Using the Zoom H6 to Record a Podcast

Using the Zoom H6 to Record a Podcast

What it be! It’s your pal Ryan Budds, I am
host of the Trivia with Budds podcast that comes out every single Tuesday and
Thursday wherever podcasts are found so I had a few listeners reach out to me
and asked me over the last couple years what kind of equipment I use. I think
I’ve mentioned it on a few episodes of the show but I wanted to make a video
just kind of explaining how I use everything it’s super easy it’s super
inexpensive and if you’re looking to start a podcast this video may be
helpful to you so thanks for checking it out. I’ll kind of just start with the
main recording device that I use so this is the Zoom H6 it comes in this handy
little case and you can get it on Amazon for 369 I think I think I paid 399 but I
think it’s down to 369 last time I checked it looks like this it’s a little
rectangle device and as you can see there’s four different channels but you
can plug different XLR microphones into or instruments if you record music and
there’s a little screen down here that is very easy to use when you’re
recording when you want to record to a certain track you are just hitting the
track number so this is one two three four and when you want to hit a track to
record I’ll turn it on for you to show you how it works
h6 handy recorder if you wanted to record on track one like I have lit up
that’s where I would plug in my microphone up here for track number one
and you would see the levels and everything on the screen so it’s very
handy also has a Big Top connection where you can hook up different
microphones like this so this is good if you were like recording somebody in an
interview and there’s different you can change the volume knob very easily on
that there’s also this one which is more for like if you were putting this in the
middle of a room to capture a conference or a speech of some kind so that’s kind
of like an omnidirectional mic I believe it says m/s stereo mic on the back I
don’t know what about audio which is why I’m glad I bought this cuz you don’t
have to know a lot about anything to to get really good sound out of this. It
also has this windscreen that goes on the top of both those last devices that
I showed. Everything records to an SD card this is an extra one I have in the
case that’s four gigabytes that would last you quite a few
podcasts but I have a 16GB that is the one that I use and I swear I only probably
cleaned it up every six to nine months I’ve only probably cleaned it up two or
three times since I started the podcast almost two years ago so it holds quite a
few audio files. So that’s what my hookup looks like. I also have headphones that I
stole from work and I just plug those into the side right there and I can
monitor everything. I have a head headphone splitter that I use and if I
have other guests on the show and I want them to be able to hear themselves they
can just plug in their own headphones to that so that’s kind of nice this is an
XLR microphone cable that would plug right into the side right here of the
one of the connections for the zoom and I have this Shure brand microphone I was
lucky and got a white one for some special anniversary of Shure or
something like that and I got these microphone covers I think I got like
every color in the rainbow for like six bucks on Amazon so yeah microphones like
this are about 50 bucks the cords you can get a shure microphone and a cord
for I think 38 or 39 bucks on Amazon that’s all you really need for this kind
of thing it sounds great and then I have three of these tabletop microphone
stands these were like 10 bucks each or so and those are for guests as well.
Someone on the who listens to the podcast when I have an Amazon wishlist
sent me a pop screen that goes over one of the microphones so that’s kind of
nice when I’m at home I usually use the pop screen it’ll act very similar to
this or the windscreens but it just helps you with the Ps and the popping
noises of saying P words. So that’s my whole setup I record everything to the
Zoom H6 and once it’s good to go I take the SD card out I put it in my Mac
computer downstairs and I edit everything on GarageBand and usually
when I’m doing the show I’ll record the conversation with whoever is on the
episode like on-site somewhere and it might be let’s say a 45 minute episode, I
take that file and I drag it into GarageBand and I have some intros outros
that I usually do the night before so I record if the shows going out on Tuesday
Monday night I’m going hey thanks for checking out this episode here’s what
the up so it’s about let’s dive into the
episode and then we go into the the audio that I recorded with the guests or
with a one-on-one or just me at another time and then I do an outro that I have
also pre-recorded the night before and I put that at the end I throw some music
on the beginning and end and a couple little bumpers for the different
segments of the show and that’s pretty much it the whole thing takes me
probably an hour on a Monday night to get the podcast edited and recorded with
the intros and outros and posted to Libsyn I use Libsyn as a service as a
hosting service it’s a twenty bucks a month for 400 megabytes of space and I
think that’s about it if you have any other questions about how I run my show
or the equipment that I use to run it or if you want links I’ll put a link to
everything in this video so you can see exactly what I bought how to Amazon as
you know if you’re in a technology you should just buy everything on Amazon
it’s just cheaper there and a Guitar Center sells a lot of stuff but usually
unless I’m in a bind and I need it like that day at that hour I’m going to wait
another day and get it on Amazon so that’s it that’s my quick run-through
for the Trivia with Budds podcast. This goes out to my friend Austin who emailed me
today so Austin thanks for the email thanks
for listening to the show and if I can answer any other questions for you shoot
me an email [email protected] Have a good week guys! Cheers.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to put this out there, cureently researching how to set up for mobile podcast. Looking at a H6 or Q4N which has video? Do you do mobile interviews Ryan?.

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