Travel Common Sense – Vacation Impossible Podcast

Travel Common Sense – Vacation Impossible Podcast

This isn’t totally about travel I
apologize it’s a little off-topic but I want to talk about common sense for a
moment it came up in the comments of one of our videos recently where I think
Mike had said exercise some common sense and I just wanted to expand on this a
little bit because I worry about that phrase common sense I think it might be
often maybe not intentionally but it’s it can be come off as it can come across as
very condescending because you know oh it’s common sense it sounds like you
should have known this and if you don’t know this it’s because there’s something
missing in you you’re flawed in some way and that’s really harsh I don’t
like the idea of expressing myself that way if I’ve come across that way I want
to apologize because that’s not we’re about at all we’re about learning and
sharing fun and stuff like that we’re not about making you feel small or
stupid just to call it out that’s not what we’re here about at all if we do
that I apologize let me know call it out because I worry that the phrase common
sense is super condescending and I don’t think it’s accurate common sense would
be like you don’t know the alphabet but you finished elementary school right it’s
something that you should know because you have or should have been exposed to
the idea but people say common sense they apply it to so many things that’s
just not the case like oh it’s common sense to you know not have your wallet
in your back pocket no it’s not people always have their wallets in the back
pocket at least men often that’s common you know and pick-pocketing like if
you haven’t heard or read about it or done research if you haven’t traveled and
stuff like that then maybe you haven’t been exposed to that idea it doesn’t
make you stupid it just means you haven’t be exposed to
the idea and this and the thing is it’s like the things we call common sense
once you’re exposed to the idea it makes sense
oh of course yeah I get it I just haven’t thought about it that way I
hadn’t thought about I hadn’t thought about pickpockets you know it doesn’t
make you stupid it absolutely doesn’t and that’s not what we’re about here
making people feel that way so you know it’s that old thing it’s like there’s no
such thing as a stupid question there is the only kind of stupid question is one
you already know the answer to and we’ve all done that, I ask you know like oh hey
and I’m like oh no wait you know what I think I knew that I’d just forgotten for a
moment sorry stupid question that’s all fair
but that’s it and like we’re not gonna know if you already knew so we certainly
won’t judge you none of your questions are gonna seem stupid to us like this is
a safe place to ask questions I want to make this a safe place to ask questions
get questions answered we make videos about some of the more basic aspects of
everything road trips cruising whatever you know
talking about how does your room key work on a cruise ship if you’ve been on
more than one cruise that’s gonna seem probably like you know common sense but
if you’ve never been on a cruise it’s not they haven’t been exposed to it they
don’t know what it’s about so we have the carnival basics series of tip videos
on our channel and other travel tip videos you know recently released one
about you know yeah take a picture of your passport so you have your passport
number on your phone at all times to help you book travel last-minute little
things like that you know once you hear it you’re like that makes perfect sense
I should do that all the time but because you didn’t think of it yourself
or it wasn’t exposed to the idea of it’s no flaw of yours you haven’t done
anything wrong there and so I don’t think it’s accurate you know and so there’s a lot
of things people say like oh it’s common sense but it’s just so dismissive that I
I don’t want to be dismissive we want to be an inclusive welcoming community or
whatever this thing is and so I just want to say that as sort of like part
of a mission statement or whatever you want to call it you know you know if
someone is never traveled before right they might not think that they might not need
to have local currency but hey not everyone knows what is the local
currency for a particular country so you know you might think that US Dollars are
accepted in Canada and in some places they are but having some Canadian money
is probably a good idea and so once you hear it it’s easy to understand and so
common sense I think should mean need some it need common sense needs a
rebrand right it’s not that it’s common sense it’s that it’s an uncomplicated
idea it’s an idea that isn’t complex once you hear it but you kind of maybe have
to hear it first before we can start judging you about whether or not you’re
using the information whether or not you’re smart so I want to I want to I
want to forget I want to ban the word the phrase common sense if I can and I
want to rebrand it as uncomplicated ideas it’s simple you can just say that
it’s simple it’s not complicated but you might have to hear the idea first
so if we can if we can show you that and so I apologize if you’re an advanced
traveler and I’m covering a topic that seems super basic to you because you’ve
been doing it for years I appreciate your patience feel free to skip ahead
you know go to the next video skip ahead in the timeline on the podcast that’s
all fine but there’s gonna be people out there who don’t know these things and so
we want to we want to provide help to everyone from someone who’s never
traveled in their life to somebody who travels all the time I think we’ve got a
unique perspective that can help all those people and everyone in between to
some degree and so I appreciate if sometimes it doesn’t feel like we’re
speaking to you I hope this was enjoyable please as I’ve said many times
reach out to us in a variety of ways you can email us hit us up on social media
if you haven’t subscribed please do so it helps us unlock additional
functionality give our videos a little thumbs up so more people can see them
and comment because we love to engage with you guys we’ve learned so much from
the comments on YouTube videos it’s amazing
and we’ve also frankly helped clear up some misunderstandings that way as well
people thought things worked a particularly and they didn’t so yeah
thank you so much this has been a blast travel opportunities crop up all over
the place so thank you so much for listening and we will see you next time

1 thought on “Travel Common Sense – Vacation Impossible Podcast

  1. I disagree. I think common sense is a fine term to use. Judging from this video, I think the problem you have here is a misuse of common sense when people should be using common knowledge. I think common sense is what you should be able to intuit given no other previous knowledge. Things like 'don't dive into the shallow end of the pool' and 'don't put your hand into a fire'. We all know without having to be told that putting our hand into fire is going to be counter productive. That is what I would call common sense. You give a great example of using your room key on a cruise ship. To a cruise goer, this would be common knowledge. To a neophyte, they would't possess the common knowledge to open their door with a card, but common sense tells us that if you have a card to open your door instead of a key, you're going to be looking for some kind of card reader. The idiot who tries picking the lock with his credit card like it's the 1980's lacks the common sense to look for a card reader.

    As for the idea that the only dumb question is the one you already know the answer to…well I was in the Navy for 12 years and I can assure you that dumb questions exist.

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