“TOWNHALL 13 ORIGIN” Story of Townhall in Hindi | Clash stories in Hindi Episode – 91

“TOWNHALL 13 ORIGIN” Story of Townhall in Hindi | Clash stories in Hindi Episode – 91

Townhall 13 which look like any other townhall, keeps one of the most dangerous defense- Giga Inferno hiden inside it Giga Inferno looks like and work similar to Inferno tower but it is very different And this is not a first time that the builder has thought about using lava or transforming townhall into a defense But it is the first time that he not only Managed to put an inferno tower inside it infact he putted a dangerous ice bomb too which when townhall gets destroyed makes all the nearby troops slow for a moment But why builder made the townhall more hard and dangerous Also, how did he manage to put the inferno tower with lava inside it Let’s find out in the Story of Townhall 13 [Intro] Before I start today’s video If you enjoy watching such interesting stories then please subscribe to the channel this channel Along with that, don’t forget to turn the notifications on and if you like this story do share this with your friends So let’s begin When this winter… Builder suddenly started to upgrade everything fast we knew that like the last time builder was working on something big and soon, along with his new creation, he revealed a completely Different town hall with the Giga inferno inside it which was the townhall 13 But builder didn’t create the townhall 13 alone in a single day And how builder created it ,To find that we have to go back 8 months from the reveal of townhall 13 When things were little normal in clash village but soon something was going to happen there which was going to bring lots of changes in clash village And those changes started to show when the barbarian king became the gladiator king in clash village and after that lot of things became chaotic And those changes affected things like Inferno tower to troops like Grand warden But builder was not affected much by these changes because he used to think that changes in village doesn’t affect him but he forgot that in clash empire everyone was connected to one another in one way or another and the decision he takes impact others also And when a few months later Master builder came to the clash village Builder again thought that it will not impact him but thinking that was wrong because with the coming of master builder there was one extra builder in the village which meant that things were upgrading at a fast pace in the village and things were starting to get max Because of which the pressure to build something new on builder was starting to increase and also because the master builder was now with the builder everyone was expecting some new kinds of building from them and to please everyone for a while builder did upgraded the existing defense But he wasn’t thinking about upgrading the townhall and putting a inferno inside it at the that time because he was working on some new defense at that time but luckily at that time master builder was there so builder asked him to help him with the townhall upgrade because it was the master builder who showed the builder the way to make Giga tesla last time The builder was thinking about upgrading Giga tesla further But the master builder had something else in his mind Because the master builder had recently returned from the clash Royale arena He had an idea, he told the builder that why don’t we replace The Giga tesla with something better, which will make townhall more strong The builder said “What are trying to say?” Master builder said why don’t they put a giant inferno tower filled with lava Inside it A builder with a chuckle, said “that I have tried already” Did you forget about Townhall 10? Master builder replied that he didn’t forget about it and said that he learned something interesting about lava when he was working on the lava launcher Builder interrupted and asked “what you mean?” Master builder said do you remember when I came to you for getting a poison spell I noticed a weird thing in inferno tower at that time and that was Inferno tower no longer needed the dark elixir but why that changed that i don’t know And at that moment builder started to think about the day when Gladiator king came and the changes that came after And then he said “If you can make something like that then you should make it” And before starting to work on townhall upgrade they both went to the king and told them about their plans King, who was with the Yeti at that time said that he will help them if they could take Yeti to village somehow The builder agreed to that and then after working continuously for weeks Master Builder showed the amazing townhall 13 which looked Similar to any other town hall and just like townhall 12 when that townhall was attacked A Giga inferno popped out of it and when the townhall was fully ready Builder also showed everyone his other creations like seige barracks , scattershot and also introduced the Yeti with everyone But upon their encounter with yeti all troops started to fear from him But as the time lapsed everything started getting normal and as time passed with the help of Master builder, builder upgraded Giga inferno further and added a freeze bomb inside that So that was the story of Townhall 13 Hope you enjoyed this story if you enjoyed this don’t forget to leave a like on this video and also before going away leave a comment about what story you want to see next Royal Champion’s, Scatter shot’s, first archer’s or you want to know about some other game or you would like to know about who is the bunny with the wizard So that will be all this video Hope you enjoyed Thank you for watching See you again. Wait…. I leave easter eggs in all my subtitles video So i don’t know but all this add up to a something bigger… but who knew it will make sense… Stay healthy,postive see you again…

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