Unboxing The GXT 252+ Emita Plus Streaming Microphone

Unboxing The GXT 252+ Emita Plus Streaming Microphone

Hello, my name is Mathia and today I will
be showing you Trust Gaming GXT 252 Emita+ Streaming Microphone. This microphone is designed to work on every
PC or Laptop,thanks to USB connection. It will provide you with a warm, rich and
clear audio reproduction. It captures vocals as well as acoustic instruments
perfectly. This microphone is highly versatile and flexible,
you can position it anywhere on your desk and still be able to rich your mouth for the
optimal audio recording. In order to secure the arm, simply decide
from which direction you would like the microphone to reach you and secure the bolts with a fetch
suction cup to the bottom of your desk. Insert the end of the arm into the hole and
then secure the arm with the bolt. The high-end shock mount secures the microphone
and makes sure that any unwanted vibrations from your desk travel into your microphone. You know for those annoying times that things
are just not going your way. After setting up your arm and microphone,
simply attach the pop filter in the desired position and you are good to go. The Emita has a cardioic recording pattern,
which means that it will record in a cone in front of the microphone and filter out
any background noise from the rear of the microphone. It will only record your voice and not your
surroundings. If you simply don’t want to use the arm, we
also have a handy and sturdy tripod stand. For more information, check out trust.com
Thank you very much for watching this video and I will see you next time

49 thoughts on “Unboxing The GXT 252+ Emita Plus Streaming Microphone

  1. Thank you for your review. Very good, really. I bought this mic yesterday. After swift testing I have found that the sound quality seems the best when speak directly in the mic. I am just interested: is it ok to set the mic on the side (left or right) and do not speak directly into it like you show in this review?

  2. initially thought to buy a blue snowball, a swedish version of the yeti, or this model. I chose this one because it's a kit, with your signature on, and… pretty much resembles my end game in terms of microphones. Keep on going with this kind of quality, you're doing an amazing job soo far.

  3. Respect naar haar man, Ze kan supergoed engels is ze een Nederlander want bij sommige woorden hoor je het wel.

  4. i have had some problem with my mic, it has been pickingup the sound of my keyboard when i am playing with friends. i don't know if there is any software i can download for the mic to adjust somethings with the microphone?

  5. Question: I see on some sites there is a stand that just stands on you table and in this video you attatch to the bottom of you desc. What's happening here?
    I would like a mount like in this video, and not a mount that just stands on your desc. What type of stand will i get if i purchase this product??

  6. my logitech g430 is shit i wish that i have some hyeadphones from trust and i dont have money to buy one and my parents dont give me money but live still is beatiful kepp going guys

  7. I bought one today and the Quality from my record Voice is disgusting, cant believe that my Smartphone does ten times better Record.. Never Again

  8. Микрофон Trust GXT 212 MICO по сути копия микрофона с Али под названием SOONHUA за 650 рублей, только модернизированный под USB.
    Признаться честно, всегда думал, что Trust делают серьёзные вещи.

  9. i have the same mic but why is my not so clear?
    i tried to stream with the mic on twitch with obs streamlab and my voice is full of bass.
    plaese help 🙂

  10. Just bought this yesterday and it is arriving today or tomorrow. Is is possible to attach a blue yeti to this? Or would I need to get a different shock mount that fits it?

  11. I am interested in buying it and I would like to ask you a question. In windows 7, when you go to the volume control – recording devices and you select this mic > properties > level, does it have an option to unmute the mic and listen to it directly? I need to know if I can hear my voice directly on headphones otherwise it won't be useful to me. I would appreciate it if you could check that for me. Thanks in advance!

  12. Edit: the original comment mentioned bad mic quality, but this issue was resolved easily in my ‘audio settings’-window. The mic works well now!

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  14. Hello i have a problem with the mic, so i bought and i set it up and that stuff and it was doing fine for a long time.
    And then i accedentally dropped the microphone and now it is too loud and i don't know how to fix it. So is it broken or is it something else?

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