Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Savannah, Georgia. Paula Deen made the list

Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Savannah, Georgia. Paula Deen made the list

what is going on everyone how about we
talk about my favorite southern city in the United States Savannah Georgia
Savannah is a coastal city in Georgia right on the border of South Carolina
and it’s separated by the Savannah River the Savannah metropolitan area has an
estimated population of about three hundred and eighty seven thousand people
nets as of 2017 now that’s the whole metro area the
actual city itself is closer to 150,000 Savannah is Georgia’s third largest city
it’s known for its well maintained parks and its architecture its historic
districts filled with cobblestone squares and parks such as foresight
parks shaded by oak trees and covered with Spanish moss it’s amazing
Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to and I’ve been
to a lot of cities in this country the hostess city of the south is the
nickname for Savannah and if you spend any time there you’ll see how fitting it
is Savannah has a lot of reasons someone would want to move there but no place is
perfect and that’s what this video is about but not so perfect things about
Savannah so sit back and watch my top ten reasons not to move to Savannah
Georgia number 10 the minimum wage in case I
haven’t made it abundantly clear yet Savannah is in the state of Georgia and
currently the minimum wage in Georgia is $5.15 an hour
yep five dollars and fifteen cents an hour that’s the lowest in the country
their minimum wage has not been raised since 1998 the good news for the people
of Georgia the federal minimum wage is $7.25
so although their wages are set at 515 workers in Georgia make no less than 725
an hour so here in Savannah you’re in Georgia so that sucks Georgia would like
to pay the residents less but they’d end up in court is what they’re telling you number nine
housing housing in the city can get a little ridiculous if you’re looking to
be in the heart of downtown Savannah you better have a good paying job a safe
decent sized apartment will be no less than a thousand dollars a month with a
single-family home being upwards of two thousand dollars and before the people
of Los Angeles San Francisco New York start going off stop typing yes compared
to those cities that’s dirt cheap but this isn’t a major city that everyone’s
flocking to and it’s not overcrowded do yourself a favor and move just outside
of downtown save yourself a ton of money number eight no sex toys unfortunately
it is a law that no residents may use a sex toy in 1968 a resident was convicted
because of the lock despite arguing the law was archaic and its sex toys have a
therapeutic value they still got locked up thankfully the
laws and taken serious anymore and the government will be doing random sex toy
checks on your property now this really isn’t a reason not to move here
especially since it’s not enforced anymore it just kind of gives you an
understanding of the mindset of the local area you know both past and maybe
present when they have laws like this if it wasn’t forced I’m sure the residents
would be spending an awful lot of time shopping for produce number seven
schools Savannah has almost 50 public schools within the city and they’re not
the best the average school test score is 47 percent lower than the national
average because of this only about 80 percent of the residents have completed
high school and that’s not the worst of the country but it’s not good you should
think about enrolling your children in one of the 26 private schools in the
city or move them further away from South Carolina schools are one of the
main stats people look at before relocating and I saw study a couple
years back that showed as school districts had gotten better crime rate
went down the next time a district wants to cut school funding they should pull
up this study and show it to the people number six Paula Dean if you aren’t
familiar with Paula Dean she’s basically a restaurant owner and chef who
specializes in Southern cuisine from Savannah she had a couple of TV shows on
the Food Network she was in all the daytime talk shows she wrote some
cookbooks her first being the lady and son Savannah country cookbook then in
June 2013 Deen was the target of lawsuit alleging racial and sexual
discrimination during her deposition she stated that she does in fact drop
f-bombs every now and again just as things were died down from that
controversy in 2015 she decided to dress up her family as the cast of I Love Lucy
including her son as little Ricky complete with brown face now apparently
that’s when it was put up in 2015 it happened like in 2011 anyway most
residents have a deep dislike for her because of the stain she gave the city
so for whatever reason you’re a huge fan of Paula Deen maybe you should keep that
to yourself and be prepared to explain to your family that yes this is in fact
where she’s from number five the paranormal Savannah is
the second most haunted city in the u.s. it’s an older city so this one’s a
no-brainer for the believers residents of older homes claim they’ve opted in
scenes shadows or feel someone’s watching them while they’re at home
alone this is the same for most the hotels in the city too maybe it’s just
the ghost of Paula Deen’s career who knows also you’re not safe if your home
is brand new or freshly remodeled it could have been built on a mass grave or
something so if that kind of stuff reached out maybe samaná isn’t for you number four the smell if you’ve ever
been to this city you know it stinks the Savannah River smells awful it makes the
whole city smell like rotten eggs and sulfur
this happens with cities in the south they have so many swamps marshes
slow-moving creeks combined with the summer heat it just gets brutal on the
old sniffer number three employment moving to a city
without a job first is a pretty poor idea the unemployment rate is at 3.7
percent in Savannah which isn’t that bad the downside is like many places these
days the pay sucks Savannah just has a few too many
minimum-wage jobs like far too many the poverty level in Savannah is 68 percent
higher than the national average you don’t want to be in line for public
assistance in Savannah it’s hot it’s humid it stinks you’re in line next to
Paula Deen it’s just a bad day number 2 the humidity like I just said the
humidity gets pretty rough in Savannah I’ve only been to Savannah once during
the winter that winter was really nice it was pleasant I have to admit I’ve
spent about 4 summers or at least part of the summer in Savannah over the years
I had some girlfriends there when I lived in Georgia and I really enjoyed my
time so much so that I put up with the heat you know it’s amazing what a young
man will do when females are involved anyway being part of the South it’s no
surprise that the summers are absolutely miserable in Savannah temperatures will
get up in the hundreds and it’ll feel like it’s even worse with the humidity
and for some reason there never seems to be a breeze
like most coastal cities have now before you do stop typing that’s been my
experience I’m sure they get the occasional breeze that blows through and number one crime if you’re moving to
Savannah for safety reasons like you want to get away from you know New York
or something like that you obviously haven’t done your research this place
has some serious crime there’s been over 4,000 crimes committed per every 100,000
people this year alone 2018 which is about 45 percent higher than the
national average and we still got three weeks left to go every couple days or so
there’s news of a new murder and that’s nothing new for the Savannah residence
which it’s too bad this is a beautiful city filled to the brim with good people
if it wasn’t for the crime I would recommend Savannah to anyone that
doesn’t mind heat in that swamp smell it is that nice of a city it’s too bad
need to get a handle on their crime in their schools and this would be a great
city all right so that’s my top ten reasons not to move to Savannah I hope
you guys enjoyed it but we got some information out of it like I said
Savannah’s great city I recommend at least a visit stay in the good
neighborhoods you’ll be fine don’t forget all the links below if you
haven’t subscribed please do so already everybody have a great day be nice to
each other

100 thoughts on “Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Savannah, Georgia. Paula Deen made the list

  1. I love Savannah. I've just been there on vacation a few times but I don't recall seeing very many skyscrapers. I also never smelled anything bad.
    We were staying at the "Old Harbor Inn" on River Street when Hurricane Floyd was heading straight for Savannah.
    Unfortunately we had to leave early.
    The storm stopped moving west at the last minute and turned north right into South Carolina.
    I wish we could have stayed the whole week but they made us leave…😟

  2. Most locals hate Paula Dean and her son's because they are assholes and really awful people. Most of us had this opinion well before she was famous! As a chef in the market I hated her well before she was famous for many reasons!

  3. Y’all need to let me remake this video. I’m born and raised and I assure, half of this shit ain’t true.

  4. The real top 10 from someone who has lived in Savannah for over 21 years.

    1.) Racist White People
    2.) Racist Police
    3.) Sand Gnats
    4.) Poverty
    5.) It’s boring as HELL
    6.) The crime is RIDICULOUS
    7.) Racist White People
    8.) Sand Gnats
    9.) Really Racist White People
    10.) Did i mention the white people were really racist?

  5. uh.. how old is this video? because the minimum wage is not 5.15, its the same as the federal minimum and that's 7.25 (which is still low), but my point is, is that this guy does not know whta he's talking about.. i am a savannah native i would know. Cmon down guys, youll love it here, i promise you.

  6. If these are the reasons you wouldnt move here, you are dumber than rocks, and you shouldnt move here anyways. This guy tried fooling us with his "southern accent" he pretended to have that clearly died down a minute and half into the video.

  7. And the "smell" he was talking about, is not from savannah, nor is it because of the "swamps and marsh" he claims its from.. He associated it with being a norm for "most southern cities" because he is clearly biased, and isnt fond of the wonderful people that live here. the smell is actually from a paper mill in garden city, a small city just north of savannah, that you can only really smell going down the interstate. NOTHING like new york, or other major cities. This guy absolutely sucks guys. He knows nothing.

  8. Why are you trying to make Savannah seem like a bad place is not Savannah is actually good guys don’t him tell you about a city he’s never been in because I live in Savannah

  9. Dude do your research or at least ask people that have lived in Savannah and I can guarantee you it doesn't stink but you are right about one thing the pricing of houses but you just sound ignorant so please stop and do your research

  10. #1 reason is a dayum lie. I been here four years now and my hometown of Ohio is worse than Ga. White folks know that after slavery we was suppose to get Savannah and parts of Florida but they vetoed that shit.

  11. Our minimum wage in Savannah is definitely $7.25 and has been for awhile…where did you get your information?! 😂

  12. I used to live there. Don't recommend visit and live there. Muddy sea water, humidity and hot summer, high crime, not many jobs. Never visit there. Save money, gas, time.

  13. What about the underlying racism the gentrification…. if you’re black this definitely isn’t the right place they target you and even river street bars give you the racist vibes not to mention the countless slave graves everything is built on …

  14. I’ve lived here for 13 years and I can attest to the fact that you’ve never been here. I don’t know of anyone who’s ever complained about the smell.

  15. Don't go to Georgia at all unless your white the cops are all crooked and racist af the will come up with up with stuff to arrest you for even if it's not true they will try to keep you locked up as long as they possibly can then if you get out and try to fight your false imprisonment the cops will harass you and follow you around and threaten you

  16. As a Savannah native born and raised this bitch does not get a breeze it’s hot as hell every damn summer and the gnats are horrible

  17. Haha! Can't go anywhere these days without some suck attached to it, that being said, Savannah, just this week, was placed # 4 of top cities to live in the u.s.
    So do with that whatever you want!!

  18. I moved to Savannah to escape a toxic relationship…I Came here without a job a care payment and only $70 to my name. I moved in with family I set a timeline as to how I wanted to live where I wanted to live taking in to consideration how much money I needed to make to at least feel comfortable. I took this job I was making $9.25 a hr ..I 'll never forget ridding downtown with my aunt a retired soldier telling her Im going to live here in Downtown Savannah I said by august Im going to be out of your house. She was ok I started applying my self I got on my grown woman shit. I said girl you have to get a better job. And that I did started another job making $11.25. I applied myself worked my ass off and I got promoted…Within 2 months of my promotion 2 months sooner than the deadline I gave myself I moved out of my aunts house into my home in Downtown Savannah. I say all this to say home is where you heart is. Life is filled with surprises up's and downs sets and resets. You have to be determined to make it and in doing so you might find yourself in some uncomfortable situations like working a job you dont wanna or living someplace you might not wanna. Being uncomfortable isn't always a bad thing its a push to make you want better for yourself. Sure every place has it's flaws.. Apply yourself put into your mind that you are gonna make it and make that a reality. If you are in an uncomfortable situation tell yourself this is only temporary and make that a reality. We are different people made to make a difference in the world. So make a positive difference. You are the only person stopping you from living a better life.. Push and Pray you got this it doesn't matter where you are trying to go…You can do it you will make it…I truly hope I have helped someone…

  19. As someone who was born and raised in Savannah this guy isint anywhere close to accurate. The Crime is correct and the pay is garbage but the humidity and heat and nearly as bad as he makes it out to seem

  20. This sooo wrong. I am a Savannah native . About have of these pic are on Savannah,ie Savannah has No mountains. The things that are said and at least 95%

  21. This is sooo wrong, the pictures about 45% are not of Savannah and the negative things are about 50% wrong. I’m a Savannah native.

  22. Number 1 should have been .. the dumbest , stupidest and more dangerous drivers are from savanna , there are at least 5 accidents daily just in my commute .

  23. Savannah is a horrible, dirty, crime ridden city. I know. I lived there. It's dangerous for even tourists. Is it pretty in spots? Yes, but the city counsel is corrupt and the taxes are astronomical. The school system is the worst in the state and nearly bankrupt. Dangerous for kids to attend subpar schools.

  24. I’m from Savannah and I agree with most of this. Crime is high because education system is terrible and too many dead end jobs. However, the smell he mentions is not related to swamp or necessarily the Savannah River. It’s actually the paper mills.

  25. Dude lol….The old timey Savannah shit is like 1/5 of the city…seems to me like you have no fucking idea about anything to do with Savannah…I live here…

  26. There's a paper plant in the north edge of town that gives off that smell referred to in video. As you go on hwy 80 out to Tybee Island, you have that mussel-marsh smell in the air, which I actually like.

  27. #11. Ignorant Yankees like you (yes even from Oregon) sell out and move to Savannah to live cheaper and ruin the city.

  28. This dude just said Savannah’s crime is worse than ny gtfoh lol. I’m from ny in savannah is not that dangerous what so ever not even a lil bit

  29. Savannah doesn't stink even though I live in Pooler but I was born and spent 10 years of my life there

  30. Living in Savannah for about 20 years. This guy is so misinformed he need not make anymore videos ..about anything!

  31. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if black people can play white historical characters and dressup as white characters than white people should be able to play black characters and dressup as such.

  32. That awful smell comes from the paper plant near hudson hill, international paper! Alot of these facts are bogus!

  33. I'm from Statesboro which is near Savannah, been there many times, never smelled any damn sulfur, rotten eggs or swamp water. What the hell is this guy talking about?

  34. I heard alot of b.s. do you really research what your saying or do you just ramble until your finished. Lived in Savannah 20 years the unemployment line is next to Savannah tech not anywhere close to riverstreet where lady and sons is. Theres only 3 places that actually stink lile you describe garden city not actually Savannah which is where Savannah port authority is located some might remember dixie crystal incident it borders the wild life refuge marsh land ontop of the paper mill and the steel mill so yeah there is one place that stinks. The Savannah water recycling plant need i say more what your smelling off of presidents st and truman parkway. And finally the co op dock located in Richmond hill down from the Henry ford plantation and its obviously the place fisherman use to unload there catch also by cow feilds chicken coops oh fresh water shrimp stock pond and where they do compost piles so its not even the city of Savannah its the out scurt citys. The ghost thing yeah very true but you have to for the most part have to go looking for the paranormal.

  35. What a ignorant fkn dumbass…..99.9% is NOT true…. LONG LIVE BEAUTIFUL SAVANNAH AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE,!!

  36. Wost thing about savannah is the Democrats, liberals, SCAD, and the crime rate that is not controlled by the crooked political demograpich due to the money they make off of the blind eye. And the fact the savannah sucks so bad that for some reason it takes me no less than one hour to travel 23 miles to it 6 days a week and 2 hours to travel back home . Seems like the unemployment rate is causing traffic jams

  37. Why can't people make a actual video on actual facts cuz I live in Savannah and it doesn't smell like sulfer (even tho it gets hot as hell) but at least get it right man

  38. Im from Pittsburgh and Ive lived in savannah for 4 years and it sucks, hardly anything to do. If you enjoy savannah you are a boring person. Now Pittsburgh trumps savannah easy.

  39. I live here. This video is STRAIGHT bullshit. Lmaoo don’t waste your time on this video. The only things that would make you not want to come here is humidity and bugs.

  40. WRONG AND WRONG with a few bits of truth for fun Crime is problem, as are schools. Sulphur smell is often paper mill related, NOT trash (except for day after St. Patrick's Day). Humidity. Yeah, welcome to South. LOTS of arts, music, crafts, SCAD and 2 other colleges.

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