Top 5 Myths About Podcast Hosting on Anchor [Audio]

Top 5 Myths About Podcast Hosting on Anchor [Audio]

Welcome to the Ms. Ileane Speaks podcast I’m so glad you joined me because we’re gonna have so much fun
talking about blogging social media YouTube and how you can make meaningful
content for your audience the show notes for this podcast can be found at so let’s get started hey everyone Ileane
Smith here and in today’s episode we’re gonna cover the top five myths about
hosting your podcast with Anchor so hold on to your earbuds everybody this is
gonna be a fun ride in July of 2018 I had the privilege and the opportunity to
attend Podcast Movement Podcast Movement is the biggest conference that’s focused on
podcasters it is an amazing incredible event I met so many awesome people there
I connected with so many folks that I’ve been following online I’ve listened
to their podcast or they’ve listened to mine and I also got introduced to a lot
of great people at podcast movement I’m so glad they decided to come to
Philadelphia this year so with that said one of the things that I was able to do
was to attend the session from Mike Mignano who is the CEO and co-founder
of anchor and in that session he gave a lot of insights and as you can imagine
some of the other competitors or shall I say paid podcast hosts were in attendance
and these are guys that I know and respect and have been my podcasting
mentors for years they were in attendance but somehow some of the
feedback that came back from Mike’s presentation was
as you can imagine not too kind now I set up in the front row I went up
introduced myself to Michael we took us ussies together I also met a few of the
other folks on the anchor team and they were very very nice and they also
thanked me I just love the fact that Michael thanked me for doing the anchor
show and he actually said that it’s podcasters like you that help us be who
we are and I love the fact that anchor is shaking up the podcasting industry
it’s giving people an easy way to start a podcast so with that said like I said
no disrespect to some of the other podcasting hosts. You guys if you’ve been
around me for a while you know I’ve used them all and I’m currently using some of
them I still think that they should have been more open they should have been
more willing to have a dialogue of course they’re not going to tell all
their customers you know yeah this anchor thing is a good idea but at the
same time to think about what can they learn from what anchor is doing so that
they can integrate into their platforms and perhaps provide their customers with
better customer support and I want to give a big shout out to
the guys from podcast movement for actually giving Anchor the opportunity to
speak and so that Jared Easley, Dan Franks and Gary Leland shout-out to you
guys because you know podcasting is wide open right now
and I think it’s wonderful that you are giving people different opportunities
such as the podcasting track that Elsie Escobar was the lead on and it was
talking about advocacy and making sure that all the under represented audiences
and people who don’t have access to podcasting how can we get them access to
become podcasters and I think the anchor has done an amazing job at that because
of the fact that their hosting is free so with that there were some takeaways
and some myths about anchor that I heard as a reflection of this podcast movement
talk and some of it quite frankly I’ve been hearing for quite some time so I want
to dispel some of those myths so without further ado let’s start with number one
anchor does a fantastic job of distributing your podcasts to different
directories however myth number one is that anchor Auto submits podcasters to
Apple podcasts anchor does not do that and those of you who are listening who
are on the anchor app you know that we have the option the very first option of
submitting our podcasts we have to manually tell anchor to submit our
podcasts to Apple podcasts on our behalf and even going forward after your
podcast is in Apple Podcast google podcasts and all the other places on the
per episode level you have a choice of saying that I want this episode
published and anchor only or I wanted distributed now once you’ve told anchor
that you want your podcast distributor on Apple podcast they will automatically
submit to Google podcasts and Spotify hmm
I say Spotify because that’s something that no other podcast host is doing
currently they are not Auto submitting your podcasts to Spotify contrary to
what they may want you to believe and then also there is castbox and overcast
now some of these podcast apps are actually pulling from the Apple
directory but they are also being submitted by Anchor it just all depends
upon the podcasting app like Breaker for example where they may be pulling from
the Apple directory however there are some cases where Anchor is actually
submitting your show for example from myself I wanted to also
be listed in stitcher and so i’d send them an email i was actually
corresponding with anchor support about something else and then i said well what
about stitcher and they said okay oh you’re in Stitcher now as well. So Anchor makes it very easy for your podcast to be
distributed and other podcast directories especially Spotify which is
the sticking point in my head in my opinion it’s the sticking point that the
other hosts don’t do for you automatically and but there is no auto
submission of podcasts to Apple Podcast so that’s number one but it also is
going to segue over into my number two myth and this actually came to me as a
question during a Facebook livestream so this was just a question from someone
who follows me they watch my YouTube videos they have liked my Facebook page
and they’re asking questions about anchor and about podcasting in general
and the question came up about up will anchor upload your audio files to Apple
podcasts and I’m gonna put that down as myth number two because even though this
myth is not specific to anchor it is a specific myth that people need to know
about podcasting Apple does not host your files this is why you need a
podcast host okay Apple is nothing like YouTube like YouTube gives you unlimited
storage you can just upload files all day long to youtube and they never
charge you a dime you cannot upload files to Apple podcasts it just doesn’t
work that way it works off of your RSS feed and I’ve got plenty of episodes
here that talk about RSS feeds and the importance of your RSS feed but that is
how you get submitted into the Apple podcast directory through your RSS you
never upload a file to Apple podcasts now we’re moving on to our number three
myth and it has to do with stats and guys I gotta tell you before we even
start talking about stats I want to give you a little bit of the history of my
own stats well one of the podcasting hosts that I use besides anchor is
Libsyn and Libsyn has always been known as the number one podcasting host the
longest and one of the largest podcasting hosts so I listened to their
podcast called the feed which is hosted by Elsie Escobar yes I said her name again
love her to pieces and Rob Walsh and I’d met both of these guys before and we had
a little bit of a Libsyn meetup during podcast movement and when we had a we
had a nice time so now let’s get to the stats the reason why I mentioned the
feed is because every two weeks they have an episode and Rob takes a segment
of the show and talks about Libsyn stats and boy oh boy you got to be super geeky
to follow along with what he talks about there because he goes into what’s called
the mean and the median number how the stats are calculated how the different
user agents that people use to consume podcasts and how that’s all factored in
and if your stats geek you definitely need to listen to Rob go through the
libsyn stats now with all that said one of the things that he does is he
lets folks know that if they’ve got a certain number of listens 45 days after
they’ve released an episode then he would say that you are in the top half
of podcasters versus the you’re not in the top half or you’re in the top 5% or
you’re in the top 1% if so it he really breaks it down and like I said
for your stats geek you’ll love it personally I’m not that much of a stats
geek I kind of like looking at trends to say okay this episode has been listened
to the most because I know that my audience has a finite size I know that
the type of show that I do my podcast and I’ve got three of them there’s only
gonna be a certain amount of people that want to listen to the show no matter
what okay it’s not a comedy podcast I’m not talking about current affairs I’m
not talking about news so it’s not a general interest and it’s not even a
business podcast because I talk about tech I talk about for example this
podcast the anchor show I’m talking about anchor so who really cares about
anchor except someone who’s on anchor or thinking about using anchor and then
there’s about 10 people out there to just love me no listen to me no matter
what I say shout-out to y’all hey Tish love you boo all right so now let’s get
into our myth number three about anchor now this myth is not just about anchor
but it’s about stance because anchor submits your podcasts to Apple podcast
they have the direct tie-in with your stats now anchor has given us a little
bit of a stats dashboard on our website and I actually asked Michael about this
and the Q&A of his session at podcast movement I asked about the stats and I
thought that the stats mmm are not that great and guess what Michael said he
doesn’t think they’re all that great either and so he knows that the stats
that we get from Anchor need work so here’s the myth anchor is taking the
information that they’re getting from Apple podcast and integrating it with what they think is the way that they should count
your downloads or your listens or whatever may not be the industry
standard but that’s basically how they’re doing it now all of the other paid podcasts hosts say oh my god this is horrible because you can’t log
into Apple podcasts connect and see your stats because anchor has submitted your
show and anchor owns that podcast and Apple podcasts connect well here’s the
myth as I mentioned I have a show on Libsyn and I can log into Apple podcast
Connect and guess what I don’t have any stats I don’t have any stats over there
Apple tells me it’s not enough data so my shows not big enough to show up on
their radar which to me doesn’t make sense I mean YouTube could tell me if I
only have two views so even if I only have two listens on my podcast and Apple
why can’t Apple tell me that so Apple is the one that doesn’t give you all of
your stats now if you have a larger show for example my daughter you know I can’t
talk about podcasting without talking about my daughter right Nicole she has
the better than success podcast and she does quite well even by Rob Walsh’s
standards of you know who’s in the top and who’s the median and the mean and
all that old good stuff so nicole has a dedicated listenership to her podcast
and yes when you log in to her podcast Connect or when I log in sorry you can’t
you can see stats you can see where people start listening where people stop
listening or of course they stop listening when she starts talking about
you know leave me a rating and review or whatever yeah
I actually haven’t logged in there in a while but I did do a behind-the-scenes
in a YouTube video where I went through the stats in libsyn I looked at the
stats an anchor I looked at the stats and my daughter’s podcast Connect I took
some screenshots to make sure I hid any sensitive information okay
so if you want to see what those stats dashboards look like on a larger podcast
then you wanna head over to my youtube video but the myth is that just because
you host with a paid host you’re gonna be able to log in and see your stats cuz
I’m here to tell you I’ve been using Libsyn since 2014 or maybe 13 and I don’t have any stats in podcast Connect now that’s not Libsyn’s fault that is Apple’s fault so there you have it there is myth number three okay guys thanks for hanging in there
with me because we are now talking about myth number four and before we move into
that I just want to remind you that you can support the show with listener
support just go to that’s i l e a n e dot link slash support and wherever you’re listening to this show you can
add your support $.99 a month $4.99 a month or $9.99 a month and so that’s gonna bring us to anchor not being focused on the listener side of
things I thought this was a fascinating conclusion you know I mentioned during
anchor’s presentation at podcast movement that I was very
I was hanging off of every word Michael Mignano said I said in the front seat
on the front row I would have sat on his lap if I could have although I
probably would have broke his back if I did that but I listened to every single
word contrary to some other podcasting advocates and hosts who set way in the
back of the room and somehow between the front of the room and the back of the
room Michael said something that made it seem like they’re not list they’re not
focused want the listeners and that’s nothing let me say this a different way
nothing could be further from the truth I’ve been using anchor for over a year
and they are super focused on the listener they’re more focused on the
listener than any of the other hosts that I use and pay for so when we’re
talking about stats and we’re talking about a comparison and remember I said
Michael admitted that they needed to work on their stats and they also want
to get stats into the app when I look at my stats for the anchor show of course
most of my listens are coming from within the app and see this is what some
of the others don’t understand because they don’t use anchor is that there is a
built-in listener base inside the app doesn’t have to come from Apple podcasts
and it doesn’t have to come from Google podcasts you know listeners has always
been a goal that’s the unique thing about anchor because it’s a host and
it’s a listening app it’s not really a directory although you can import your
RSS feed if you want to move from another host it’s not really a directory
it is a listening app where there is a community of people that listen
to one another’s podcast you never have to leave anchor if you are a podcast
listener there is a podcast listener for every taste and every topic right inside
of the app and so you often hear a statistic being thrown around that a lot
of those shows have podfaded that’s because their listeners they’ve signed
up for anchor and maybe they put out an episode or two and they realize that hey
it wasn’t that great and maybe podcasting is not for them but they
still enjoy listening they still enjoy listening I have to say that again
because I don’t know how anyone construed anything that Michael said to
me they’re not focused on listeners now what they could have misunderstood was
the fact that they were talking about or that Michael was talking about you don’t
always have to grow a huge audience your podcast can be very niche it can be very
small and that’s okay and honey let me tell you I breathe a sigh of relief when
I heard him say that it was like a breath of fresh air for me because I’m
so sick of hearing all these podcasters and on youtubers as well I’m not going
to just say podcasters but you kind of grow your show how to have a bigger
audience how to make sure that you get more listeners and you way to get more
listeners as word-of-mouth lifts a little and it’s like it drives me nuts
why can’t your podcast be for a small audience it could be a small audience of
listeners inside of the anchor app I know a lot of podcasters over on anchor
there they know that no one else is listening to their show other than folks
on anchor and what’s wrong with that so there’s a myth that I
want to dispel get out of your head right now anchor is focused on listeners
they’re focused on making it easy for people to start a podcast but they’ve
also given a really cool app they’ve provided a really cool app to help us
listen and consume content and quite frankly I love it yes now I want to talk
about the monetization really quickly because this always ties in why
podcasters and most of the podcasting industry is always talking about growing
your show and getting more listeners and it all has to do with advertising
advertisers aren’t gonna look at your show if you don’t have five thousand
downloads okay you know this is the reason why I started listening to
podcasts instead of the radio anyway cuz I don’t want to hear advertising there
are all kinds of ways that you can make money from your show they have nothing
to do with advertising and of course listeners support is one of those but
we’ll get into it in another episode I’m going to give you guys some other ways
that you can monetize your podcast so you don’t have to worry about
advertising and you don’t have to worry about growing huge numbers what you want
is loyal and dedicated listeners that’s much more important it’s a case of
quality versus quantity the final myth that we’re going to cover in today’s
episode myth number 5 is about anchors TOS – TOS is the Terms of Service you
know when you sign up for anchor you agree to their terms of service I mean
that’s the way it is for any app you click that little box nobody ever goes
over and reads these long boring legalese Terms of Service
however it’s so amusing to me that some of the other podcast hosts have decided
to read out anchors Terms of Service and point to all these negative things in
their terms because anchor remember anchor is unique it’s a little different
than other podcasting hosts because it’s also an app that lets you create your
podcast there’s also a social aspect to anchor well we still have some social
things in there where we can give people applause and we can give them messages
call into their show and we can also view the listeners of our episodes you
know this is some interesting innovative and revolutionary podcasting tools that
we have here on anchor so I can understand why some of the other
podcasting hosts would like to point to the negative parts of the Terms of
Service but personally I’ve got this question myself in the last two weeks
three weeks does anchor own your content now I’m not going to read all the boring
parts of the anchor Terms of Service I’m gonna read the part that I like cuz hey
it’s my show and mmm I get to read the part that I want instead of reading all
those negative parts that the other podcast hosts like to read so here we go
license grant you retain all of your ownership rights
in your user content that’s it end quote you retain your rights I think that the
myth gets really amplified because anchor has this ability for us to like I
mentioned the message or what we used to call “call ins” on anchor version
two it’s the same thing it’s just called messages now so you leave me a message I have the right to play it on my podcast so there’s different sentences and
statements within the Terms of Service that point to that usage there’s also
something called derivative works and the derivative works as Mike Mignano
explained when he was on stage at podcast movement have to do with the
fact that we can take a two-minute segment and anchor will transcribe that
and turn it into a video that’s the derivative work that they’re referring
to honestly nobody’s gonna go and download
all of your podcasts and then publish it as their own podcast now don’t get me
wrong people have tried to do that people haven’t done that to me with my
courses that I’ve had on udemy and my YouTube videos they take them down and
they upload them you know of course anchors not facilitating that you know
can you imagine how many people would have taken down Gary V’s podcast and
uploaded it on their own and said no anchor gave me the license to do it come
on guys let’s be real you know let’s go back to this conversation about
advertising because this is really important and I want you to pay
attention to this everybody has been talking a lot about Spotify I even had
an episode here where I talked about how easy anchor makes it for us to get onto
Spotify think about it Spotify started
integrating podcasting into their app because they want to run ads against
your content believe it or not my good friends at Google
Google has the Google podcasts don’t think that they don’t want to run ads
against your content so you have this ad free platform and they have these Terms
of Service that are being misconstrued to be something that’s taking your
content so they can do whatever they want to with it yet everybody’s
encouraging us to get on Spotify and to get on Google podcasts and guess what
they’re going to do what they want to do with it
they’re gonna monetize your content okay so clearly this is not something that
anchors trying to do anchor is a creator first platform I’m not gonna get into
any toe-to-toe with anybody going over Terms of Service because quite frankly
I’m not a lawyer but being a user on the platform I have not seen any indication
that anchor would take your content and use it for their own gain or that they
would let another user take your content so that they could profit off of it on
anchor so those that are worried or concerned about that you know clearly
there’s so many other options out here of hosts for you to use and I’ve used
multiple hosts and I have lots of tutorials I’ve got tutorials on how to
use Libsyn I’ve got tutorials on how to use Podbean I’ve got tutorials on how
to use Spreaker and how to add those nasty
little ads even though I only did it just for demonstration purposes you know
and the thing that I love about Anchor is that it’s giving you the opportunity to
flex your podcasting muscles to decide if podcasting is right for you and it’s
also providing a way for you to build your audience and yes you can take that
audience to another platform and anchor will help facilitate that I’ve seen too
many people that have done just that and it’s worked smoothly for them they have
that email anchor but anchor support is perfectly fine with someone who wants to
migrate to another platform so I want to dispel those five myths and I hope that
you’ve now got a better understanding of the anchor platform how it works and how
it’s changing the podcasting space so I’m here to take any of your calls if
you want to contact me you can go over to that’s i l e a n e dot link slash contact that’s if you want to send
me an email if you want to send me a voicemail and you’re not on anchor or
you don’t want to use the anchor app then you would go to and remember you can support the show at thanks so much guys I will talk to you in the next episode peace

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    And have heard awful things about anchor from other podcast host I decided to start my third podcast and submitted it to Anchor just as an experiment wow was I surprised at how easy and wonderful it was to have them do all the submitting to Apple and Spotify for me after listing to all the negative talk about anchor I was really unsure now listening to you you have renewed My Hope and Faith and anchor so thank you so much I will continue to listen to your show and learn more and more about anchor

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