Valkyrie Profile (PS1) Mini Review | The Game Grinder

Valkyrie Profile (PS1) Mini Review | The Game Grinder

If you’ve been following me for any amount
of time, you should know that I enjoy reviewing games as I play them. Unfortunately I’m not able to review every
game I play since it takes a lot of time writing, recording, and editing a full blown review. Sometimes I just don’t have the drive to review
a game despite wanting to review them all. With that said, this video is going to consist
of a small sized review for a game I played in 2016 that I didn’t get the opportunity
to review. Let’s do this then! In my experience in the 30 years of gaming
I’ve been involved with, it’s easy to miss a game’s release. Everyone once and awhile I’ll stumble across
an older game and be dismayed that I hadn’t known about it. This is the case with Valkyrie Profile. A few years ago I spotted some in-game screenshots,
and instantly knew I needed to play this game. Then I found out it’s damned expensive. It took some time, but I finally got my copy
of the game at the start of 2016. Valkyrie Profile was developed by Tri-Ace,
also renowned for the Star Ocean series. This ambitious game was originally released
in for the Playstation in August of 2000, and later received a PSP port titled Valkyrie
Profile: Lenneth in July of 2006. The game opens within a small village. A young girl Platina who lives with her cruel
parents discovered they intend to sell her into slavery. Along with her friend Lucian, they run off
during the night and find themselves in a field of poisonous flowers. Overcome by the poison, Platina dies in Lucian’s
arms. We’re then introduced to Lenneth Valkryie
in the halls of Valhalla, who’s been tasked with recruiting soldiers to aid in the looming
cataclysm Ragnarok. Valkyrie Profile is one of the most unique
RPG’s I have ever played. I assumed going into it was going to be the
standard affair, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The first thing that caught my attention was
the incredible sprite work the game embraced. At the time as far as I know, Valkyrie Profile
had some of the most well detailed and animated sprites I had seen, and even still to this
day there’s not many games that rival it. Where this game really excels it of course
it’s game-play. Instead of a straightforward linear story,
Valkyrie Profile presents it’s events in a series of days leading up to the looming Armageddon. We have so many “actions” we can perform in
the over-world before the day ends and we report in to our superior, Freya. Clearing all new objectives might not use
all all turns during each day, so making use of this spare time is crucial to leveling
characters. Each day we’ll be able to visit newly revealed
dungeons or towns after using Lenneth’s “Spiritual Conentration”. This ability is used to identify the Einherjer
who’ll we’ll seek out to recruit. In most cases these are people who’ve been
victims of tragic events, and their last chance at redemption, forgiveness, or ascension is
proving their worth. This is one of the parts of the game I truly
enjoyed. Along with the story, with the end of the
world just days away, these individual stories and the people we met as I said, are often
steeped in tragedy. There’s not a lot of hope in sight, and this
is a very morose and melancholic tale. For those familiar with anime, there is a
series that really stood out with having parallels with the feeling game. Mushishi. Much like Valkyrie Profile, it has a sadness
to it, though depressing at times, focuses on the redemption as well. Lenneth will explore the over-world in third-person,
and when visiting towns or dungeons is another one it’s unique aspects. In these places, the game switches to a 2D
side-scrolling style, and we’ll make use of platforming to navigate, as well as Lenneth’s
ice ability to freeze enemies in place so we can avoid them, or create crystals that
can be used as footing to overcome certain obstacles. The platforming for the most part works just
fine, but there were a few instances of rage inducing clunkiness I experienced in my play-through. The battle system is pretty unique as well. Enemies appear in the environments instead
of being random battles. Each character we use has limited abilities,
with the fighter based characters mostly having melee attacks, and casters having some spells
to make use of. Characters have a gauge that allows them to
sometimes perform multiple attacks which can be combo-ed together with other characters
to output maximum damage, juggling enemies and sometimes stunning them as well. This can be tricky though, for instance one
character that might knock an enemy down or up into the air, could possible cause another
character to miss because they attack straight on. There is where strategy comes into play and
we’ll have to be conscious of how these characters attack with the weapons they are using. Eventually they’ll get powerful special attacks
known as “Purify Weird Soul” for that extra oomph in battle. One thing I have to mention is how challenging
this game is. There are multiple endings, and the best ending
requiring the game to be played on the highest difficulty setting, and at this level it really
makes the combat incredibly brutal at times. It’s a good thing I usually have multiple
save files for each play-through, as there were a couple times when I had to go back
quite a way in my saves because my characters weren’t properly prepared for some of the
sharp spikes in difficulty that happens at a few key points in the play-through. Also, unless you don’t mind getting the “worst”
ending, this is a game that requires a guide to be used. Not only to determine what characters have
to be send off to fight with Odin’s forces, but to figure out what skills need to be leveled
to meet the requirements needed. Besides it’s unique game-play, Valkyrie Profile
has some pretty unique music as well. Many of you have probably heard compositions
from Motoi Sakuraba. He’s most well known for the Star Ocean and
Tales of series, but also the Dark Souls games as well. He’s definitely one of the more prolific video
game composers, and Valkyrie is no exception. It’s a fantastic soundtrack, even if I don’t
necessarily love it myself, but I did enjoy it quite a bit. So final thoughts on Valkyrie Profile. If you’re not a fan of JRPG’s, don’t like
punishing games, need clear and concise information about mechanics, or don’t like a medium level
of grinding, this game is not for you. For those who want a incredibly unique RPG,
challenging game-play, and don’t mind using a strategy guide, this is definitely a game
worth checking out.

24 thoughts on “Valkyrie Profile (PS1) Mini Review | The Game Grinder

  1. That part where you were jumping across the columns can be a bit frustrating. Other than that, I really enjoyed everything else about it. The side-scrolling dungeons, unique combat, great soundtrack, and interesting characters made this one of my favorite PSP games.

  2. Valkyrie Profile is a pretty awesome series. but sadly i did not get vary far in this one because i found starting out was really hard but i did really like it. i mostly played the 2nd game on PS2

  3. Well Church I waited a long time for this video and you did an excellent job summing up all the great points of this game in a very short period. There aren't many games that can hold a candle to how truly unique this game is especially with its depressing and necessary character development and unique gameplay mechanics. It's a game that deserves to be played by rpg enthusiasts especially for those people that like their games difficult. I'm glad you covered it and I'm glad you got your enjoyment out of it.

  4. I've always thought this series looked awesome. I've got the second game there on PS2, but, never once played it.
    Shit thing is we never got the first Valkyrie Profile here in Europe for PS1, otherwise I'd be all over that.
    Anyways. Excellent review, sir 🙂

  5. In my opinion, this is one of your best videos, so far. Great review… It may have been short, but it was packed with info. I used to have this game, probably about 12-15 years ago… Trade it for Chrono Trigger, which was a great deal, at the time. Not so much now, last time I saw it, it was $160 at PRGE. Ugh. Maybe one day. Either way, you need to do more of these and more often! Also, nice 'Fetus shirt!

  6. I'm a big RPG fan, but I haven't delved into many on the PS1. Hell I played FF7 on PC years back instead! This game looks gorgeous. The difficulty sounds like a turn off, but I suppose I could enjoy the game on an easier difficulty and go watch the best ending on youtube 😛 Great review dude. And great facial hair!

  7. I have not played Valkyrie Profile. The hefty price tag does have a bit to do with that. 😛 I find it interesting that you compare this to Mushi-shi. I loved that series. Does pique my curiosity now. 😉 Great mini review!

  8. Great review man, I bought a copy a couple of years ago for the ps1, but haven't had a chance to go through it yet.

  9. People I know this is a pricey ps1 game but if you have a-psp just get the much cheaper port of valkerie profile lenneth! (The anime cut scenes were replaced with cgi cut scenes) but other than that it's the same exact game!,lol #thinksmarternotharder

  10. I'm surprised you didn't mention the stellar voice acting. The soundtrack is among the best out there in video games; as good or better than Lunar 1 and 2, Chrono Trigger, and Xenogears. I agree that the sprite work is incredible, as are the backgrounds. The first playthru or 2 are difficult… but once you learn where to prioritize your skill points, the game is a breeze. Also, putting the creation gem and creation jewel to good use makes the game that much easier. The battle system is exciting and addictive, especially in the Seraphic Gate (post game dungeon). I absolutely love everything about this game, it's my all time favorite. I think it would have sold better in NA if it hadn't been released a month or 2 before the PS2 launched. I remember buying it at my local Electronics Boutique on release day. Valkyrie Profile is a true masterpiece! I really hope tri-Ace is working on a VP3, as long as Square Enix will allow a decent budget.

  11. Gameplay and music is awesome. Story however leaves much to be desired. Not to mention they butcher the Norse myths to the point I don't even know where to start. Well, I kind of do Frey is male so the random gender bending was bothersome.

  12. Game looks amazing, but never owned it, but i do have Covenant of the Plume, which is just as Difficult but able to beat it

  13. Howdy Game Grinder. Loved the video. Valkyrie Profile is probably my number 1 favorite PS1 Turn Based RPG, and your review nailed everything perfectly. I'm new to your channel, so this is the first vid from you that I've seen. I loved the intro with that call back to Castelvania 2.

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