We need to talk about money…

We need to talk about money…

– Good morning, good life. Welcome back to my YouTube channel, this is quite a weird feeling. I have literally not recorded
a video in three months. It might even be longer than
that, I think the last videos I filmed were the end of
May, so just a little, it’s been awhile. I wanted to sit down
and have a little bit of a more relaxed conversation
with you today, that being said, I have the feels, but we’ll get to that. There are some things that were happening in the comments lately
that I want to address and so that’s how we’re
kicking things off. You know, goin’ hard. Before I get like all serious
on all that kinda stuff, I’m back from three months,
it’s been three months. You guys probably know this
because I’ve talked about it so much in the last
three months that I was taking three months off. When I was editing all
my content, I was like, girl, I mean how many times
are you gonna tell ’em that you’re leaving for awhile. I took a little bit of
time for a vacation, that was until about
mid-July and then I’ve been writing the book since then. The book is Good Morning,
Good Life, shocker. And I’m very excited, that
is something I’ve been wanting to bring to you for awhile and we’re on target for early 2020. So, book coming very soon. My friends over in Shine Squad
have heard all about this and the progress of the book lately, because I’ve been kind
of hanging with them in the social land during the three months because it was really
all I could commit to for that time. It’s super important for me to
get focused when I’m writing so we were chatting and I’m so pumped. We got to 250 members and
now we have a daily podcast, we’re having so much fun, awesome. If you don’t know about Shine Squad yet, the link will be in the
description, but they’ve been a big help in getting the book done because they gave me all the ideas for how we could make this the best possible thing for you and so with all those ideas and some very focused writing time, I think we got a nice result. So what I was hoping to
chat with you about today was a little bit of a
situation in my comments, in the last month or so. Sorry I’m like spinning a lot, by the way, I’ve got the spinny chair. That one I can’t spin
because it’s just so loud, you guys already know, I’m
so dramatic about that chair. There was a little bit of disappointment in the comments on a
recent video about sponsors and sort of like the placement
and the execution of those. Bottom line, if you do not
watch the rest of this video, that’s fine, I have a lot more to say, but the most important
thing that you need to know is that I hear you, I
see what you’re saying, and I’m gonna make some changes. I definitely think that
there can be more creativity that can happen and I want
you to feel acknowledged for letting me know because of course we’re in this together. I do this for you and
so I’m gonna continue to make those better
because they’re fun for me. I mean I literally was getting called out because I spent a lot of time on it and that’s completely fine,
we talk a lot about time, your time is very important,
but it hadn’t even crossed my mind that it was too long because I genuinely was having a fun time when I was talking about
it, so when I went back and watched it, I was
like what’s everybody up in arms about, I was like oh, yeah, I was kinda rambling that day, and I did get into a
little bit of too much of a formulaic rotation of
like getting video done, getting video done, getting video done, getting ready to leave for awhile and so it just didn’t hit me. It just, it happened. I want you to know that it’s
not because I was trying to take advantage in any way. I genuinely just enjoy
that particular sponsor and I was trying to come
up with another fun story as to why they are applicable in my life and I went down a rabbit hole. So couple minutes too long, really bummed that you guys were super upset about it because that video I
was so looking forward to putting out because it’s something that people have been asking me about, so anyway, I just want you to know, corrections are coming, my darlings. As a matter of fact, I
went back and edited, you probably noticed,
I went back and edited one of the final sponsor integrations that went out after that one did, just so we could start
to experiment already with moving things around. So the feedback about the
execution of sponsorships, no big deal except for when we kind of get to a point of a certain level of judgment, a certain type of
judgment, and that is more what I have the feels about
talking with you today, because I need to clarify a few things. Maybe this comes from
taking three months off and not recording videos,
but I’m gonna tell you how I really feel today, how’s that? You are following this channel
because you are looking for advice, you’re looking for tips, you’re looking for things
that are gonna help you succeed, whether they be
super actionable things that you can do right now
or more long-term plays, things that take time
for you to eventually see the benefits of. Regardless, we are trying
to be more productive, more efficient, more
balanced in this journey of going after the life that we want, that’s what I’m here to help you with, and I announce it in every single video. Some of my advice is
crazy, some of it is easy, and no matter what, it is
something that has worked for me. I don’t teach anything that is not real, I don’t have sponsors that
are not a part of my life that I’m not excited about,
I tell you anything I know only because it worked for
me, and that is because I am ruthlessly focused
on finding any information I know to be true and
hoping that it’ll work out similarly for you if you
execute on those things. Ruthlessly focused. I want the life that I want so bad and part of it is sitting
here and telling you how I’m doing it so that you
can have this journey with me. I am not perfect, things
are not always perfect, things always don’t work for you but I have a lot of
different things on my mind and that is because I am a businesswoman. I don’t sit in this chair and pretend to do YouTube full-time. I make it very clear to you
what I do on a regular basis, whether I’m speaking or talking to clients or we’re on a shoot for
Aftermarq or whatever the case may be, I make it really, really clear all of the things I have
going on in my ventures, because yes, YouTube is a
thing that fuels my business but because I’m a
businesswoman I also have a lot of other things going
on and I wanna share that with you because again, ruthlessly focused on finding what works for
me and I want you to know what works for me just
in case it works for you, and I’m not going to
pretend like it’s just oh, YouTube videos and money just
magically falls out of the sky because that’s not real
life, and if I was trying to make that a thing, then
that would really suck for you ’cause my advice
would definitely not work, because that is not real. That is not real. This is why I do not
shy away from sponsors, because these tend to be
really incredible opportunities to talk about something
that I absolutely love as a part of a larger
conversation with you, because if it’s something
I love and it’s a part of the equation of why I
love it and the other tips that go along with it, you need to know, like I would not be your good friend if that was not the case. So in addition to that,
I am a businesswoman. I’m not gonna sit here
and pretend like money’s gonna fall out of the
sky, I have to do things to make it happen and
that is why sponsorships are a wonderful additional
revenue in addition to other things that I have going on. If this is something
that you hope to achieve at some point, maybe
you’re a content creator or somebody that is doing
something where sponsors do align, then I want you to know
that I fully support you and I do not like where the conversation of sponsorships has
gone and I think it has a lot to do with where
my negative feelings are about the word influencer,
because we’re putting sponsorships and influencer into this box, but the only reason why
they work so well together is because of the
storytelling aspect of it and it is because of the
generosity of sharing information and it is because that is worth something. It is worth something to a lot of people, not just a brand. If we’re getting to the
heart of this problem, I genuinely am bummed and
saddened by how much money is made to be the bad guy,
like money is the bad guy. That sucks, because we all need money on a daily basis in order to live. And if you’re going after
the life that you want, there needs to be a little
bit of money involved. It doesn’t matter if you
wanna be the richest person in the world, it doesn’t
matter if you’re okay on being a minimalist and
not having very many things and not needing a whole
lot, you still need it. We still need to carry
something in our wallet or I guess in our phone ’cause
you can just digitize it now, in order to be able to exchange goods, to live, to thrive. If I’m here to share a
couple ways for you to go after the life that you
want, you’re gonna need a little bit of money
and so sometimes money is a part of the equation. Therefore, money is a
part of the conversation. So if you are excited
about the prospect of that for yourself, but you are
not willing to empower someone else who has
started to figure it out for themselves, is doing
it, and is also trying to show you a little bit
of it, then this is not the place for you, that
is not how we are here. This is what we call the limiting mindset, which is already something
that I struggle with and you kinda grow up
with different versions of limiting mindsets, and
you have to get past it. For me it is a really big
priority to get past it. There is more than enough
in this world for all of us. It’s only going to happen
if you make it happen and somebody can’t just
make it happen for you. We can do everything we can
to share the information and share advice and give you a blueprint or give you a step-by-step
process or give you the connections, but you
still have quite a bit of work to do on your own. I really try to lay it
all out, I am very bad at hiding information, I want
to share all the information, I know it’s valuable to you
because it’s valuable to me and that is what makes these conversations even more fun. It makes me feel worthy
in front of the camera, and that’s why I’ve made
like thousands of videos with pretty much all the
information I know in my head. I have to put it out into the world, and so that is lovely ’cause
that’s why we’re here. You need to do you and I
have so much respect for you and your time and I’m sorry
if that was ever in question. I will absolutely work on that, but you do you, I am not gonna sit here and pretend like you
do not know how to work the fast forward button on YouTube. You do you, go to town,
that’s, I’m not sitting there monitoring you watching
my video, I’m hoping that you get to the best
part too, and I’m gonna try to make that a lot easier for you, but to be so focused on
bringing somebody down because that’s putting you out, I have made thousands of
videos and it’s because I care that deeply about
getting you this information. Sometimes I need you to cut
me like this much slack, just like this much. We as women need to support each other in what we do, because if we hope to make that same dollar that the man makes, that we continue to talk
about is not being made, and we continue to say that
we’re not quite there yet, if we want to do that, we need to start changing the conversation
and making it about supporting each other and
not tearing each other down, especially when you see
someone who is doing everything in their power
to go after the life that they want to make
that change in the world and in their life. It is the people that are doing the work that are going to make that change. That’s the only way it’s going to happen so you can either be a part of the change or you can commentate on it, and I prefer not to commentate on it,
I prefer to be the change. Probably one of the biggest mistakes that I have made is not
commentating on it more, not making it perfectly clear how I stand on this issue and women
empowerment in general, and I’m sharing with you right now that that is going to change immediately, starting right now, this is way too important
to keep ignoring. I’m not gonna sit here
and pretend like it’s all sunshine, rainbows, and calendar blocking because it is not, it is
so much more than that. I mean I do love me some
calendar blocking though so that’s not going away, okay? So here is my ask for you. If you’re down, stick around. I have never been more
dedicated and more focused on making a difference
in both of our lives than I am right now, there’s
a lot of things going on that I don’t wanna share just yet but significant changes in
the way that I’m doing things so that I can be better
for you in that way. If you’re not down and
you have the agenda of leaving negativity in the
comments when you could be doing your life’s deep
work, then you can go. Do you. If you gotta go, you gotta go. Go find the right person for you. I’ve been doing this a long time and that’s okay, I don’t
watch the same people today as I did maybe five to 10 years ago ’cause we all grow up, we all change. I’m continuing to grow up,
I’m continuing to change, and I’m going to continue to
share that person with you. If it’s not for you, I am okay with that. I’m a business owner, I am a woman, I am in digital, I am on
YouTube, I have employees, like this is the whole thing. I’m not just a decision
maker, I am a decisive maker. I make a decision and
then I make it happen, and that is the only thing,
if you learn nothing else from me, that is the only
thing that has changed my life more than anything else, making a decision and going and doing it,
’cause you quickly find out, does it work, does it
not work, is it a win, is it a fail, whatever the case may be. One of the most amazing
things you can do for yourself is be decisive, make a decision. Not just what am I having
for breakfast today, that could be a healthy decision. Make a decision about who
you spend your time with, and I am okay if that’s me. I’m also okay if it’s not me anymore, but to go after someone’s livelihood because it’s inconveniencing you, when potentially somebody
has tried very hard to be some kind of light in your life where you may not have
had it is simply unfair, and your expectations are
off the fricking charts, and I don’t know if you
heard, but we don’t do expectations around here
’cause it’s a recipe for disappointment, we
don’t do disappointment. We try not to do disappointment. This may look like disappointment, this is not. This is empowerment, you, no
matter what you stand on today you have empowered me
to speak up about this. And any women out there who are trying to make money, not just for themselves, maybe for their families,
for the potential of their future, to pay off student loans, to buy a house, to have some savings, I want to be here for you, because we’re not gonna ignore the fact that this is a part of the whole thing. Make a decision for yourself, and be as serious about
that decision as you are about the decisions that
you make about other people. Because that is power, because you only have control
over the former, yourself. That’s it. Okay, well, yeah, that’s
what I’m thinking, that’s what I’m feeling,
that’s what I felt was the most appropriate thing for me to bring to the table
today now that I’m recording my first video in a few months. That’s what was on my mind,
and I think we need to do a lot more of what’s on my
mind, real time, around here, because I am an individual, I’m a person and I wanna share that person with you because that person has done
whatever has taken place before this point that you’ve seen, that has been helpful in your life, that brought you back, and so hopefully there’s something there that you enjoy. But, we can’t all be perfect, can we? We can’t, no, I’ve tried,
I’ve tried so hard. Whoo, it’s just been,
this has been refreshing, it’s been nice to chat with you today. I hope that you’re having a lovely day and I hope to see you
come back, I really do because things are going
to get even more exciting for us around here. And that includes you,
because if you’re staying, you mean it. All right, well that’s all for today, thank you so much for tuning in, I appreciate it. As always, make sure you
subscribe for good vibes, kiss the ones you love, and go after the life you want. Cheers.

43 thoughts on “We need to talk about money…

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    Complaining about google ads is pretty much the same, I've ran ads on my channel, and I can tell nobody really makes enough from it anymore!

    The second thing is that people are often offended when business people are talking because of how blunt everything comes out but please be aware that if we weren't that blunt we'd never be able to face the real obstacles we have, if our professors weren't blunt with us, we wouldn't know where we're failing. People who watch these videos want to improve their life, their condition, their business…
    If one really wants that, they should be ready to see the world for what it is: you don't live on a magical cloud, people need to make money, and you do too, otherwise you wouldn't be here!

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