Van Lathan Put Hands On Coworker At TMZ

Van Lathan Put Hands On Coworker At TMZ

hey Star reporter evening Tuesday hiked
and charged and I’m late and I’m gonna be totally honest with you I had been
looking for my ashtray for my pipe for the last ten minutes and I think I threw
it away accidentally so that’s why I’m late anyway welcome to the show that
never ends oh look at that title huh we’re going here we’re going there van
Lathan fired from TMZ this we know but a week and a half ago but today page six
calm now there’s pictures of van Lathan it looks like he’s choking the senior
producer of TMZ sports Michael Babcock Michael Jay Babcock is Michael Jay
Babcock Jule his van Lathan anti-semitic What did he say
no give me a second before you start jumping to conclusions I’m pro-israel
most of you know that and van Latham if you ask me has been saying a lot of you
know just really slick racist things over the last year so he and I exchanged
emails once during the whole Jessica Reid Charlamagne quagmire and his
podcast I just I looked at his podcast few times I mean I couldn’t watch the
whole thing because of just the the tone of it but is he anti-semitic is he
racist is he another one of those Mark Lamont Hills Mark Lamont Hill is Israel
hater oh yes he is that’s why CNN got him to fuck up out of there so I want to
talk about this tonight and find out why TMZ is not releasing the footage if it
were me or you at any other network you know fighting brawling turning up the
footage will be out there no statement from TMZ with regards to a that I could
see with regards to families and being fired nothing on Van Lathan’s Twitter
account other than I’m okay promise you guys seriously that was 23 hours ago
yeah with him is he homophobic why did he
choke out somebody over at TMZ is he too black and too strong maybe he’s not
anti-semitic maybe he’s not homophobic maybe it’s just too black too strong he
does have people that have supported him I combed through his Twitter page again
looks like he’s got you know a good amount of support and we’ll come back to
that shortly but some of the other pictures that I came across where he
just looks angry and mad was he the token black guy well what he
just mad at the white people of time also holy smokes um R&B singer tank now
and only saw a little clip a couple of people hit me on Instagram and and Twitter he went on Angela’s podcast
what’s it called service I like Angela Yee very respectful to me when we met
twice um and Ronnie’s gonna get on the line but let me just say right now
Ronnie is biased and she has already admitted it she thinks tank is cute she
likes his music but for those of you who saw the full the interview that he did
on lip service he said I’m gonna use the word pole if a guy sucks a pole twice
that doesn’t mean he’s gay what say you is he sexually confused is
he sexually free you know you guys you move different these days my generation
if you suck a pole you’re gay now if you’re gay that’s not a bad thing by
today’s standards but I don’t know is is he going down that hole Malik Yoba path
oh and Malik Yoba according to Joe Budden is dating I think that
transsexual trans woman where the proper term is Carmen that was on The Breakfast
Club a couple weeks back and someone confirm that all right all right so
those that’s what we’re talking about tonight and I need someone who’s
official from Atos I did not watch the interview yet but Talib Kweli up on Flag
TV clapping that hashtag IDEO s yes no maybe talk about that as well let me get
Bostic money online early Ronnie are you there good evening boss
ship running hey star hey how’s love shit how’s it going
pretty good yourself how are you feeling good good I was looking for my ashtray
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just like frazzled you have a favorite ashtray I guess that’s probably happened
before yet or I couldn’t find the lighter oh yeah then I block the spot
you don’t talk about smoking was I not supposed to go there I don’t want to
promote bad habit guys so let’s take it very very slow um van Lathan I couldn’t
find any statement from him with regards to being fired a week and a half ago
TMZ I don’t see any statement from them and he was like a main player for a
number of years at TMZ yes and there’s just it’s very quiet did you find
anything yes and it’s interesting yeah it’s
interesting that you make that point about him being a main player because
when you look at his social media even though he’s not saying much he is doing
a lot of retweeting so retweeting is basically co-signing something someone
says and a lot of the statements that he’s retreating is people saying you
know the only reason that I tuned in to TMZ was to see you and you know you were
the only voice there that I could agree with and that I could liken myself to
and you know now you’re gone yeah and he’s being very quiet about why he’s
gone now I always say that there are two groups that are more so protected than
any other group on the planet and you know I think we know what those two
groups are now van Lathan has isn’t on the record he’s an ally of the LGBT
community so I don’t think he made any comments that were anti LGBTQ so I think
it’s part but you don’t know because the video footage has not been released so
so you don’t know you you’re speculating well I find
very questionable as well you know family then worked on CNN or you know
some other Network and this happened TMZ would have you know the they would have
the footage before the end of the day but because it’s TMZ they scrubbed it
you know from airing that night and you know who you know who’s gonna get the
one up on TMZ so we’re all waiting to see it’s just footage gonna come out but
I did she’s still shot hang on a second I’m looking at page six comm came out
today 6:55 p.m. van Lathan put hand around Michael Babcock’s throat before
TMZ firing so he got physical where the police called why can’t we get more
information from Kensi why are they being selective now in you know exposing
and exploiting situations like this in your opinion and you know what that’s an
argument well you know that’s an argument that’s long been made about van
Leighton and he actually retweeted a comment where someone was saying that
you know TMZ has a habit and I don’t tune in to TMZ their their programming
show whatever it is what channel it comes on I don’t know but they were
streams you don’t calm you know their coverage up okay I thought they have a
show that they’re always broadcasting from right yeah after you talk about the
television show but but they promote everything of your so you were
saying right right so beyond that yeah beyond their reporting on their actual
site I’m not too familiar with what goes on as far as they’re broadcasting but
the point was made that TMZ has a habit of showing people of color and a less
than favorable light like for example that they always use less than
flattering images anything something any time something bad haven’t happens with
the person of color they’re the first to report on it the first you know break
the news and then has also been confronted about that before and that’s
actually one of the retweets that he made where someone was you know
criticizing him saying you know Harvey went in on mayor
mayor Marion Barry about him Marion Barry right okay right that was who was
smoking back that caught smoking back in the day right so yep
you let Harvey talk about him he said you you you let Harvey talk about him
like a dog and he said that’s BS he retweeted it with his own caption said
I’m the only one I stood up to him to there I pulled them to their faces you
know that he was a good man blah blah blah so a lot of people feel like he was
the only person there that represented for people of color and you know now
he’s gone okay well there’s another guy I don’t know his name I’ve heard his
name abused he’s the light-skinned guy he’s got the long locks do you know I
can’t pronounce his last name it’s look it’s a very long last thing starts with
an L but yeah I’m familiar with who you’re
talking about but a lot of people seem to feel like he tends to side with via
the other side you know opposite of them so like I said a smart man there
commentary yeah you still got a job alright now hang on a second Ronny stare
at the okay so guys we are going there tonight couple of you sent me emails yo
star let’s talk about van later okay let’s go
let’s find out why he got fired and why everybody is so quiet now why why is TMZ
doing a cover-up you know also um hang on a second you know folks I don’t I
don’t gossip but what’s going on with hashtag Atos is everything okay um
feature box on Vlad TV tonight Talib Kweli going right at Atos I did not see
the interview yet but I reached out to someone about you know bringing me up to
speed on my show tonight and that person said now I don’t want to get involved
there’s there’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes is everything okay
there’s an official Atos remember you like to call in sender the cash at let’s
get you in line okay everybody also I want to ask you about
this black seed oil at some point spring some phone calls and area code for two
for good evening there turn it down area code nine five
or gleaming are you there nine five four but even in third but evening good
evening I’m here what up Ronnie what upstart
crime skill sounds thank you yes yes sir respect respect I love the fact that you
know the voice it’s about time oh I’m good I’m good on let’s talk about on
that diet TMZ I can’t even talk about it co ban Laden as yet we don’t know it yet
is your to black we don’t know in crime school yeah well we’re speculating
tonight the same way TMZ drags people speculate now all the sudden it’s
fucking let’s let’s not talk about it come on speculate all right okay let’s
go um let’s say it was anti-semitic um as you know certain certain group of
people you can’t really talk about so like I said I will I will wait a little
I would wait or I got my I got no crime skills were going in tonight come on man
what did van Lathan what do you think he said don’t all of a sudden now you shook
yours you’re scared I think he said something that they consider
anti-semitic that’s that I’m gonna put it out there that’s what I think he’s
something that go against them and you can’t talk about them and they gonna
shut you and that’s just what it is with him I think that and I matter of fact I
think he’s so scared that’s not that that’s that’s probably why he haven’t
even talked about it but this one for us tonight he will talk about it he’s gonna
talk about it on this guy I read I read that article with this guy saying that
if you do those two pipes on you’re not considered on day sir that was a video
you’re talking about lip service with Angela use the video thank you to see
the video well I actually read I didn’t see the video but I was reading an
article earlier yeah I do whatever there so even if I didn’t see a tank hey girl
he’s just he’s just hater he’s a sailor pushing an agenda that’s
what I’m gonna say about that okay um and what’s the next topic it’s three
topic there’s something else not I think that’s it thank you crime skills Thank
You Man okay let’s go back to money for a second and folks if you did not see it
it’s okay but just let me know if a man sucks a pole not once but twice
according to R&B singer tank the talking with Anjali and some other people he’s
not gay right Ronny and can you you get your bias you’ve already made that but
can you just in witness there a little bit oh yeah Ronnie are you speaking well
I mean yeah I’m here he said that if a man doesn’t want her twice that it
doesn’t mean that he’s gay it only means that he’s done it once or twice I I
don’t agree with that I don’t agree with that but I I don’t think that tank is
confused I think if you do it once clearly you know you are you’re playing
for the other team so I would have to disagree with him what I think was he
got caught up and and maybe it happened to you once where no never happened to
me but don’t try and throw it on me no it hasn’t
okay okay let me finish where you’re having an argument about something with
someone and they make a point an unrelated point about something else
and rather than conceding to their point they’re unrelated point you continue to
argue so that’s essentially what happened because the girl lore’l on the
show said that you know men say if I lie once or twice it doesn’t make me a liar
Anjali II came up with that example well some and tank is saying if he lies once
or twice she’s not a liar so Anjali he says well what if he does sucks the pool
once or twice so he did him I concede to the point and and it’s a
very strange hill for him to die on he should have known better than to sounds
like you’re taping for him I just want to go with what he said and I don’t care
about what you may have been thinking man said if you suck a pole once it’s
okay what’s up my debt and he said if you suck it twice and you decide it’s
not for you doesn’t mean you’re gay now you like him you said earlier he’s cute
you like his music and it’s hard for you to go into him yes yeah I can’t I can’t
I can’t do it to tank you know he’s put out some brilliant bodies of work I
listen if you were if you were up to speed on his catalogue you might defend
him to Ronnie I can say right now the motherfuckers kind of love no I can’t
cosign there like that well he’s talking now and folks keep in mind Ronnie went
in on Martin Luther King jr. last night but tonight she’s giving tanker pass get
these phone lines cracking Melissa wait so you think you think tank was singing
to men do you think he wasn’t singing to me I don’t know I don’t know tanks music
if you play the tank song right now I wouldn’t know who the fuck he is
hang on every go for 1 3 good evening Platt hey tank toy pull 1 3 unit it was
good stuff how are you sir Hey alright so I just want to get into
this Ronnie you just broke my heart this Indian tank how could you do that
hmm let’s go big nigga you normally available about the full of it real
quick though you want to normally kill about the Transformers right but you’re
giving tank a pass to suck in polls that’s cometh and and I mess with you
Ronnie like you real cool I like your perspective but this right here is
hurting me now sir did you see the video of tank talking with Angela Lee I don’t
mind promoting my podcast I couldn’t watch too much I did ok I couldn’t watch
the whole thing after he said that I said yo I’m out of here fuck out here –
me too me too after I heard that I just I can’t condone that type of lifestyle
I’m just Bharani back to you I’m a little upset with you tonight mom how
could you do this are you defending him because I think he made a mistake he you
know he didn’t want to lose the argument it was very it was in the very beginning
of the interview he hadn’t gotten warmed up yet he you know he was caught off
guard by Angela’s example and he made a mistake he misspoke I think you know in
retrospect emergency could take that statement back and walk it back well
hang on a second Ronnie because now I did watch a little bit of tank he went
he put up a post on Instagram and he doubled down he said that our community
has the problem with regards to attacking people and I’m just
paraphrasing but he doubled down you didn’t see that so he wasn’t caught off
guard do you think yeah I did see that I I wonder if that’s the work of his
publicist or you know someone trying to Ronnie you sounded like Wonder Woman
right now you kept in real hard who don’t deserve as Ronnie been expose this
miss Toller this man said if he sucked up old once or twice he ain’t gay nigga
what you put you get anywhere near a man’s crotch yeah and all some others if
you buggin like that that just don’t fly in the heterosexual community I don’t
care what it is what content you try some I try to put it in like this and
we’re not hating on gay people listen do what you got it done on it okay we’re
not hating I’m talking about him right right singing to the ladies play into
the ladies this whole time on his career getting his money from the ladies but
yeah under cover under the sheets allegedly we don’t know for certain
allegedly allegedly sir before you go do you think van Latham from tear he is
anti-semitic oh he must be of opinion I think he says
crazy up in there yeah and you know spoke his mind and they got him about it
okay thank you for calling I think you fit something that was worth to the
trafficking mmm Bostick Ronnie folding tonight like a chicken wing Ronnie Wow
you okay do you want to hang on the liner well you know um tink is married
with children you know he’s been with the on-and-off relationship with this
with his wife for an incredibly long time and I think in 2019 you know if
someone is gay they certainly have the freedom to come out and say it now more
than ever so if that were the case I think he would say that but we have to
remember it was a hypothetical example he wasn’t saying about himself if he had
done it once or twice someone else made the proposition and you know the
suggestion so I think that he was this is where when trying to win an argument
it goes wrong I have to I have to jump in here Ronnie and say no he that wasn’t
a hypothetical now the question didn’t come to him from what I could see he was
making a statement with regards to if a man does that then he’s he’s not gay so
I don’t know with the hypothetical thing comes in but he also did say that his
wife cheated on him before and he cheated on her so I don’t I don’t know
where the lines are with him but again he’s a popular R&B singer so I think
this may be something that other singers look to as hey I can be free now like
like tank hang on a second or two go to UM Kashyap when I be right back hey
Jennifer she says Tora the loud annoying black
girl is next to be fired on TMZ yeah I don’t know who she is I’ve seen her
before turn on her name I think she has a podcast too I’ve never watched van
Leeuw things like I think no more than like ten minutes of his podcasts it was
it was it called red pill or something like that blue pill you know the red
robot type yeah okay hang on a second somebody save me
email let me send this to you running yeah that red toe podcast is his biggest
claim to fame is that whole encounter he had with Kanye and you know after that
there was some interest in his podcast but after that if you you know it’s not
really all that entertaining or no one’s really talking about it so it’s a racist
to me racist hang on a second Duval 777 says what the fuck is wrong
what the fuck is running talking about question mark shorty is lame hmm it’s a
hard shot running okay and this is someone else here sending in okay Ronnie
I sent you something about everything we need to know about when leads and if you
can check that okay hey I have a Joey okay hang on Joanne she was trying to
get on the line last night and she’s back tonight let me see if this is her
right here hey yo Joanne’s at you yeah Joanne Joanne turn it down turn it down Oh turn
it down in the background please okay I send it down yeah how are you good
evening I got your email thank you for your cash that yesterday you seemed a
man of my word thank you I appreciate it good good good
we’re talking my van Lathan I think he’s anti-semitic I have no proof right now
but I want the video that TMZ is hiding with him you know choking somebody out
and I’m also talking about tank what do you want to start because you wanted to
talk to Ronnie about who’s MLK I forget what was it yes it was M okay okay
please proceed come on okay okay so my only thing about was the whole thing how
it kind of spun on and okay was that the whole point of talking
about Martin Luther King jr. is that it was made to seem as though that his
peaceful protest and to get all excited and misdirected by the whole him phone
and Gandhi part of it has it has no play on it he
wasn’t following Gandhi’s lifestyle but he was condoning being a pedophile or
being racist that wasn’t a point the point was the infiltration of using his
peaceful purpose the peaceful protest was to show that white people are
violent in nature that we’re coming in here all we’re asking for is equality
and look at how these people are are treating us even though we’re not
fighting so you can’t expect that in order to infiltrate a situation
everybody’s going to fight the same way let Malcolm X be the militant one not
fine everyone had a different fight but to expect that Martin Luther King or to
say that he’s not a warrior for them for his his social cause that doesn’t make
him a warrior because he wasn’t holding up what a pitchfork a gun or a spear
that’s not trying to take away from his legacy that’s exactly what white people
in this society have done ok then hang on a second join I don’t usually go back
to other shows but you sent in a cache yesterday so you were addressing Ronnie
Ryan do you want to Joanna yeah I mean pretty much what she alluded
to there’s more than one way to skin a cat listen if you want to go do a sit-in
at a restaurant and get spit in your face and people call you names pull your
hair you know pour condiments on you and you think that’s going to affect change
then you’re more than welcome to do that me personally I’m not going to stand for
anyone to spit in my face or disrespect me for the quote unquote greater good
and it didn’t accomplish much for the greater good you know what exactly they
were subjected to now if you want to talk about the effect that both
approaches has when Malcolm started talking about being violent they got him
out of there quick you know Martin when he’s talking about non-violence they let
him walk for a very very long time now the other thing I want to say is I
didn’t say that he’s not a warrior I said that he’s not a freedom fighter in
terms of how a freedom fighter is defined freedom fighting if you look it
up it involves the use of violence to achieve political goal
that was something that Martin wasn’t willing to do so you can’t call him a
freedom fighter and those terms Johanna do you want to respond yes okay so if
we’re talking about the definition of things and you’re talking about the
people who make definitions of words you realize they’re the ones who create that
they create the division of what you’re referring to so that they can supplant
the idea of what something is or is not can say that someone is not a freedom
fighter because they didn’t physically fight but they were using their
mentality to fight that you involving yourself in becoming subjugated to the
idea of who or what something can be or cannot be because you’ve already sold
yourself into that well somebody told me what something can be said therefore I
must believe it instead of thinking outside the box you understand that they
were afraid of Malcolm X that’s the reason why they killed him immediately
the smart thing about MLK exactly was that in order to peacefully protest okay
he got to live longer but guess what Jesse justement still alive I’ll shock
you fella every person part of me why do you think they’re so alive because
they’re not standing for change hold on they’re still alive because they’re not
accomplishing anything you realize that the gun you know Manya the King’s family
you know the federal government the army and they won for a conspiracy to kill
him because of the People’s Revolution of Poor People’s Revolution to go after
and get reparations with one had nothing oh I see when the cue sit tight mo I see
you I’m sorry go ahead Joe Anna Courtney one other thing I wanted to address is
that you said with regard to Malcolm when I’m sorry if you have something you
want to say I’m sorry I lost my train of thought for a second yes what I’m saying
is that you’re saying as far as his words and the things that he did you
people have a tendency especially if you are black in America you’re believing
what you’re being told because you don’t do your own independent research which
is that I have a dream speech after his I have a
dream speech because if you know better you would do better now here I have a
dream speech you wouldn’t know that they stopped televising his speeches or they
would edit the broadcasting of his speeches to make it seem like he was
saying words that he wasn’t he wasn’t it was not the same organized speeches he
gave before because they did not want him view veto to to what he was trying
to tell black people what he was trying to tell black people is that they are
the Aborigines of these country they did not come from Africa join I don’t mean
to cut you short but we’re going we’re going very very far back off of
tonight’s topic I appreciate your donation okay yesterday no stay there
say that maybe you can ride with me us on a different topic you tonight Ryan
you want to respond to what sure do we yeah there was yeah I remembered what I
wanted to say she made a point that the other caller last night that call them
to defend and okay made which was that although we had to be nonviolent so that
we could show what they were doing to us who didn’t know what was being done who
didn’t know that black people weren’t worth being oppressed in this country
other white people didn’t know that they didn’t see it they weren’t part of the
impression other black people who were being oppressed didn’t know that they
were being oppressed so who was it that we were trying to show by allowing
people to spit in our faces and put fire hoses on us and SiC dogs on us who was
it that we were trying to educate are you that’s a question yeah that’s a
question okay now join us I’ll give you a minute Joanna and then you can stand
the line but I want to get back to tonight’s topic please go ahead no
problem okay so who will be telling the whole world it was everyone so that’s
the answer to that question it was exactly everyone people you got to
understand that the whole country did not have the same view of what was
happening everywhere that is completely true also the whole world that is
everyone you are so mean coming from your mind friend of living in today that
people you know knew what was going on hindsight is 20
20 there was no social media so I’m just going to say that my okay stay there
Joanna I appreciate your donation from yesterday
let me bring in mo guys so we can open up the other floor here is that mo facts
on the line mo facts are you doing star Hey you text me the wrong number and I
had to go looking in the queue I just want you to know that you texted you
text me nine one zero number you text me nine one zero how are you man how’s it
going good evening I want to have Joanna and Ronnie on the line the first
question is van Layton from TMZ anti-semitic I have no knowledge no
proof I’m just wondering what did he say why did he get fired so fast a week and
half ago why wasn’t he given a warning why is there no statement from him why
is there no statement to TMZ what why is that now we’ve got page six showing
pictures of him he’s got his hands around somebody’s neck well he’s choking
that guy I don’t know but I’m just wondering if he’s you know going to if
he did go down the same path of markleham Lamont Hill who I do believe
to be anti-israel good all right so this is what they happened with the very
latest situation van Latham got too comfortable at TMZ because we had to go
back to the van length of Kanye West’s incident where he typically say approach
time with in a physical manner and he thought he could carry himself that way
towards Babcock and they wouldn’t have it so they got him up out of there what
we starting to see in 2019 is um the error at the end of the era of the walk
negro we saw what LeBron start with jay-z he was seeing a grin later all
these people think they get comfortable with this system and that you’re saying
with the liberal you know saying they get the little pat him on the head and
they say certain things but when they get out of pocket the liberal hand comes
in presence of spit and drops on your head so I would want people to the way
he reacted to Kanye West just because Kanye West had a difference
of opinion he’s physically here saying use like you know
I uh he was physically kind of intimidating towards Kanye because of a
difference of opinion I think he thought you could carry him steps towards you’re
saying towards the UH people at TMZ that they are of a certain ilk you know so
well I have to jump in and disagree with you on this I don’t think that van
Lathan showed any hostility towards Kanye West I think that he stood up what
was that don’t hit me if I you thought you you
look like you want to hit me Kanye West is a fucking nutjob he’s on meds dog so
if anybody up to him he’s gonna play that passive-aggressive role because
he’s a fucking hang on a second I want it fast for him Oh with regards to why
TMZ is not releasing footage they’ve got it clearly and we’re now seeing pictures
on page six calm do you think this is a cover-up you’re a conspiracy theorist
what do things go on here I think I think well they don’t want to have
understand what you you don’t have any smoke because what happens is then you
know the world crowd you’re saying run with it and say see in these races so
what they’re doing in same thing in DHI to do or they’d be done successfully and
suppress any information that comes out and the hope is another story comes
along that they can harp on anything it dies down that’s yeah I hear you and
that’s bullshit bullshit well that’s what they do if you want to talk about
as a fixer and now you had looking at you way did you say you want to be armed
if you want to be fair which they’re not they’re not fair so I’m not being fair
tonight I’m sorry I’m sweating on though I’m speculating tonight I want to see
the goddamn footage I demand to see the footage the same way TMZ doesn’t give a
frock I don’t give it a fucking until we get
something on Van Lathan a statement or something to prove otherwise he may have
said some shit again like Mark Lamont Hill
hold on a second for those who don’t know Mark Lamont Hill was uh he gave his
speech at the United Nations back in 2018 and many people think that he was
overly critical of Israel now Harvey Levin junjou let’s not play
so stop playing games Harvey Levin Xin Jun why do you think he got his pet
Negro out of there fast oh I have to go back I had to go back
and look at van Latham sweets and see if he’s been retweeting the squad and Ilya
Ilya Omar and people like that who are clear anti-semitic if they’re
pro-palestine so he might have set himself up and saying all his political
I got his tweets right here Moe come on man you the conspiracy theorist you
called and give me something man come on moe I’m telling you I mean I’m telling
you I’m telling you my perspective is he got through comfortable that he could
raise up all people you’re saying he didn’t realize he raised up on the wrong
one and they got him on there and then they suppressing the story okay I mean
that’s that’s my perspective on the whole thing
Moe hang on a second stay with me Joanna can I get you to chime in before you go
on either ban Laden or a R&B singer tank he was on Angelis lip service and he
says if you suck a pole twice you’re a guy doesn’t mean you’re gay Joanna what
do you think oh I saw the video with the interview clearly Angela Doreen she did
bring up the topic she broke that okay so what if a man what if a man sucks the
penis twice and then he and then tagged it was fun I will say that he did was
funny like whoa whoa whoa alone the way he said was the second time is a little
much so I feel I wasn’t reacting to him he was it was like okay we’ll just one
time is fun but the second time is too much Instagram and he did post that he
doubled down he did he doubled down he immediately brought up black homophobia
which is a current news cycle of any black person who comes for in
entertainment as soon as something happens with them where they reveal
anything that sexually fluid they immediately have to talk about the black
homophobia aspect of it which is so weird because you know why people have
gay conversion centers and they also like kill their own people but you know
we got to make sure that we try to make black everything so homophobic in the
music when we know there’s black rappers okay minute hang on join are you a tank
fan like Ronnie because Ronnie was she couldn’t really like you know going oh
but that doesn’t mean I love him he’s not paying me to be a fan so I’m not a
fanatic I’m not gonna die on the hills that he goes on I mean just streaming
his music is not the same thing as being in love with him
so he’s cool and everything but clearly this is something that he obviously has
going on in his life and then also if it’s not something that he has worked
out with his wife she should definitely be concerned but I doubt it so the
question is is R&B singer tank sexually confused yes you know whether to do is
you on the down-low allegedly I mean if he’s not confused maybe it just means
you don’t know cuz you’re not one of the people use everything Don’t Ask Don’t
Tell I wanna be in his circles listen Joanna I thank you for calling back in
tonight thank you for your donation yesterday I’m a man of my word remember
that all right all right thank you have a good night okay that
was Joanna she sent me a very nice email yesterday she want to get back on the
line to talk about MLK and some other things
heimo um tell us what’s going on with mo fax your podcast where are you mo before
we jump back into my topic I’m right here um I just dropped the twelfth
episode of my podcast yesterday nice talk about white guilt
white supremacy and white privilege so people go check it out and then all
night of touching the same thing here if you know if you don’t mind come on
because tank is tank is trying to blur the hall to heterosexual homosexual
lines here he understands his fan bases and he can’t get it to dance to a great
on what he feels so he comes out here say if you soak penis twice you’re not
gay come on knock it off bro you’re saying any II thought you put
yourself in the thought of your mind you already crossed the line you set me I
would eat in fact if I could you had a conspiracy to sup peepee when you call
it the pole I don’t want to do too much with the language on you to just just
say the pole not now hang on a second I thought oh I thought it was a very very
bold thing for him to say that I’m not gonna dump on the guy but I mean I don’t
Cohen I don’t cosign what he said and if that’s his true beliefs that’s fine but
he then went on Instagram did you see the video where he went Instagram and
then double down no I didn’t see the Instagram video always have the video
with him and the lady’s talking but he said I said what I said
one incident right I mean yeah you this you said what you say I mean what you
said the first time you was loud and clear what you were saying bro you’re
saying but also I want to say this to that taint understands also with his own
his badminton bandmate Ginuwine how that person said oh you don’t want to date
Trenton transgender plan was insane and they in the media wrote to him for even
saying that he didn’t hear he wanted to have a choice so tight understands who
his fan base is and how the media can come at him but wouldn’t worry the come
out of his mouth I’m looking at claims I may have to apologize to genuine who
I’ve been like you know I guess taking shots at over the years you know and now
I don’t have to look at him different because yeah as you just said mo a
genuine was on some reality TV show and he said no I don’t want a hug no
transsexual but now who we got tanked and they were in a group together right
it was Ronnie help me out genuine people cool what’s that cool yeah yeah yeah
okay shit okay all right um okay so mo anything else you want to jump oh oh
hang on mo stay with me stay with me it may be kind of early did you see
Talib Kweli on vlad TV clapping Atos you just came out the interview no I mean
you brought that news to me but I will go check it out and saying she was going
on because I was listening to the show you know and you
that news to me are you working tomorrow afternoon I know I may want to do
research show tomorrow afternoon because I got some information yeah I’ll be at
work tomorrow afternoon Lamar now I’m free okay I want to break
some news here for you though come on right quick because I was watching the
NBA game and during the halftime show with with Shaq and Kenny and Ernie
somebody had a big-ass Taiwan flag flying in the background she’s here he’s
waving it back and forth you’re saying so I would like to break the news on
your show because this thing ain’t died down the NBA in China and without would
not okay was there some type of ruckus somebody just had a flag but why is that
breaking news no somebody I mean they made a huge political statement on the
NBA station so it should be some breaking news tomorrow
Oh what kind of feedback about kind of the flag was huge I mean like it wasn’t
a little it was a big-ass flag behind the head of Ernie I was like waving back
and forth I had a staple sooner okay okay mo good
to talk to you man and I may be taking a trip I haven’t planned it yet but to
Durham North Carolina so I do want to at least talk to you before I even I’m
looking around Christmas time you know won’t take some time off but uh we’ll
talk about the scenes all right oh hang on Ronny hold on a second all right
whoo folks I don’t have my goddamn ashtray tonight so I’m not gonna smoke
the pipe I’m sipping on some black seed oil I gotta talk to money about that
because I felt nothing from that black seed oil over a goddamn of nothing you
know I mean I don’t know let me go to a super chat in cash up guys you can join
the conversation via super chat cash at the link is up under the video okay our
Hassan says you can’t unsub a tool get sugar drawers tanked the fuck out of
here Stanley Fionn got his nigga wake-up call
okay sir I think you meant to say van Lathan
factly thing got his nigga wake-up call this is all caps by the way hashtag hy o
n Ronny is buggin tonight fo8 okay thank you sir all caps are Hasan
thank you sir for your uh super chair okay
played on the check and he says mo is caping Omar and hell are not
anti-semitic they were simply pointing out the fact that most members of
Congress take orders from Tel Aviv okay okay thank you sir thank you blade okay
fifth dimension on the check-in says whoever this sister was who corrected
the white woman Ronnie thank you okay the chicken blade also says haste or I’m
if I’m not mistaken the Jewish Defense League was on your ass a few years ago
yes question mark do they still have a bounty on your head sir I’m down with
the Jews and you were talking about hang on let me just take you guys back in
case you don’t know if you never read my book 9/11 the day that the Twin Towers
the World Trade Center came down we came in that morning and that those article I
think it wasn’t a full page but a half a page in the New York Post and you’re
right sir the Jewish Defense League they were given up to come at me I thought I
was on and pop and I called my Jewish lawyer I said hey get ready to hit the
big time and then bang the Twin Towers came down when towers came down
somewhere like around now I have to get what what time 9:00 was that first out
you know running I don’t find something like that and yeah like 9:00 10:00 or
905 yet and sir nobody gave a fuck about star for about
thirty days after that Mike my campaign was dead but thank you for your donation
amen who else is here dude soup so whoop army s you wo p star get this white
woman the F outta here she dumps on MLK but
bachchi boy behavior smells like an agent
Ronnie before I continued you want to say anything else with regards to a tank
because you you you did say he’s cute you like his music and before we got on
the phone son you said it’s gonna be hard for you to come at him and I said
okay well let’s have the conversation and the thing before you continue on
well if I can just build off of a point that Moe made which is that he knows who
his audience is right it’s mainly women and who is the biggest supporter of that
community other women so I think that he had to double down as he saw the story
growing and he saw the conversation building online where people are saying
you know that’s ridiculous and while I agree that it is ridiculous I think if
you even consider doing it that you are you you’re more than suspect you you
know you can’t do it and say that you’re not gay so while I while I disagree with
what he said I understand the politics behind why he said it okay in the trash
okay so you’re placing some blame on Angela here you Angela you hate her
no no no I’m well I mean he came up with it with the hypothesis right suppose a
man bla bla bla she came up with that but what I’m saying is that he has to be
careful what he says he can’t be critical of that community because he
knows that his you know his core supporter most of them support that
community okay hang on Ronnie stay right there blade on the check and be a super
chat mother fu star and an anti-semite is anyone who was winning an argument
against other cultures as you like to say I thank you for the donations are
okay Bush kid on the check and he says star
tank and Jamie Foxx Ben butt-buddies allegedly this is nothing new
Pharrell Williams always defending gays shaking my head now he want us black men
to wear dresses get the fuck out of here he’s talking about the new GQ magazine
cover wasn’t that a gown you and I saw that a
couple days ago running yeah so was that last well last week I forget yeah it may
as well have been addressed I mean a gallon is a dress in my opinion and you
know Pharrell has always been one of those you know gender-bending you know
you know gender-fluid sorts of individuals so you know I found his
entire interview with GQ to just be more caping for that community he’s saying
why do we say the founding fathers well if you think about you know what was
going on at that time there were no women involved in the founding you know
they didn’t even have rights at that point so I mean hang on a second Stacy
glory I see you hold on Stacy I’m coming to you I got your cash at Brenton Knight
sends in the superjet thank God Gucci Mane aka the rap god call that whole out
she been exposed and she she was on video flirting with pre cloned gucci
mane okay I think he’s talking about Angela Yee that old interview on lip
service I think I’m not sure I only saw a part of that but thank you sir if you
donation old Negro giving game on the check and he says yo Holly Quan must
notice nigga from back in the days ah what’s today’s mathematics black man if
you get the answer wrong the goons will run down when you’re in the Walmart
health clinic slippin so I’m not a member of the nation of gods and Earth’s
I don’t spit the mathematics even if I do remember I don’t try to perpetrate
the fraud as they say that’s not my organization to claim know what I tried
to you know I said you said perpetrate the fraud but thank you for your
donation yeah and a li Quan is my old old name folks from late 1979 up until
maybe 1983 then I know poor me 1982 then I started calling myself angel because I
was running around with some of the Latin Kings but thank you sir
hey hey LA says yo star I’m lit on this b-12 zoomin and booming
area code 405 respect Boss Hogg let me see if I can find him was he just saying
he’s in the 405 okay I don’t see four or five minute last year and let me go to
Kashyap hold on a second let me get some of these out of the system here hey
Stacey glory area called 404 let me get you on the line I wants to talk about
some of the things we’re talking about tonight
Stacey are you there Stacey Glo are you good evening baby I’m good how are y’all
okay so did you see the video we’re talking about on the lip service show
with Angela Yein other females I don’t know their names
and tank and he said if a guy sucks a pole twice doesn’t mean he’s gay you see
that yeah I was actually looking at a little bit of it while I was waiting I
saw some of it and everything but yeah you know he I kind of agree with what
more things and as far as you know I forgot what Moe said can you refresh my
memory what ammo say like sort of an unguent or whatever he knows what it or
maybe you said that you are saying that he knows what his fan base is and
everything no I’ll say as far as what his fan base
is fan base is majority majority majority sorry I looked up yeah I was
dipping but it’s mostly women but yet he has a large gay man fan base as well so
I don’t know any of tanks music and me if I heard something on you know the
radio I might say okay but I mean I I can’t name one of his songs I just I
never paid attention him I always thought he was weird looking to be
honest with you we’re looking guy what the gays like him
you know I don’t know any of his songs either but I you know I think he has you
know body okay okay so what do you think
about what he said if a guy you know sucks a pole twice and he says nod that
ain’t for me is that guy gay in your opinion stays to blow you’re a
transgender woman well maybe the guy is just experimenting
you know Stacy I need a direct answer come on it’s like you know everybody’s
tippy-toeing around tonight but if a man sucks appalled twice is that guy gay
come on well if that pole is attached to a
beautiful one and it looks like Beyonce even though he’s not gay the question
but I I think that uh I think the tank is pandering and he might be deep down
inside you know covering things up you asked me you asked me if you if you suck
a pole your gay uncle fuck what what is up top you’re gay
give me last word though well were there any drugs or were there any alcohol
involved the best no use somebody say something about Jamie Foxx blaming on
alcohol I mean you know you know maybe he was just being and maybe women a
knife can’t be chained in at the mouth are you a tank fan station or I don’t
have any of his songs I don’t have a couple of Ginuwine songs but you know I
don’t really I do but like I said I like his body dollars real nice yeah but you
know he perform for the gays before – yeah you see there I stay – I’m gonna
keep it moving thank you for your cash and thank you so much you’re welcome you
don’t have a 90 well thank you okay well this pussyfooting around folks is van
lately from TMZ anti-semitic I want the video we deserve the video I demand the
video Ronny any talks about why this video has not been put
out now we’re seeing pictures as you just said on page six calm of him you
know his hands around this guy’s neck michael babcock do you think somebody’s
gonna leak the video oh I hope they do I really want to see that video and I
think it’s really a matter of time before we see that video because if we
bought was we’re already getting the still shots leaked I think it’s just a
matter of time so because I don’t think TMZ leaked the stills it’s someone who
works there it’s not the actual it’s not hard to be leaking that it’s somebody
who works for Harvey so person who whatever you are come on get that
footage out we need that and again this guy Michael Babcock are we sure he’s a
Jewish senior producer TMZ sports I believe that I believe that the Jewish
last name but I’m saying van lengthen his anti-semitic until proven otherwise
Sherm sticks sends in a super jet Ronnie I got you banned from all Indian
restaurants until you apologize for your Gandhi comments nigga what’s poppin
hashtags still tight running is done banned from Indian restaurant yeah my
name is talking greasy about Gandhi yesterday in case you guys missed it
well so was i I was talking too easy about God he is well I mean I just I
didn’t go all the way in but yeah that’s great I’m banned from restaurants I
don’t actually go to that’s great wonderful okay hang on a second Ronnie
hey Jennifer she sends in a catch yep only gay black men pose no threat to
whitey pay attention okay Thank You Jennifer okay and also running was
anything in that email that I sent you from here is everything we know about
van lathan or was that what was that just that’s all everything we we already
discussed previously okay okay nothing new there
who’s this somebody’s sending me long emails with no cash Shep I’ll get back
to later something about a barber get back to you whenever I can hate a
hallelujah Jay says damn you’re a virus now I’m bleaching my teeth yeah I mean
you got a bleach your teeth you know handling business you up in females
faces you know get your skin oh hey Ronnie also did I tell you with
regards to the stiletto mark from shorty no kickin me chick I love freaky I
picked up some of this old soap I used to use years ago you know about this
fair and white does this work it’s uh I’ve I suppose I have heard about that
but I have heard about that but what I think is a better suggestion which I
told you is to get the aloe plant cut it open and apply it on your face I you
know I don’t think you need to be exfoliating I think you need to be
healing that to prevent a dark mark so what do I get the aloe plant for I get
that from you should be able to go to like if your grocery store if there’s a
grocery store buy you that sells like plants or if there’s a health food store
by you or you know if you go to any nursery that’s those plants you should
be able to get like a very small one for cheap so just ask for a low blow and say
hey I need an aloe plant and yeah you can get the smallest a little plant and
you know you’re just going to be cutting into the leaf and applying it to the
mark okay and I also have to say thank you again for the black seed oil that
you sent me but oh I think no you told me about this and I bought this I don’t
feel anything this does nothing for me I’m so well even though you might not
feel a boost of energy which is why I suggested it to you there’s a million
and one other good things it’s doing to and for your body so I hope that you
will continue to take it okay Darrell sends in a cash at star a kick dangerous
looks like a goddamn brainy okay dangerous is about like six
foot four if Stacy klore sent to another Casa Thank You Stacy you appreciate it
oh you know what we didn’t mention Ronny did you ever get a chance to see that
link I sent you the two women black women holding babies brawling up to
Walmart both of them had two babies in the front did you see that yeah that was
just a completely disgusting display of savagery they’re both wearing babies and
those what do you call those carriers that you wear around your body
so they’re both wearing their babies and throwing punches and kicking and
fighting and a supermarket and a Walmart it was disgusting and these were infant
babies yes yeah thank you to whoever sent me those uh those links earlier
today just shit it really just set me in a really good place davon thank you for
your cash yep stars somatic definition is literally afro-asiatic thank you sir
you’re appreciated for your donation all right let’s go to area code two three
one good evening its ban Lathan from TMZ anti-semitic what are they hiding with
the video footage sir or ma’am hardening tooth you want you there yes no maybe
kids go to area code two two five good evening two to five are you there
yes no I mean yourself stars I’m sorry how you doing man who’s this hello good
evening that was some air you what’s going on
with your email you sent me a couple of things I was out all day today I saw one
of you emailed you send me something about you and Jesse Rican and my homie
norms yeah yes yes I got another battle of this Thursday I’m battling mellow D
it’s on North five holes nice nice so you’re battling we’re at exactly a melon
like I’m basically don’t be like one that wanted to call it Sam we do it over
the foot life form battle right now it’s I get to battle it up on there waiting
on yeah okay now have you battled anybody in person yet oh no the next
thing that no one said nothing me like I said I I think I said to you on your
email Twitter is the total eclipse that’s the one I’m really wait no okay
okay I hadn’t spoke to Jesse Rican in a long time how’s he doing is he still in
the battle rap world because at first he started out and he was a really
consistent then he he got a little busy with some other stuff how’s he doing
yeah he’s doing good he’s still drinking a lot he takes the life mmm-hmm okay
he’s a good guy though he’s a day one with battle rap Jesse Rican good guy
yeah yeah what I ate look what I eat but I cook them okay
okay I’ll check it out for sure I definitely will all right so listen may
do you want to comment on a ban late than any thoughts that he was fired from
TMZ a week and a half ago everybody’s real fucking quiet nobody’s
releasing statements I’m suspecting up suspecting him of being in the same Lane
as Mark Lamont Hill just you know anti-israel I have no proof but I think
he may have said something that Harvey Levin just to listen we got to get him
out of here he just he blew his staff losses cool he just too much of a
problem we think yeah doesn’t think it’s a conspiracy a definite thing that
whenever you are you go against the uh-oh when you go when you go against
the so-called you know the Jewish people that are there consequences I mean
that’s pretty known whenever you do that they run everything so it it’s like when
you when you go against them that’s like it’s pretty much like a real suicide you
don’t get no job but nothing in Hollywood right I believe Dave well
let’s let’s let’s not hate the player hate the game you know I’ve always said
this I respect the power of the Jews yeah why is if I can cry and complain
about you like people aren’t organized so so what the fuck is van Layton’s
problem what’s his problem well why is he work if I’m saying if if
he is a you know if he does have hatred in his heart
why is he grabbing people I even worked in the first
fucking place why didn’t go to be et right right right right right
yes but you know they do claim to be the most persecuted people as they are sir
watch your mouth they are they are this is a Jew Network Star report you network
what’s your mouth yes I love doing people okay hey man so so so 101-100
they got a call yesterday here he told you that a bunion wait no who are you
like yes okay so listen man good to talk to you I’m gonna check out your email
and uh Mabel talk tomorrow okay okay yes sir okay all right kid dangerous on the
check-in I hold a second blade blade sends another super charity beam blade
he says hey star speaking of 9/11 do you remember the story about the five
dancing Israel’s that no I know we’re not talking about Liston right thank you
no I’m not talking that reckless tonight no Luke a Neelu Katie’s online auction
he wants some of this action wait a minute
Luke a knee from the Congo Luke a knees that you say Rico 909 hello yes how are
you looking right let’s get right to it do you think ban Lathan is anti-semitic
when he get fired we don’t know I don’t think that we seen
anything that would say that he’s actually anti Jews however my
understanding is that he put his hand on somebody’s neck at his place of work
right right so so if you put your hands in your place of work
sorry but I know in California zero tolerance you’re fired
it’s over okay aren’t you in California I forget where are you you’re not in the
Congo anymore well yes I am okay so so every every year I do these
training you know it’s like eight hours you know how to how behavior work how to
avoid conflict of interest you know harassment and stuff like that so one
thing I know that in California you should put your hands on anybody doesn’t
matter if they provoked you if they didn’t insult your mom anything like
that you can’t well okay that sounds great for you know just a low-level
basic working person you know but we’re talking about TMZ you know harpies boy
banks are Harvey’s bar yeah sorry I know I know but I’m not talking low level I’m
talking company that grows billions of dollars a year all right so I know diem
TMZ is big and all that I know those guys make good money well I’m talking
about it you know people that I made up there all right so that’s how it is man
so I’m thinking that that may be the issue here and I’m thinking that also
one reason why this video is not out yet probably because the person he choked is
probably doing or trying I hope so I hope so so we can get some type of a
discovery and some deposition a videotaped deposition this might be time
for van Leyden to go down in flames you know down in flames it’s for him I don’t
I don’t think that he’s really that double political guy hey Luke Andy
before I let you go uh tank was on Angela Yi’s podcast lip service and he
said if a guy sucks a pole twice doesn’t mean he’s gay your thoughts an answer well first of all everything is tank
he’s a great performer I don’t know his songs were asking him
life twice great great stuff however out there is any man any man
that say stuff like that then before there before the instead I like to get a
solid talk and then he goes back and forth with his wife for the past 15
years any man that does that do stuff like
that if suspect to me okay okay any good to
talk to you man thank you for checking in thank you Luke any all right yes sir
okay Luke any on the checking guys all right Bubba wanted to check in via
subject leading sir he says Boss Hogg let me know when it’s safe to send in
more super chats since niggas was looking for me hashtag oh no star has to
look at it yo Bubba Quan Ronnie who was that yesterday looking for bubble Kwan
was it that guy’s name Oh God yeah Bubba want get a pen or a crayon or something
because Khalid was looking for you yesterday he wants to produce what is
bubble kwon do to see him I forget he wants to know if he’s in New Jersey for
possible lessons yeah some type of lessons and he wants to produce music do
you find his information Cullen I got it right here
yeah and if he wants to if he wants to contact him directly his name on
Instagram he said I could give it out it’s gonna be easy I are Ock so as is
rock as is rock okay my public one yeah easy ir o ck as is rock he’s gonna
highlight you okay I hold on a second blade on the check and he says star is
down with other cultures because they helped him Eve
evade US taxes and hide all that F and money
okay he’s talking reckless okay thank you sir thank you you putting too much
information out there thank you so much yeah nigga snitchin blade also said okay
I got that one Luke a knee Bush kid okay Bush kids all
capitals give me a second Ronny equals raw on nigga shit is everything
hashtag tank okay that was crazy okay okay
gemstar a talk and reckless via super tip star aka Ali Kwan was supposed to be
on the first plane that flew into the Twin Towers folks doing can we not start
you know reminding me of the name Ali Kwan that was come on that was like some
old shit please let’s not go back there you know those days were like I think I
started sniffing coke when my name was Ali Quanah started sniffing coke in 81
that was a nightmare yeah run around those poor Puerto Rican girls all that
crazy shit Thank You Gemstar okay an hour huh son I read that one order k
fifth dimension let me just double check and make sure and miss anybody brenton
night nigger okay cool let’s go back to the phone lines here guys
if anybody knows van late then please send me an e mails get to the bottom of
this area code 9 1 3 good evening talking about van Lathan being fired
from TMZ and everybody’s uh pretending it’s no big deal
9 1 3 yeah what’s up star hey what’s up star this is Ali a Parker from Kansas
City came and uh yeah I’m good but both of y’all subjects they kind of relate
because how they relate is because look you come out the Jews right and how did
you see shut mouths when people open their mouths crazy
you know they seven people up same with well hang show no we’re not talking
about the Jews we’re talking about man Lathan and we’re speculating
okay yeah we’re speculating did he say something talking about behind cementec
that has now gotten everybody acting real quiet
why is Harvey Levin not putting out the video really there Layton to me is one
of the realest black people or black dudes on TMZ okay so he was a black
voice on PMZ okay and I think this is a loss that they taken and I think
eventually it’s gonna come back to bite them because I think now that is getting
his publicity that’s gone below blow him up and I think his little things he got
going I think it’s going pop now okay but well I’m not trying to stop the bag
I just want to get to the bottom of this the same way if it were mere you TMZ
would have the footage out there and we’d be scrambling like two eggs on
Sunday morning right on yeah they would exactly
we’d be scrambling sad to what I’m saying who is this I’m saying they’re
black people could take a page out of this book okay cuz you see the same way
the tank is tiptoeing and stuff and he don’t really want to you know he halfway
want to say he gay or thing gauge so he don’t upset nobody I think they’re the
you know been late thing if the reason he got fired was he was talking crazy
you know about the Jewish community I think they’re you know well we don’t
know for certain i I don’t want to just say you’re right we don’t know if it’s
erm I’m just I’m speculating until we get video footage I’m putting him in the
same category as Mark Lamont help then I think black people need to take a page
out of that book because I think as of now you can see how people can say
whatever they won’t betray black people have or they won’t talk bad crazy and
there’s no repercussions look at Bernie Sanders the presidential candidate he’s
a Jewish candidate and you see when they spoke about reparations for black
American people he just brushed that off like that nah y’all need nothing but for
his people it’s all good Bernie Sanders doubled down and said I
don’t believe in that right exactly so I’m saying it day we should demand a
show some more respect the same waste or certain people’s projects down and shut
you know going after day money the same way they do you know I think the Jews is
real smart hang on so you saying we should shut down TMZ who were you
smoking we don’t know now what I’m saying is when people open their mouth
crazy just like a Bernie Sanders or or any of the rest of these people the same
way how the Jews and the gay community go after people when they talk stupid
against they they there’s then go after day money shut them down right you know
do the exact same thing do you think Ben Layton’s gonna wind up on be eg i think
i think his if he started some i heard he had a podcast i’m not sure but if he
starts i’m on the internet right now and be just small we didn’t ride the wave
and i think he could pop you know i think he could pop well he an email last
year we had a nice exchange i’m not hating on the guy but i am digging i am
you know come on that dumb shit but you know he might be the guy and i say this
you know respectfully he might be the guy to go to be et and really give it
the umph that it fucking needs because bt has been for the nightmare over the
years with regards to you know celebrity entertainment slash political
discussions just if you ask me just a fucking nightmare so i’m not saying that
would be a bad thing just as he might heat now go there to I really you know
uh kick it into high gear I’ll give the last word though well I
think he could go to be too but I think he’d be better off if he start his own
things you know because then he could say would he well just like when he was
arguing with Kanye West I think that was TMZ’s one today bears from all
when that was going on you know and you know I coho to show up I’m Holly a
Parker you know check me out on YouTube alright he’s okay you know folks I am
gonna say this with regards to and Ronnie maybe you feel different with
regards to Van Lathan and Kanye West I didn’t think Van Lathan was
confrontational I thought he stood up and what he said
to Kanye West was very direct I thought it was very much needed you
know just hey somebody needs to slow Kanye West down because he was just on a
fucking uh-uh-uh just a weird rant you know I do feel
different you think the family right no he wasn’t aggressive he just interjected
and he made a good point and that was incorrect what Moe said earlier when he
said that he went to approach Kanye it was Kanye who started walking back
towards van because he wanted to have a dialogue with and he wanted to I think
he said I want a honky brother something to that effect so he was just you know
stating his opinion and a lot of times that’s the narrative when you know
person of color is firm in their position they get called aggressive
threatening you know things along those lines you’re scaring me can you step
back and call the cops holy uncomfortable yeah hey anything else I don’t mean to go
back but Steve Harvey’s daughter anything new it’s just an old email this
is a this is from today you send me something today running oh I think I
thank you a video that was breaking down all of the tangled web she’s been weaved
into but no new information it looks like she’s got that citation she has a
date to appear in court and and that’s it yeah I flipped over the the brand-new
SUV that’s late that’s late stop bothering me
right and folks I don’t give a shit about Monica’s divorce or future being a
baby daddy above what is it an eighth kid I just I don’t do all that
– thank you let’s go to every coat I’m 3:01 good
evening 301 talking my band late and fired from TMZ it’s a conspiracy what do
you think real one yeah you hear me yes sir dreaming having something you saw
nothing can you speak up – again yeah I cast a
few so you probably see myself in a little bit yeah Mexico on a circuit
Thank You Man what’s going with you good og hey sitting here talking about that
this van Layton is the anti-semitic you know van Layton he’s a weird dude I’ma
be honest with you because with the whole cunning thing that was what he was
saying the cotton earring I feel like he didn’t want to help Connie at all well
sir you’re high nobody no-nobody talking about Kanye West right now we’re talking
about Valley than being fired you’re calling it from yeah they’re calling it
from Mexico yes I remember you you can’t from Mexico or somewhere close
to that yes okay catch yesterday’s show Ronnie was talking about El Chapo’s son
and then his his team you go back in the police down you other good knowledge of
that but but our government may be raided again our government our
government office radiated okay for letting him go you know it means that
out that was through you know b-but out I’m sorry you
snorting something or injecting something between your toes what are you
doing hey Donna okey-dokey so you’re lucky snorting I can tell but you’re
right stay with me you okay I’m good okay now listen last time last time we
spoke you said you off that shit you’re back on it yeah yeah you hooked up with
some hot bitches what happened keep it real
yeah okay okay okay yeah do they know you in the live chat Daniel I’m sure you don’t even want this fucking show I kind
of get people to watch this shit well well what I really wanted to ask you
though was well hang on a second stay the Ryan do you want to you want to talk
to this guy he’s down in Mexico and you you’re really impressed with the whole
shootout money he lives down there he works in yeah what do you think about
that whole situation are you Pro Mexican government sort of Pro cartels you had
to choose I don’t like the violence I feel like the government is corrupt
clearly the cartel we can’t do nothing about that but letting Chavo songs go it
was a big big deal for us yes yes and let you know who’s running your country
right cartels unless you know one exactly yes and don’t say your name but
can you tell us what industry you’re in what do you do for a living I real
estate okay okay yeah yeah man you move something on the cider you just just do
your own thing you know I’m talking about okay all right listen I don’t want
you to say too much I appreciate the cash at man get some help all right I
want to ask you a question though let me go come on how do you as like next like
me at the Mexican and like how do you feel about us and ever dude I think it’s
a beautiful thing I think everybody should say I don’t give a shit whose is
it listen years ago when I was in a radio I
kicked up a whole lot of dust about JLo people told me oh we always cheat from
the hood knock it off so I don’t say nothing now say it as much as you like
you know right I gotta go man thank you hey all right so like that all right
thank you my nigga thank you my nigga salute okay Ryan did we ever speak about your
thoughts on the n-word is that a conversation you don’t want to have I
don’t wanna put you you know in Milovan thing no we discussed it that night and
you know why can’t control what somebody else is gonna say you know we put them
isn’t the word out there for public consumption so you know that specific
situation with Gina you know reciting the lyrics I guess people rather she
self censor herself okay okay hold on a second why I’m just finishing up some
stuff here what is it somebody sent me email where
is your um your cache ever know what you’re talking about something about a
barbershop gonna send in a cache up right I’ll have times we read random
emails let me go back to super jet black racers greetings sir he says the way I
see shit going in the next 10 years we’re going to have a tranny president
okay okay yep Mike from Boston he says star the
caller wants vans tall which one was that no black racers also sends in a super
chair he says a Mexican and Nigerian and a Dominican riding in a truck or Kendall
is Joe who’s driving immigration hashtag Trump 2020 hashtag freedom of speech is
dead and about to be buried okay thank you black racist Lutie man for your
continued support okay somebody’s talking real crazy you blade let’s get
one more call here money before we wrap this up cuz I’m I got to bring a dryer
into the house I went and bought a dryer earlier finally it’s a long story but
I’m gonna bring that in time let’s go to area code 704 good evening are you there
704 hello 704 704 yes no maybe pick it up yep yep
hey you hear me yes sir good evening hey darling holy doughnuts are you doing
Ronnie yes sir hey how you doing how you doing just one
comment on these topics yeah van Lathan do you think he’s anti-semitic what
happened over TMZ inquiring minds want to know by hell with this you just put hands on
just got fed up TMZ you know with the stories and probably you know you can’t
voice this full full thoughts with full opinions or you just finally explode it
and just put hands on somebody first person he saw a typical black anger the
same typical black anger I what I want to call it anger I would just call it
just you know they’re being be I guess passionate are you yourself black sir
what are you oh where are you sir how do you mean to insult you what are you sir okay okay
yeah Ronnie want to ask this man a question is I insulted in my cell your
black no no yeah we identify answer okay so he’s like yeah go a little deeper
come on I’m kidding I’m kidding I’ve got time go deeper come on man what
why does the term black offend you you quickly you know because like black is
the word black and this is white are two classes of people or one is inferior one
is one of the low class one is a high class and evidence you see when you look
outside when you look outside and see how society is working okay who gets all
the benefits you see who gets who doesn’t get the business this is just
like you do if you’re in you’re dealing with somewhere in England or over there
they deal with a form of a caste system right they got night they got Nobles
they got Kings they got peasants even in India same type of class system okay so
are you you consider yourself a Moors it sounds like some more science I’m about
to hear yeah you’re more sir okay so you know you’re not what are the Spaniards
or one of those Moors you know a swashbuckler you know one of those not
only the Christian okay all right do you want to comment sir R&B singer tank do
you think he’s sexually confused is he sexually freeze uh yeah talking about if
you suck a pole up it doesn’t mean you gain a big I think he is sexually
confused and for him they even she should have just he should have just
admit that hello I think his phone dropped down yeah his phone dropped out okay why are
you still there yeah I’m still here you just sent me an email what is this I
saw this the other day you sent this to me again
always is taking the female symbol off of its packaging to be inclusive of
transgender and non-binary customers you want to mention this oil what is this
yeah so apparently the argument is that not all people who menstruate are women
and not all women menstruate now this is just ridiculous comes by way of
let’s just give out the source you sent me I’ll continue on please yes
yes so they are redesigning their packaging for all of their feminine
because that’s what I mean that’s what they are for all of their feminine
products to be inclusive of the trans community and this is just ridiculous
they’re taking the Venus symbol look because you know trans people are
complaining that it makes it feel uncomfortable that the packaging which
they’re not going to wear or use has the Venus symbol on it so you know like that
cash app or the caller previously said you know what are we going to have next
we have a transgender president coming down the pipeline
well not Ronnie respectfully um you couldn’t say that what are be singer
tanks said would be considered gay you gave some type of leeway or you’re you
giving him a pass no no no I said he misspoke I said the first thing I said
is that I don’t agree with what he said thank you I don’t agree with him okay
I’m agree with him but I’m just not gonna throw him out the window and say
I’ll never listen to his music again he’s finished clearly he’s compromised
to the extent that he’s saying things to sort of you know go along to get along
but in this in today’s political climate everybody’s doing that find me somebody
who isn’t standing their ground against you-know-who find me someone who is
standing there against that community you can’t fuck
you can’t find a prominent figure who’s willing to do so
so you know he’s doing what everybody else does well I mean you know you’ve
got people that feel a certain way but they don’t necessarily voice their
opinions because they’re just not interested in having a quote unquote
argument you know you think that might be a consistent with what you’re you
just ask you know well the thing is he didn’t get on Instagram and make the
statement the statement that he made on Instagram today is a follow-up to all of
the controversy on the podcast he was specifically asked that question so you
know when it’s a taping there’s what could he do at that point say well
Angela I don’t want to answer that question use a different example you
know they’re all adults he can’t do that so he did the best he could and I’m
disappointed but I understand wait sorry I also also his album is coming out on
October 25th it’s called elevation so you never know
this could have just been like an attempt to get everybody talking look
we’re talking about him right now go get that album on October 25th elevation
Ronnie you got the cape on tonight for our tank hang on a second before we wrap
this up David sends in a super chat as talking
about a plane ticket David who are you I don’t pay for plane tickets he’s
thanking me says he’ll be landing in Atlanta shortly XO well fuck are you
thank you for the donation though and the last cash up for tonight comes from
a Keith Keith says imagine Ronnie getting in speaking proper diction okay
that means thank you sir all right am i shut it down thank you for your
assistance tonight you know I’m just I want to see if Van Lathan’s gonna
respond to the video requests that people want blue myself but thank you
for your time you to start a great YouTube boss chick
money helping me out tonight mm-hmm yeah TMZ hiding huh hiding the video footage
and again guys page six calm is where you go you can see Van Leith and uh he’s
got his hands around this guy’s neck Michael Babcock senior producer at TMZ
sports nobody’s saying nothing they’re just you know I guess they’re trying to
get past it and the reason why I find this to be so um what would the word be
a hypocrite move you know anybody else’s drama attention issues will be put on
fucking front street as they do at TMZ let’s not play that game all right all
right let me get Ronnie’s banner at first for those who even the comments
saying what does Ronnie look like matter of fact you know what I’m gonna put my
my sponsor up first returning sponsor okay triple butter you guys hang on a
second it should be up to speed there we go triple burner calm when welcome them
back to the star report okay I’ll see you guys tomorrow take care of be safe you

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