Uncut Leclerc’s Team Radio at Monza (w/ Subs) | 2019 Italian Grand Prix

Hamilton behind at 1.7 We need driver default alpha 46 off, 46 off And we need driver default alpha 46 off Alpha 46 off And tyres update when you can And brake shave plus one if you need it Hamilton behind at 1.3 and front flap… Eh… Update when you can Minus… Minus two Copy And Charles at the moment we are thinking PLAN B Copy And multifunction position BO when you can Position BO when you can Tyres are good on data And Charles at the moment we are thinking tyre compound of PLAN A But going to PLAN B So, Hamilton behind at 1.7 Rear tyres… Rear tyres, rear tyres are gone Copy And we need you to push Grosjean should have blue flags Mode BOX If tyres are ok we stay out What!? And box now, box Copy K1 PLUS available if you need it And SOC7, SOC7 K1 PLUS available SOC8 and keep using K1 PLUS Hamilton behind at 0.9 Black and white flag, black and white flag No action at the moment Why? And we need driver default BRAVO 20 ON BRAVO 20 ON when you can And Grosjean in front should have blue flags Hamilton behind with medium compound Yellow (flags) at the start and finish line Yellow at the start and finish line Tiny lift Virtual safety car, virtual safety car Stay positive Slow button ON Stay out… Stay out Did Bottas stopped? Yes, Bottas stopped already Bottas 8 seconds behind on medium Virtual safety car ending, virtual safety car ending… And K2 ON And K2 OFF Hamilton behind 1.4 K1 PLUS available And Hamilton at 1.2 Yellow (flags) at turn 1 and 2 Yellow at turn 1 and 2 Virtual safety car, stay positive Virtual safety car, slow button ON Virtual e… Virtual safety car ending K2 ON Hamilton behind with DRS K2 OFF, K2 OFF And mode X, SOC7… Mode X and SOC 7 What?! Continue pushing Hamilton behind 0.8… And brake shave margin minus one if you need it SOC8, keep using K1 PLUS Hamilton behind with DRS No moving under breaking turn 4… No moving under breaking for turn 4 I don’t move! Copy And press OIL button when you can Hamilton with DRS So, Bottas behind with medium tyres… 7 laps less than us How many laps remaining? 11 laps remaining when you cross… 11 laps remaining And… What’s Bottas lap time? 23.1, 23.2 And we need secondary WUG position 9 WUG position 9 when you can And Bottas lap time 23.0 And we need multifunction SPARK 2… Multifunction SPARK 2 when you can And Bottas behind did a mistake He’s at 1.5 at the moment 3 laps to go And Bottas with DRS K1 PLUS available Last lap, last lap right? Last lap, last lap And use K1 PLUS, K1 PLUS! You… You’ve done it! Woooah! Yeees! Yes! Yes! Yes! Mode… Yees! Mode formation, mode formation You are the best! Mode… Charles, sono Mattia, oggi sei perdonato
[Charles, it’s Mattia, today you are forgiven] Sei tutti noi, bravo!
[You’re all of us, bravo!] Un grande!
[You’re amazing] What’s mode? What’s mode? Formation… Mode formation Ok All ok! I’m in mode formation Ahhhhhh… Grazie mille! Grazie mille!
[Thanks a lot! Thanks a lot!] Grazie a tutti! Siete dei grandi!
[Thanks you all! You’re awesome!] Mamma mia, mamma mia…
[My goodness, my goodness…] Ahhh… Non ci sono parole
[Ahhh… There are no words] Grazie per tutto…
[Thanks for everything…] Grazie per tutto. Siete i migliori… Per sempre!
[Thanks for everything. You are the best… For ever!] Grazie a te!
[Thanks to you too] And you need to come to the pit lane and under the podium

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