Unexpected starting of a relationship | Love Playlist | Season2 – EP.03 (Click CC for ENG sub)

Unexpected starting of a relationship | Love Playlist | Season2 – EP.03 (Click CC for ENG sub)

Um Um Um!
(The name of the club) One shot one shot! You look bright. Do-young is really pretty, isn’t she? No way! Ji-won is much prettier
than Do-young. To me, Jae-in is prettier
than Do-young. No way. By the way, why are you here? I joined this club. Ask Jun-mo about it. Okay. By the way, The prettiest girl of the school
joined our club. Why is this? Oh, is Do-young that popular? Yes, sure. I know that I’m pretty. Do-young. How do you like our club? All of the people here are very good,
aren’t they? Yes. Do you live in a dormitory? Yes. Room for 2? Room for 3? What? Early admission or regular admission? – Where is your hometown?
– Busan… Then, do you like Sushi? I can’t eat Sushi. Are you good at swimming? Can you do fishing? People say, pretty women can
live comfortably. But I don’t believe that. Love Playlist Season 2 EP3
Do-young’s Story I can’t enjoy college life. I need to do lots of part-time jobs. I need to apply for
national scholarships on time. The money in my bank account is
always not enough. Mom, I’m okay. You can spend that money. I’m really fine. Really, really. Okay, I see. Take care of you, mom. My life is very tough. Hey, I bet you liked coming here today. I need to go back to the dormitory. I need to work early
in the morning tomorrow. Hey, stay here a bit longer. Yes, Do-young.
Stay here a bit more. My life is tough like this. Then, how can I join a club? I won’t sit beside you,
since you’re much prettier than me. Lucky you, pretty girl. Don’t say like that. No, no way. Yes, Do-young is beautiful. Everyone say like that. Good looks help a lot. Thank you very much. Oh, sometimes it helps me. Let’s have dinner together. When getting the information of
last year’s examination… Yes, thank you very much. Then, I don’t need to skip my work
during the exam period. I’d like to calculate the price for you. Sometimes, people ask my number.
I don’t hate that. Please, help yourself with this! It’s a fun of my gloomy life. By the way, I don’t need all of these. I envy those who are from rich family. Soo-jeong, I heard you will go to
Europe with your family. Yes, about three weeks. When I worry about my next part-time job, they think about their next trip. They live without any worries, so they’re always bright. Many students of English literature dept.
go abroad for studying. Yes, there are many students
who study in other countries. Do-young is also a student of
English literature department, right? Do-young, have you travelled
any foreign country? No, I haven’t. Oh, you haven’t? Then, I’d like to share with you a good tip. Nobody know this… Don’t forget to keep a discount coupon
for the meals in airplane. You need to download it
before boarding a plane. Really? Yes. Hey, there isn’t any discount coupon
for airplane meals. They are all free! Really? I didn’t know that. Hey, why did you do that? Of course, I’m okay. It was not considerate at all! Really? What the hell! Why did you hurt my pride? Do you also work at night? Yes. Then, when do you sleep? Wow, you’re really great. So why do you appear so often? Don’t bother me. Oh, I’m hungry. Which lunchbox is tasty? Can you recommend one for me? Have you eaten all of the lunchboxes
of this convenience store? No. Should I do that? Do I look ridiculous since
I’m working here as a part-timer? No, I was just… Hey, if you’re interested in me, just as my number. As you know,
I have never travelled abroad. I need to earn money to go on a trip. So please don’t bother me here. Hey, by the way, you’re so strange. Why do you think like that? It doesn’t matter whether
you’ve gone travel abroad or not. Doing part-time jobs is not a ridiculous thing.
I think you’re awesome. No one thinks like that. Don’t tell like that as you’re an adult. Frankly speaking, I was interested in you. That’s true. I thought you’re a confident and bright person. But I got you wrong. I know you’re pretty,
but don’t ignore others’ sincerity. At least, I’m not ashamed of myself. I know that I have an inferiority complex. So please don’t bother me anymore. Okay, I won’t. Seems you’re busy, so I will leave. Good luck with your part-time job. I wasn’t actually like this before. You don’t know anything about me. He’s an unexpected visitor of my life. He’s an unexpected visitor of my life,
but I don’t hate him. She’s the girl. – Hey.
– What? By the way, does she know you? No. You jerk! But maybe she can join our club. How? You know Soo-jeong of English literature department.
I heard she’s friendly with that girl. – Really?
– Yeah, it rocks! Wish you a good luck! By the way, isn’t she really pretty? Well, she’s pretty. No, not the way she looks. Then? She’s really working hard. Look at her. She’s always working hard like that. It makes her look pretty. Hey, you’re like a pervert!

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  1. I can relate to her feelings it’s hard working and going to college while other people spend money like nothing . It makes you feel like you don’t belong. But just keep pushing through and that degree will be worth it.

  2. They are introducing new ppl…and i m very confuse now…😖 i m having problem remembering ppls name…🤨😑

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