Vegan Food Taste Test

Vegan Food Taste Test

– vegan or not – vegan let’s talk about that [Music] good mythical morning now we’re no strangers to eating meat products we are meat lovers and we’ve been even eatin all types of crazy meats on this show in the past even yesterday you invented a s’more that was entirely meat it was a Smith but today we are flipping the meat script entirely and if you look on the other side oh look it’s vegan white right oh the meat script says vegan on the other side we live in the Year 2015 which means that there is a substitute a vegan substitute for every meat that you could enjoy and now a lot of people say yeah but it tastes horrible and you can definitely tell the difference well we’re gonna try to find out how good we are at telling the difference but we’re gonna make it a little bit difficult by blindfolding ourselves is an extreme vegan taste test why are you honest are you ready to play hey is that vegan or meat man okay so we’re blindfolded so we can’t just look and tell because I do think that it is pretty easy to tell just by looking but we’re gonna go one step further because you typically don’t eat these things by themselves right but then in something else so they’re all gonna be incorporated into some kind of dish that we will be feeling and then eating and then guessing either and what their two choices are right vegan when you got a we got to hold up the V sign or me meat which is a man a meat meat man a man or me man and listen whoever loses because they are gonna keep score has to endure the punishment which is drinking a mixture of all of these together in a blended smoothie form yeah all right let’s get ready for our round one oh okay I feel a plate these are fish tacos oh there’s a tortilla I’ve never heard of a vegan alternative to fish yeah yeah you have fishing it definitely smells pretty typical hmm this is good now there’s something that I don’t like I think it’s a tomato y’all tryin to mess with me throwing a tomato in something but I’m overlook that cuz I’m trying to see if does it cheating if I’m dissecting it yeah really you just got to bite it man you can’t be like I’m not does I think I was thinking about dice I can’t like pull it apart with your hands yeah I wouldn’t do that okay new dancer three two one eat fish so yeah I’m saying that’s definitely yes that’s a real fish that’s my F you’re both incorrect right these are vegan fish tacos know what I got to look at this is that possible I even cheated and I got it wrong oh you dissected it that’s against the rules from now on route 2 okay these are turkey sandwiches but I only have one yeah I think I have one I’ve had many turkey sandwiches in my life and I mean many that’s like mini like little ones I’ve had a lot of targets and witches in my life right I’m going crustless because I don’t want that to the free market my ability you’re gonna crust ascertain that seems like cheating so I’m doing it – I’m not dissecting though all right I’m about to bite go for it mmm that’s good not even hungry y’all put tomato on this – did you gosh I don’t like no tomato I really have the sample jar that’s two strikes if you give me tomato and number three man yeah yeah turkeys confusing sometimes you can make anything in Turkey man I know it’s to be so easy for this to not be real but like I can go in an alleyway and scrape up some stuff turning it into a turkey I feel like but it does take convincing I just dissect to the inside my mouth is that teeny no that’s called eating okay good all right guys need an answer oh man – one real Turkey I’m saying real – you both are correct yeah all right yeah my faith in meat is restore oh look at that it is meat three crackers and salami crackers in salami I like both of those things now is this a meat cracker yeah are we judging the cracker hood the salami all right here we go now salami is nothing but a congealed suppressed log of meat and other stuff what my nose is a better indicator than anything else mmm listen this tastes like something that’s uh that’s been on forehooves for okay Wow you went with the hooves huh yeah every time I eat salami I think about the hooves I could I could enjoy this all right guys I’m gonna need an answer all right I got your area right here – one the V V nope I’m saying salami I’m saying that was look at that pink stuff ma’am no you can’t fake a good salami but it just wasn’t it wasn’t as greasy as I wanted it to be oh really you and your domains sandwiches Oh chicken sandwich chicken sandwich oh and a few of those this is like a sesame-seed bun’ action oh this is like a cafeteria like it’s an elementary school middle school some chicken hanging off I smell some lettuce I don’t smell tomato so that’s good I don’t smell chicken is that a sign I’ve had a lot of bad chicken in my life I really have it just could be bad chicken right it’s easy to do bad I mean you can do bad chicken so unintentionally people don’t realize doing chickens hard to do if you just like do it complacently you’ll end up with whatever this is right right what bad chicken is just right one degree off of a good chicken this is Blue Spring elementary cafeteria chicken grade chicken okay I need an answer in three two one v I’m going with the real I couldn’t spell see but I finally got enough there it is vegan yeah man changed yeah look at that now I’ve never been to a vegan restaurant but I assume that they’re all blindfolded because that’s really the only way I’m seeing to like make this viable no it’s not bad blindfolded because that’s it elementary school kids will be a minute round five is anybody’s game these are BLT sandwiches hold on now there’s a T in that there is a T sorry about that link so you can I remove the tomato no part of the experience man I found a little panel of begging edge okay here we go you eat sandwiches in a different way when you’re trying to guess whether or not the ingredients are fake or not like I’m eating sandwiches like this I’m like dunno not teeth into it I would hate to think that a pig had died for this oh I feel like it it’s like needy you isolated it how’d you do that I just like donkey lifted new me you know how like a donkey or like uses lips like get you donkey lift us in like a pig oh no let me go here donkeys a reach out grabs nose been using their lips like another appendage hang our dog my mom saw a doggy what yeah they sold some of them but they had all types of donkeys and you gave them sandwiches they’ll eat whatever you put in front of their lips grab it with your lips oh don’t you let that stuff okay I feel like I know all right need an answer in three two one Vikki guys this was a bit of a trick because it’s not vegan it’s turkey bacon so it’s technically a meat oh come on no this is a bit of a trick oh no trick I told you a pig I’d not die for that I knew from that after Donkey lip in this thing that this was freaking me Roz six all right guys this is jerky oh okay whew it’s syrupy holy moly what’s wrong with this Oh what y’all did this is called I can’t get it it smells sweet I can’t I can’t do it I can’t get in to see donkey lip it a little sleep does it smell nice smells fruity yo but all that chocolatey yeah they’ve really done it really engineered something here this is fruit imma but I’m gonna track this person down who invented this and kiss him did you say if it’s fruit yeah I think it’s fruit this is what i if I if I had to eat you in a survival situation this is what I imagine your flesh would taste like oh nice and sweet and humorous humorous okay okay all right guys here we go in three two one v jerky Wow it’s vegan turn what yes hey it’s an engineering marvel man this is amazing guys do you know what it is it’s a ten this is Satan this stuff will give you gas that’ll like propel you round seven two more rounds there each Frankin rounds where we have potentially meat or fake meat two items and you get one who I reach one all right bring it in all right so it’s one item with two things this is a breakfast sausage and cheese sandwich you’re guessing the sausage and the cheese oh this cheese can be vegan as well okay it smells good that donkey lip thing you might need a patent that because it’s so effective for like teasing if something’s hot was like oh yeah of course it was probably a little rude to do that at the table so don’t donkey up on a first date here we go I’m getting there bandage over here yeah why didn’t you not like this my mouth profused is working overtime the cheese is it’s not a piece it’s more of a it’s not a piece of cheese I’ll tell you that right now it’s not a slice of cheese I dog a little bit long enough to tell you this cheese another piece like I don’t want to I don’t want to keep eating this but I know what it is I need to come up with a second technique to follow up donkey lipping yeah what do you what complete what do you call that frog popping frog living that’s frog lip in rhyme popping sounds like a frog lip okay okay I think I’m right so I need a sausage answer mm-hmm three two one vegan of E okay and I need the cheese answer three two one the double V yeah that’s a nice D stuff you’re both corrected oh yeah sausage and vegan cheese yeah you can get it on that way uh we agree cuz that was some bad stuff yeah all bad rowdy all right so I’m one down there’s two points at stake here so it’s anybody’s game and then the loser has to down the punished meat but if we tie we both got it down to punish me we bring it in there’s no way we can both get out of it all right guys these are chili dogs so you’re guessing the dog and the chili are the two parts your guess what and it’s it’s big holy mushy bun that’s that’s who she run first ABS that’s my favorite kind of music have you heard a messy bun genre yeah it’s so good okay oh gosh what is that I’m just gagged oh gosh Oh was it not dog whoa oh gosh oh gosh I’m so afraid right now hmm it’s definitely the dog that’s nasty cuz oh gosh I ate a little bit of that chili first now it’s like what it’s good and then I died all those are oh my gosh oh gosh did you get it down is it my cheek I’m chipmunking that meat too that’s all I’m gonna do that’s all I’m ever gonna do so spicy it’s not the consistency of a dog in any way I’m not sure that it’s vegan or meat I think it might be Cara fide is toxic right right like it’s something that you do tests on this is like practical joke territory is chemical is in chemical territory oh this is like a cleaner yeah I’m gonna need a chili answer in three two one meat the chili is the is V oh really in a dog answer in three two one I’m gonna go out on a limb I’m going with the meat I’m saying me too even though some weird is such a crazy meat and it’s some weird meat all right the chili was real the dog was vegan we’re all with that dog are you sure what’s in the vegan dog Satan got in that dog it really is and I’m talking about SATA n it’s not so bad it is so bad alright so we tie and hang in there thanks for liking and commenting on this video you know make sure you check out the Rhett link only ear biscuit on iTunes and SoundCloud just came out today and the link is in the description geniuses that’s what we talked about was just a great audition and I wanna let you know that the season finale for season seven a good mythical morning is next Friday a weeper today but we get back with the back with season 8 on August 10th click through to good mythical more we’re going to blend all this up and both drink it because we tied unison about top hats to be black and needs to be flat and to Beto it’s a top baby turkey bacon turkey bacon turkey more turkey more Turkey more turkey collie

100 thoughts on “Vegan Food Taste Test

  1. I saw other comments about trying this challenge again and I also agree! I don’t think Gardien or other vegan brands were really around three years ago, it was just lowest tier of the totem pole because they were starting out.

  2. I understand that most people have foods they just really don’t like but how can a tomato actually disgust you this much? Tomatoes barely even taste like anything. It’s not like liver or blood sausage.

  3. "I'm going to overlook that tomato by complaining about the tomato" I think link needs a refresher on what overlooking means 🤣

  4. Been vegan for a decade. Trust & believe, you need to revisit this, because wonders & marvels have happened since then. Also, let actual vegans pick the products you blind test, because we don’t love everything, either. And some of these were actually good at the time of filming, but you obviously weren’t provided with them, lol. I love that you do these though. I truly enjoy you guys.

  5. Thing is, vegan food is so processed! If you're gonna go vegan, go raw! I'm not a vegan but my sister is and she's nuts lol

  6. One of my fondest memories from GMM was watching this drinking coffee and eating a concha while playing minecraft. Mannnnn

  7. Actually the vegan product market has really improved in the last couple years so I think they should revisit this taste test.

  8. 9:32 The Power of Gas Propels You …. The Power of Gas Propels You ….The Power of Gas Propels You ….The Power of Gas Propels You ….The Power of Gas Propels You ….

  9. Please do this again now that vegan and vegetarian options have improved and you have Josh. I think it would be much harder 🙂

  10. Real should have let someone else choose the items/ cook them. I could have had them fooled every single step.

    Pretty amusing episode though lol, that donkey lippin' hahaha

  11. They need to redo this with new vegan foods! If they had violife cheese they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference

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