourselves into extinction? We have enough power, but absent the wisdom, to preserve the integrity of our civilization, that we spent tens of thousands of years building. Are your kids really pressured to be as… Cerebral as you? So, my wife has a PhD in mathematical physics– By the way, there was a big discussion in our Hot Topics meeting.
Oh. I say she’s black. The white people said she’s white. Normand, who is a light-skinned black, said he’s not sure. Is your wife white or black? Okay, so there’s a question in here, Okay.
Where someone asked about being half black, and half white. Okay.
Okay? So, when people ask me what race are you, I say I’m in the human race. (audience murmurs)
(applause) But, I wanna be specific.
Still wanna know (laughs). I wanna be specific. No, it really was a thing.
Yeah (laughs). Is she black or white, your wife? Okay so, my wife has some Native American, is mostly European decent. My daughter, the way she wears her hair, she looks very Chica. You know?
So, your wife is not black? Not black, in that sense. But, just to be clear, President Obama, was exactly as much white as black, but everyone called him a Black President. So, what does it mean when we start putting in these labels? When the cops pull you over, and they see what you are.
When the cops pull you over. Yeah, that’s it. You know what I’m saying? Growing up…
Uh-huh. Growing up, in the Bronx, my parents, every day we walked out the house, it was, this is what you do in case the cops stop you. Yeah.
They need to see your hands, you act respectful. And, by the way, I have a testimonial, I wrote a letter to them, for their 30th birthday, no, no, their 30th anniversary. And, in there, I lay out just how the shepherding they did of me and brother and sister. Just so we survive as, sort of, black kids in the city. Yeah.
But, it was different back then, then today. It definitely is.
Times have changed. In spite of the issues we still confront. Well, your kids are really, really cute– Oh yes so, they’re not forced to be scientists. Your daughter is a teacher, right? She’s for “Teach for America”. And, what does your son do? With all that hair, cutie. So, he’s majoring in philosophy of ethics, in college.
Okay. So, your kids are on the beat as well. Yeah, but they’re not majoring in sciences, they are scientifically literate for sure. This book, by the way, is the perfect size. It’s a hardback, and it’s the perfect size to drop in your bag, and just look at stuff.
That’s kinda on purpose. Yeah, yeah.
(applause) “Letters From an Astrophysicist”. Yeah, these are–
These are letters that people have given to you? Yeah, it’s written to me, and I’ve written back. And, it’s amazing what level of sort of, angst and anxiety, and issues people’ve had, where they are pretty sure, and feel, that light from a cosmic perspective, might illuminate what next path they take. There’s a letter here from people in prison. There’s a whole chapter on parenting. There’s a chapter on people who wanna believe weird things. Like, someone said, is there really a big hairy ape wandering the Pacific NorthWest? Did you sign up to go to the moon, by the way? I heard it was like, $200,000. No, I did not. (stammers) Why not? You’re the one who said we should move.
The people who are making that spaceship…
Okay. I want them to send their moms first. And then (clears throat), then I’ll…
(audience member hollers) And, they come back safe, then I’m good. Thank you so much for being here, Neil.
Okay, excellent. Everybody, Neil’s new book is in stores now. Up next, the hottest celebrity makeup trends. Don’t go far. (upbeat music)
(applause and cheering) ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ (applause and cheering)
(upbeat music) Dude, they’re all pinks too. That’s the only brown in it. I’ll get ’em to send it to you. Okay.
It is beautiful. It is?
Yeah, it’s beautiful. Okay, I’m nervous. Okay, here with the hottest celebrity makeup trends, is this seasons beauty expert, or the seasons beauty expert, I’m sorry, Mickey Williams. Welcome back, Mickey.
Oh, Wendy! (applause and cheering) Mickey, I’m nervous. Come on, come on.
Here we go. (murmurs) Knows, I don’t like brown lips, or purple lips. So, what are we doing here?
But, come on. Look at Ryan Destiny here. She’s really pulling it off. She is.
Yes! Lovely. And, one way that you can do that, is doing, it can work on any skin tone, right?
Okay. But, one thing for you to think about, is maybe leave that little area right there, the pout, open. That way it doesn’t look like a complete matte brown. You don’t look, you know, kind of goth like, right? So, it’s like–
But, what if you took away some of the tracing? Well, the tracing is really what makes it. That’s kinda like that nude lip that’s coming back from the ’90s. Do you see it?
He traces my lips with the brown. He tricks me when I don’t have a mirror. And then, I wipe it off. That’s what we did here. We kind of, already kind of pre’d this.
Katrina? Are you down with the brown? I am, I love it.
Alright. Watch how beautiful this is. And so, basically you can take a company, just like, this is “CTZN”, they do all browns and nudes, right? Okay, here we go.
And, you can go right in there, and you’re just going to basically fill it in, but leave that pout open, okay? So you see, we’re gonna go ahead, we’re gonna get that brown on.
Okay, leave the middle of her lip… Down at the bottom, open.
That’s if you don’t want to commit to the whole thing. You could–
You’re right though. It makes all the difference.
You’re right! What’s great about this lip look too, is that this brown isn’t that matte harsh brown that we were seeing, or that goth brown.
Yeah. What’s great about it, we’re gonna add a little bit of gloss here. Looks like you smoke Newport’s all day. (laughter) I think that’s what I have the problem with. It’s, you know.
But, what’s great about this is that it works now, in a matte, and a glossy, and a shimmer, and a anything.
It looks gorgeous. It’s gorgeous.
It does. Easy, breezy. And, this brand is great, CTZN. Wait, so they specialize in all nudes? All nudes, CTZN’s only nudes. Their lipsticks are only nudes. The whole pallette.
Okay, okay. Now, the next trend that we’re seeing. Ashley Graham pulled this off at the Met Gala. It was absolutely beautiful. Her makeup… Okay.
Take a look at that makeup. It’s just neutral. I mean, it’s all just basically nudes. But then, what’s standing out? It’s that really iconic trend that we’re seeing right now. The green kind of, statement eyeliner. Eulyssa, do you normally use that? I use black ones. Black ones. Exactly.
But, she’s gonna use this now.
Me too, but I don’t use the greens either. Let’s let her do you up (murmurs). So, Alyssa has this beautiful eye. We’ve already traced all of these two, right? Now, we’re gonna use the “Color Stay”, by Revlon. This is their jade, so keep it in kind of that jade family. Your eyelashes are really long. They’re ridiculous, right?
Thank you. Are those natural?
Yes. Grown from your skull?
(laughter) Yes.
Really? Wow, lucky girl. What’s great about this, is you can go, what we’re gonna do, is go corner to corner. Make sure you get that water line in there.
Yeah, I was gonna say, you’re all in the water line. And, it’s a tight line. It’s not a really big line. And the, you have that beautiful green pop. I like it.
That statement liner. Thank you.
And, even with brown eyes, you look pretty with the green. I love it on brown eyes.
Yeah, yeah. Alright Eulyssa, thank you. Julia, the beautiful.
Let’s see what Julia’s up to.
(murmurs) Wendy. Hi, Julia. Now, what we’re gonna recreate is right here, this gorgeous creature, Haley Bieber. Okay. She really is pretty, right? And again, we’re into that nude makeup. But, what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna give her that nude glow. And, she’s known for it. So, I’m using right now, this is the HipDot palette, right. I like the nude glow.
Yeah. So, this is great–
Is it brown enough for me? It is, actually. I love this, ’cause on their website, they’ll show you what it looks like on each skin tone. Okay, okay.
So, I love that. But, what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna start, and we’re gonna blend the brown into her hairline.
Oh yeah, we do this. Okay, we know this in the makeup room.
And, why I like this one, is because the brown, the darkest one, isn’t shimmery. So, you contour with it. You can get everything in there. But then, when you wanna make that glow pop, you’ve got the gold there,
Okay. And, if you get to much on the brush (taps). Tap, tap, tap.
Tap, and then watch. Boom.
I see what’s going on. Woo. (applause and cheering) Julia! Do you like this. I love it, Wendy.
Are you a makeup girl? Yes! Yes.
Okay. And then, you even have that little, I love it when it’s all in one palette, because then you have that little bit of peach. And, you’ll see on Haley right there, it’s not a lot. No.
It’s just a little bit. Yeah.
But, you blend that into this beautiful monochromatic kind of gold glow.
Yeah. And, she’s the nude glow. Perfect.
(applause) Thank you Mickey, so much.
Yes. Thank you, Julia. Thank you, Eulyssa, and thank you, Katrina. For more information on these trends, go to Ask Wendy is next. (applause and cheering)
(upbeat music) ♪ Woo woo ♪ (upbeat music)
(applause and cheering) Now look… ♪ Woo woo ♪ Alright.
(laughing) Alright, everybody have a seat. We’re gonna play another silly game, with a whole lotta outcome. It’s called, Guess Who’s Flannel. (laughter) Ma’am, you’re our player. What’s your name, where you from, and what do you do? My name is Linda. I’m from Allen Heights, New Jersey. Uh-huh.
And, I’m retired. Very nice. Well, thank you for spending your retirement with us. How you doin’?
How you doin’? How you doin’?
(laughter) Linda, I’m gonna show you three celebrity flannels, and you have to, you have 10 seconds to guess which one is Haley Bieber, okay? Haley Bieber? Yeah, Justin Bieber’s new wife. Ah-ha.
Yeah, she’s a Baldwin. She’s a Baldwin.
Oh, she’s a Baldwin? Yeah, they just got married.
Oh. Alec’s?
Yes! Oh, okay.
His niece. His niece.
Yes, uh-huh. Who’s her father? Stephen Baldwin.
Okay. I like Stephen.
It might be Billy Baldwin. Okay.
I’m not sure. I like Alec Baldwin.
Anyway, she’s a Baldwin. But, now she’s a Bieber. Okay.
Alright. Now, she’s got on a flannel, and you gotta guess which one is hers. Okay.
Alright, Linda. Let’s see all three, and go. Oh.
(laughs) Oh, gosh. Linda! Come on now. B, B, B, B!
B? (victory dinging)
That was it! Oh my gosh! You won! (applause and cheering) Dinner for two, at the Sugar Factory. We’ll be right back! I’m goin’ there tomorrow! (upbeat music)
(applause and cheering) ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ So, everything that you’ve come to love about “The Wendy Show”, is available first, at We got the Hot Topics, celebrity interviews, the after show, and junk. Look, see it first, see it now, only at And, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(applause and cheering) ♪ Woo woo ♪ (upbeat music)
(applause and cheering) ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ They’re from Queens. She’s from Queens. They’re from Philly. People are, the girl over there is from Dubai. People like, come from everywhere to see “The Wendy Show”. The tickets are free. If you’re ever in New York, this is a good time. Yeah!
(applause and cheering) Go to We’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(applause and cheering) ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ (upbeat music)
(applause and cheering) (Wendy laughs) You gotta get tickets, and come here. I wanna thank my guest today, Dr. Neil. My co-host’s, my one of a kind. Woo!
So special, studio audience. Tomorrow, Ja Rule’s givin’ us the business on the couch. I got all the hot topics covered for you, tomorrow. I love you for watching, today. And, I’ll se ya next time on “Wendy”. Bye. (upbeat music)
(applause and cheering) ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ ♪ Woo woo ♪ How you doin’? Nice! (dramatic tones)

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