Video 73 : Les Playlist Intelligentes

Video 73 : Les Playlist Intelligentes

hello everyone we meet today so for
this video I will tell you about Rekordbox and playlists
smart so how do you create them how to set up properly
how to filter all this how what are he good maneuvers to do and
the wrong handling obviously so all the tricks to create that and for
really set Rekordbox and c playlist at the top of the top so that
updates will be done automatically updates the
playlists when you add songs that you analyze your pieces and he gets
will automatically add to these smart playlist
so here I am going to explain everything this in detail go to right now So here we go for sorting and
setting of the playlists of the smart playlist
so very quick summary you can see it here i have three playlist these three playlist they come out of my mp3 stock folder that you see here
the 3 so we can see here that I have no playlist top July 40 so little reminder
very fast you can see that it has been analyzed
why because I took my file I read put in collection and his ma
analyzed my pieces but I have not created a little reminder playlist I want
create my playlist top 40 july i take my file I drag in
the reading list oh and he create me my playlist top 40
I July then just do a small right click
sort the items and that’s sorted out in alphabetical order
So that’s just a little reminder now let’s talk about
smart playlists so you can see that I did
express you see here I have a record dj B-Boy here I said dj B-Boy pack 1 dj
B-Boy pac 2 you can see especially that the pack 1 I analyzed it and like you
can see I even marked the kind B-Boy because it’s my landmark you
can see that on the pack 2 nothing is not done the kind ago
to score anything and is not analysis because there is no preview so I
will already create a playlist B-Boy playlist smart how do I click
right here create a new list smart
from there on the title I’m going call him B-Boy what do I do I
do not go with the artist it’s like you’ve seen
the artist is a little all the name remixed by stuff by trick bidulle
so I’m gonna sorted by gender and I put my kind B-Boy so I’m going
sort by genre which is equal there you have several
settings that is not equal which contains do not contain begin with
ends with so month seen the kind that I sorted, the kind is B-Boy so I
go get my genres I already tag a few pieces to B-Boy so I
had to find him ben here is B-Boy I do ok and here you can see that my
smart list and go get all the pieces in my collection all
the pieces or the kind where it’s marked B-Boy in the kind the problem like
you see one, two, three, four, five, there are only 5 out I have a pack 1 and
I have a pack 2 so the pack 1 it is recognized look
so there is no problem pack 2 is not recognized why for two
reasons first reason the genre is not
tag second reason the pieces do not are not analyzed so what am I
do I’m going to start by tagging the kind I click on a piece I’m doing
command A on Mac or CTRL A on Windows i’m going right in info and there i’m going to look for my tags and I’m going to get my tagg B-Boy here it is
up and there you can see who’s who’s going tagged me all the pieces and besides it
I launch an analysis so in the same in the same way I re tag my songs
B-Boy and look he’s doing me the analyzes from there without anything
to touch I’m waiting for them to finish analyzing
my pieces of course you can tagged the album you can tagged see
the artist the artists are badly filled and the pieces were badly tagger at the
base there is for the demo in real on my mac with whom I work I
went through metadatics before and I filled the artists well
albums the genre and all that but there it is to make you see that we can do it
also by Rekordbox so the my pieces were analyzed to look at I
do not touch anything i’m just going into my smart playlist
I click on it I had five pieces just now what did I do
on my pac 2 I added the kind B-Boy I analyzed my songs I clicked on
B-Boy automatically the other five there are put yes it means that if tomorrow
or after tomorrow I add in my collection of B-Boy tagger pieces they
will be added automatically See, it’s still great
interesting to work in playlist intelligent
so see my pack 1 my pack 2 is automatically found at the level
of my record layout hard I leave it like that in my
records on the other hand for my Rekordbox he has the
free playlist another example we go in to do several but without going to see dj
martin it’s not the same problem the kind is not fulfilled and it is not
analyzed so actually if I want I can start the analysis how I
do several ways right click imported as playlists it will analyze it
and you create a single dj reading Martin but a normal playlist that is to say that
if tomorrow you add dj Martin it will not be added automatically
so the interest is less what am i doing i take my
pieces I put them in collection at from there, he analyzed the five
pieces see it’s gone so what am I doing here we go
to do via artists create list int elligente I call him martin artiste
which is equal to Martin ok and there you see that there is no one
that’s normal why because you can see that in my Martin folder
the artist name is bad tagger these are remixes so we can not say
that it’s bad tagger, see DJ Martin that’s all this is a pack of remixes so
what am I doing, well like I select, CMD + A, I go to info I want my artist name so I call him martin in upper case
the same hop
obviously he takes me out Martin Garrix and all because it already existed but
that’s because I want, I should have to say dj Martin but it does not matter
hop see I clicked he renamed me in artist Martin no problem so to
from there you see my pieces are analyzed my artist has been
retagger to Martin if I go on my smart playlist ente to Martin they go
to appear voila simply another example
I have another martin folder you see where I still have a lot of it obviously
rated a little everything and anything so I want to add the pieces so
I go to my finder here are the other pieces of martin, I copy and I will put them in my Martin folder of my MP3 stock
who is here DJ Martin here are my five, I stick, that’s all
my songs are added you can see it don c I come back on my Martin, smart playlist, I only have my 5 that I tagged the artist it’s all about
is normal I come back to dj martin from my file and
there you can see that I find my five that were analyzed
but others that are not analyzed so I’m going to make one two three for
to go faster is 3 I’m going to rename Martin you’ll see named
Martin I click below for that be validated there he will analyze them
automatically see here I just added 3
to retagger analyzed one leaves to finish and so there you have seen I added these
three pieces in the folder I the analysis and automatically
they will be added in the playlist smart martin
but that’s it I could have done everything the rest but it’s for
shorten the video so to the question “how to add
the pieces automatically “ben everything simply create your own smart playlist well ranked well sort you well tag your piece is a
times the pieces add in the collection
they will automatically be added in the smart playlist
another example an example of funk by example I have a compil funk this is my
compil funk she’s the see I have not created my smart playlist so
I do it immediately read smart i will call it funk
here with all these examples anyway so I’m going first of all my kind which is
equal to funk ok ben I have two pieces who are already tagger funk so they do not
are not in my compile funk they are so I’m doing right-click displayed in the finder they are in the folder 2016 folder 2016
so that’s good there is funk in the folder 2016 no problem but my compilation funk there is nothing at all normal because here we look at the level
of the kind, there is nothing to tag so the same I select a piece
CMD + A I go in info and I go get my funk kind that here it is
to retagger me all in funk so from from there if I have in my funk playlist they
appear no problem tomorrow or after tomorrow I want to add I have
new fink that I downloaded that I was given a friend to give me
like right click CMD + A so I create not a new reading list I do not
do not do anything I just tagger neatly my pieces i tag funk
ok he’s analyzing my pieces and starting from there that’s all I’m doing that’s okay
add automatically to my smart playlist so see
the interest of smart playlists there is huge it takes
in a pinch it would be necessary to work that with that the day you
add songs the next day week after if the pieces are
well tagged there is no problem this is add to your playlists
smart see there I tagged well a funk kind they are well analyze if
I go to funk, “knight to remember” Well, we’ll find him at the end here
see this is add automatically so logically someone who works
well should work that in lists intelligent
you can create smart playlist you can additionally create
smart lists with different several filters for example create a
new smart playlist you add artists so I’m going on the kind that
is equal to funk, okay after I would like to add for example ….. I want to add the artists who is equal to Queen we will put this ok
obviously he pulls me out ……… so if there are several pieces of queen
with funk he’s going to sort them all see so we can there I am going to edit
Smart playlist, add another thing so I do not like it I’m going
remove it I’ll add maybe to the year; the year that is equal to 1980 equal or superior or
lower, higher than 1980 ok ben here we can see that I have two
who are funk tagger who are senior 80s yes everything is
possible you can I modify to again you can add as much as
you want filter conditions the artist, the years, so I already have
made artist the album the bpm here you want bpm who will be
equal to funk at 120 …. voila for example so here I delete here I delete
I’m doing ok well here I do not have to 120 actually funk the
most of the time it’s 106 so we’re going say above 100 changes so is equal, so we will say greater than 100 ok but I end up with these two pieces
greater than 100 who are funk I look kind of funk, 80s if I
deletes the year greater than 100 here I am, with a lot of
I want superiors for example this him I want it ….. 115-107 a little sort here
so that’s better than 100 Well, it’s all,
for example greater than 110 so I come back I am changing here over 110
ok here is my list of readings to sort with greater than 110, everything is
possible with these smart lists think about it
think about it we can do a great job and the big big big advantage is that
it will look, obviously if the pieces are tagger,
throughout your collection tagging
filtered but and especially when you add songs the week after
the month after with tagging by example Martin if I add some
pieces of martin that are tagger Martin … with artist mart in and ben
it will be added automatically That’s the best way to try to work
with a smart playlist, tag it well the pieces you can go with
Metadatics, as I mentioned in another video but you can go there
with Rekordbox he does it very well also in group there is no problem
you select a CMD + A song CTRL + At the you all
selected I want to change the genre in electro
house let’s admit hop here I have my electro house see and I can from
next make me a playlist created smart playlist news with
electro house everything is possible it’s huge you can do what you
want who is equal to electro house ok and i have my stuff ….. i have all my pieces that are sorted in my “electro house” list you can
so do not be afraid they are playlist, I remind you these are
playlist the pieces it’s just a text file that gives the link to the
pieces ie if I take a right click that I delete my list of
reading there is no risk the pieces remain on your disk
hard it’s a reminder we regularly this question all that is here in
the playlists these are just text files where there are marked
links to the pieces you can delete what you want
there is no risk I delete list of readings there is no risk and the
pieces still remain do not delete the folders there
actually already you can not delete from here but be careful what
you make from there a file in the finder and here I’m going to get it
so here’s to think do not mix the playlists with the folders the
records attention all that is playlists you can delete
redo them what you want you risk absolutely nothing you do not lose
nothing here so what should I say at level of these smart playlist so
it’s really smart to work with thinking of the little blue thumbs in
bottom of the video that will motivate more there is blue shoot more that motivates you the
know and above all especially save you save yourself to my
youtube channel like that you will have by email all the new videos at each
time I would put a video online you will receive an email like what I put
a video you will be notified by the group “Rekordbox dj french users” and
by your mail if you subscribe to my chain
There it is, thanks

16 thoughts on “Video 73 : Les Playlist Intelligentes

  1. merci pour toute tes video, moi qui est migré de traktor a pioneer ça aide surtout a ce niveau la.

    je classe ma music comme ceci je fait des dossier style neurofunk 1A neurofunk 2A neurofunk 3A ect… avec toute les clé harmonique mon probleme c'est que quand je met ces dossier dans rekordbox ils ne sont pas mis a jour et je doit tout remettre, la liste intelligente ne m'aide pas non plus car il faut que je retague soit le genre soit autre chose pour que la liste intelligente les repaire c'est très chiant.
    enfin je vais essayer de trouver une solution avec cette technique

    j'espere que pioneer pensera a mettre une fonction mise a jour du dossier ou rescanner pour ensuite trouver les nouveaux morceaux ajouter au dossier.

  2. toujours au top tes vidéos DJ.Ben ! J'ai utilisé les listes intelligentes pour les clés harmoniques et franchement c'est le top!

  3. Bonjour DJ Ben et merci pour tous ces tutos qui nous rendent bien service.
    Je suis actuellement sur Serato et je compte migrer très prochainement sur Recordbox DJ .
    J'utilise déjà les playliste intelligentes sur Serato, et je voudrais savoir si dans recordbox on peut déplacer les playlist en les glissant avec la sourie comme dans Serato, pour que je puisse organiser mes listes comme je le souhaite
    Autre question, dans une playliste, peut on inclure des sous-playliste (intelligente ou pas )


  4. merci .. je vais pouvoir gagner du temps dans mes +/- 2.700 tracks "Retro-Techno" avant d'attaquer mes autres genres … … !!!

  5. Salut dj ben j'ai un petit soucis avec mon DD des que j'ouvre rekordbox il me parle de signet je ne comprends pas

  6. Bonjour DJ Ben.
    Merci pour toutes tes vidéos et le temps que tu consacre pour aider les autres. C'est vraiment très sympa de ta part de partager ton expérience de Recordbox, ça aide beaucoup les nouveaux.
    Je viens de Serato et je migre sur Recordbox, je connais les playlist intelligentes vu que j'utilisais déjà ça sur Serato.
    Ma question c'est: y a t il un nombre limite de playlist dans recordbox..?
    j'ai cru lire ça quelque part mais je ne retrouve plus le post…
    merci par avance

  7. je debute sur RKB donc je vais un peu dans tous les sens.j ai deja regarde pas mal de tes videos mais j avais zappe cette fonction . Ca va me faciliter la vie je recommence illico mes playlist . Merci Ben

  8. Est il possible de faire des sous playlists intelligentes dans une playlist intelligentes ? Exemple dans la playlist "Hip Hop" des sous playlists : Trap/Français/90'/etc… Si oui je veux bien la manip' parce que je n'ai pas trouvé. Encore merci pour tout et bonnes fêtes !!!

  9. Bonjour, Quand on fait une modification avec listes intelligentes est ce que cela se modifier aussi dans le dossier d'origine du mp3 ? Ce qui veut dire si je remets tous mes mp3 ils partiront avec les modifications du genre ou autres ? Merci pour vos réponses

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