Two Mics One Input

Two Mics One Input

If you’ve ever recorded two people with
separate mics for an interview, you might have used one of these to plug your mics
into. It’s a standard Y-Splitter cable that combines the audio from both mics
onto one track. But have you ever considered one of these? This is a stereo
Breakout cable so once you plug this into your H1 it’ll split out into two
channels, channel 1 and channel 2 or left and right, giving you a lot more control
in post. Now you’ll see and hear examples of these two cables
starting off with the standard Y cable so let’s hook that all up. The following clips are recorded with a friend of mine who happened to pass by my house so I just
grabbed him. So now you’re hearing the audio of a standard Y cable. So tell me Taj, how was your day? Taj: Yeah really good man. Went out to Luton, big conference talk
40,000 people…[Taj Interrupted]
Guys as you can see the audio levels are combined on this Y
cable which is not what you want. So I’ll show you the Hosa Breakout cable now.
Taj: You don’t wanna know about my day then? I’ll now connect the Stereo Breakout cable so you can see and hear what that does. So now you’re hearing the audio from the Hosa Breakout Cable and as you can see on the H1 my audio is coming on the right side
and Taj’s audio is coming from the left. Sorry Taj I interrupted you, how was your day again?
Taj: Naaa it’s alright, I just you know was talking about Luton but to be honest I’m pretty hungry. I mean I’ve been sitting here for ages man…. [Taj interrupted again] That’s all for today guys and join us again next time. Once you’ve recorded your audio, it’s really simple to split them
out into two channels. By the way I’ve already synced the audio to the video. To
split the audio in Premiere Pro you can do in two ways. You can either
right-click or control-click the footage and select Modify>Audio Channels. This
will bring up this window. Or the other way is go right to the top menu and
select Clip>Modify>Audio Channels. This will bring up the same window as before.
So for the preset you select Mono which will change the number of audio clips to
two. Then press ok to confirm this. Then just add your clip to the timeline. You can see here how I can select Audio 1 or Audio 2 independently. Sorry, he was a hungry guy.
So if you want more control of your audio you should
consider getting this Breakout Cable by Hosa.
You don’t need two audio
recorders, I recorded using one H1 and two mics and it’ll save you carrying
extra equipment when you don’t really need it.
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6 thoughts on “Two Mics One Input

  1. Hi RavKan, I have a dance performance shoot coming up where I am recording the event but also want to record audio from the sound board to the zoom h1n. I have contacted the sound team and they have told me
    they have 2 XLR feeds coming out of the desk – 1 is of any mics in use and the other is from backing tracks. I want to record both of these. How would you recommend that I go about doing this with the zoom h1n? 

  2. Can I use those splitter cables to record from two gaming microphones on a smartphone, tablet, and a PC, or do I need some kind of preamp box?

  3. I subscribe to you mate, hopefully you reach that one thousand mark soon… and your videos are great and funny so nice man!

  4. Thank you for an informative and entertaining presentation.

    Any idea if such a thing exists for XLR cables?

    I’d love to turn an 8 channel DAW into 16 channels using splitters

  5. will it still work if you make a series with it.. like.. for example you have only 2 input.. but you need 4 mics.. input one will be used for playing music.. and input two will be used for mics..

    but you have 3 extra splitters.. will it still work?? if you input 4 microphones in 1 channel?

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