Try Not To Flinch Challenge

Try Not To Flinch Challenge

– Today we’re gonna swing
dog doo-doo at our faces. – Let’s talk about that. (fun theme music) (fire blazing) Good Mythical Morning. – Other people on the
internet have done flinching challenges and we thought,
hey, we’re on the internet. We should get in on that
flinching challenge stuff. – But you know us. We ain’t gon’ do no regular
old flinchin’ challenge. We gonna take flinchin’ to a
whole new level in something we like to call, We Gonna Put In
A Pinch And See If You Flinch. – Now, there are three different types of flinching triggers. You’ve got audio triggers,
visual triggers and tactile triggers to make you flinch. So we decided to test each one
of these flinching triggers separately and then
– Yes. – Have Stevie monitor us and score us on our ability to
– Right. – Not flinch in each of those scenarios. – And you may remember the
two for flinching game back in school where you go like this
and if somebody flinches, “Two for flinching!” And then you hit ’em twice?
– Yeah. – Well, the scoring system
is gonna be based loosely on that.
– The scoring. – Scoring system will be
loosely based on that. (laughs) If there is a legitimate
flinch Stevie will give us two for flinching. Again, points are bad. And if it’s just a very minor,
– Minor flinch. – Subtle flinch, your just
like a flicker of the eye or a slight move, that’s gonna be one flinch. – Let’s do it! – Yeah. (intense drum music) – Okay, so we have each
prepared audio experience tracks for the…
– What? – The other person to listen to. You’re not hearing
anything right now, yet. – It’s just a little muffled. – I’m gonna play, for you in
your headphones, but also in the room so I can hear
it, the flinching track. – Okay.
– Prepared for you. You can’t close your eyes. – Right. – You can blink like a normal
person but blinking’s not flinching but if there’s a
little neck or movement or yeah, well a lot of that
– Yeah. – Would be a two pointer. – Okay. – You know the challenge. – I’m gonna make it seem like
I’ve experienced nothing out of the ordinary. That’s my goal at least. – Yeah. Look right at them and Stevie
will also monitor as well. Okay, let’s play my track. (peaceful music) – [Link Voiceover] Hi, Rhett. Welcome to Link’s Takin’ It
Easy, No Flinching Parlor. Are you comfortable? Are you enjoying the sounds of my parlor? Don’t worry, there’s absolutely
no flinching that happens in Link’s (yells). Did you flinch? (laughs) Did I get you? I think you flinched. Didn’t you (yelling). Oh, what about that time? Did I get you that second time? – No. – [Link Voiceover] I bet you
flinched then, didn’t you? In Link’s blah bleh blah blah ah! Thanks for joining me today, Rhett. I hope you have a really good time. In my parlor. It’s a parlor. (screams) – Oh! Come on, not even the last one? (laughs) – Yeah! That’s right. – Was there zero freakin’ flinches? – Zero flinches! – [Stevie] Zero flinches. – Come on, man. – Cool Hand Rhett. – What’s wrong with you brain, man? – Hey, man. – Were you even listening? Were these on? – I’m tough to shake up, man. I keep it calm. – Hey, but you wanna go
to that parlor, right? – (laughing) Yeah. – You wanna come to my parlor?
– Bleh, bleh, bleh! I think you said that. – I said bleh.
– I pictured you with a gat. – Alright, shall I? – Yeah. – I bet you. I bet you I’m good too. (laughs) – Let the experience begin.
– Did you cross your eyes a little bit? – I did nothing.
– ‘Cause that’s illegal. – I did nothing. (calm jazz music) – [Rhett Voiceover] Hey, Link. Thanks for tuning in to this
smooth and relaxing experience. (calm jazz music) ♫ Yeah ♫ So stressed ♫ Need someone to ♫ Rub my chest ♫ Oh, yeah ♫ That’s the spot ♫ I ♫ Like the way you work my booty knots (laughs) – Why you gotta booty knot me, man? You booty knotted me. (laughs) – It was pretty subtle though. – I was like, man you faded it out there. I thought it was over. – Yeah, I lured you into that
place, into the calm place. – [Stevie] Level two flinch. – Yeah!
– That’s a two pointer? (intense drum music) Here I am in a high back
chair just sittin’ around. I didn’t do a great job of
not flinching when hearing but now let’s see if I can do a
great job of not flinching while seeing something. – Something. – What is that somethin’, Rhett? Hey. There you are. – Hey, Link. – Way up there.
– It’s me, your buddy, Rhett. I’m 14 feet tall.
– What’re you doin’ up there? (laughs) What’re you doin’ up there? – I’m on a ladder. I’m holding a bag of dog poo
that I collected yesterday in my nice jeans. – Yes, I remember. – I call this the poop-dulum. That’s poop and pendulum put together. – Now, you have a blue glove on. Can you smell it? – It smells strong. It still smells strong. It smells ripe. – Oh my goodness. – I’m gonna let this go. It has been calibrated to
almost hit you in the face. Potentially, maybe snip your hair. I don’t know. Get very close to you. – Should I open my mouth or? – Whatever you do, keep your
eyes open the whole time. Just get your head off of the
back because I feel like that helps you brace. Don’t lock your face into a sunk position. – Alright. Well you have to do the
same thing I’m doing. – Everything you do I will do. And now you have to
watch it the whole time. You can’t look past it. – Okay. – [Rhett] You know, make
eye contact with it. Make it a true flinch test. (suspenseful music) – (laughing) Oh! Oh! – [Link] I didn’t flinch, right? – I didn’t see any flinching.
– Oh, it stinks. – No flinch. That was zero flinch, Link. (laughs) Congratulations. – Your turn. – I see you’re not wearing a glove. – Oh. (laughs) They didn’t give me a glove. – You gotta ask for a glove, man. You gotta ask for a glove. – It does stink. – Yeah it does. – Mm, alright. Okey dookie? Alright. (suspenseful music) (beeping) (laughs) – I didn’t flinch, man! I didn’t flinch! It hit me in the… (laughs) – You flinched! – I didn’t flinch, it hit me in the face! – That might have been a
little bit of a tactile test. – It hit me right here. It didn’t even get close to me. (laughing) We didn’t adjust the height. I’m taller than you. – I might’ve moved the
seat in a little bit too. – Did you move the seat in? – Maybe. (crew laughs) – But I don’t think I flinched
until after it hit me and I realized that it hit me. – Alright, so no flinching
until it hit you which is the next test, so let’s move on to that. (intense drum music) – I got any poop on my face? – No. – Thanks. Okay, when we were kids we
played a game where we threw balls at each other’s balls. – It was fantastic. – We wrote all about this
in Rhett and Link’s Book of Mythicality, available for pre-order at But we’re bringing it back today. – Right.
– Recreating it. – We are gonna test our
ability to not flinch while experiencing the tactile sensation of a corn bag being launched at your crotch. – And your crotch. – Yeah. We’re gonna alternate and
whenever the person flinches they incur two points and if it then goes in the hole,
whether you flinch or not, that’s an addition point. And the points matter because
the amount of points that we both earned at the end of this
whole thing, we get walloped with a pool noodle that amount of times. – Oy. Okay, here we go. This is a difficult throw
when you got your… I usually don’t sit on
the Corn Hole board when I play Corn Hole. – This is not Corn Hole, brother. (suspenseful music) (laughs) – Points for me. Did he flinch?
– I guess so. – [Stevie] He flinched. – I went (grunts). (laughs) That’s three points for me but you hit me in the bladder which is okay. Now, am I aiming for
that hole in your shirt? – Aim wherever you want, friend. – I know where I’m aiming. (grunts) – [Stevie] Oh, there was a flinch there.
– I made a noise. – That was a verbal flinch. No, no, no, no. Leave that there, I still
have the opportunity to knock it in later. – Okay, alright. – Oh. (grunts) (laughs) How can you not flinch if
you get hit in the privates? – [Stevie] Flinch. – Two points for me. – Like this. (laughs) (grunts)
(crew laughs) I am sorry. I wanted to not flinch so bad. – Don’t apologize. – You got right in the spot. – [Stevie] Mm, some minor flinching. I don’t know.
– I smiled. – I don’t think that was a flinch. – I didn’t flinch
– Alright. Alright.
– I just smiled. I was like alright. (buzzes) Relax. – Okay, I’m not gonna flinch this time. – Relax. (grunts) (laughs) – Dang it, why isn’t it going in the hole? Two points for you, though. – Yeah I flinched, definitely. Oh.
(crew laughs) – I didn’t flinch, man. – That was a direct hit. – Yeah. – [Stevie] Yeah, I didn’t see a flinch. I’m gonna give it to him.
– I kinda liked it. – You didn’t put your balls on today? – I knew I forgot something. It didn’t feel good. – Okay, how do you not flinch, man? I’m very protective of this region. – You know how you get
that delayed sick feeling? – Yeah. – I’m getting that too, so. – Okay. – This is my super power. Hit me in the balls, man. I won’t flinch. (suspenseful music) (wheezes)
(laughs) – I can’t not flinch, man. I feel so vulnerable. But you didn’t make any. I made one but I flinched
every single time. Where are we at on the score? – [Stevie] Rhett, you have
eight and Link you have seven. – Oh!
– Oh! You get more wallops than me! – Alright. – In just a few seconds but
for now, thank you for liking commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Ben Wa. – Ashwini. – We’re in Chennai, India and – [Both] It’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Try not to flinch when you
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Rhett and I are gonna wallop each other with pool noodles. – Win Face. Congratulations to Lea. You win Lin’s Lip Balm. – [Link] Wow. – This is my personal one. You’ll get your own new one. – No, I’ve used every container. – With your new haircut on it. Click on the left to watch
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being your mythical best.

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  1. Link is just so sweet. He tries so hard and yet Rhett pulls ahead every time. I just want to hug him and tell him it's all okay…

  2. their intro is when your friend says one of your inside jokes in public and you try to explain how you aren’t crazy

  3. Link cheats at these games to much, and when Rhett gives a courtesy move, Link does not. Just shows that Rhett is the better friend 🙂

  4. I played same games, but you had to throw it higher than the head, so it always came down rather than directly.

  5. So there is a show on netflix called flinch. Literally a show of hosts putting the contestants in situations where they flinch and get a consequence when they flinch

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