33 thoughts on “Trending Globally: Mark Blyth on the French election, Comey

  1. Blyth had a point back when he was saying Clinton and the Dem establishment were using Comey and Russian meddling as excuses for their own failure to connect with the voters. Now, though, I really think he's so caught up in defending this position that he's allowing it to blind him to the obvious signs of a cover-up in Trump's sacking of Comey. It's all a bit 'my enemy's enemy.' Just because Clinton was crap doesn't mean Trump's not also up to his neck in sewage. Both things can be true.

  2. The interviewer said is populism over but failing to point out that macron was a candidate out side the main parties, , the french have done a trump, vote for an outsider in desperation, so as byth says macron is not going to do anything, result people get fed up even more and move to the right

  3. 2022 was always Le Pen's original goal. Her chances of winning next time are much higher. She will return.

  4. Blyth is a genuine genius of looking into the panorama of globalization. Since his book on austerity I've been hooked. I do not know why he's not on everyone's go-to list for fresh air in policy.

  5. It's simply not credible to call 1/3rd of French voters Fascists, because they are not. The left trying to brush the populists aside as Fascists does not work, it is the political equivalent of closing your eyes, sticking fingers in your ears and shouting LALALALALA

  6. So sorry to have to call you out (I love your work) but it was NOT one in three French people who voted for the far right! – you are ignoring the 25.6% abstentionnistes (a record high) and the over 9% of deliberately blank votes (which are counted before being ignored here )) so that official 34% of the votes for Mme LePen is (fortunately) closer to just 23% of the population.

  7. Why do you call Le Pen far-right? fascist? I'd say the center-left with their support by corporate media, and bankers fit the definition of fascist.

  8. So, as Blyth states, 1/3 voted for a fascist (a biased description of a nationalist) and the other 2/3 voted for a puppet of the financial parasites that infest the EU.

  9. Beppe Grillo is not left wing populist, he is just a clown and will say what Macron supposedly will say: "I can't do anything".

  10. Why is Le Pen called fascist?

    I live in Japan, I am Japanese, we have

    1) the death penalty
    2) no refugee status recognized
    3) border control
    4) citizenship by blood and merit, not soil
    5) no multiculturalism

    Why is not PM Abe called a fascist then?

    It seems that any white country that stands for itself is fascist.

    Something is REALLY wrong in the West.

  11. 20 years ago, the dominant West used to worry that there was increasing poverty in the developing world and felt more needed to be done. Estimates vary, but since then, 1 billion people have climbed out of poverty with many of the remaining 2 billion having made progress in terms of living standards. Has this been achieved at the cost of stagnation for the middle and lower classes in the west? If true is that so bad? – If you'd said to me then that as a fairly lower middle class European I would not suffer particularly but billions of people would achieve higher life expectancy and better living standards I hope I would have been prepared to accept that. Why is the tradeoff between progress for the poorest and economic stagnation for the already comfortable now a recipe for democratic armageddon?

  12. Real results 2nd round in France:
    20 million for Macron – 10 million for Le Pen – 7 million voted neither or didn't vote

  13. What the hell is he talking about and does the interviewer has any clue on the questions she is asking.  Another display of the great euro-amerikkkan farce leading the planet into hell.

  14. FOR THE WATSON INSTITUTE: By the way, on an opening slide, it's not Marine LE PEN on the photo you are presenting but Marion MARECHAL LE PEN !! It’s like presenting Theresa MAY and showing pictures of Margaret THATCHER. This doesn’t give much credibility to the rest… Especially when in all your symposiums you omit, bash our give wrong quotes about the French. It’s always a very poor résumé of the situation in Europe and more so in France.
    The US Dollar took 130 years to complete it achievement with a common history and starting with a few States. On the other hand, It’s only been 20 years so far for the Euro. Blyth is peremptory in most of is interventions. I’m just amazed that he can just get away with this.

  15. Mark Blyth is undoubtedly a very capable guy and its hard not to admire his grasp of economics. Trouble is he has now elected himself as the flag bearer for the "Left" I personally resent the snide comments about the "Fascist" voters. The fascist tag appears to be directed at anyone who is against the complete and utter crap that is being allowed to happen in Europe at the moment. Leave it out Mark and stick with the factual financial side. Macron is a creation of the German puppet masters. Le Pen will be back but by then it may be too late.

  16. Blyth is a genius when looking at the big picture globally, but when it comes to details on US politics, he clearly knows almost nothing.

    "The president is allowed to do this"? Are you kidding? That's all it takes for you? Dive deeper, I know you're not this stupid, Mark.

  17. I dont understand his comment that everyone should open up a bank account in germany if the euro is gonna collapse with an italian euro referdum.. whats the logic there !?

  18. Whose the lady interviewing Mark? She actually sounds like she's listening and not waiting to speak. Strangely enough you get to hear an actual coherent opinion.

  19. homo sap needs to grasp that 'who has the power, gets the butter.' you want a society 'for the people,' then you need a society directed by 'the people.' this simple principle should lead to demand for democracy. once you get, use initiative to fix the nation.
    you can hear any number of reasons why democracy doesn't work. but look at the results of politician rule…

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