Using Anchor To Start A Podcast | For FREE

Using Anchor To Start A Podcast | For FREE

in this video I’m gonna show you how to
record a podcast on an app using your mobile device let’s go check it out hi
I’m Joe welcome to apps that rule where we educate you on the best applications
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know when the next video drops all right let’s get started once you download the
anchor app from the App Store you could sign up with your Facebook account or
you can sign up with email instead which I did in this case it’s a little bit
easier type in an email and a password it’ll walk you through everything first
screen you will see as your episode builder which we will get into
momentarily next you’ll see the profile screen here which will show all your
episodes and you can go over to distribution yes Anchor will distribute
your podcasts to various platforms which I will have a video on at another time
next you can go over to listen Anchor is a podcast app for your listening
pleasure go ahead and add some stuff that you would like to listen to if you
wish to do so alright we’re gonna hit the bottom plus
button here in the center where it says tap to get started you’ll see the record
button library of previous recordings you can add an intro to your podcast if
you wish to do so you can also scroll over and see sounds various sound
effects and you can add songs if you wish to do so from your Apple music
Spotify whichever you choose all right we’re gonna go and we’re gonna start
recording our first podcast click the record button with the microphone here
and you will see we are recording and we’ll have a timer here did a little
test I usually do a little test here how it sounds actually sounds pretty good
once you stop the recording you can go in and choose an intro if you would like
background music as well whatever you choose to do so you can listen to
samples before you add it you can also import if you have anything in your recents
once you choose one hit the plus button on the right hand side it will
automatically add the background music in and then you can hit play and listen
back to your recording once it sounds good
then you can hit the check mark button at the bottom right hand screen once you
do that it will take you to the publish screen
you don’t have to publish right away don’t worry you’re gonna add some
information about your episode and we’re just gonna add some information here
we’re gonna name it episode 1 then we’ll go in the description obviously you want
to describe what your episode is about we’ll just put test podcast and once
you’re done entering your description that’s pretty much it you can publish
now or plan to publish later that’s how you record a podcast from your mobile
device all right there you go that’s a real simple way to record a podcast
using an application on your mobile device if you enjoyed this video then
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let me know if you’ve used the anchor app before and if this video helped you
and I thank you for watching I’ll see you next time peace

13 thoughts on “Using Anchor To Start A Podcast | For FREE

  1. Hey Joe. Cool vid, never realised it was that easy! How do you get 2 people recording the same podcast if they're in different locations?

  2. Anchor is a good app, but recording a podcast from your phone man makes me shudder, the audio is always going to be sub par 😄

  3. Good stuff! I am starting to put together a new podcast and this is very timely information sir! New subscriber here 🙂

  4. Great first video man! I love Anchor! I've never recorded straight through the app, but when I start a podcast again, I might have to try that!

  5. This is a great channel! I want to start podcast too. Downloaded a podbean app but haven't recorded any yet. Will check out anchor 😊

  6. Wow just discovered you.. great stuff! Keep it coming! All this is pretty new to me ..I'd like to do a podcast with video… any suggestions on the video side of it… can I do it with Spotify.. Thanks so much!

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