Up To Speed, November 19

S: Hey – what’s up everybody, Sravya here with Jeremy to get you up to speed on everything happening around and inside Verizon. J: Let’s start the week off with a dose of financial and business news. Starting out with our recent sellside analyst meeting. Verizon is followed by more than 30 sellside financial analysts, who work for large brokerage firms. And, as you can see from Hans at that meeting – they talked a lot about 5G – including some updates from some of our first 5G Home customers. Our teammate Christine Henderson has more. Hi there, I’m at our Midtown Manhattan office at our sellside analyst meeting where we invite analysts to talk about how the company is performing and its future. I caught up with Brady Connor who leads our Investor Relations team to talk more about what goes on throughout the day and what we might expect to come out of the event. We’re here today with the Wall Street analysts, they’re the independent people that cover Verizon stock. They issue buy, hold & sell ratings on our company. It’s important that we give them regular access to our executive management team. We do it twice a year. The key takeaways for us are one, we need to reiterate our strategy, two we need to talk about the excellence in the performance & our execution. And three we need to talk about the confidence we have in the business. S: Thanks Brady and Christine. Friday we announced the acquisition of software defined perimeter assets from a company called Vidder they’re going to allow us to deliver strategic countermeasures to cyber-attacks for our business customers of all sizes. J: And in our latest Up To Speed podcast, Katie sat down with Lisa Mayer, a passionate entrepreneur who’s on a mission to help young women design the life and career they love. In the podcast, Lisa talks about her company – My Social Canvas, and the varied life of an entrepreneur. It just shows you that’s the journey of an entrepreneur, that’s what it’s like to start a business from scratch. One day you could be sitting on a warehouse floor with a small team attaching price tags to your bags, or one day you could be going to an amazing meeting or getting honored at a summit. It’s all part of the ride, it’s all part of the journey. J: You can listen to the full podcast at uptospeedpodcast.com or your favorite podcast app. And just in time for the holiday season — you can buy iPhone cases from My Social Canvas – designed by three young women, you can find them at VerizonWireless.com or in stores. S: And looking for another gift idea? Don’t forget about the Palm – a Verizon exclusive. With it, you can call, text and receive alerts even when you don’t have your phone. Justin Bunker, from Greenwood Village, Colorado, tells us more about one of the key features. This device also has a really cool feature that helps eliminate distractions. It’s called Life Mode. It silences incoming calls & notifications every time the screen is turned off. When you wake the screen it becomes fully connected again so you’ll never miss out on life’s important moments. J: Thanks, Justin. Thanksgiving is this week – it’s one of my favorite holidays. It’s filled with family, friends, food and football. It’s a time when we give thanks and maybe a time to reconnect with loved ones. Our new social campaign is reminding folks that sometimes it’s not enough just to talk. Communication is what’s important to bring us closer to those we love. J: You can share the full video from YouTube or on social. We’ve got the link for you. S: Alright, that’s going to do it for us today. Follow us on social for everything happening around and inside Verizon. And until next time, you’re up to speed.

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