Top 12 Favorite Podcasts

Top 12 Favorite Podcasts

Hey guys! In today’s video I’ll be telling you about some of my favorite podcasts, so that hopefully you guys can enjoy these as well. By the way, these aren’t in any order of preference or anything. They’re just alphabetical. Number one, 99% Invisible is a podcast about design and architecture. And the aspects of these art forms that we see in our everyday lives but, we don’t really notice. Number two By The Book is a podcast in which the hosts read and live by a self-help book in each episode. I really love their honesty and their personalities and you can often get tips from the book, or from the podcast that will help you as well. Next up is Flash Forward, which is a podcast that explores a “what-if” about the future in each episode. The host consults with experts to see how this might happen and what it would look like. Number four Hidden Brain is a NPR podcast about psychology and human behavior. It usually follows one story throughout the entire episode to explore one concept. Lexicon Valley is a podcast about linguistics, mostly about the history of certain parts of English but it can be related to other languages as well. Another NPR podcast I really like is Planet Money, which is about economics. And I know that sounds kind of boring, but trust me, all the stories are super interesting. Number seven is Radiolab, which is a classic podcast that’s been popular for ages and for a good reason: The stories are about a wide variety of topics, but they’re always presented in a super interesting way. Another podcast I love is Reply All, which follows stories about the internet. I’m assuming all of you guys use and are interested in the internet, since you’re watching this video so this podcast would probably be of interest to you. Next up is Science Vs Each episode of the podcast is about a certain controversial, or at least timely and relevant topic, like birth control, or saving the bees and it explores each of the topics by consulting with experts and using scientific evidence. Number ten on the list is Something You Should Know, which also covers a lot of topics, but mainly about advice or information that could improve your life in some way. It includes some short tips, as well as longer interviews with experts about each topic. Another classic podcast I recommend is TED Radio Hour. Each episode centers around one main idea Then they invite multiple TED speakers to share parts of their talks and to discuss even more. Last but not least, Twenty Thousand Hertz is a podcast about sound. For example, one of my favorite episodes is about the sound design of the Disney parks. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope that you’ll like the podcasts that you check out from this video. If you have any more recommendations for me or the people watching, be sure to leave them in the comments. I upload new videos every Monday and Friday and my Tumblr and Instagram are linked in the description. I post there every day. See you next time!

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  1. ~Podcast recommendation~
    If anyone is interested in psychology, an amazing podcast I recommend is Serial Killerz. It has amazing retellings and the two hosts have amazing personalities. Each episode is about 45 minutes and they're usually in 2 parts. The episodes focus on a serial killer and their childhood, their killings, and the psychology behind why they did it. I find it very interesting to listen to when I study or just listen to for fun ♡

  2. AWESOME RECOMMENDATIONS!! Some podcasts I listen to are The Daily, Harry Potter and the Sacred Text,TED Talks,and Pod saves America. 🙂 definitely will check out some of yours!

  3. Welcome to nightvale is a fun podcast that centers around a desert town where peculiar things happen, it's not educational, but it's quite funny.

  4. if you're really into philosophy or thinking of that sort I would recommend the podcast Philosophize This! which is available on Spotify. I listen to it on my commute and always come out feeling like I learned something new (though I am bias because I am studying philosophy hahaha)

  5. I really like all of your new videos with you talking to the camera! I don't know if it's because you're comfortable or not, but if it is, I'm really proud of your growth! They feel really sincere and intimate.

  6. Based on what your favorite podcasts are, it's obvious that you like real-world podcasts instead of story-driven ones. I highly reccomend you listen to 'Criminal'. It's a wonderful podcast that covers all areas of crime, from putting a concrete buddha on a street divider to the history of murder ballads. It's very fascinating, and I hope you give it a go!

  7. Have you listened to Harry Potter & the Sacred Text? I highly recommend it. It essentially examines each chapter of each HP novel with a certain theme in mind & then applies practices employed by religious scholars to delve further into the text.

  8. Hi studyquill, i really like ur videos and you helped me doing notes for my class anyways i have a video suggestion, you should make a video on how to make a presentation.:) ps: i don't know if my sentence made sence but i'm sure you will understand ( my first language is french)

  9. Some of my favorite podcasts are Hello Internet ("two dudes talking"), Dear Hank and John (random advice), Cortex (great for productivity), Criminal (true crime) and HFS (science news)

  10. ooh i really like "where should we begin?" it's basically couple's counseling sessions dealing with various issues and it's really interesting, if a little explicit

  11. You could try listening to Serial. Especially the first season is incredibly interesting. They try to figure out an old case where a boy was blamed for a crime, but the showmakers believe him saying he's innocent. To see how they try to discover the truth and follow along was super interesting

  12. Wow!!!!!! Love ur videos a lot…..I Am really inspired and influenced by u….. This is my favorite Chanel in YouTube…..oh I just realized that tomorrow the results of the giveaway will be announce…I Am Soooooo waiting for it….hopefully I wish I am a winner 😄

  13. The only podcast I listen to regularly is Geek History Lesson — it’s talks about the history of some characters in pop culture. If you like Marvel or DC stuff, they have a lot of episodes on a lot of characters!

    I tend to listen to podcasts while I do other stuff, like I’m trying to manipulate my brain to think that I’m multitasking so I don’t multitask — if that makes sense. That’s why I listen to something that’s more entertaining that educational: to keep boredom at bay.

  14. Welcome To Night Vale is so good!! It’s a bit odd so I guess it’s not for everyone but it’s super cool! It’s set in the style of a local radio show for a strange town and it’s just cool idk

  15. Style your mind with Cara Alwill, its for women who want to change their life and empower them self and live a wonderfull life. Cara Alwill is a lifecoach and writer. What i love about her podcast is that it is empowering and she talk about self love, and being a bussines woman, and she gives very good tools that you can use in your every day life, and she started to interview with woman in bussiness.

    The School of greatness with Lewis Howes. I love his 7-10 minutes podcast, where he just motivated you and gets you pump, beside that he also interview a lot of inspires and brilliant bussiness people, about their life, work and how they got where they are.

    Thank you for this video, i will look at By the book, that sound so interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Yay I also listen to something you should know it's a very productive use of time listening that in my free time 😊

  17. It made me super excited to finally see you post a talking video. You are so precious and you motivate me to achieve success in my life 🙂

  18. Thanks for this! I started listening to Flash Forward and I'm learning a lot 😊 If you want to listen to some good fiction podcasts I recommend Homecoming, Bronzeville, The Message and Life After.

  19. If you enjoy the show QI, or casual banter with obscure facts, then No Such Thing as a Fish is also a great podcast!

    And, similar to Ted Radio Hour, is The Moth. That podcast has brought me to tears so many times.

    also ty for the recommendations!! i used to be super into podcasts but then never found any to listen to

  21. If you like Hidden Brain you’ll probably like Invisibilia from NPR!! It’s my favorite podcast and the next season is available March 9! Or you could catch up on the old ones

  22. I know this doesn’t fit into the theme of this video, like the educational list, but I think this is a podcast that should be announced: its called #viral with Natalie alzate , and it’s about YouTube! Not only that, but it’s an inspirational podcast that include some OG youtubers that are AMAZING! It really is BOLD, and it’s something fierce, check it out!

  23. Thank you for the recommendations👍..i recommend you can listen to Optimal Living Daily podcast's awesome..

  24. you missed one – The Slugnuts Radio Hour political comedy podcast –

  25. Given the facts that you have said that lavendaire is an inspiration you, I think u might enjoy the podcast the lavendaire lifestyle. I personally think it's really helpful and I love the concept of making ur life the way u want it to b. Also, I really enjoyed the video and I really like a lot of the podcasts u mentioned.

  26. Can we just talk about she barely ever shows her face while she is like drop dead gorgeous 😍😍😍

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