Trailer Park Boys Podcast Episode 52 – Remember Amsterdam?

Trailer Park Boys Podcast Episode 52 – Remember Amsterdam?

Amsterdam? Were we high in Amsterdam? Higher than this? We should cut to a clip! [Julian] What is your
thing with swans, man? Every time we go somewhere you want to
go fuckin’ see the swans. It’s fucked! They’re a very glorious, glorious bird But why, what makes them glorious? I think it’s their necks Like, they’re really big, they can do all these weird things with their neck Didn’t you wish you had a neck like that
when you were young? [Julian] No, man! I’ve never thought about having a fucking neck like a swan Ricky, what are you talking about? [Boys lose their shit laughing] [Julian] I think the muffins are kicking in, boys – great! [Ricky] And the cookies… [Julian] And the cookies, and everything else! [Ricky] I think I’m too fucked up to continue! No you’re not! What are you talking about? We’re just having a great time. [Boys laugh their cocks off] OK, so you wanted to have a neck like
a swan when you were younger? Why
would you want a neck like a swan Ricky? So you could see behind you. [Julian, crying with laughter] Ricky! Stop it please! You’re killin’ me! [Ricky] Boys, I don’t think I’ve ever been this high Oh yes you have, Ricky! I thought it had, but I can’t make stuff like this I’ve made a lot of stuff in my day, boys
but this… wow, these people know what they’re doing I need a lot more booze guys, like soon [Ricky] I need to eat and I can’t eat anything
else with weed in it [Ricky] I should finish that joint [Bubbles] I want to talk about the swan [Julian] No! [Ricky] OK, I just assumed when you see a swan how fucking cool they are, they’re a big bird with a long neck kinda like a girac,
and they can turn around and look behind them… Like a what?? A girac You know, horses with the long necks It’s a giraffe, Ricky, and it’s not a horse with a long neck It’s a giraffe, it’s a totally different kinda animal So because you like giraffes with the long neck you
wanted to have a swan neck [Julian] We can’t talk about this anymore, boys [Bubbles] Oh I think we should get to the bottom of it [Julian] Haven’t we already? [Bubbles] I don’t know, have we? [Julian] Yes, we have! I still don’t understand why you want to have a swan neck I just think it’s cool they can look
behind them, look around, they can almost do a 360 with their necks I know, but when you’re saying you wanted a swan neck did you want your neck to be like you know, four or five feet long with your head up in the air Well just say there’s something up here and you can’t see it, you’re just like, oooomm… [Julian] Oh boys, we gotta stop talking about swans please, OK? No more! [Ricky] They have like a Slinky neck that can turn right around Their neck’s not like a Slinky! It can expand and go back! No it can’t! Ricky, they don’t have a fuckin’ accordian neck! [Ricky] All right, well looks like it when you’re super baked! Yeah I forgot about how high we were in Amsterdam…

67 thoughts on “Trailer Park Boys Podcast Episode 52 – Remember Amsterdam?

  1. Holy shit you guys were legit high as fuck there weren't you? Rob Wells was so fucking high that he broke character and sounded too smart to be Ricky.

  2. awww my girlfriend was supposed to meet you at the Holland house souvenir shop but you came a day earlier and we were out buying a new phone! 🙁

  3. I think they sound like they're tripping not stoned. People who are big stoners don't get fazed how ever much they smoke. By the way they are giggling while talking about SWANS sounds like they ate some mushrooms.

  4. I remember when I had a space muffin in Amsterdam, started giggling uncontrollably and after that I just sat in a bar, sweating bullets and drinking water. It felt like I was going to die. Good times.

  5. Lol watched this episode on netfilx last nite the bit where ricky starts crying outside the coffee shop is funny as fook haha

  6. They weren't high.. pretty sure none of them smoke weed on the job. They had the giggles over funny ass stupid shit, we all get it at times, so bad all 3 almost fell out of character lol. Especially Mike 😛

  7. Hands down my favourite viewing TPBs in any form … movies, TV shows, podcasts .. whatever.  Mr. Lahey and Bobandy absolute classics along with everyone else in the park.  Sunnyvale surely rocks.

  8. Ricky can't be that high because he can still speak….I once had a hash brownie in Amsterdam and couldn't string 2 words together from 4 pm till the next morning.

  9. One of the times that it wasn’t Rosemary in the joint they’re smoking.. They’re high as hell in this clip go real lmao what a wonderful place Amsterdam is.

  10. I never have been has high as I was in Amsterdam, before or since. Best stuff I got was white with purple hairs. Couldnt even think straight

  11. You can tell this moment was 110% legit and the Boys were really enjoying themselves… By far my favorite TPB moment…

  12. Girac horses with long necks 💀 didnt you want a neck like that when you were young 😂 ricky's improv game is next level!

  13. No lie. Lost my job watching this. Not supposed to have your phone out at my old job. "don't you wish you had a neck like that when you were young" ☠️💀☠️👻

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