100 thoughts on “We Put Cheese Wheels On A Car

  1. It occurs to me (not for the first time) that Rhett and Link need to employ someone to occasionally tell them, "Uh, this is a bad idea, guys."

  2. The fact that they had no idea how to change a tire or where to correctly place the jacks in order to keep the car up. Changing a tire is a life skill that everyone needs. For the love of all life, please make your people go to life skills classes. 😡☹☹

  3. Is there an option in YouTube to erase all knowledge of a channel completely from your account and more importantly, your brain?

  4. I'm in here like why didn't they just reinforce the first cheese wheel with a smaller metal rim with the "cement cheese model ass glue/ hardener

  5. "I didn't think they'd do it"
    Me: these people have bought & cooked fish eyes & animal testicles for you. I think whatever you say goes

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