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  1. Luckily Venetieri got the gig with the Patriots. Otherwise that cold blooded bastard would be the most prolific serial killers in history.

  2. Wes Welker should be #10

    5x Pro-Bowler
    2x 1st team All-Pro
    2x 2nd team All-Pro
    2004 All Rookie Team
    3x League leader in receptions
    5x 1000+ yard seasons as a slot receiver
    Played WR, KR, PR, and Kicker at 5'9'' 185 lbs
    Career stats: 903 receptions; 9,924 yards, 51 TDs
    3x AFC champion

  3. Keep in mind Warner was also the guy who's "Greatest Show on Turf" Rams were a Super Bowl record 16.5 point favorites in 2001 but lost to Brady and The Pats ..

  4. I'm sorry, a kicker can't be this high. Tons of good kickers go undrafted and no way is he ahead of Warren Moon.

  5. Top ten satanic lies of all time. #1. The earth is a spinning globe. Keep the simple occupied with meaningless bullshit. Truth does not matter to most people. Just entertain me

  6. The greatest player to go undrafted was a fullback that scored 4 TDs for Polk high. His name escapes me, but I hear he sells woman's shoes at a shopping mall in the suburbs of Chicago.

  7. You go from a child left in a dumpster to a good but definitely not great qb that bagged groceries and say the store worker is the biggest come up…. gtfoh

  8. Yeah being a qb puts you higher. Because it's so much harder to get a chance to play. A defensive player is way more likely to see the field than a practice squad qb

  9. Ik Doug Baldwin might retire this year. But he had a very good 5 years and was Wilson’s main target. Baldwin made some crazy catches!

  10. I've never heard of Marion Motley until now. Too bad. Totally a class act and deserving of every accolade he gets. It also doesn't hurt that he was a badass MF, either.

  11. I remember seeing Wayne Chrebet on NFL Primetime a lot, making some crazy diving, outstretched catches

  12. Romo got criticized for the bumbled PAT snap. Of course: you never see Brady or Rogers fumble a PAT snap because their coach (Parcells) didn't have them holding place kicks once they became starters. Parcells said he dragged his ass with Romo for so many years because he didn't know he could trust the OC that was BEGGING him to replace his GF Bledsoe. And that's Bill Parcell: great as long as an assistant does his job. Parcells won with the Pats….with Bellichick as asst. He won with the Giants…will Bellichick…who advised him to take Brady in the 5th rd but Ol' Bill was way too smart for that. Give Romo 3 more career years and no one would ever catch his stats.

  13. Doug Baldwin easily deserves to be in the top 5.. The man was a 2x Pro Bowler, ranks 3rd all-time in franchise history for both receptions and yards, and in 2015 he led the league in receiving TD’s.

  14. oh how legacies sometimes can be formed legit by inches… if romo didnt hesitate during that field goal and didnt wait for the kicker to miss he wouldve just gotten in the endzone.. instead inches have destroyed romos legacy up to this day

  15. The Warren Moon situation just smells like racism to me and knowing what I know now it pretty much had to be

  16. The last two was obviously a hard choice for #1 and if I had a say in the decision, then I would have picked Kurt as #1 also and mainly because I witnessed his fairytale career

  17. Romo couldn't process situational football in the post season. The stage was too big for him, although he was improving before his final injury. I do believe he would have taken the Cowboys to a Superbowl if it had not been the fast rise of Dak Prescott.

  18. I was James Harrison not on this list. The guy entered the NFL in 2002 as an undrafted free agent because all the scouts thought he was too short at 6 foot to play linebacker or defensive lineman and two light at 240 lbs. A lot of teams passed him up including the Baltimore Ravens saying that he was never good enough to play in the NFL the Steelers give him a try. Here's your stats Total tackles:793 Sacks:84.5Forced fumbles:34 Fumble recoveries: 8 Interceptions: 8 Defensive touchdowns:1 and that one and only touchdown was 100 yard touchdown and Super Bowl 43. He is also a
    2× Super Bowl champion (XL, XLIII)
    5× Pro Bowl (2007–2011)
    2× First-team All-Pro (2008, 2010)
    2× Second-team All-Pro (2007, 2009)
    NFL Defensive Player of the Year (2008) not bad for a guy who was not drafted by any team in the NFL and thought was too short and light to be an NFL player. This guy is a future NFL Hall of Famer and he belongs on this list.

  19. Warner over Moon? I guess racism is still alive lol. Yes he won rings, but that's a team achievement. Compare the teammates they played with.

  20. Narrator: …left in a dumpster as a baby..

    Me: yo!! Give me a warning before messing up my day.

  21. Right. Put a kicker on the list and leave off three of the greatest OLers ever–Larry Little, Jim Lan but ger, and Wayne Moore, three on the greatest offenseive line ever…oh, since they played for the Dolphins….and where is Cameron Wake?

  22. Can you just imagine that with all these Top-10 Undrafted players on the same team, & all the SB they would've won?! Wow.

  23. Wayne cabett Suffers from severe head injuries and quite frankly has said a more one occasion his career is not worth it

  24. Bears is so suck that Kurt Warner refused to go to training camp even if it the only team that called him after packers cut him lol

  25. Come on now! Where is Drew Pearson of the Cowboys?! He should be before the guy for the Wayne Chrebet and overrated Romo!

  26. 13:00 — Warren Moon WON THE DAMN ROSE BOWL!!!!! Can you Believe he wasn't even drafted as a QB???? That was back when the Rose bowl was about the biggest bowl game in College Football. He took a team that had almost no business being in that game and WON IT!!!!
    Joke was on the NFL though. Nobody drafted him when he was cheap – so he went to Canada and won 5 straight Grey Cups in 6 seasons and was named CFL most outstanding player — then he cost Houston $6 million as a free agent — in 1984!!!! JOKE ON YOU NFL — should've gotten him cheap in 1978.
    Also — do you know that the Pittsburgh Steelers would not have won the Superbowl in 1979 if Warren Moon had been on the Houston Oilers??? Do you know why? They had a top 4 defense and a running back drafted #1 — EARL CAMPBELL!!!! Imagine the combination of Warren Moon and Earl Campbell in their Primes in 1978-80!!! See ya next year Steelers – no SB for you!!!!!

  27. Moon has to be higher. You take the seasons he had in Edmonton and just gave him average stats for an NFL team saying he started in the second year. Look what his numbers would be. Awesome!

  28. Dave Krieg. Won me two fantasy championships. 261 TDs/199 INTs/81.5 QB Rating. Warren Moon: 291 TDs/233 INTs/80.9 QB Rating. Plus Moon didn't have to play under "Ground" Chuck Knox.

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