100 thoughts on “TotalBiscuit talks about living with stage-4 cancer

  1. TB wanted people to see this clip to encourage anyone out there with any concerning symptoms to see a doctor. We're extremely grateful for TotalBiscuit coming and sharing his time with us and being an inspiration. Appreciate your time on this planet my friends! Love you all.

  2. R.I.P. John Bain. I lost my dad to cancer around the same time you dropped out. Watching You really inspired me to not look at him as a walking corpse. That he could get better, and he could overcome. I miss you both dearly.

  3. Stage IV cancer here. My wife was told that I would die soon around June 2015. I started Immunotherapy November 2015 and am still here. He talks about Immunotherpay around the middle mark. Hopefully, like his neighbor, I'll be around for a long time. Chemotherpy was the absolute worst. Get checked out. Seriously, cancer doesn't discriminate.

  4. I wish we had the ethan of today doing this podcast. He is a much better interviewer. Still a great clip.

  5. My grandmother just died of stage 4 cancer yesterday, cancer is fucking lame. RIP TotalBiscuit gone way too young.

  6. He's so brave, I wouldn't take the Chemo, I probably just say fuck it, sell everything, get loans and go crazy for a couple of weeks doing whatever I want then jump out the Window 🙁

  7. Total Biscuit: Yes, I have cancer

    Ethan: I actually know exactly what you're going through, because someone I know, knows someone with cancer.

    Ethan is an intolerable human being

  8. Honestly I used to watch Totalbiscuit's videos. since then i haven't stopped. Yet now when i watch any videos i just think ''Man if i just heard his intro one more time'' then have to know i will only do so if it's from the past. just hits me hard each time. But watching this let me know who the man was outside of reviews. He was incredibly strong. I see why it took years for his condition to claim him. He always refused to give up. I have a relative with stage IV Cancer and i see her fight every day and you honestly can't tell. Even with her mental state. So strong And i don't ever think i could be that tough. As much as i wish that Cancer didn't take John he did so much for so many. I don't even know if he knew the true impact he would have on us. To anyone with cancer. Never surrender.

  9. Got my ass proped today and they didnt find anything, already got the test results and im do relieved… After nearly two years of those nasty symptoms i turned out to be a lucky Bastard… Rip mr biscuit and thanks for helping me to gather thr courage to go to the doctors, thank you!

  10. I watched this after my dad passed away from lung cancer, was following TB for few years, we were both born in 1984. My dad was given 10 months upon diagnosed in stage 4, funny thing is that we live in Poland and the survival rates are the very same here than in US or other most rich countires, the treatment here is the same so I guess all developed countries are on the same level nowdays, why aren't we moving forward? we are spending tons of cash on bul…t stuff instead of investing in research and development of ultimate cure for cancer

  11. Total Biscuit was a hero. I don't take that term lightly but like my mother who died tragically 3 weeks after her diagnosis from pancreatic cancer, they both stared it in the face, said fuck you, and fought. Its not how long you fight or if you beat it, its the decision to fight that makes you a hero for those who will suffer in the future. My mother had a 1% chance to live 2 weeks and she lived 3 weeks. Keep fighting people. Rip to all those who we have lost.

  12. My grandma sadly past after her 2nd fight with breast cancer, she had chemo but, was still there in the head. She never talked much about the headache of fighting cancer and hearing a YouTube I barely knew except his "wtf is…..?" Series and, hearing his hard battle hits so close to home but also hearing a different side of the story hurts. Rest your soul TotalBiscuit.

  13. This was about a half year before his death.
    Heartbreaking to hear how the sickness even changed his voice. The one thing we all knew him by.
    Rest in peace – You'll be missed.

  14. Cancer treatment is so messed up it's like let's use deadly radiation and drugs on you that will damage you and hope that it kills the cancerous cells before it kills you.

  15. everything he said about getting checked is so spot on. I lived with EXTREME pain in my left calf muscle for 2 years, when I finally had the courage to see the doctor about it turns out I had a tumor the whole time, luckily it was benign(thank god) and I got it taken care of but moral of the story is go get checked if you think it could be anything, no matter what. Rest in Piece to a real one

  16. I just wanna say, About a year after I watched this podcast when it was aired, I noticed a persistent pain in my balls. I ignored it for a few months but then remembered this podcast. I remembered what John said about not waiting and how "fucking dying" is a lot worse than being embarrassed. So I decided to get it checked out. I got a couple ultrasounds and was pretty much instantly diagnosed with testicular cancer. A week after that I had surgery to have it removed. 6 Months later and I'm cancer free. I really do think it was John who kind of snapped me into reality and gave me the courage to get it looked at. John and this podcast might have seriously saved my life.

  17. My father died of cancer and he dealt with it basically the same way except he didn't do a lot of what you suggested. He didn't have the will power or the people to support him and I feel bad for him and maybe it was some what my fault but it doesn't matter. Cancer is a bitch.

  18. Rest In Peace, friend of friends. The likes of you are rare amongst us, may we all aspire to be so generous and kind. Though you may have passed on to whatever is beyond your memory shall never be forgotten, you will always be an inspiration to all of us as to what a gaming journalist should be, what a friend should be, what a person should be. Though the many never knew you as anyone more than a face on a screen or a line of text in a message you will be missed as if you were a friend.

  19. My dad was diagnosed with a secondary cancer. Essentially he was given 2 months to live. He sat me down with my brother and told us this. That was 20+ years ago. His stomach lining was covered in cancer cells. No chance of living. Tomorrow I'm meeting my family… and my dad, for his 75 birthday breakfast. Just the icing on the cake.. He never went through chemo. He chose to eat well, ride his bike every day and mentally battle it.. I can't tell you it was a homerun because it hurt me so bad. But at least I still have my dad. About 15 years ago they were able to say that all the cancer was gone and he was ok. It still makes no sence to me because of the aggressive/evil way cancer attacks.. but I still have my dad

  20. What if Total biscuit's death is a direct result of a Portlandia skit? 
    It's the beets……. uh, actually no it's not.

  21. Support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society… The money really does go to get PTs access to life saving care, and they are a amazing foundation.

  22. Anyone who has cancer should look into Dr. Burzynski research, it may save yours or a loved ones lives. 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  23. I'm currently going through reacuring testicular cancer. This time it is a tumor 22cm in my abdomin I am a 26 year old man. I have to have 3-4 cycles of BEP chemo and I could have potentially avoided all of this by going to my follow ups after the first testicular cancer.

    In 2015 after a simple operation to remove a testicle I buried my head in the sand for 4 years. Now I have to have chemotherapy. Don't do what I did. Go to your follow ups even if your clear for 3 years

  24. Every time i see this clip I start to tear up and cant get past the first minute. TotalBiscuit is a saint. I've loved everything hes done. RIP and still having feels in 2019.

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