Top 5 Travel Apps 2018 – Vacation Impossible Podcast

Top 5 Travel Apps 2018 – Vacation Impossible Podcast

We travel a lot, I travel a lot I
did six cruises in 2016 and I also that year did Portland retro gaming expo and
other trips so I travel a lot I think as an average that I do some form of travel
every other month so here are the top five travel apps that you should have on
your phone before any trip that you take first off you need a ride hailing app
now you probably already have one on your phone unless you live in British
Columbia on the west coast of Canada Vancouver is the largest city in North
America that does not have ride hailing yet so uber and lyft are not in
Vancouver Victoria or the rest of that province so for me part of my pre trip
preparation on my phone is to download both uber and lyft lyft is generally a
little bit cheaper but uber generally has wider coverage the first time I flew
to Houston lyft wasn’t allowed at the airport yet but uber was now since then
lyft has been granted access but that kind of thing can come up so uber’s
obviously you know it’s sort of the coca-cola and lyft is sort of the Pepsi
in terms of its market share and as a result availability of coverage and
rides jurisdictional issues uber has the advantage there I’ve just used uber I’ve
traveled in a lyft with Sam before my worst experience in an uber or a lyft is
light-years beyond my best experience in a taxi or a cab it’s almost always
cheaper for a single person when there’s multiple people it’s generally also the
best but sometimes cabs might be better depending on the capacity and the
specific region so I like to set it up in advance make sure that I’m logged in
and make sure that my credit card is added as a payment method because when
you’re roaming like for example as a Canadian in the United States you want
to use as little data that you have to pay for as possible the second app on my
top five apps to travel is the app for your airline I do like to have paper
boarding passes for example batteries don’t run out on paper and you never
know what’s gonna happen with travel and as my experience in the Calgary Airport
taught me sometimes you have to hold on to your your first flight’s boarding pass
in order to go to your second without getting kicked out of the airport but
having the airline app is good because that is a backup because let’s say you
lose that you have it in the app as well you can look at the current
information is it boarding is it on time has it been delayed you know you can you
can see all that has my TSA PreCheck been approved and on board generally
when you connect to the onboard Wi-Fi the app will update with your connection
information including perhaps the gate you’re landing at and maybe the gate you
need to take off on your connecting flight for I was flying Delta on this
trip and the Delta app is very good for this the online check-in the updated
information when my first flight got delayed to the point where it would have
been one minute late then previously advertised it gave me the option of
changing my flights for free in the app I declined it because I figured one
minute wasn’t gonna make it a big impact on the transfer but the fact that it
offered and it was all there ready to go really solid app with Delta so your
mileage may vary in different airlines but it often will connect to like the
in-flight entertainment potentially as well and so I do recommend getting the
app for any airlines you’re flying on because sometimes that’s how you’re
gonna find out about a delay or a change before other people the app seems to
know before I get an email before there’s an announcement or a text
message and so I find that that’s a very good idea and if you’re looking to
change and upgrade seats the app can help facilitate that number three is a
map app you’re gonna want something like Google Maps or Maps.ME both of those
work very well in offline mode in you can go in and select the
specific cities and it’ll just download the whole map for that city and so for a
prep side of things I like that in Google Maps you actually have to go in
and basically zoom in to a box for the area that you want to download as an
offline map so you don’t know if you’re getting the whole city you need to be
careful to make sure that you select the box that is all the areas you’re likely
to want to know about but both of them work fairly well and Google Maps
generally comes pre-loaded on Android and unfortunately that means I can’t
uninstall it so I might as well just use that but maps.ME works fantastically
well as well and the downloading of the maps process works way easier for maps.ME number four on the top five apps for travel is a podcast app I recommend
pocket casts if you have an Android device it’s about four dollars and I
think it’s well worth it one of the things I love to do when I travel is
listen to podcasts and I hope you do too particularly vacation Impossible’s podcast but pocket
casts allows you to download them and you can subscribe to different podcasts
and you can set different settings for each one so for example I subscribe to
the Cu podcast and the not so common podcast and I have it set up to
automatically download when new episodes come out I also have the Rachel maddow
podcast but I only download that when I feel the interest or the need so that’s
not automatically downloading coz she puts out
it’s basically an audio version of her show and that comes out every every
weekday basically and I don’t need to download all that like when I’m at home
but if I’m going to be flying or if I’m going to be on a cruise ship where I have
limited access to data having that kind of stuff is pretty fantastic
so one of the things I did on this trip was I was playing Mario Odyssey on my
Nintendo switch while I was listening to podcasts and on the plane that was
really quite nice when I’m on the cruise ship I love going to having a deck chair
in a shady part either on your balcony or somewhere on Lido and then listening
to a podcast with a wonderful view of the ocean and it’s nice and warm but
you’re not getting sunburned I love it so I really recommend pocket casts or
some other podcast app that is easy to use and particularly when a podcast
comes out and I’m having a port day there’s the odd time in like Honduras or
Mexico or something where I’m like hanging off the back of the ship with my
phone trying to get the last little bit of a podcast downloaded from like a mall
that I’m scamming on their Wi-Fi for or like in Hawaii I’d be walking by a store
and trying to download it the pocket cast does it automatically so when you
connect it’ll check and it’ll download and so you get back to the ship and
you’re like hey that’s great and that works a little bit easier and you can
also sort of look in on it while it’s doing that make sure it downloaded that
sort of thing so you might only be like ok I just need another minute to finish
this download but I’ve found since I tried pocket cast which was recommended
by Sam thank you very much it’s made that whole thing much easier one thing
is I used to try to download podcasts without an app and it used to be easier
than it is now but a lot of podcast interfaces have dropped the download the
podcast button so you have to go into the code and find the mp3 and download
that and that’s I had to do that Hawaii in a Nordstrom’s or something
and that was just frustrating as all all can be so pay one time get pocket casts
or something similar maybe there’s free options out there that’ll work well for
you but I think that’s an important thing to make your travel go easier
because let me tell you listening to a podcast makes your flight go way faster
in my experience and the last fifth app that I recommend for travel is a game of
some kind and particularly a game that doesn’t need Wi-Fi so for example one
game I like playing is called ballz it’s spelt with a Z but you can also
get I think Angry Birds 2 a couple other things make sure that it’s a game
that works without any data connection at all because the key to that is you
can use it on the plane or on a cruise ship and in particular on a plane
there’s the point where they say you know put away your large electronic
devices but you can have your handheld electronic device which is your phone
and this is largely during the takeoff and landing times and for some people
that’s the more stressful part of a flight you’re concerned about the
takeoff and landing that’s when the the the plane is going to be sort of moving
the most it’s where people fear the most I think even though flying is incredibly
safe and so having a game to play and distract yourself with as you’re going
through that I think is a good thing and so I would recommend a game also if you
end up just having to wait anywhere that kind of a thing can really help
make the process go better takes you kind of out of the moment so you’re not
just there thinking about the worst thing constantly you know awfulizing
imagining the worst it takes you out of the moment a little
bit and then you can kind of refresh when when you’re done playing the game
and so I do have a couple bonus apps if you’re cruising you’re gonna want to
download the app of the cruise line and and so in our case we cruise with
Carnival we get the Carnival Hub app and that’s fantastic it gives us a schedule
we can check our account we can message each other at a nominal fee it’s
fantastic so if where you’re going has an app if it’s like a cruise ship or
something like that I highly recommend you get the app as well and again
download these before you go so that you’re not wasting crucial vacation time
trying to download something on Wi-Fi that might not be very strong and
another it’s a bonus because I think this is obvious and most phones come
with it is something that can view both Word and Excel documents I like
to plan ahead quite a bit I have an itinerary that I normally build in
Microsoft Word and I normally have what I call is a distances file what I like
to do is when I’m going to be staying at a hotel I like to look at some of the
nearby things in advance because on those early road trips with Jon and
other people we’d get to a place we’d check into the hotel and we’d be like oh
I’m hungry what do you want to eat I don’t know what do you want to eat well
I’m not really sure what’s around here I don’t know what’s around here either and
so then we might hop on the Wi-Fi or something else and go looking for stuff
and that’s a bunch of time you’re wasting and it’s kind of stressful and
you’re kind of indecisive and all that kind of stuff so what I do now is for
every hotel I stay at I look at like ten restaurants and ten things to do in the
area and I put it on an excel sheet so I can list the address what it is and the
distance and so if we have a car it’ll be how long it takes to drive if we
don’t how long it takes to walk so that we know what’s practical and so now when
I’m in a hotel and I think oh I’m hungry well here’s ten options which one sounds
good keeping in mind you know the Red Lobster is sixteen minutes away but you
know the Hardees is 10 and the Steak and Shake is two how you know what what do
you want and how long are you willing to wait for it and that makes that a whole
lot easier so you’re gonna need something to view these files now you
could download the Microsoft Word and Excel app however I found those to be
incredibly difficult they don’t open sometimes they give you cryptic error
messages that just say can’t open the file right now try later
why would later be any different from now and like you have trouble saving it
tries to convert just all sorts of problems but the Google sheets and the
Google Docs app that comes pre-loaded on Android phones they actually work fairly
well they’re good for opening and viewing and minor edits if you’re gonna
be creating a document from scratch or making major edits you might want to try
tangling with the Microsoft Office product but by and large it just works
and so I would recommend having something an application to view Word
documents and Excel sheets if that’s part of your preparation as well I think
having a PDF viewer is really good because a lot of things you will be
looking at in your phone as relating to your travel maybe it’s a menu or
information on a hotel a show or something a lot of files online are as
PDFs you need a viewer to read that open it look at it and sometimes that’s built
into the app so like the menus that you see in the carnival Hub app are actually
PDFs and they save to your phone so you could look directly at them but having a
PDF viewer makes all of that work better so there’s three bonuses there but a lot
of them I think you’re gonna have pre-loaded except for your cruise app so
those are the top five travel apps that I recommend to have on your phone before
you go but I’m curious what apps do you think are essential other than those top
five please let me know in the comments below and let us know what apps did we
miss what apps do you think are absolutely essential and where did we go
wrong did you think that we don’t need to get all of those apps do think it’s
ridiculous to bring a game or something else let us know we’d be curious what
are other people using because we also want to learn and expose ourselves to
new ideas as well. Here at vacation impossible we realize you have a wide
variety of things you could be doing on the internet and we appreciate the fact
that you decided to spend some time with us thank you very much and if you’d like
to leave a like and a comment below that will help other people discover our
videos as well and hopefully they will enjoy it too
thank you very much for watching

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  1. Good tips and ideas though I can’t get the WOW Air app to find my booking so I will have to go old school.

  2. I recommed to download a wi-fi password app, these kind of apps contains keys from so many locations around the world of wi-fi spots.
    This could be handy, but harmful at the same time if you don't use a VPN.

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