TrollsNews 42 – Ghost radio graffiti, raywilliamjohnnson and KerliGirl13333

TrollsNews today
RayWilliamJohnnson is a big troll Ghost being trolled
Jessie slaughter might be back Good evening and welcome to another episode
of TrollsNews, channel that brings you all the important informations about trolls and
current youtube trolling events. First time in TrollsNews history we actually
have a trolling event to report, it was brought to you by Kattwoman17. This event is about
trolling True Capitalist Radio and obviously it is lead /b/rothers of 4chan. Ghost is radio
host who is patriotic into the assholish level and he is short tempered, that’s most likely
why bunch of /b/tards has chosen him to be their target. They are trolling him in two
ways one is when he’s receiving calls, popular trolling is to ask him why is he racist or
to play song Fuck you Texas. The other way is when Ghost gives twitter shout outs it
is popular to use typical prank call name. User DarkRazorZ has a compilations of videos
with recordings of successful trolling of Ghost, most of them ends with Ghost’s massive
butthurt and rage quit. It is something that is recommened to watch if you appreciate fine
art of trolling, or if you’re just a melting pot of friendship. Wnutatation reported a troll RayWilliamJohnnson,
here you should noticed that Johnson is not usually spelled with double “n”. Normally
stupid impostor troll wouldn’t be interesting enough for TrollsNews, but this one managed
to get himself a partnership and it doesn’t seem that he got that for quality of his videos,
it seems that he just managed to trick youtube into thinking that this is a real RWJ’s channel.
Also check out his friends, their avatar pictures spell “faggots” that’s a nice touch. Last report of today was brought to you by
SugarRainer and it is about user KerliGirl13333 who by all indiciations seems to be Jessi
Slaughter, but unfortunatelly our research team was not able to find out if that is the
case. Now to weatherman Steve, Steve what weather are we expecting on the internet? It will be very intersting, if Jessi Slaughter
is back, we can expect shitstorm coming from pretty much the whole internet, maybe even
fox news spewing shits. On a bright side, this shitstorm could bring new much needed
memes. Thank you Steve. That’s all for this evening, stay tune for
more TrollsNews, please subscribe like and comment this video and please message me if
you see a troll worth reporting. My name is Vol Jang stay safe under the youtube

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