[Vietnamese Reaction] [EngSub] Tena – My Crush, លួចស្នេហ៍ដួងច័ន្ទ Remix [Official Audio] +Lyrics

Hello everyone! I’m Chinsoi Today we are going to listen to an old Tena song has name is My Crush after searching through Tena’s channel I realized …. Tena is really a millionaire singer! a millionaire singer on youtube! Most of Tena’s old songs are over 10 million views Million singer! From now on, I’ll call him a million-views singer! Oh no! Vannda also million views too! G-Devith is Million views too That’s it! Keep calling him is…. the lyrical boy! Let’s listen to Tena’s song, My Crush! OMG a man… Crush Crush Crush I haven’t “crush” anyone yet Have I ever crushed anyone? How to “crush?” No more talking, let’s listen! has English subtitle! I saw in the first half of 2015-2016 I saw in the first half of 2015-2016…. Tena often sings by falsetto It’s really a song about unrequited love romatic He described the “crush” as moonlight Oh! Does this part Tena sing? He sing by falsetto voice! At first I thought it would be very sad But in the end, it’s not really sad, right? When I read the lyrics, I realized it was not really a sad song Simply the love of a unrequited lover oh!The song is expressed in falsetto voice I feel like the 2 songs I hear are different.
( old song and new song) His music has changed markedly His music has changed markedly And apparently He don’t want to make MV anymore so it’s a lyric video! Thank everyone send request for me and I will always support his music Thank you and if you like this video, please like and subscribe for me! Good bye!

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