So, I’ve been thinking coz, you know, I think a
lot. What do we really need social media for? What’s up, everybody? Tanvir Ahmed here. Welcome back to another video. And if you’re
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Despite the companies’ best efforts to tell us otherwise, we don’t really need social
media for all the things that we’re told we need it for. We don’t need social media
to make friends or build relationships. We don’t need it to become active or engaged
in politics. We don’t need it to explore our cities or find new things to do. We don’t
need it to hail a cab or catch a bus or fly on a plane. We don’t need it to hear new
music or read new books. We don’t need it to do our shopping. We don’t need it to
develop or discover subcultures or like-minded groups or to appreciate good design. We don’t
need it to plan our lives. And we don’t need it to understand the world.
And we also don’t need social media to do all the things that its founders often neglect
to mention that it does. We don’t need it to help make corporate
or government surveillance of our lives easier. We don’t need social media to make harassment
and stalking easier. We don’t need it to spread conspiracy and violence. Nor do we
need it to poison our democratic discourse or to infect our minds with dangerous inauthentic
nonsense. And heck, we don’t even need social media
to show us ads. At the moment, the only people who actually
need social media are the ones who actually created it and continue to make money from
it. And even they are using it less and less.
The truth is we don’t need social media. Instead of hoping that a regulatory breakup
of a monopolistic platform like Facebook will usher in a new version of the same idea, we
ought to use the opportunity to decide whether the idea itself is worth repeating. And we
will likely find that it is not — that the connections social media helps us make
are often flimsy, that the perspective of the world we gain from using social media
is warped, and that the time we spend with it is better spent doing almost anything else.
We don’t need a world where there is an alternative to the social media we currently
have. We need a world without social media — period. Now, I know this is a polarizing topic. So,
feel free to bash on this video as much as you want in the comment section down below.
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5 thoughts on “WE DON’T NEED SOCIAL MEDIA!!!

  1. This is so true, I came to the realization recently and actually deleted my social media (Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, twitter). I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this way

  2. We do need social media to connect with our friends, know how they're doing, get motivated by that and this is especially true for those who are not able to spend time with them as often because of a busy lifestyle or even illness. Of course there's the downside and I still liked this video because it spells that downside out. But the upside can't be downplayed.

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