Top Podcast Hosting Sites 2019 (Top 5 Best Podcast Hosts)

Top Podcast Hosting Sites 2019 (Top 5 Best Podcast Hosts)

– So, you have an awesome podcast, but you’re wondering where to host it. You’ve come to the right video. In this one, I’m gonna outline my top five favorite podcast hosts. So you can make sure you’re
making the right choice. Let’s go. (upbeat music) So before we get into the
video, if you’re new here, my name is Ben, I make
weekly videos on podcasting, social media and other online tools to help you turn your
passion into business. So if you’re interested in any of that, be sure to subscribe. Let’s go. Picking a podcast host
isn’t all that easy. There’s so many options out there. And you also wanna make sure you make the right choice for you. There are a few core things
you wanna keep in mind when making the choice for a podcast host. The first being does it
have all the features and tools necessary
that you’re looking for to help you grow and run your show. Two, is it a platform that
is not only easy to use, but one that you’re going to enjoy using? So, it keeps you coming back, posting more content for your listeners. And three, is it within your budget? So I’m gonna do my best to
outline those key factors for each of the top five
that I’ve outlined here. It’s important to note there
are tons of other podcast hosts that I didn’t mention in this video. These are just my top
five favorite and the ones that I think are the best
options for your podcast. So in no particular order, let’s get into the list of the top five. The first one on the list is Transistor. Transistor is one of the big players in the podcast hosting community. And it is home for some
big pretty big shows including Drift, Honey Badger, as well as Cards Against Humanity. All those big shows are
hosted through Transistor. Transistor has a ton of great features that can make it a great option for you. The first being that you can host unlimited shows on one account. So if you’re a person who
has numerous podcasts, this could be a great option for you. You can also have multiple
users on one account. So if you’re gonna have a bunch of people working on the same
show or different shows so you have a team putting
all these podcasts together, this could be a great platform for you too because they can all manage
the shows in the back end easily from one account. It also grants you the opportunity
to make branded websites with your own domain name,
which is great feature to really build a brand
around your podcast. Of course like any good podcast host, it makes it super easy
to distribute your show to all the major players. Transistor also provides analytics, which is a super valuable
tool ’cause it gives you more insight as to how your show is doing. Plans on Transistor range from $19 a month all the way up to 99 depending
on your unique needs. So, I encourage you to go
over and check out their plans to see which one best fits your needs. For most people watching this,
you can probably get away with the 19 or $49 options. And regardless of which one you go for, you can get a free two
week trial using my link in the description box down below. So if you think Transistor
is the right choice for you, go ahead and use that link
and get your free trial so you can experiment with it. And if you’re currently
hosting on another platform, Transistor also makes it very easy to switch over to Transistor. So, if that’s what’s holding you back, don’t let it ’cause they
make it pretty simple to switch it on over. Number two on the list is Captivate. Captivate is one of the
newer players in the space, but they’re all about
growing your show, which is obviously a key point of
emphasis for any new podcaster. Captivate was created by Rebel Base Media, the creators of Podcast Websites. So they’re not exactly new
to the podcasting game, simply the hosting game. All plans come with unlimited podcasts, unlimited team members,
their new podcast player, as well as analytics and marketing tools within the platform. A unique feature to
Captivate is their automatic podcast websites that have
built in call to actions. These websites are
customizable, mobile friendly and have built in donation support so you can easily monetize
off of your listeners and they can simply go
right to the website and support you right through the website. So that’s a huge bonus to Captivate. If you’re really concerned about monetizing your podcast easily. Also, with a website you
can easily use it a tool to help grow your email list. So if you can funnel
traffic to that website, you can also use it as a
tool to capture more emails to increase the size of your email list. So if you currently are thinking about starting an email list
or you already have one, that could be a great way
to capture more emails. Much like Transistor, it’s very easy to move your
show over to Captivate. So if you are on another
host, don’t let that stop you. They offer three plans starting at 19.99 ranging all the way up to 99.99. Again, based on your specific needs. If you think Captivate
is the right one for you go ahead and use the link
down in the description. That’ll get you a free week trial. So you can really get your feet wet and see if it’s the right platform for you without having to invest anything. So go ahead and use the
link, you’ll get a free week. Next one. The third one on the list is PodBean and PodBean’s been in the
game for quite a long time. So you know, they know what they’re doing. They offer unlimited hosting services, as well as distribution
to all major platforms. They’ve been in the game since 2006. They’ve been around for a while. So unlike the previous two podcast hosts that I’ve mentioned, PodBean
does have a free version, but it’s a little bit limiting. It only offers five hours
of content per month, as well as basic analytics and
100 gigabytes of bandwidth. So if you wanna upgrade
for more advanced analytics to help you get more insight on your show, your audience, and how to grow it, you’re gonna have to pay for
one of their upgraded plans, but they come in at
pretty affordable rates. So they’re one of the bigger players in the podcast host community
and they boast that they have 6 billion podcast downloads
from their platform. So obviously they have a lot of podcasters using it and staying with them. Unique to PodBean, is that
they offer plans that offer not only unlimited audio hosting, but unlimited video storage,
which can be really really important if you have a
video channel or if you film your podcasts that could be
extremely important to you. So if you have a YouTube channel and you’re filming all of your episodes, PodBean maybe the better route for you if you’re gonna utilize
that feature a lot. It also offers the
opportunity to dynamically add sponsored ad campaigns
into your episodes to help monetize easily
and much like Captivate, PodBean also does have
the ability to set up recurring patron supports,
that way you can monetize off of your listeners every single month. And you can do that right from your podcast host being PodBean. Another huge thing if
you are using YouTube to help grow your podcast is
PodBean can actually sync up with your YouTube channel and
it can auto post as a video on YouTube for you straight from PodBean. So again, if you’re going that route, PodBean might be the best option for you, if you’re utilizing YouTube
to help grow the podcast. They also offer a mobile
app, analytics reports as well as automatic posting
to both Facebook and Twitter. If PodBean sounds like
the right choice for you, go ahead use the link
down in the description you’ll get a free month out of it. Number four is Buzzsprout. Buzzsprout has also been in
the game for a very long time, they’ve been hosting since 2009. They have no upfront costs or billing and they too offer a
free version for anybody who wants to try out the platform. One thing to keep in mind
with the free option though, is they’ll only host your
episodes for 90 days. So it gives you great
opportunity to test out the free version and see if
you’re gonna wanna upgrade to one of their paid plans. Paid plans start as low as $12. And they will host all of
your files indefinitely. You also get unlimited
storage and 250 gigabytes of bandwidth per month. Very cool feature about
podcast is that it allows you to embed a podcast
player onto your website. So this can be very, very
powerful if you’re a blogger too, and you get a lot of traffic to your blog that you also want to
become fans of your podcast ’cause you can embed the
player right onto your website so they can listen to it right there. In that player you have the option to have just a single episode or a
series of episodes depending on your unique needs for this
specific page on your website. So that could be a really cool feature that you could utilize. They also offer a Very easy
to use analytics dashboard that will give you some great insight as to where your show
is being listened to, and how many people are
actually listening to your show. This information is super
valuable because it can tell you what’s working, what’s not working, and where you can have
the opportunity to grow plus where your current fans actually are. So you can speak directly
to that in future episodes. Buzzsprout is also extremely easy to use, it’s kind of notorious
for being easy to use. So it’s very, very user friendly. When posting content, they
make the process super simple. They make adding all the
metadata very, very simple. And they also make it
easy to batch content. So if you’re one that likes to
do a lot of work in one day, get all the content up
there and then post data to come out later, you can
easily do that on Buzzsprout. You can have all your episodes
waiting to be launched at your desired day. Like all the other hosts
that I’ve mentioned, Buzzsprout makes it super
easy to get your show from Buzzsprout to all the major players so you can maximize your reach and help to grow your audience. A unique feature to Buzzsprout
that can be very useful to you is they grant you the opportunity to put chapter marks in your episodes. This can be really
helpful for your listeners if you wanna guide them to
a specific point in the show if you feel like that’s
really relevant to them, because they have the whole episode, you know that people listening to this would take a lot of value
from a few sections. You can actually point them
to that point in the episodes, so they can go right there and maximize their
value from that episode. It’s a super cool feature
that can be very useful in certain situations. But one thing to keep in mind is that it’s not supported
by all of the players. So depending where your
audience is actually listening to your show will dictate if this is a feature that
can actually be used. something super cool to
Buzzsprout on the topic of monetization is their
new affiliate dashboard. So a lot of podcasters are
concerned about monetizing their podcast, but they find
it very, very difficult. So Buzzsprout has done their best to make that as easy as possible. They have created
relationships with a bunch of great companies that
offer great products, and they offer exclusive
deals to Buzzsprout podcasters to offer to their audience
and earn an affiliate revenue. So this makes it a very
much a win win situation for both the podcaster
as well as their audience because the audience will
get access to exclusive deals and the podcaster will get a
kickback in affiliate revenue. So it’s a really easy way
to monetize your podcast and also give something
to your podcast audience which is only going to
deepen the relationship and make them more of a fan of your show. So that’s a very creative
way that Buzzsprout has gone about making it easy to monetize off of your podcast. If you think Buzzsprout is
the best option for you, if you use the link down below, you’ll get a free $20 amazon gift card when you sign up for
one of their paid plans. So that can help cover the cost of almost two months of hosting. So Buzzsprout is actually
my podcast host of choice so you can rest assured
that it’s a good option. I’ll be releasing a full
review on the platform so you can get a better
idea of how it looks and how it functions in
the next week or two. So be sure to subscribe
and hit the bell button so you don’t miss that
video when it comes out if you’re considering Buzzsprout. The fifth and final hosts that I’m going to talk
about today is Simplecast. They’ve been in the game
for over six years now and they’re the home for
some pretty big time players from the likes of Nike,
Facebook as well as HBO. They all use Simplecast as
their podcast host of choice. Plans start at 15 bucks a month and go up depending on your unique needs. As their name would suggest, they’re very focused on being simple. And they stress that on their own website where I’ll read a quote. From your first listener
to your first million, Simplecast provides powerful
tools needed to manage, distribute, share and grow your podcast. So that’s what they
think about the platform. So Simplecast’s biggest features
are one click publishing. They offer different web players, a fully functioning website for your show and advanced analytic tools, again, to help you get some more
insights onto your show to help you grow it. A unique feature to Simplecast
is really, really cool is a feature they call recast. And they actually have that
trademarked by the way. The recast tool makes it
extremely easy to post trailers or sections of your
podcasts as content directly to your Instagram, Twitter
or other social media pages, which is a great advertising tool that they make very easy
through their platform. I’ll provide an example of it right now. So I’m sure you’ve seen
those all over Instagram and they’re very powerful tool, they can allow you to connect
with the audience over there and bring them to your
podcast to help deepen that relationship and grow your podcast. So that’s something you
certainly should consider if that’s a major priority for you. They also allow multiple
podcast managers in one account as well as unlimited storage
uploads and distribution to the major players in the
podcast streaming community. If you think Simplecast is
the right option for you, if you use the link
down in the description, you will get a 14 day trial so you can go give it a test drive and see if that’s the best fit for you. So those are my top five
hosts as of right now in 2019 and going into 2020. Let me know in the
comments section down below which one you’re leaning
towards and which one you think that you’re gonna ultimately go with. As mentioned, I use Buzzsprout
and I will be doing a full review on Buzzsprout coming
out in the next week or two. So be sure to subscribe,
if you want to see that. Even if you don’t be sure to subscribe ’cause I make weekly videos
on podcasting, social media and other online tools to help you turn your passion in to business. I love podcasting and I also
love when it’s very, very easy and all of these platforms make it easy to host and distribute your podcast. So they take the stress out of that and they just allow you to
focus on being the creator, bringing the best experience
to your listeners. So regardless of which
one you pick on here, you can’t go wrong. They’re all great options. And out of the five, they’re all amazing. I just chose Buzzsprout because I found it the simplest to use. And I also loved the staff over there. There are a lot of great people and they offer a great product. I encourage you to go through them all. Do your own research
and ask me any questions that you have about any of the platforms in the comment section down below. Thank you guys so much for watching. Be sure to like the video if
you took some value from it. And leave me some comments,
I love talking to you guys. So keep killing it. Keep crushing it. Go get your podcast
hosted and get it popping. Get it everywhere. And I’ll talk to you very very soon. Have a great weekend. Peace. (upbeat music) ♪ All you ♪ ♪ All you, you ♪ ♪ All you ♪

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