Ultimate Messy Room Solution

Ultimate Messy Room Solution

Today, we take cleaning your room
to an entirely new level. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! Today we talk organization
and I’m big on organization, with my OCPD, I like to organize my closet
by color, I like to organize my glove box by importance of document–
that’s my glove compartment. AKA–I don’t know if you call it
a glove box where you’re from. Growing up, I called it a glove box. – I like to organize the utensils–
– Never put gloves in it, though. Me neither. That’s sad. I like to organize the utensils
going in the dish washer by type of utensil. All the forks together? What about
the salad fork and the dinner fork? – Separate?
– Separate. – Big spoon, little spoon? Separate?
– They go in a different place in the drawer, therefore they go
in a different place in the dishwasher. The water knows no difference.
The dishwasher doesn’t care. – For ease of putting away–
– Okay. Gotta save time where you can, I guess. Listen, I’ve got a system. – We can discuss it more later.
– If it works for you, great! For now I just wanna answer your question.
I’ll let Rhett answer– How about Arianna Mayes’ question?
She says, “How do I organize my desk in 30 seconds?” Okay, Arianna, we have a demonstration
that we’re gonna do for you here. Oh, look at this desk!
This is a nightmare. Whoops, almost lost the mug.
Never gonna happen, kids. And what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna take 30 seconds and we’re gonna demonstrate our techniques
for organizing our desk. So, Stevie, you’re going to time this. (Stevie) Ready, set, go! Okay, I definitely organize by size.
And then within size, I organize by type of pen,
and type of pencil. I don’t know why I have closed pens
on my desk, but I do. Of course we’ve got some
coinage here, which has to be organized
by denomination. – (Stevie) 9, 8–
– (Link) Then you can use this to really get it all in the same place. – (buzzer)
– Organized! Okay. But this is orga-niced.
Look how nice this is. What do you think a junk drawer is for? All your drawers
are probably junk drawers. Look at this.
Anytime I need anything – in this drawer–
– (contents rattle) Boom, there it is.
Oh, I got a clear view of everything. Bouncy ball, boom! Got it. Stapler, boom! Got it. – What if you need–
– Screws! What if you need 43 cents? Got it! – Little battery.
– 43 cents. Got it. Old receipt.
Candy wrapper, – don’t know what it is.
– Green, blue…I can tell you – everything I got.
– To each his own. You can choose your way.
Mine was much easier. You can go with grace,
or you can go with blunt force. Let’s move on.
Cody Campbell asks, – “I am a historical reenactor.”
– Huh. “So I have several old blankets,
wool blankets, tricorn pirate hat, – muskets”–
– Whoa. “Wool coats, sewing supplies, black powder,
and various small odds and ends I have on my person.
What would you recommend I do to keep it all organized
and out of the living room?” Okay, Cody, the first thing I would say
is don’t perform your historical reenactments
in the living room. – I agree with that.
– You know, I think the living room is a small, confined space.
People could get hurt. You should take it out to a field. – Unless you’re–
– The woods, maybe? Unless your living room is like
a historically accurate living room. In that case, it’s okay. But I think what you’re really asking
is how do you keep up with all of these things
that are on your person. And I’m assuming that they’re
on your person all at the same time, which would be different to have
three different kinds of blankets and multiple hats on at the same time,
but I’d like to see that if you can provide evidence.
But it reminds me of something that our roommate
in college, Greg, did. We shared an apartment with Greg
and, one day, Greg bought a labeler. – Yeah, and then we–
– You know what a labeler is? It’s something that you
can type the words into and it turns into a sticker
that you can then place on something. – You can label things.
– Yeah, it’s pretty straightforward. So he tells us the labeler.
Then we come home from studying or something, goofing off,
whatever we did in college, and Greg has preceded, in our absence,
to label every single thing – in the house.
– He even labeled–I’m not kidding– the stapler said “stapler”. We had a record player,
and this was before that was cool to be hipster.
I dunno why we had it. He had it.
It was his record player. Because records were still a thing. I think he wrote “record player” on that. And then, in the kitchen cabinetry,
he labeled those cabinets. – Cabinets.
– Microwave. – He would label the microwave.
– Stove. It said “microwave” on it. – What I have to point out–
– Never got confused! What I have to point out is that
Greg didn’t organize anything. – He just identified everything.
– Well, that’s step one. My recommendation would be
to label the places that things should go. – No, no, no.
– Don’t label the things – just so you know what they are.
– I recommend label old blankets, wool blankets, tricorn pirate hats,
muskets, wool coat, sewing supplies, black powder, et. cetera.
Then you know how to organize it alphabetically. Old blankets come before wool blankets. Because the first letter in the label
is what you use to alphabetize? Yeah. Do with that what you will, Cody. Just get a labeler ’cause it’s fun.
It’s really fun to say, and it’s difficult to say correctly. Clayton Chaney asks,
“I’ve got organization issues. My roommates are now referring
to my bedroom as ‘the clutter dome’.” – Hmm.
– “Help!” Okay, Clayton.
We’re not gonna sit here and just give you some advice.
We’re coming to you. It’s time for… (together) That Escalated Quickly! Normally we answer
questions from our desk, but thanks to Toyota Camry,
we’re taking our advice on the road. We are on our way to Clay’s house
in Alhambra to help him get his organization on. Yeah, I’m gonna defer to you on this
because you’re the organized one. Yeah, last night I spent about an hour
re-organizing the ink pens in my ink pen drawer by color. You mean the outside of the ink pen? When you open the drawer,
it looks like a rainbow. Why does it need to be organized? It makes me feel good. Okay. (Link) Clay made a bold choice
asking us for advice. Now we’re gonna help him
make another bold choice. His organization level
is about to escalate quickly. Do you think our adhesives
are gonna be strong enough? That’s not the first time
I’ve been asked that. That makes absolutely no sense. (knocking) The door’s clean. You expected a dirty door? I dunno what we’re getting ourselves into. Neither does he! – Clay!
– Hey. – How’re you doing?
– Doing great. Great to meet you guys.
Thanks for coming. Well, Clay, I think we found
the only place in your room where we can all sit down. That is the coziest. – Your bed.
– Yeah. It also makes it a little awkward,
but that’s okay. Well, there’s a mouse on the floor.
And when I say mouse, – I mean computer mouse.
– (Clay) Yeah. Is there a method to the chaos? There’s honestly always something
more important to do than organizing. Until today. We have a plan, but it’s gonna require
you being gone – for two or three hours.
– I will gladly leave. I don’t even like being in here. (laughs) Okay. – We’ll call you.
– All right. ♪ (music) ♪ (Link) Okay, Clay. We’re gonna put our hand blindfold down
in three, two, one. Wow! This is awesome. Clay, you may be asking yourself:
“How do I find certain things?” Well, that’s where this comes in.
A handy dandy personalized item location manual. How’s this work? (Link) Well, you just start right here.
Let’s say we wanna find that mouse. Right, I’ve been looking for that. Here we go…mouse. CC-1. So go to column CC. – That’s C.
– Mhm. Now go all way around. (Clay) There it is.
CC, first column. And let’s say you have an accident.
You need a fresh pair of underwear. – Right.
– That happens. – All the time.
– E-3. E…there’s my undies, right there. You don’t even have to leave the bed. Now, you find the milk. (Link) Have fun knowing
where everything is! (Rhett) You’re welcome. Clay now knows that one bold choice
leads to another. He also knows where his underwear is. (strums guitar) You know what day it is.
It’s Thursday… And Thursday means mail. – All right.
– Oh, I’ll take this, Jen. And you take that here.
I’ve got a little of this. It’s actually big today, Rhett.
Check it out. – Wow.
– Boom. It’s a home. “Dear Rhett and Link, Hello.
My cousins and I really enjoy your videos.
We sent you this squirrel house that our uncle/father is selling
on Kickstarter. My cousin custom-painted it for you.
The HAMS team, Hannah, Andrew, Matthew, and Savannah.” We have a squirrel… – Well, now we gotta get a squirrel.
– A squirrel cabin. Gotta find some squirrels now, Link. To put in the home. (Link) Is it one home or two? (Rhett) Is it an indoor home?
You just hang it up inside and the squirrels come,
or do you leave it outdoors? Oh no. You know what happens
when squirrels come in your house. And what happens if you get other animals? What if a rabbit takes up in there? Pops up in there? Do you let him stay? – You charge him more.
– Tell us through the Internet. – He pays rabbit rent–
– Which is different than squirrel rent? Do you charge him rent? ‘Cause if this is not
a money-making endeavour, – then I’m not into it.
– RIght. Yes, we will. Thanks for sending us this. (laughter) We’ll set it up promptly. Thanks for sending us this. And thanks for liking
and commenting on this video. You know what time it is. Hi, I’m Relina. And I’m Sandron.
And we’re from southern Germany. It’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality. (laughs) The 12 Mythical Days of Christmas
roll on over on our Facebook page and if you win today’s challenge,
you can win six pieces of merchandise. What?! Also go to rhettandlink.com/store
if you wanna buy any merch. And click through to Good Mythical More,
where we drink this Japanese pop top soda.
Could get dangerous. Weird bottle.
I don’t know how it’s gonna– Rhett gives Link $5.00. I know I owe ya some money here, so… About $5.00? I don’t have any cash.
You take debit? Uh…no, not usually. Today, will you make an exception? – Uh–
– Go like this. (laughter) Uh…what’s your pin? (whispering) Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah. (laughter) [Captioned by Sara:
GMM Captioning Team]

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