Un caso pratico di Scrum for Hardware, Saab Aeronautics – Officina Agile Podcast #4

Listen Paolo, instead, my curiosity could you tell us a concrete case of Scrum applied to the Hardware well the most … remarkable case let’s say … well, I have two remarkable cases my problem when people ask me for concrete cases is that I have a lot of stuff under NDA, of which I cannot speak therefore, there is a space company in the true sense of the word that is, he does things that go into space which I visited with Joe, in the United States, in California which I cannot name where I saw an extremely mature Scrum and that’s the most impressive situation I’ve seen one thing instead of which I can talk a little more freely still in an extreme environment is Saab Aeronautics so, a Jet Fighter the Jas 39e Gripen, which is designed entirely using Scrum so, there they use a Scrum that is scaled across the entire organization the whole organization works with Scrum and their product is a military aircraft a last generation military aircraft, so those invisible, very cool, with lots of software and electronics on board they have a series of extremely interesting things, one is that first of all the product is highly modular then, for example in their advertising spot on youtube, if you go to see it they talk about the fact that it is a military aircraft to which the engine can be changed in an hour I don’t even change my car tires in an hour these have a jet fighter which can be operated on the ground by just six people so it is also a Scrum team that operates it and the engine comes off it’s Plug & Play, and they can change in an hour. Why? because the engine is made by GE in the United States the plane is made by Saab in Sweden therefore they needed to decouple the development cycles ok? So they did it for an engineering need but to be able to do it, since a robust Plug & Play interface it is very expensive, when it comes to a military aircraft they also had to find a saleability and one thing that could influence, say, even Marketing to be able to bear the costs therefore it is the classic example of a known stable interface robust, Plug & Play that is born for an engineering requirement but has a saleability this is a source of inspiration then if our listeners are interested in other details on Saab, there’s a video of mine of Agile Business Day two years ago so, 2017 at Agile Business Day I speak for an hour about Saab and Scrum for Hardware applied to military aircraft so in short, when we hear someone say that Scrum it cannot work in its own context we can use the example of the development of military aircraft a case of greater complexity than that, I think in short, there is not. yes, in fact when I do the workshop even the short one day of Scrum for Hardware, or the long course where I explain everything I give these two examples, from Wikispeed therefore, a group of volunteers not very specialized people, right? picked up, passionate people who used Scrum, made a car and had a result they made a competition international, which was called XPrize, around 150 participants and they arrived tenths they did better than Tesla, Tata Motor, MIT of Boston They have not won 10 million at stake but still they arrived in the top 10, which is not bad and that’s the most hobby thing ok? what can you imagine for a hardware product Saab on the opposite side so I always say wherever you work, unless you are in that other company that does stuff that goes into space surely you are at one point between Wikispeed and Saab and then with these two examples I start, and I begin to explain engineering practices it is really a matter of mindset only, what I learned from these companies is this that is, there is nothing technically technology goes faster than our thinking the real problem … the self-limiting belief, things we think are impossible, are those the harder limits not the real ones, the real ones, the technology overcome them, faster than we can imagine

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