Top 7 PODCASTS of 2018 (Best Podcasts To Listen To Ever!)

Top 7 PODCASTS of 2018 (Best Podcasts To Listen To Ever!)

Hi there My name is Jennifer and welcome to the High on Gravity youtube channel So, I love love podcasts I think just think it’s such a great way to just kind of pass time especially when you’re on a flight or something maybe or when you’re just walking from A to B like, why not get a podcast in get some knowledge in that noggin’ y’know?! anyway I just thought I’d list some of my favourite podcasts So, the first podcast that actually got me into listening to podcasts it’s Invisibilia So, Invisibilia is a podcast about the things or the forces, the “invisible things”, that shape us or shape who we are really love their first and their second season I haven’t really listened to anything past that because I’ve been hooked on a couple of other podcasts now but their first season is really really great Second one, which I found through Invisibilia in a way it’s similar in the sense that it’s kind of social psych related that podcast is called “Hidden Brain” deals with like findings from economics, findings from psychology and it’s really entertaining and I find the insights really interesting and I can kind of apply that to my daily life what I like about Hidden Brain is that most of it is under half an hour so it’s really good bite-size “How I Built This” And I heard about “How I Built This” from like the ads on like NPR I think I might not have listened to about 10 episodes but other than that I’ve listened to every single episode let me just read you the quick description “It’s about innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists and the stories behind the movement they built” and it is so interesting they have so many interviews with so many interesting people For example, I was never curious about Sarah Blakely the person who started Spanx or you know Clif Bars I mean I knew what they were but I mean I wasn’t ever interested in the story or anything but listening to all these stories it’s so interesting and also kind of inspiring and motivating it’s amazing the amount of drive these people have to want to do what they do or better a circumstance or a situation Another goodie it’s not always my go-to but it cracks me up so much it’s a podcast called “No Such Thing As A Fish” and it’s really informative and also highly entertaining in the podcast they talk about like each person talks about a fact and they all have facts about, like, everything?!!! and it’s just so interesting it’s just the most bizarre things that you don’t think are true or real or like existing and they are so.. and they have really good banter super funny, like sometimes I’ll be listening to it, like, on my way to work or from work and I will crack up like while walking and people will probably just be like, “uh..” I also listen to Ted Radio Hour So it’s Guy Raz from “How I Built This” and he summarises a couple of the ideas and like the related videos and talks that you can find on Ted and he interviews those presenters kind of like bite-size Ted in podcast format ’cause you’re not always going to be watching something I’ve just got a quick update I didn’t listen to like tonnes and tonnes of episodes or anything but I listened to at least like 1 or 2 episodes from each of these podcasters and I really really wanted to add them to this video because I really like them So “99% Invisible” is a podcast by a guy called Roman Mars and the podcast is essentially about design and architecture and the things that we don’t really notice and we take for granted and it’s the stories behind them So, for example how the Shinkansen (bullet train) was developed and how biomimicry had a part to play in the development of the Shinkansen with the inspiration from the birds Ok, there’s so many interesting episodes on there and I’m just gonna be downloading heaps of them to listen to on my walk to work So I’m going to be pretty occupied with that one for a while The next podcast I wanted to mention is called “Ctrl Alt Delete” It’s like an interview format podcast and she chats to her guests about their relationship with the Internet Anyway, thank you for watching Please subscribe if you’re not subscribed already and let me know what you think of those podcasts if you love them as much as I do or if you think like those are ok and that there’s some better, like, podcast channel out there that I should really be listening to that you love please leave that down in the comments section below because I would love to check those out Thanks guys! Thanks for watching! Byeeee! Thank you, and you, and you and you and youuuu! listen to me ramble krrrr Ciao bellas Thanks for watching, peace out Thanks for watching, byeee!

35 thoughts on “Top 7 PODCASTS of 2018 (Best Podcasts To Listen To Ever!)

  1. Hi you probably know about the ted talks daily podcast
    Anyway my other recommendations are
    podcast playlist from cbc radio & podcast radio hour
    Hope you enjoy listening 👍

  2. This is a very good video! Interesting bit of information about the Shinkansen! I rode on one a few years ago in Japan. Easily one of the best experiences of my life!

  3. Thank you so much for all your recommendations! I've subscribed to all of them and can't wait to start listening!😊

  4. Thanks for the info ….. needed some new podcast, I’m all caught up with “Sword and Scale” witch is one of my favorite podcast …… thanks again and well put together Vlog‼️💯🔥🔥🔥

  5. you missed one – The Slugnuts Radio Hour political comedy podcast –

  6. Joe Rogan Experience Podcast definitely check him out. A funny dude who opened a lot of dumb people eyes through knowledge and I was one of them.

  7. wow you are perfect catch, a bunny rabbit girl. beauty and brains. Well, knowledge is power and i am glad you recognize that, glad to share planet with you. I see that you are into NPR. I've recently got into BBC podcasts, they also have a tons of categorized casts, i like one called "the documentary" nice 30 min episodes on a subject covered objectively. for being productive in life/work there is this one called "work on your game" For spirituality "halaltube" so i am very much a podcast addict. I am very grateful to be in these times where knowledge is widely available to us, i can't imagine anyone NOT maximizing their idle/empty time by getting on the podcast-wagon. Btw, i love castbox app, any subject i am interested in learning i just enter keyword and there is literally thousands of episodes on such subjects, its how i came across losing belly fat and 3 months down, i am back to being a hotty. ;p so yes Knowledge is Pawa'!

  8. Recently into podcasts, enjoy NPR as well. Great topics, variety very entertaining with great presentation. Will check out "No such thing as Fish".

  9. I always listen to Sam Harris' podcast Waking Up with Sam Harris. He talks to his guests about a wide range of issues such as meditation, science, religion, morality, politics etc. Sam is a neuroscientist and a author of several New York Times bestsellers.

  10. My favorite podcast is called The Basement Yard!!!! @thebasementyard I don’t really know how to completely explain what it is about because it’s difficult ever episode and they talk about so many relatable things and the guys who do it are hysterical. So funny. You will laugh the whole time!!

  11. You should listen to the podcast called misfits it's really good and very funny. It is about there crazy life stories they have together

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