Transfer Songs and Playlists from iPhone, iPad & iPod to Mac, PC & iTunes

We know your music is valuable and you want
access it in different ways but sometimes iTunes can be a one-way
street, letting you put music on your device but not letting you transfer it
off. Well, iExplorer can help you with that! You can transfer media from your iPhone
iPod or iPad to a Mac or PC directly to iTunes or to your Desktop. Helpful features like batch transfer,
drag & drop, and previewing music make iExplorer super easy to use. In addition to music, you can transfer
Podcasts, Ringtones, Movies, and even iTunesU content. iExplorer also retains the meta-data
associated with all media, including play counts, ratings, and album artwork. Playlists are a crucial part of the iTunes
experience. iExplorer lets you rebuild your favorite playlists by exporting all
tracks from a playlist to a folder, or copying the playlist to iTunes. And even
if some or all of the tracks of a playlist are already in iTunes, iExplorer can rebuild that playlist without transferring duplicate tracks. Most people have dealt with the dreaded
computer crash or the hassle of moving all their data to a new computer. Now you can recover your iTunes library
from your iPhone iPad or iPod. Using iExplorer’s instant Auto Transfer
function rebuild your entire music library from your device into iTunes.
It’s as simple as connecting a device and clicking on auto-transfer. All tracks
that aren’t already in iTunes get transferred and you can select all or
just some of your playlists to copy along as well. iExplorer is a fast, easy, and reliable way
to transfer your music and playlists between iOS Devices and your Mac or
PC. Try it now for free!

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