Upload image and audio files

In this video, we’ll show you how you can
turn your audio or image files into a format you can upload to YouTube. First we’ll start with audio files. If you have an audio file of a song you just
wrote, you can import it into a movie editing program on your PC or Mac. When importing, you’ll want to add an image
in it that’s as long as the length of the track. Once you export this out as a movie, you’ll
be able to upload it to YouTube. And that’s it for audio files! To start sharing photos on YouTube, visit
the Uploads page. Now click on the “Create” button under
“Photo Slideshow”. You can choose to upload photos from your
computer, or choose photos and albums from Google+. Once you’re done choosing your photos, click
“Select”. Now you can choose to add more photos or rearrange
them. When you have the order you want, click “Next”.>From here, you can fine tune your slideshow
by adjusting the duration, effect, and transition. If you’d like, you can also pick background
music. Once you’re all set, click “Upload”. Now you’ll be able to view your slideshow
on YouTube! And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel for more tips and

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