Unlikely Animal Friends (GAME)

(rooster crows) (animal growls) (wheel spins) – Welcome to Good Mythical More. – Oh, wild gesturing! This’ll be fun. Barbara, you can help. Okay, Link, guess what
Barbara’s talking about. – That one time that I
was eating some food, but then it was, it took the form of a human
and it grew to be the size of my owner and it had a large beard and then I decided to attack its face and eat the beard and then– – Yes! That’s it! Is that it? Yes, that’s it, Link! – Wow– – You’re a genius! – Your dog dreams of eating your beard. – Look how stylish she is. – Yeah, we should probably explain that. – Well, Barbara’s wearing a dog thong. What are you talking about? What’s there to explain? – Jade is also wearing a dog thong. Because we went to
pantsfordogs.com, not a sponsor, and they sell thongs. They also sell other
things besides thongs. I don’t know why. – That’s what it looks like in the back. – That’s what it looks
like when you’re dancing. We’re gonna play a game
where we’re gonna look at pictures of animals. One of the animals has been censored, so that we can guess what it is because these are
unlikely animal pairings. – Do we have any of those little treats? That’s a good way to keep Barbara around. – Come here, Jade. – Like the little treats from that gun. From the shooter deal. Whatever you call it? – Oh, she’s giving you– – The treats launcher. – She’s giving you the backside. All right, let’s see the first picture. – [Rhett] Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay, so we have a tortoise with something on its back. It looks like the shape
of another tortoise, but. Okay, so Rhett, this is just
a friendly game here, so. – That’s a rabbit on top of it, ’cause it’s somebody’s play on the whole tortoise and the hare thing. – I actually– – Good girl. – That’s a good guess. – Good girl. I’m not gonna guess that, because you did. I think it’s a bird. I think it’s a parrot. Let’s see. Oh, it’s a dog! – [Rhett] Oh, it’s a dog. It’s a fox dog. – [Link] It is a fox dog. – [Rhett] Kind of like Jade. – Has a little bit of the Jade face. Jade is a long hair Miniature Dachshund mixed with Papillon. That’s where the ears come from. But that’s, I don’t know
what kind of dog that is. It’s much bigger. – Okay, okay, okay. Barbara, sit. – So we didn’t get that one,
so now we have a duckling– – [Rhett] Sit. Sit. – With another animal
nestled under its neck. – Don’t lay down. Sit. Now, that’s laying down. – I mean, if I had–
– That’s different. – If I didn’t know what
game we were playing, I would say that that’s probably a rock. But it has to be an animal. – I think it’s a rabbit. I’m gonna go with rabbit again. – It’s a baby, I think it’s a, let’s see, I was gonna say,
it’s too small to be a calf. I think it’s a tame raccoon. Let’s see. An owl!
– Whoa! – [Rhett] An owl? – [Link] Wild! – That owl will grow up
to kill that guy there. – Those are some unlikely friends. (crew laughs) Unlikely animal friends. All right, here’s a cat sprawling out, taking all of the bed,
leaving little room for, is that the cat’s tale or a hint from the other animal? What would that be? It could be a little pig. – I was thinking a little pig. – Like a miniature pig? – I was thinking a little pig but I think that the pig would be taking up more room than that. So, I’m going to say ferret. – Oh!
– Dang! – [Rhett] Yes, I was
honestly thinking little pig but I thought it would be laying down. I didn’t realize it would be standing up. That’s crazy, man. – We took Lily’s friends to the beach– – There supposed to make really good pets. – And then this one
other mom who was there and she was supposed to be
helping be there for the kids. Watch the kids. – Yep. – And she came up to us
and she said, “I’m leaving “because my other daughter has a pig “and they won’t let it on the beach “but she won’t separate from it.” – There’s no pig beaches in LA? – Nope. This is a horse. With a rock on it’s back. With a tortoise on it’s back. Boy– – It looks like it might be a monkey. – It’s gotta be something that it would be safe if it’s up there. So, it can’t be a tortoise. It can’t be an armadillo. It can’t be something that
would roll off and crack. It’s gotta be something– – It’s probably a bird. – It could be a bird. – It’s probably a bird. The most likely thing to
residence on the back of a horse. – Look how– – It’s a big bird. – Nah. – It’s a bird or a monkey. – Well, which one? – [Link] It’s a dag gone monkey. – [Rhett] It’s a baboon, man. – I didn’t get to guess, by the way. You can’t reveal the answer
until I give my answer. – Well, you gotta be quicker. – So, I’m gonna say– – You gotta be quicker, man. – I got a point. ‘Cause I was gonna guess
monkey ’cause Rhett said bird. – You wouldn’t have guessed a monkey. – [Link] Oh, look at this. This is a toad. – [Rhett] It’s just a smaller toad. – No, that’s likely friends. These are unlikely friends. – Dance. – What kind of toad? – Good girl. I should give Jade a treat
because you gave one to Barbara. – Do you make her do things for treats? – No! – That explains a lot. – Good girl. – She so timidly enjoys the treat. – She’s eating it. She eats dry food for dinner and wet food for breakfast. So, when dinner rolls around, she’ll take one little morsel of dry food. Take it out of the bowl, move it over a little
bit and eat it over here. Have I told you this before? – I’ve seen her do that in
the office when she’s eating. – I think it’s because she
let’s me have the opportunity to eat the food. I think there’s some sort of– – Have you ever taken advantage of that? – I haven’t but every
time I get near the food, she backs away. I don’t want her to have more than one. – Well, too late. – You trying to be her
favorite or something? She’s gonna get sick eating treats, man. – Eating two treats? – She never eats, she
eats treats when she pees or poops outside. – Well– – That’s the only time I
give her treats because– – I mean, she can do that
because she’s in that thong. – I’m gonna guess that– – She won’t even feel it. – I’m gonna guess that
this is 25 tadpoles. – I’ll just say that it was a small frog. Oh, it’s a whole mouse. – Dang, that’s crazy. That’s like a children’s book. Unlikely friends, I’m
gonna guess this is– – [Rhett] I think that’s– – Ellie’s boyfriend. – That’s Pat. – This is Pat. We got that right. – [Rhett] Yeah. – That seems like that would
have been the last one. Is that the last one? – But, we’re actually very likely friends because we have so much in common. – What do you give Barbara treats for? For doing tricks. – Yeah, she can, in fact,
I’ll show you right now. Barbara get up here on this couch. Get up on the couch. Okay, all right, now– – Showtime. ♪ At the Apollo ♪ Check this out. This is what Barbara can do. A little Barbara show. Okay, Barbara, lay down. Lay down. Good girl. Okay, sit. Dance, dance. Okay, dance again. Dance again. Good, good girl. – Barbara, take off your thong in like a sen-tillating fashion. – And here’s, this is the other thing. Barbara’s super excited but
she’s very food motivated. Barbara, get back on the couch. Okay, check this out. Okay, check this out. Barbara, sit. Stay. (footsteps) Here! Good girl. – Now I bet you I can get Jade to do all of that without
even training her. Hey Jade. Here, here. Sit. Sit. Okay, can I have some treats? – There’re right there. – Okay. What was the first one?
– Look at Barbara. – Barbara, come down here. Jade, sit. Jade, sit Jade, sit. Sit. Jade, dance. (laughs) – You gotta give Barbara a treat
’cause she’s doing it, man. Jade, dance. Jade, sit. Jade, dance. – Barbara’s like, “I’m also here.” – Okay, all right, sit. Jade, stand. Look petrified. Stay. (footsteps) Okay, Jade, come here! Come here. Come here, Jade. Come here, Jade. – Wow. – [Rhett] Need some new
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