Unbelievable News Anchor Meltdowns

– This just in, I’m
about to have a meltdown. – Let’s talk about that. (alarm rings)
(playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning. – Some people watch the news
to get caught up on politics, others watch the news
to find out what sort of dangerous behavior their
teenagers are engaging in right underneath their noses, or if you’re like me, you
watch the news exclusively to see randos come up behind
reporters in the field and wave like idiots. – As for me, I watch the
news to see anchors get fed up, throw out the story of the day and have a two-year old
tantrum-sized meltdown live and on camera. It’s time for– ♪ Meltdown ♪ ♪ Go ahead and show it to me ♪ ♪ Meltdown ♪ ♪ Honey which answer is right ♪ ♪ Meltdown ♪ – Okay Link, I’m going
to show you a brief clip of a newscast and then
we’re gonna freeze the clip just before a meltdown occurs. – I love this.
– And then you’re gonna guess from multiple choices
what actually happened in the meltdown.
– Oh. – Okay if you correctly guess. – So it’s not what they’re upset about, it’s what happens when they meltdown? – It’s gonna be like what happens, it’s different questions about
the nature of the meltdown, the cause of the meltdown. Okay, if you caressly, correctly– – If I caress what?
– Caress me. – No.
– If you caress me, you win no matter what. (chuckles) But if you correctly guess half of these, I have to wear two full-length newscasts. Those are arm casts–
– Oh is that what these are? – Yes, covered in newspaper. And if you don’t, you have to wear them for Good Mythical More. – Oh gosh.
– Okay? That’s gonna be fun. – Okay. – Here we go, first up we have Isiah Carey on assignment for KARK Channel
4 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Let’s take a look. – What really happened
on that Thursday here at Augusta High School that
led to Chris Woods’s death? – Uh-oh. (chuckles) – Oh we’re talking about a death. – (laughs) What happens next? A, a bird poops on Isiah’s head, causing a full-fledged meltdown. B, a football flies over the fence and hits Isiah in the head,
causing him to freak out and yell at local children. C, a bug flies in Isiah’s mouth, leading to an expletive-filled rage. Or D, he gets an alert that he was outbid for a vintage Hello Kitty doll on eBay and breaks down in tears. – Okay so you’re gonna
show me one of these. – Yes, Link (laughs).
– So I am guaranteed to be happy no matter what I choose. – Right yeah, and then
you’re gonna caress me. – Oh goodness. (chuckles) I think a bug
flies in Isiah’s mouth, leading to an expletive-filled rant. – All right let’s find out. – What really happened
on that Thursday here at Augusta High School that
led to Chris Woods’s death? (coughs) The (bleep) is that? (bleep) I’m dying in this (bleep)
country-ass (bleep) up town. (Isiah spits) (bleep) Flying in my mouth. (bleep) I can’t see, Paula. You guys get the (bleep) out
this country, mother (bleep). (Rhett and Link laughing) – Whoa, wow! – Yeah, you were right, Link. (chuckles) – That was a lot. – The bug had a transformative quality. – Yeah (chuckles). That must have been a magical bug. – Well fun fact, a girl
from Augusta High School actually won that year’s miss country ass. (Link chuckles) – I couldn’t understand
what he said though. – He said country-ass.
– Oh he did? – Yeah. Our next meltdown comes
from famous sports caster Chris Berman.
– Okay. – It was a Monday night on ABC which meant some football was a brewin’,
but so was a meltdown. Have a look. – I mean it’s not that much to ask! (Rhett laughs) – He’s already upset. He asked for something, he
didn’t think it was a lot, and he apparently didn’t get it. – What’s Chris melting
down about, is it A, there was no coffee available
and it was a five hour shoot. B, people behind the
camera were moving around, distracting him. C, they added a silly sound
effect to a dropped catch. D, there weren’t three
exact replicas of him in his dressing room, one made of cheese, one made of bread and one made of salami. I mean it’s not asking that much! (Link chuckles) Or too much to ask. – Oh man. I think it’s people
moving behind the camera because that distracts the crap out of me! You need to stop it! (scattered crew chuckling) That’s my answer. – I’m doing TV and I got 18, God (bleep). Can’t everybody stop for 10 minutes? I mean everybody seems, that’s the only, everybody, can we, Jesus Christ. I mean it’s not that much to ask. Is that when everybody has to move, when I’m trying to concentrate? I mean it’s so rude, I
can’t believe that that’s, it’s so God (bleep) rude. Just, why does everyone all
of a sudden have to move? We got two (bleep) hours to move around. Wait 10 minutes. I actually can’t believe what I just saw. – [Man] Not now. – It’s like no one here
has worked on TV before. (Rhett chuckles)
– He just kept going. I mean at first I thought it was funny and then I was like, oh I start
to feel bad for everybody. I wanna apologize, guys. Move around all you want! Like dance and jigs and all
types of stuff, I don’t care. – Here’s the thing, if
he’s that upset about people moving around, why
is he announcing sports? (crew laughs) Right, think about it, Chris. All right, being a
weatherman is hard work. You have to stand in front of a fake map and be right about what you
say at least 20% of the time. Let’s see CNN’s Chad Myers in action, reporting on Hurricane Katrina. – Filled in with some air. – All right.
– All right. – Got some air in the equation. – You don’t have a lot
to go on here, Link, but what is Chad about to freak out about? A, he forgets the name
of the hurricane and says naming hurricanes is stupid! B, the weather map temporarily disappears and he calls CNN cheap!
– Whoa. – C, the news anchor interrupts
him, causing him to yell, “Let me talk!” Or D, he reveals that his
ex-wife’s name was Katrina and calls her a real cold front. – Oh. (chuckles) Oh gosh, I hope it’s C,
’cause I wanna see him tell the news anchor to let me talk. – Okay, let’s find out. – Filled in with some air. – Okay so Chad, Chad–
– But Camille. – Chad.
– Let me talk, Carol! – Translate that for us. I don’t know what that
means, what does that mean? – Well if you would let me talk. – Okay. – Get under a hurricane. – All right thank you, Chad. – All right, just having
fun with you this morning. (Rhett laughs) – No. No he was not.
– Just having fun with ya. – No.
– Does that fix it all? – (chuckles) You can tell, man. – Yeah. – They got some tension. – Yeah I think Chad might
be a category five a-hole. (both laughing) All right Link, you’re three for three. You’ve already won. I would put those on but
it would make the rest of the game difficult. – Category five a-hole! – Here we go, next up
we have Thom Dickerson, AKA Tailgate Jones, out
on the streets of Texas as he reports for ABC 13 in Houston. Roll that tape. – As you can see, there’s
construction underway here. – Okay. – Not a lot, again, construction underway. – Construction underway. – What causes Thom Dickerson,
AKA Tailgate Jones, to have a meltdown? A, the fact that he is
reporting on heavy traffic in a town where there’s
always heavy traffic. B, the fact that he is reporting
on the same construction that makes his own commute unbearable. – Ooh.
– C, the fact that he is reporting on a bridge and
thinks it is butt ugly. Or D, that he once auditioned for SNL but Lorne said that he
had a face for traffic. (Link chuckles) – So B, that would
explain a freakout because it really hit home for
him, his own commute. – Uh-huh. – But I think he’s actually
mad at himself because A, he mentions heavy traffic but then there’s always heavy traffic. – Mm. – Who is out here to do a
story, to do a story about what? As you can see, there’s
construction underway here. They dug out a little bit, there’s water, has accumulated, traffic’s backed up. In a city the size of Houston,
there’s always traffic. So what’s the big (bleep) deal? What the (bleep) are we
doing out here, I ask you. What in the (bleep) are we doing here? – Did that air? The dude went nuts, man. – Well, you’re seeing it. – He did not like his assignment. – It is possible–
– I’m right though. – Yeah, hey, you’re on a queen sweep, man. – Yes!
– You are. I think by doing out here,
he means living in Houston. (Link chuckles) That’s my interpretation of that. All right for our next great big meltdown, let’s head to the Great White North, specifically British Columbia. This is global news
meteorologist Kristi Gordon doing the weather.
– Good ol’ Kristi. – It will be a gradual
drying trend for them. Still today though, significant
rainfall on the way. – Significant rainfall on the way. What else is on the way?
– A freakout, man. – A, a coworker dressed as
Jason Voorhees scares her from behind because it’s Halloween. B, two dogs are set loose in the studio, which is not good because she’s allergic. C, a giant spider shows
up on the green screen backdrop behind her because technology. Or D, Nickelback showed
up to play their hit song Because of You. Can’t get enough of that. – Now, as an aspiring
weather woman myself– – Uh-huh. – I know how green screens work and there’s nothing back here. It’s over there, or over there. So there wouldn’t be a spider back there. That wouldn’t scare
you is what I’m saying. – Okay. – Two dogs and an
allergy, that’s a problem. But I think it’s simple,
I think it’s Halloween, there’s a producer thought
they’d mix it up a little bit, try to boost the ratings. Didn’t work, but it is A. – Well Link, you don’t know
exactly how green screen works. Let’s see. – Still today though,
significant rainfall on the way, and for our area, so let’s, oh my gosh! That was creepy! Oh, Chris, you had to be right on my head. Oh I just don’t like that,
okay I gotta move. (screams) (chuckling) – [Chris] Come on! – [Kristi] No, I hate
it, I can’t stand it! – [Chris] You realize it’s not there. – Come on, it’s not there.
– You realize it’s not there. – So she was looking over
here and it freaked her out, I guess ’cause she saw the whole thing. So I do know about green
screens and weather men, man. – Well she made the cameraman
take the green screen, put it in a cup and take it outside. – Come on! It’s not actually there. Ha. – All right Link, the queen sweep is dead. – Dang it. – But, you can get this
one right, just for pride. Finally, Jordanian
television network 7 Stars had two journalists on for a lively debate about the Syrian crisis. Have a look. (speaking in foreign language) Okay, may be difficult for you to decipher what’s going on. – Did not understand any of that. – But what happens next? The debate gets so heated that A, one of the men storms off set, knocking over the cheap
background behind him. B, one of the men throws
his coffee mug at the other. Wow. – C, both men try to lift and
throw the table at each other. Or D, one of their
mustaches wiggles itself off and flies away screaming, “I’m free!” (Link chuckles) – C, if both men try to lift the table, then it’s just like a raising table. – Yeah, right. (chuckles) – I really wanna see that. Trying to out lift a table, two guys. – You really wanna see that? – I don’t think that’s my answer, but that’s what I wanna see. I think it’s A, but I
want it to be C, so A. – Okay. (yelling in foreign language) (Link laughs) Well what you wanted to see was correct. Every time I close my
eyes now to go to sleep, I’m just gonna replay that in my mind. That was beautiful. – Well here’s the thing, when translated, it turns out they were just arguing about the placement of the table. (chuckles) – And just the top came off.
– Very heated. – Uh, the guy tried to kick at one point. – Yeah, Link, it doesn’t matter. You won, and thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – It’s Mitch.
– And I’m Chelsea. We just left Zion’s National Park, driving through Panguitch, Utah. It’s time to spin–
– The Wheel of Mythicality. – There we are! – Woo, way out in Panguitch. – Pangid, dessert. – Click the top link to watch
us play dental mouth opener: famous headline edition
in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. Keep your friends close
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