40 thoughts on “#TSP010 – Joseph Gilgun Podcast Interview

  1. Thank you for this episode! It's amazing to hear someone talk about sever anxiety and depression so openly. I've been fighting my worst depression and panic attacks for 8 months, and this episode was so inspiring. I only work in a store, and i couldn't imagine being such an amazing actor and fighting so hard to accomplish those things. Much much love to Joe, hope to meet him at a US comic con one day. Please pass along a huge thank you to Joe 🙂

  2. god i'm CONSISTENTLY 10-20 minutes late for work (actually, because i'm depressed af and can't get myself out of bed) but am ALWAYS 10-20 minutes early for rehearsals and shoots and auditions. it's all that matters

  3. Great interview!
    I'm really glad everything's going well for Joseph Gilgun. He definitely deserves it. He's an incredibly talented actor.
    And for what it's worth, that was unexpectedly the kick in the butt I needed to finally decide to try and get my shit together, so thanks for that.

  4. Joe's honesty is so refreshing especially when discussing his mental health. It can be incredibly isolating when you're in the throws of depression and anxiety so to hear him speak openly about it is a great relief. He's an incredible talent and I look forward to seeing his future projects.

  5. Loved listening to this! Joe is such an awesome guy, does a stellar job in everthing he's in. Thank you for this great episode!

  6. I adore this interview. Joe is so bluntly honest. He has been on my short list of favorite actors for nearly a decade. This interview makes me love him even more. I didn't realize that was possible. I understand why this was edited and why he doesn't do many interviews, but I appreciate all we got. Thank you and Joe for this interview.

  7. Each interview with Joe I've come across has been entertaining and insightful. I obviously don't know him, but there are so many candid moments it can feel like he's a mate, you know? (apparently so much so that I refer to him as Joe…but saying Joseph Gilgun every time seems overly formal and almost as creepy).
    I've always had grandiose plans for myself, like most people do, but dealing with serious mental illness has gotten in the way. Hearing this really bolstered my resolve to keep pushing until I get there.
    Thanks for making the podcast in general, and thanks for having Joe as a guest, and thanks to Joe for doing it.
    Oh, it's cyclothymia btw. I've got bipolar I which sucks balls but cyclothymia is insidious. We think if it as being "less than full blown" bipolar disorder, but there isn't a less than. The less obvious types tend to go unnoticed and therefore treated incorrectly for a long time. It wears you down regardless.
    This got away from me a bit, and more serious than I planned. So anyway, cheers! Keep up the good work!

  8. "Please don't knock any dogs out" – Brilliant. What a guy, I could listen to Joe all day long. He's so refreshingly honest and normal.

  9. Absolutely loved this episode! Such a genuine and honest guy. I’ve always appreciated Joe’s work so much and the power he puts into his roles, such an incredible actor. I really struggle with my mental health too and it never goes away. He inspires me so badly to work in the industry, to tell stories and to stay honest.

    Keep up the hard work with this podcast, it’s my new favourite.

  10. This podcast was really interesting! Joe’s summed up Chorley 😂 There seems to be a Trevor and his wife brawling on every street in Chorley I think 😂 I’m a Chorley girl not knocking it 😜

  11. This really was a lovely podcast- so happy I found. I love listening to such genuine people and just love Gilgun.

  12. Awwww Joeee it's all fake lol most of the time anyway haha. I've come to notice people who like to seem overly happy and have the perfect life on social media are usually hiding something. And don't worry about your body lol it's glorious! Bahaha! You are a sexy man beast. Between you and Dom on Preacher my husband is getting alot of action lately. 🤣😂🤣😂 I struggle with Bipolar disorder and anxiety myself it's absolutely fucking horrid! But if you're ever having an anxiety attack my doctor gave me a tip…. A strange tip but it works. Pick 3 things in the room, for example the wall, a clock and a cup lol and just say those words over and over then your panic attack just disappears. Always works for me lol!

  13. I'm posting this where I can. Joe Gilgun gets my vote for the quintessential Joker. The guy was born for the role.

  14. I absolutely love Joe Gilgun!!! Such an amazing actor and down to earth person. So glad to hear how this type of work helps with the mental health issues. I do background stuff and it helps me as well. Bipolar is almost debilitating sometimes, from personal experience. Thank you Joe for sharing so much! You’ve made me feel so much better about myself.

  15. Got to say Hoe is a top bloke. I am completely SHOCKED that in a 1h podcast not 1 single mention of This is England and the cast dynamics. The character Joe has played. Really missed opportunity with the questioning. I hope he goes on scroobius pip distraction pieces podcast. Joe 10/10 interviewer 1/10. Sorry

  16. In my day to day it's very difficult to express how I feel, i definitely am uplifted hearing a guy like Joe being expressive of similar experiences. This clip has done me an awful lot of good

  17. Joe Gilgun is my fave actor.i suffer with high anxiety i feel a connection with him & i need to take medication every day to keep my anxiety on a level total respect to Joe Gilgun open,Honest interview straight to the point & no bull shit ! !

  18. Loved this episode. Joe comes across as such an honest, genuine, lovable guy!! He’s a brilliant actor, who always gives an amazingly authentic performance! He gives himself such a hard time, but he’s doing a great job!!

  19. It's rare for me to feel someone's heart this clearly. Joe feels like he's come a long way in terms of personal development.

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