transforming myself into the VSCO girl to rule all VSCO girls

100 thoughts on “transforming myself into the VSCO girl to rule all VSCO girls

  1. okay but am I the only one who didn’t know what a VSCO girl is??? Does this make me officially old? 😂😂 hahahahaha what did you guys think of my transformation?

  2. Ok but did anyone saw Eugenia Cooneys video when one girl says of I look like a vsco girl and Eugenia said to her "yeah you do look like a disco girl " all excited, it was so funny

  3. I am honestly not surprised, that this is a thing. I also really wish this wasn't a thing because I think it's lame lol

  4. You were definitely dressed like a VSCO girl, but you need more pictures of scrunchies, sand, sunsets, etc. Also saying "and i oop..'" "sksksksksksksksk" "save the turtles" etc.

  5. VSCO girls are DEFINITELY just GEN-Z tumblr girls. 👏🏼 It IS a try hard thing. You have to try REAL hard to be “effortless.” What I want to know is how they came about… like, how did they get the name “vsco girls”? 🤔 Pretty sure my sister is turning into a vsco girl but she doesn’t know it. 😂 She’s 24 but she was a camp counselor so I think she learned from the kids.

  6. All these girls are trying to be VSCO girls though and they think they are cool also they are giving those of us who have been VSCO girls forever a bad reputation… I get made fun of for being a VSCO girl just because I own a Hydroflask and love Anklets… if another person goes sksksk when they see me….

  7. I was a tumblr girl in 2009, don’t have a vsco but this is legit my personality and trend. Didnt even know what a disco girl was. You’re saying I’m trendy? Call me a osco girl I guess!

  8. hahahahaha you did an amazing jobbb!! ilyyy
    some things about vsco girls
    you pronounce it faaa-yahhL-raven kawnken haeven
    also ur shorts CANNOT BE SEEN
    always try and have lower case
    iced coffeeeeeee is vsco
    small baby hairs down bigger ones up
    your insta photo was great!!! (just a real hydro flask and you’ll be 100% vsco!!!!)

  9. Ahh the only thing I like in this style is the scrunchies. I think birkenstocks are like crocs in the realm of fashion sense and I don't get why the backpacks are soooo expensive!?!

  10. I feel like this isn’t the first video like this but we are still spending like 5 minutes searching when there is at least 5 videos from top creators

  11. I'm 30, never heard of a "VSCO Girl" until this viedo. As Sierra begins to list all the things to be one I realized my 17 year old neice totally is one. So I txt her asking of she would call herself one. She replied, "100%" and sent a picture of her VSCO Girl stuff. Hahahahahaha. This video gave me a good chuckle for the day.

  12. When I went to Europe our tour director had the exact bag you bought. Same color and everything. She said it was great for traveling Europe.

  13. Omg I feel you when I saw Blair Walnuts’ video about vsco girls I was like “how am I so out of touch at the age of 23?” Lmfao

  14. TIL I'm a knock off VSCO girl. I've been out of touch since my youngest brother in law told me he was "wheeling" a girl and I had to ask Facebook for help deciphering that 🤷‍♀️🤦

  15. i like people in their 20’s acting like they’re so old just bc they’re not doing the same thing as 16 yr olds

  16. So a VSCO girl is sooo environmental friendly they carry around metal straws and drive one of the most environmental friendly cars around… A jeep…🤔

  17. hey sierra, i just wanted to let you know that when i’m stressed your videos always lighten my mood and cheer me up. you’re such a good person and you put out so many positive vibes and i love it!

  18. Girl you should’ve worn shorter shorts and had bracelets and scrunchies on your wrist, but other than that you nailed it 😂

  19. I’m so glad that you uploaded this video today. I texted my 13-year-old niece today asking about what a VSCO girl is also earlier!!

    Lmao I feel so old and out of touch

  20. I’m a 28 year old HS and JH teacher. I spent about 30 minutes researching VSCO girl and now I can’t stop seeing them! They are everywhere at my school. The dressing a certain way I’m definitely fine with, it’s the “sksksksksksk” and the “and I oop” that drives me insane!

  21. I'm 40 and I qualify by default because the vibe neva left me annnnd I have the original polaroids to prove it. 😂🤷‍♀️

  22. Okay, watching this: I realize I’m a VSCO girl and didn’t know it. I just like reusable water bottles, scrunchies, metal straws, oversized T-shirt’s, and Birkenstock’s. Didn’t realize that was a thing lmao

  23. My friend got a bunch of those backpacks from the Shanghai fake market when we were studying abroad in 2016 😂 who knew they'd be a Gen z craze

  24. So is a VSCO girl like a hipster? Like hipsters don’t claim to be hipster but they know they are? As a 30 yr old I’m very out of touch with new “in” things on the internet 😅

  25. OH MY GOD I LOVE MAI 💖 and this whole video is amazing lol makes me wanna get my channel going again and have a go at trying a new aesthetic for a day

  26. I really wanted to enjoy this video but it only made me mad because it (IMO) proves my theory that Instagram is toxic in projecting unattainable beauty standards ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  27. Now, my knowledge of a VSCO girl is solely based on what I learned in your video…but my guess is that if they do forget their reusable cup…they would definitely recycle the cup and not trash it 😉

  28. So this was my style in the 90's. Baggy shirt, scrunchies, shell necklace, Birkenstocks, very minimal makeup….yup. I was a VSCO girl before they were a thing lol

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