Wedding STRESS – That Cousin Show Podcast Episode #50

Wedding STRESS – That Cousin Show Podcast Episode #50

Are you gonna charge people to come to
your wedding? Yeah, I’ll actually charge enough to make a profit. You’re the one,
you’re the one. $200 a person, and you’re gonna have like Taco Bell boxes. Yeah!
Everyone gets Taco Bell and charge everyone 500 bucks. You know what… I might do it. 50
episodes, guys! We made it to 50 episodes! Wow. And the one thing I forgot to do was
turn on that freaking light. We look so dark…
Well it’s daylight. You know what, this is what it looks like – I can’t even see you guys! Yeah,
I just hear voices. It’s silhouettes. You know, it’s funny
because like I spent the last like half hour struggling, we’ve been having so
many technical difficulties. It’s just sitting there, just not even on! Yeah. Plugged in. Like
these guys have been watching, everybody’s been watching me struggle
put together this podcast and I don’t know what it is? Like apparently, we
had to work for number 50. like in this day yeah it made me sweat I was sweating
profusely this entire time the fates are against us on this one a partner yes
God’s have decided to work yeah well I will turn that light on in a minute but
yeah we may have 250 episodes and it’s all so coincidental that it’s been a
year since we started this podcast whoa crazy 50 episodes in a year yeah we
skipped two weeks apparently this is astounded that worry that was probably
around Christmas time and then last week I don’t know that’s actually pretty
impressive you know I just a week I there is an ocean of podcasts out there
and anybody out there who has subscribed to us thank you so much we have a lot of
fans out there that we’ve never met before and we really appreciate
everybody out there and I know that they probably have a wide selection of
podcasts they’re just it’s constantly growing but I have learned that it is
not easy to do this as simple as a concept that is is just
to sit around and talk for you know 45 minutes to an hour is not easy to do
this on a regular basis in fact people say like how do you think of your topics
and I go that’s not the most challenging part the most challenging part is
getting everybody in together in the same room to do this then that is
coordinating everybody’s scheduling and that is by far the most difficult part
of this whole thing absolutely the most difficult part is just being in your
company for an hour yeah you are unbearable so we got one year
anniversary and what was your favorite episode Cody tell us what your favorite
fond memory was I enjoyed the og episode the original number one and number one
was by far I just love looking back and seeing you know how far we’ve come
I don’t even remember what we did we talked about movies any times about
movies a lot oh yeah that’s right yeah movie versus movie yeah no I know in all
seriousness I think my favorite one was the one when I had my shirt off keep
them in my private collection yeah actually if funny enough when I look at
the metrics of you know which episode have had the most popularity this should
just be as obvious as can be but my most favorite episode has been our least
viewed and our at least engaged with which ones that it was the awkward and
embarrassing moments one we did it was episode 6 I believe and it’s our least
viewed and our least watched and that’s my favorite episode because it’s so
funny and we are consistently just on in that one I think think the conversation
is actually really well smooth and I think everything just goes really we had
a good flow yeah I did have a really good flow on that one all right what
about you Joel what do you remember from the last year oh god not much I think I
liked the first one that Matt was on I don’t remember specifically what the
topic was by just remember it was a good one pretty funny mm-hmm this is also
true I know that the I just told her this but the episode that is the most
viewed not in terms of clicks but in terms of watch time is the one we did
with Kayla the partying and picking up girls when we had our you
your sister Kayla on that is our most viewed by far and I was like well I
think it’s really interesting actually and I think the second it adds when we
go with Jem and then the one we had with our grandma on so people like it when
there’s a more female perspective on our shows and so when I say that I want
females to be on the show everyone’s like you guys just won’t clickbait and I
go first of all yes that’s correct I want clickbait are you saying that the
episodes that my wife was in is not top five Wow
explain yourself I’m just trying to say actually no joy as a matter of fact not
on YouTube but the most listened-to one on our SoundCloud iTunes is the first
one we do with Anissa and that is true I already texted her and told her she’s
never gonna be on the show can you blame her yeah I mean honestly it was a
terrible episode we did know but anniversaries are always cool because
it’s hard to believe it’s already been a year that we’ve been doing this we’ve
evolved a lot and I think it’s really interesting that this it’s the four of
us josh is out this week he moved back to LA we’re gonna figure out how to get
him back on the show on a more regular basis but the four of us started with
his podcast we did a good 20 episodes without him so it’s just so fitting that
the four of us would kick off the anniversary episode yeah yeah it’s just
really amazing how far we’ve come you did it Cody don’t be so excited and yet
we couldn’t again like I don’t think anybody understands the struggles we
just had to get this this particular episode well let’s be let’s let’s be
correct here the struggles you have yeah yeah well actually I watched you I was
tweeting about it yeah I cut it was oh they’re just coating live tweeted though
I’m not kidding last week we sat down with our dad and Ray to record an
episode and no joke the the cameras and nobody cameras the the the system that
we use to stream Joel no longer continues hangouts on air no longer
continue so we really had to stay sorry we have to reschedule I was like what
what is this like you’re preaching to the choir on tech issues yeah I’m sure
you have them you want to see you outburst yeah I feel like that’s that’s
almost like if you ever try to present something at work or whatever and like
you’re gone you’re on you know Skype for business or
whatever it is WebEx and you’re trying to present something and guaranteed
something wrong it will versus two minutes yeah absolutely
it always happens and and the part that makes it worse is just sweating
it’s so hot like it’s the the middle or end of August ish and it’s just it’s not
even that hot today it’s just anything to like make it kind of stressful and
somewhat warm temperature I’m just just a pool just a just a pool of sweat just
and it’s it makes me so irritable because I’m like I just got to be on
camera here in a sec and I’m just sweating my face off this just so fly
sweat while watching face off yes could he likes to watch face off I’ll take you
take me I’ll take you to the back yeah well uh I’ve been I’ve been working of
course just doing this podcast and trying to make it grow but the the thing
I’ve been doing in the background is we’ve been talking about throughout the
episodes is I got a wedding coming up it’s two weeks from today guys we what
yeah yeah two weeks from today at the time that’s recording it’s actually
probably gonna be about a week from the time you guys see this Randall I not be
there yeah even more yeah no wonder we’re having it out in Piru California
and for those who don’t know where that’s at that’s like out in the inner
valley of Southern California it’s like three miles from the Sun yeah it is so
hot and we’re all gonna be wearing suits and my fiancee Amanda is just dreading
it because her makeups probably just gonna be running and we’re all just
gonna be perspiring we all know why she’s dreading the wedding yeah yeah
let’s not nothing to do with makeup but the the stress of planning a podcast is
one thing but the stress of planning a wedding has reached its fever pitch for
me so this whole idea of like no more wedding for me is gonna be the most
satisfying thing in the world yeah I can’t wait and she can’t wait either for
the record no yeah that’s what it is a huge plateau and then it dies off and
then it spikes it’s this is that spike mm-hmm and then all the planning is so
that you don’t have to do a thing on the day yeah
it’s it’s kind of what I’m hoping is the case and I honestly her and I are just
waiting for it to be over at this point like we’re excited to be married but
we’re just ready for the wedding to be over but it’s just kind of sad that
that’s the case is that you’re supposed to beg this must be a fun day like we
planned this whole thing so it would be a fun day but now it’s just become a lot
more stress than it is well I feel like that’s everybody who we’ve ever gotten
there yeah it’s not that’s not a weird situation to be in
yeah I don’t envy Kody’s beginning because Kody just recently got engaged
and he’s gonna have to start this whole process so I’m curious yeah you’re gonna
tell this Kody I’m gonna do it in a silo and a silo does you do it by yourself
ceremony’s gonna be in a silo Oh literally okay
missile silo okay Kody I want to know I mean you’re giving a speech at Dylan’s
wedding correct yeah have you ridden it yet I don’t know Joe he got this that
was like something he had on his list of things to do just right best man speech
oh okay there Cody had it ridden since they were 12 years old he just had a
scratch out the guys name that he thought I’ll replace Thomas with Amanda
so what do you have any inkling as to how you’re gonna tackle your wedding are
you gonna plan it are you gonna do a big wedding you do a small wedding small but
I feel like that’s what everyone starts with and I say oh there’s smaller adding
things and eventually yes 250 grand I will oh this is the this is the little
anecdote that me Alexis always use after family that’s it just family me and
Alexis were number 99 and a hundred on our guest list
geez laughter just family yikes so small good luck Dylan you said you said you were trying
to cut down a cost for your wedding did you achieve that goal or did you go over
actually yeah we we actually are under budget but here’s the the asterisks with
that and the budget was two million in budget was the budget was way more money
than we had it’s been 1 million huge alone no so
here’s what we did was that everybody always has this idea of like I’m not
gonna spend this much but I told Amanda and I said like I have two requirements
for this whole thing it’s not stress us out and we obviously failed at that but
the second one is like this is the Holy Grail we cannot go over-budget I swear I
will cancel the wedding if we go over-budget I just like this so strict
about this like we can not I was like we need to pick a number and stick to it
and not go over it so we picked a number and we are actually under budget but the
asterisks to the end of this is Amanda and I spent less than that number but
the wedding cost more than that because of contributions from our parents mostly
because when we said they had they of course everyone wants to be involved and
say like what about this what about this do you guys gonna have this right we’re
like now it’s just too much money we don’t need it like we’ll pay for it yeah
we’ll pay for it and you go alright I’m like of course we do the whole like now
you don’t have no you don’t need to do that down in just back and forth like no
we insist we insist and then it’s like all right so the the wedding costs more
than we budgeted but we didn’t pay for that and that’s gifts from other people
so that’s normal yeah really average said it but I reminds me you still owe
me like $2,500 no that’s right it’s more like 2 million if it’s so much Twix join
alone operation I’m convinced that a wedding is under three umbrellas in
terms of how you’re gonna plan it it’s either it’s going to be a small wedding
or it’s I think at the courthouse and you just can do a little to nothing or
you’re going to spend way too much money just way too much and just get a wedding
coordinator and spend on a venue it just can be way too expensive or you can do
the third option which is what Amanda and I did and said no we’re gonna keep
it low and have the big wedding but in order to do that we’re gonna stress
ourselves out by doing a lot of research cutting corners and doing a lot of the
work ourselves so it’s like you you’re gonna do one of those three things now
maybe I’m somebody out there to find a happy medium but Nisa and I hat did the
latter we tried to like cut down a cost by basically planning everything
ourselves and it still didn’t work out we
everything everything we decided we’re like like yeah we could do it cheaper
but we also like really want this and so we just went for the most expensive
options possible for no reason at all and we regretted a lot of the choices so
thank work well I I have noticed a little bit of that with the man and I it
was mended I think sometimes because Amanda’s just a people pleaser she just
wants everybody to be as happy as possible I keep telling her it’s like
it’s your day or our day if you will and she hates being the center of attention
because she just doesn’t like to be on the spotlight and she doesn’t like any
type of vanity or anything like that and so when it comes to a wedding it’s like
the complete antithesis of who she is so this whole time she’s like we got to get
this because it’s gonna make these people happy I’m just like I don’t care
about that I I couldn’t care less we’re giving them free food free drinks
they don’t have to be there if they don’t want to and supposed to be just a
fun time beyond to care with that and well that’s all that people care about
anyway is the food yet drinks well and well to her she’ll be like no they care
for the dancing it’d be like well that’s the girls the girls care about dancing
so but and a lot of obviously don’t know me doing I’m still waiting to go to the
first-ever non dance wedding I will be so happy
there on dance wedding that the worst is I will take a dancing wedding but I will
I hate dry weddings dry it dry weddings are the worst I went to yeah I’ve been
yeah yeah is the worst and and oh all wait okay this you guys are gonna crash
at this story so I’ve been to one dry wedding and at that same dry wedding the
bride actually made forced all of her guests to get up and line dance like
like a lead like a lead line to kill me all of us all of us I what have you just
got up and said I hope you get divorced that sounds like the opposite of Amanda
somebody who just doesn’t care how to make the guests happy it’s just
no one was this is what I want yeah regardless of everybody else’s desires
man but we were just all it like everyone was just in the worst mood why
was it a dry wedding just for costs or was it religious reasons religious
reasons even like Catholics drink you know like you know there aren’t
Catholics I thought everybody give adventure was an athlete’s drink no I
was it was it Mormon no I know I don’t do I should be honest with you knows
Christian but I don’t know what denomination but they are like very
devout whatever it is you know Jesus turned water into wine be happen he went
to a wedding then literally turned it into wine yes I I don’t I don’t know
what the logic is behind it but well I’ll confine that you know alcohol is
only good but it’s obviously I’ll call clean two bad things but like if you can
invite everybody over like 90% the people there probably want to drink it’s
a part it’s a party like I make it a party yeah like don’t don’t don’t make
people sit there and stare at each other and get up in line and get up in the
wine dance no more than half of them don’t want to do that that’s the worse
and the line dancing is provocative they shouldn’t be doing that touch my
shoulder you had touched people in the hips and the shoulders you aren’t
married to come on it was like one of those things really I came around to
every table and like made sure like get up come on get up yes great-grandma’s seven years I mean and I and I
I don’t mind it the dancing like I’ll I’ll get out and dance but it’s like
there’s nothing more than line dance yeah I listen like I I like to get out
there and just like kind of dance a little bit but I don’t want to have to
be in formation or like this is a choreograph like Britney Spears video ya
know where you’re like expected to know it magically like I’ve never done yeah
I’ve never done this my whole life I just look an idiot yeah there was a
country bar borderline actually that we yeah when it was open but they had a lot
of line dancing back in the day that and I’d watch all these people on it it’s
it’s kind of impressive to see everybody like in sync that have no rehearsal wow
that’s kind of a cool thing but can I just I feel like I can’t go out there
and just kind of like have fun dancing if I want to go dance because I’m gonna
ruin everybody else let me look like to dance floors and people that are gonna
be in sync and we have people like any Backstreet Boys I’m just having fun yeah that’s the Backstreet Boys but ya know
I’m looking forward to the wedding I think it’ll be a good great grand old
time it’s just of course there’s a lot of moving pieces to it and it is what
you make it yeah but Cody and I were actually debating this I think of the
year or two ago we were talking about this before we were engaged saying about
it what you wouldn’t you and me were getting engaged yeah but we were talking
about whether or not it was actually reasonable to charge people to come to
your wedding did you like to think about it it’s I’m
going to give you open bar all night and I’m gonna provide you dinner right I
know I know I I don’t think it no here’s the thing I’d like I’m not charging it
would come to my wedding so like I’m not saying that it’s something like no you
have to do but we were talking about like if somebody did that could I get
mad at them for that doing that now I don’t think I could here’s the thing
this is my take on that if you did it would have to be a damn good wedding why
you have to be me best wedding you’ve ever been to right exactly like just
like the craziest filet mignon or blobster dinner and like just like
flowing like Cristal like just the craziest thing ever but like it’s like
man I don’t think anyone would come to that yeah I guess well it did the
reasoning we had is because it is so expensive to host a wedding and it’s
supposed to be something where you go listen we’re not here to party even
though that’s what the expectations have become for weddings these days so if I
just ask for 20 bucks yeah that’s gonna be cheaper than any meal you’ll get at a
restaurant with free open bar and dinner I think that’s perfectly
reasonable and that’s where I go like listen I totally admit that I’m not
charging people to come to my wedding it’s kind of like this is a special day
and I want to host you guys and just yeah my our treat but that being said if
someone said yeah I want you to come share this day you don’t have to come to
reception I completely I completely agree with you
Dylan I think that it’s like I would gladly
pay whatever $40 to go to basically all-you-can-eat place with free booze
for the whole night yeah and and watch like two people I know get married like
yeah yeah that’s that’s a low fare for me theoretically yeah but like social
mores as they stand now like that some that’s it right but but but the or I
guess our point it like we understand obviously like that’s not it’s frowned
upon for sure but we’re not debating like what like our social standing is as
far as like Americans and like how our weddings are preceded or whatever but
the idea of it just the logical idea thank you listen yeah yeah I think it
totally is a rational position to take and like Joel just mentioned if there
was somebody I knew saying you want to come to my wedding yeah sure like all
right just so you guys want to know if you want to come you can come to the
ceremony that’s totally free but the reception is twenty bucks to get in I’d
be like cool yeah twenty or thirty bucks a bag if it’s perfectly reasonable
that’s less money I’m going to spend going out with my significant other at a
restaurant where I’m gonna get a dinner and a drink probably after tip you know
you have a coupon it’s true yeah I don’t know here’s the thing this is what I
would be thinking about the whole time yeah cuz like that it just doesn’t jive
with my mind like I like I want to I too am a people pleaser and like I just want
like come and have a good time yeah we pay for we took care of whatever but
like in my mind I would be thinking these pools are making money off this
thing that’s that’s what I’d be thinking like 30 bucks they got with a hundred
and fifty people they’re making money off it I think I think I think people
are smarter than that I don’t think if you if you asked
you know 100 people 99 people would have been like yeah I understand that
this is nearly gonna cover what the wedding costs mm-hmm if anybody damn
planned a wedding anybody who’s ever planned a wedding knows how expensive
weddings are so if they charge 20 bucks per person you have a hundred people to
show up it’s like that’s what is it that’s two grand so it’s like all right
that that right that’s not gonna cover even like a tent that’s maybe alcohol
yeah that’s maybe the alcohol you cover for so it’s but at least it helps a
little bit so again like we said before I think there’s totally a rational
agreement do you agree Cody are you gonna charge people to come to your
wedding yeah I’ll actually charge enough to make a profit you’re the one you’re
the one hundred dollars person I’m gonna get $10,000 profit and you’re gonna have
like Taco Bell boxes every one Taco Bell and charge everyone 500 bass you know
what I might do it Taco Bell heck yeah anybody show up taco supreme a mega taco
supreme I’ll give you seven you know they have like chocolate fountains you
get like the nacho cheese fountain yeah yeah
like the chips surrounding it why you just pick up a chip that sounds and
quitting the fountain gosh if I had ten billion I would totally do that you
could probably do that for 50 bucks any Taco Bell because the fountain I’m
thinking about is gonna cost at least a billion made out of pure platinum it’s
all diamonds it just goat cheese yeah so we’re actually we’re having tacos at our
weddings can be just a taco truck actually so this is going to be probably
really hot and we’re gonna have a bunch of tacos and drink alcohol so taco trip
it’s not it’s a privately owned business so it’s nobody we’ve heard of but I
haven’t I haven’t even heard of them it’s the owner of the the people that
own the reception location they have a separate business of a taco truck so
they just said you can do this locally though is it I think so I think it’s in
the county but I I’ve never I don’t know the name of the
business it’s just let anything go there are side companies doing it so I’m like
alright take care of that but yeah it’s gonna be delicious but I just imagine
I’m like wait let me do the combination here we have really hot weather Mexican
food a bunch of alcohol and dancing maybe a bathroom yes warm milk yeah I
wanna offer counseling services to get over the amount of stress that our
bodies are in the confession booth what have you done my son dumped my pants are
you gonna do a themed wedding you have no idea how much thought have you put
into your weddings it’s gonna be it’s gonna be Teletubbies about six minutes
worth you got the ring and I’m not thinking about it until after thing the
dust settles from this wedding so yeah so there’s a little bit of pressure as
the best man not you like a little bit just cuz like your speech and on some
you got to get it to be present you got a present prep it for that four years
pull out the boxing gloves I have an outline mm-hmm that’s all you need it’s
gonna take you three days you try to memorize it word-for-word that’s just
not gonna work out we’ve seen plenty of best man speeches the best ones are
always the ones that are like you may have notes but if you don’t read off
something it’s always better yeah yeah just have two more of the talking points
just like like almost like flashcards if you want like segmented yeah yeah that’s
what I was gonna say about this the first one is showed naked photos yeah
and then get naked I’m just of just random random random
people we don’t know Joe pornography by projector this is my favorite video okay
and projecting a slide under the side of a mountain yeah the side of a mountain
yeah but what’s weird is that Amanda and I were talking about because you know
we’re religious and not to the degree like we’re like fundamentally has to be
this particular way but we were talking about how like at what point are you
actually officially married like when does that happen and we were talking
about whether or not it’s like when is it when you say the vows and then we
literally like we had this long conversation about it and it literally
got down to the point I was like I guess we just don’t even need a wedding okay
unless they don’t know if we need one because it like of course like we have
like somebody who’s going to officiate the thing it’s gonna be at a church and
we have you know the classic is it’s the most traditional wedding you can think
of but that being said I don’t know if we even need all of that because if it
just literally comes down to the vows I don’t need an officiant to tell me what
to say well my response my hair’s it’s whenever you say it is yeah so and
that’s the thing is like does anybody even need a wedding it totally is is no
man-made it just depends right depends on what your belief is like if you’re
religious then it’s when you say your vows in front of God if you’re not
religious then it’s like when you have the piece of paper that says you’re in a
contract with this other person like right like I guess wait and you sign
your signature then it’s like official by the state so it’s like whatever you
believe in yeah said so Dylan just to poke you about this so you’re obviously
you’re taking a more religious stance to the two weddings or marriages in general
so but you also said that you don’t need a wedding per se to be married at least
you know in your Casas heads yeah so do you not think it’s it’s crucial to get
married like in front of a priest or a pastor or whoever I don’t know if it’s I
mean according I based off our believe there’s nowhere where it’s written it
says you have these are the requirements in order for you to be married there’s
certain contextual hypothesis and theories and different you know type of
scriptural understandings of how that works but as far as we can tell there’s
no direct way of saying this is what you do in order to be married and so again
we had this long conversation about it and I was just like I think that the the
best arguments that we did here was the one you just mentioned Joel which is if
it is in front of family and friends like if you are gonna gather a bunch of
people and say this is really important I want all the people I care about most
in the same room and I’m going to commit my vows to this person I vowed to be
faithful and all the classic Val stuff you say that to everybody else in the
room and of course if you’re religious there’s a spiritual aspect it’s like I
vow to God if I do believe in that and it’s some of you’re like okay I think
that’s as as good as it’s gonna get but did we need to plan like a whole thing
with like the shirt of the church need to be involved in this like not
necessarily I mean at least according to my beliefs if your course if you’re
Catholic ordered more you know strict in terms of doctrine that it might be a
little different but as far as what we are I’m like I I don’t know if that was
even necessary to be honest but no backing out now we’re not gonna be sorry
cancel that I mean to your point Dylan so if it if it’s gonna be official in
not in the spiritual standpoint but in the eyes of the government then you need
an ordained somebody ordained to be able to marry you right yeah so somebody who
can put their signature on the document that says I’m ordained and I married
these people absolutely that’s what makes it official in so that’s correct
so according to the government you need someone there yes absolutely but you
know I know yeah so it’s like I mean I mentioned this in one of our other
episodes too is that I’m libertarian when it comes to marriage is that I
would if I could make it to where I could pass a law I would be that the
government can just stay out of marriage that way we don’t have to mingle into
anybody else’s business you marry whoever you want I don’t care but
when it comes to like some sort of contract thing I do agree that you need
if we are going to have that then we need to have some sort of officiant
there to move that process along yeah and if someone said like why don’t you
just get married outside of that you know yet why you don’t even need them
involved it’s like well I believe me I looked into it and you will get taxed up
the wazoo and you’re gonna run through a lot of Hoops and you’re in basically
legal trouble if you if you do that this is what there’s common law yeah it’ll
actually it’ll cost you more money in the long run to avoid well you don’t you
have to that’s not even technically a marriage right like you could just live
together yeah after ten years you’re automatically in come along right and I
think you actually get penalized if they find out that this has been your spouse
someone you call like a caught a domestic partnership if you will but
you’ve never officially filed it tax returns they’ll actually penalize you if
you had just rather than just wouldn’t say you got married yeah I think that I
think that varies state to state though it might yeah in California at least
though that’s the way it is yeah I think California is pretty strict about that
but I think like you’re in Washington it’s it’s it’s similar but they’re
little rules are a little different yeah and I’m sure it’s different for each
state yeah this is true but yeah yeah I would
so it’s like and the bare bones of what I believe in it’s you know Amanda and I
would at the very amanda of always always joked but I didn’t have five
Hannah it wasn’t a joke she said that she wanted to elope she’s like let’s
just go get married no more I guess like our mare our parents would kill us first
of all which is still true they would probably would kill us if we did that
but now I realize I’m like I see her point on this is that you what is that
just because she doesn’t like being in the limelight that’s part of it that is
certainly I think that’s actually over the majority of it but I think also I
think it’s an opportunity for you guys not to or for anybody like to take the
focus off of like the party aspect of a wedding yes and like the glamour of it
and everything it’s like this is not really for everybody else this is just
me and her or me and him or whoever it’s like I but that’s all we care about so
it’s like I think eloping is it gets kind of a bad rap just because it’s like
oh you’re you’re trying to do it under wraps sort of thing but it’s like a lot
of times like no we this is all we care about was like me
and this person like who cares like we don’t care if like nobody else sees it
kind of thing yeah yeah absolutely I think I have nothing to add to that IVA
loop going back now you would elope that is a very good question Cody I don’t
know if I would have eloped but I’ve actually been thinking about that very
question a lot like if I could go back what would I have done differently in
terms of planning the wedding and if I’m being very honest myself I don’t know if
I would have done much differently just because I do like the idea of having a
wedding I mean I’d really honestly only plan on
doing it once so it is kind of like this is an event this is a life event that I
kind of want to put more effort into other than just let’s go down to the
courthouse and get this over with and it is something like I mean I for the guys
that are married here mm-hm I think marriage is something that’s very
special and it’s gonna be great I mean I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think it was
gonna benefit my life or her life and I think it’s something to wear if I had to
do it over again I I think I would put as much effort into it as I have this
time but that being said I wish there was just easier ways to do this thing
yeah yeah I think everybody does yeah I mean everything that that every price
tag that is affiliated with a wedding is just way over price for what it is what
you’re paying for but yeah I think it’s also important to note speaking of like
eloping but there are studies that have been done numerous studies have been
done that shows people who spend less on weddings and I give a figure I’m not
sure what that figure is but like who spend a certain amount which is like in
the low lower end of what a wedding would normally cost they actually end up
the divorce rate is lower in that group as opposed to people who spend more on
weddings which I find interesting that is very interesting actually yeah uh-huh
I know that so Cody you gonna spend a lot of money on your wouldn’t yeah at
least $800 I expect there to be just this crazy
themed wedding I think it should be a poser what entity yeah dancing this
you’re all gonna know what understands that joke I wonder what the causation of
that would be though like what it’s probably too much emphasis on image
material yeah maybe something like that it’s it might be
affiliated with people who care more about how they’re perceived then the
actual relationship will have their actual relationship yeah because it
because think about if if somebody if somebody doesn’t care about how they’re
perceived obviously they’re not gonna go with a huge wedding they don’t care what
the weddings gonna be like so they’re gonna spend less money because all they
care about is the relationship with each other
I completely agree Joel with whatever you said he said a good thing I said all
the smart things all said smart things all right guys I think that’s it I think
that’s it for the old 50th episode here look at that when you’re in the job Cody
I know you did really well in this podcast
thank you Joe I appreciate it things get weird really quick on this show all
right well thank you everybody for out there watching or listening to us for
the last year we really appreciate all the support in love and awesomeness and
we will keep doing this and it’ll hopefully evolved into more exciting
things in the future right guys yeah I’ll take you again take me all right
all right well thank you everybody subscribe to our YouTube channel and
check us out on soundcloud and iTunes Facebook Twitter Instagram as always and
we will see you guys

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