Using Quotes in your film, video, podcast  or new media production

Using Quotes in your film, video, podcast or new media production

J wants to know whether it’s OK to use quotes
from scientific books and journals, and mention the authors of those quotes. Stick around
for the answer. — Hi, I’m Entertainment Attorney Gordon Firemark,
and this is Asked and Answered, where I answer common entertainment law questions to help
industry professionals like you, take their careers to the next level. Q: So here’s J’s question:
I wrote/directed a short film showing some behavior of a mental dissorder. I want to
list some researchers and/or doctor’s quotes and stats laid over the ending footage. I got the quotes off of medical sites on the
internet.. is it safe to use them? A: Well, this can be a tricky situation. I
don’t know if I’d automatically trust quotes I got off the internet, without some independent
confirmation that they’re accurate quotes. It’s probably best to go to the original sources.
You could do this yourself, or hire a medical student or something to spend a few hours
at the library verifying the quotes. Can you use them without infringing copyright?
Well, this depends on the quotes. Nobody can give you a hard-and fast answer without reviewing
them. You see, copyright law protects the original expression of ideas, but not the
ideas themselves. So it really depends on whether a particular quote is truly “original”
expression. Then, we have to look at how much of the work the quote came from is involved.
If you quote 1 line from a book, it’s probably going to look like a fair use, but if it’s
1 line from a single-page document, it might not. Can you identify the authors of the quotes?
Sure. as long as you’re careful not to create any impression that they’re endorsing you
or your film. But, don’t get the idea that giving attribution will help you escape copyright
liability. If what you’re doing infringes copyright, the attribution will work as the
“smoking gun” that proves you KNEW the work belonged to the author. It’s probaly smarter
to just ask for permission, and get a simple release form signed, so you’re free and clear.
Most academics will be glad to be quoted in your film. — Hey, do me a favor. Subscribe to my YouTube
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  1. what about author quotes i want to use in my video? i planned on commenting, maybe agreeing and disagreeing with the quotes. would pretty much a review of these quotes be covered by fair use?

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