100 thoughts on “Vegan Cheese Taste Test

  1. why'd you get so butt hurt about the cream cheese?? I love tofutti cream cheese!!! although I do think violife cream cheese is better.
    also chao cheese is amazing in a grilled cheese.

  2. Why didn’t you guys cook with these cheeses? They are a lot better in sauces and on pizzas, I feel like you would have gotten more of the experience and flavor of them if you would have cooked with them.

  3. I made a daiya grilled cheese sandwich and my grandma thought that something had gone sour in the kitchen. Super sour smell.

  4. I was working on a vegan show this time and the chef offered me some shredded parmesan cheese, I never had parmesan straight before but omg it was so gooooood

  5. Honestly as a vegetarian struggling to become vegan because of my love for cheese, this really helped. Thank you for all the vegan taste tests you guys endure. You two are more help than the actual vegan community.❤️ Also would it be possible to make a playlist for all of your vegan videos? That would also help tremendously.🙂

  6. “Only a crazy person would eat straight up cream cheese”

    I’ve come to the realization that I am crazy.

  7. At 4:38 Rhett don’t smell your food but taste is linked to smell. Don’t believe me? Eat your favorite dish while all congested

  8. Toffuti has an acquired taste. It's ok for cheese cake that has flavor like chocolate cheese cake. Daiya cream cheese is better. I also like daiya mac and "cheese" but not their shredded cheese and not their Alfredo pasta (yuck). Haven't encountered the other brands where I live. I'll have to look up chao and the 2nd place brand.

  9. Im a huge fan of daiya dairy free cheese because im lactose intolerant but with that i can still enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches and other chessy dishes

  10. I know this is a random request but I really want to see a comp. of Rhett almost laughing/chuckling at the intro to describing what going on in today’s episode. It’ll take away my sadness if it exists.

  11. I could honestly see miso being the thing making them find the miyoko's "cat food-y", it has a very unique pungency and all.

  12. go watch "Dairy is Scary" on YouTube after watching this (especially if you go and buy some of these vegan cheeses to try yourself) 👍😊

  13. As someone who has a lactose issue there is one thing I have learned. No fake cream cheese actually tastes like cream cheese. Just eat regular cream cheese and suffer. Its worth it.

  14. Fellow GMM GF'rs – Speaking of gf pasta, what's the best brand you've found so far? I'm always on the hunt. So far, i'm a Barilla or Ronzoni fan.

  15. Pretty sure you are not allowed to Call something parmesan cheese when its not cheese nor made in the right region.

  16. Like within the European union you should not be able to call a product something it is not. If it's not cheese don't call it cheese. Second befuddled Question if it ain't cheese what the ayeff is it LoL. Cause I feel as if you should be comcerned

  17. Daiya cheddar smells bad and the texture is pretty weird (like powdery), but if you melt it it is spot on!! Since going vegan cheese is the only thing I really miss but Daiya has saved me 😍

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