Top 10 DLC we want in Super Mario Maker 2

Top 10 DLC we want in Super Mario Maker 2

For as many things things Super Mario Maker
2 adds, you can always have more. And just as Super Mario Maker added additional
content after release in the form of free updates, I fully expect the same of Super
Mario Maker 2. Especially since there’s a giant gap in
the Extra Styles section…hmm. And what brings us here today, to discuss
my Top 10 Hopes and Dreams for Super Mario Maker 2’s DLC. And hey, the last time I did this, most of
them ended up coming true in some form. So you’re welcome, everyone So let’s see
if we can make that happen again in round 2. I Want Super Mario 3D World to be Fixed… Yeah, I realize the airship has likely already
sailed on this one, but the point remains that having 3D World exist independently of
the other 4 Mario styles kind of sucks. It goes against the freewheeling nature of
the original game, locking you into a particular style before you may even know if it even
works best for the level you have in mind. The creation process is often a messy one,
and I loved naturally discovering which style worked best as my course took shape, whether
for gameplay or aesthetic reasons. And since 3D World is the least flexible style
by far, I tend to ignore it complete since I don’t want to risk having my entire level
wiped out rebuilding it from scratch only because I later later realized that another
style might work better. And this really should be fixed! The best case scenario would be going back
to the drawing board and treating 3D World as any other style, creating new 3D versions
of the enemies and objects from the other styles that don’t currently exist, and likewise,
creating 2D versions of the 3D World’s objects for the older styles, Part of the fun of the
original Super Mario Maker was seeing how enemies and objects would look had they been
invented at a different time, and been able to interact with others from a different generation,
and yet Super Mario Maker 2 did disappointedly little to advance this idea. Of course, I don’t expect this to change
as it would be a pretty big update. But I think a solid middle-ground would be
to, well, retain the ground between styles, plus a few other fundamental elements like
blocks and maybe even common enemies, between styles–that way you don’t have to rebuild
the entire thing from scratch. Point is, Super Mario Maker 2 should encourage
experimentation instead of punishing it! So this is at the top of my list for things
to change, and not just for 3D World, but any other “Extra” styles that might come
down the line. And on that note… I Want New Styles! Come on, you knew this was coming. Especially since one of the few things I mentioned
back in my original Super Mario Maker DLC video that hasn’t yet come to fruition was…you
guessed it, a Super mario Bros 2 style. –which hurts even more in a game that already
has a “2” in its title! But there’s still time to fix that, and
for better or worse, the fact that it likely appear as an “Extra” style does mean that
its relatively distinct gameplay would no longer present any compatibility issues. And Super Mario Bros. 2 could bring so many
unique elements to the table, like the plucking and throwing mechanic, as well as new enemies
like Shy Guys, Sniffits, and Pidgeys–which by the way, could be the Lakitu’s of this
style, allowing you to steal their Magic Carpet–which I freaking need for my Cave of Wonders level
dang it! But since Nintendo seems intent on ignoring
SMB2 forever, there is another Mario with a “2” in its title that could work: Super
Mario Land 2. It would offer a side of Mario not yet represented
at all in Super Mario Maker, being the handheld games–which is a shame seeing as the Switch
is a handheld system. And with SML2 being one of oddest Marios yet,
it could allow for some truly unique opportunities. I’m already picturing out the horror-esque
Pumpkin Zone could fill in for the Ghost Houses, or heck, why not turn the Sky level up a notch
and making it outer space instead. There there are crazy enemies like this Jason
fellow–as well as power-ups. Bunny Ears anyone? But most importantly, instead of Bowser, we
could have Wario as the final boss character–how cool would that be? But then there’s a 3rd option, or should
I say, a 3D option, now that Super Mario 3D World, which wasn’t even 2D in the first place,
has opened the floodgates. Because if Nintendo goes completely off-the-wall
we could see some truly wild ideas. Like say a 2D Mario version of Super Mario
64 where you have a health meter and use time-limited caps instead of power-ups, with the goal being
to Collect Power Stars rather than reaching a flag pole. Or could you imagine a 2D version of Mario
Odyssey style where you could capture enemies instead of defeating them, providing a ton
of creative ways of getting around? You know what, even a 2D Mario Sunshine could
be neat, with Fludd’s nozzles taking the place of conventional power-ups–I gotta admit,
launching into the air could be a lot of fun! Just as long as he doesn’t talk. Please. I Want Tilted Pipes + More Warping Options
Super Mario Maker 2 finally added slopes…hallelujah! But where are my sloped pipes at?! They’ve been a thing ever since Super Mario
World, and have reappeared countless times since, including in the New Super Mario Bros.
games. And to rub salt in the would, the Super Mario
Bros. 3 style even teases them with the pipe-themed ground in the Jungle theme. Ugh, just give them to me! And not just for the cool aesthetics, but
also the gameplay possibilities. Because the tilted pipes have often served
as Mini Cannons, blasting Mario as he exits, which could be an incredibly fun option to
play with, especially if the blast strength varied depending on the pipe color.. Finally, I want Nintendo to restore the 1
and 3 Way functionality of the Warp Pipe. Yeah, I realize they were more of a quirk
with the original Super Mario Maker than an intentional feature, but it was incredibly
useful and enabled some truly novel level design, and I would love for both to be adopted
as official features. 1-Way pipes because it would allow you to
warp a player to an area with no option to backtrack, without having to resort to ugly
work-arounds–hell, they could even do the Mario 64 thing where the pipe disappears after
warping. And a 3-Way Warp Pipe is essential to creating
the illusion of a Player backtracking to a previous area, only now it’s completely
changed–which is otherwise impossible in Super Mario Maker 2. I just hope this doesn’t remain a pipe dream…and
speaking of which… I Want More Clear Pipe Options
Clear Pipes are such a cool idea, and yet, there’s so much more potential in Super
Mario Maker 2. In Super Mario 3D World, they weren’t just
warp pipes that you could see into, but instead often unique gameplay options unto themselves,
featuring branching paths and multiple entrances or exits, rather than the strictly 1-way affairs
of SMM2. Clear Pipes deserve more freedom, and an easy
solution would be to allow you to connect Clear Pipes to each other, creating whatever
shape and pathways you desire. Furthermore, I think Clear Pipes could really
help put the 3D in 3D World by providing an option to have the shaft extend into the background. That way you can retain all the functionality
without it acting as giant barrier in the world itself. More transparency is always a good thing. I want…Interface Improvements
Super Mario Maker 2 doesn’t offer much in the way of interface improvements, but one
of its few new features does lay the groundwork for what could be something far more. As is, you can zoom out when editing to reveal
4 screens at once, which helps immensely with understanding your own level’s layout–and
that’s about it. Because like a museum–or Cameron’s place-you
can look, but you can’t touch. Whyyyy?! Okay, sure, it probably wouldn’t be all
that precise when using your finger, but it could be with a stylus, allowing you to design
terrain and place objects with far greater ease, understanding, and speed, all without
having to scroll the move the camera around constantly. Furthermore, I wish Nintendo only add a proper
cut and paste option, complete with clipboard, allowing you to copy segments between the
main areas and sub-areas, which is otherwise impossible to do besides painstakingly recreating
it by hand. I Want…to Mix & Match Water & Lava in Any
Level I can’t believe that Super Mario Maker 2
gave us these tools to play around with water and lava, but then locked them to behind just
Forest and Castles. What a waste of potential. It doesn’t even make sense considering Super
Mario World, which introduced the idea of fluctuating water levels, not only didn’t
have a single Forest level with water in it, but the one level that did was a normal ground-based
one, which would be impossible to replicate in SMM2. Same goes for the flooded castles. Letting the player mix and match the liquid
to the level theme would open so many potential options. I mean, how else would I recreate Aladdin’s
Cave of Wonders without having Lava underground? Don’t make me waste a Wish on it! I Want…More Classic Enemies & Power-Ups! (Chargin Chucks! SMW Dinosaurs)
When it comes to representing the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Maker had it
covered with every single enemy and power-up popping up. Unfortunately, the rest of the Mario series
isn’t nearly as well represented–which to be fair, make sense as they all have a
lot more material. But even still, there’s a ton of untapped
potential that Super Mario Maker 2 barely capitalizes on. When it comes to enemies, Spikes from Super
Mario Bros. 3 would add a unique roaming enemy with projectile capitiblites, which would
have physics based projectiles in the NSMBU style. And where are the Fire Bros at?! I can’t believe they made the cut for 3D
World, but not the game style that they first appear in. But Super Mario World has it far worse–Consider
the fact that not a single Dinosaur enemy from Dinosaur Island made the cut. Where is Rex, Dino-Rhino, or Diono-Torch? And besides Dinosaurs, where are my Chargin
Chucks at? These guys could essentially act as another
form of mini-boss like Boom Boom. Or how about New Super Mario Bros. U and how
not a single enemy in Super Mario Maker 2 originated from it. Waddlewing would be a great addition, especially
given the lack of native flying enemies! And then there’s the serious lack of boss
characters. Why not bring in the Koopalings that have
appeared in most of the 2D Marios represented here, with each one having a unique trail? I could go on and on with the enemies, but
Power-Ups are similarly all out of whack, with Super Mario Bros. 3 and U both missing
a ton. So I think it’s about time Nintendo adds
at least one new Power-Up slot across the board. SMB3’s Frog Suit could open up possibilities
when it comes to underwater levels, allowing for much greater precision–which would also
make it satisfying reward to find. For Super Mario World, the P-Balloon would
enable a slower-type of aerial gameplay. And speaking of flying, how in the hell is
NSMBU’s marquee power-up, the Squirrel Suit, completely missing? Yeah, that needs to be fixed. But what about the original Super Mario Bros.? After all, all of its power-ups are already
represented–so what’s left? Why the Mystery Mushroom from Super Mario
Maker of course and all of its assorted costumes! I can’t tell you how much I miss being able
to create levels based around specific Nintendo characters, like Link, Samus, Slippy Toad–and
II really hope that they come back. I Want…a Super Mario Run Toggle
I hate auto-scrolling levels. They’re usually slow and tedious, preventing
you from playing at your own pace as the screen slowly catches up. And yet, one of my own favorite creations,
Super Meat. Forever level, is an auto-scrolling stage. So maybe there’s something wrong with me. Or maybe the reason I, and so many others,
seem to enjoy it is because it’s not slow: it’s fast! There’s literally no time to waste–you
HAVE to keep moving constantly otherwise you’ll be making fast friends with the Game Over
screen. However, even the fastest scroll-speed in
Super Mario Maker 2 isn’t fast enough to prevent Mario from easily out-running it,
which is why I had to find ways to artificially slow him down by using wrong-way conveyor
belts and wall-jump sections–and there has to be a better way. In fact, there is–it already exists. Because rather than adding an new faster auto-scroll
speed that would introduce its own issues, why not take inspiration from a game all about
running and adding a proper Super Mario Run mode. Instead of the screen auto-scrolling, the
player would auto-run instead, with the only inputs being related to Jumping or Power-Up
usage. And instead of being locked to its style,
it would be a toggle available in any style, allowing you to create levels in the classics
where you almost always have to keep moving to the right, whereas NSMBU or 3D World’s
wall-jumps would make it play much closer to Mario Run itself, allowing you to backtrack
in some specific instances. I really think an Super Mario Run option would
open up a lot of gameplay opportunities–and one that players, like myself, wouldn’t
hate I Want…Playtesting Options
Having someone play test your own stages is crucial to making a good, let alone great
level. It’s impossible to forsee how someone will
play through a level without seeing it for yourself–they might find ways to cheese it,
break it, or even worse, get stuck in it. Even Super Mario Maker 2’s tutorial drives
this point into the ground. And yet, the game provides no official means
of doing so, beyond having someone try playing it on your own Switch. And it really sucks to post a level for the
world to play, only to discover a game breaking feature that you weren’t able to anticipate. But I have a couple of solutions: One, let
us post levels Unlisted, like videos on YouTube. That way we can share it with close friends
first for feedback so we can make adjustments before shipping out to the world. And what would be even better is if the game
allowed you to download the replays of particular players to see exactly how they’re playing
your level. Finally, I would love it if we could just
upload newer versions of the same stage, with the latest version becoming the default one,
while keeping the older ones available for play too. And that brigns us to my final Hope… I Want World Maps! I’ve been saying this ever since the original
Super Mario Maker. But now my angle is a little different, because
I’ve since realized an important truth. Making just a single good levels is tough,
let alone enough to fill an entire world. So I have a solution: Playlists. My idea is that, like on YouTube, you can
group together any array of levels you want, whether you created them or not–and you can
then organize them into a World Map, however you want, with multiple pathways that only
become available depending on which levels you beat. And you would then post that World Map in
an entirely new section of Course World. This would allow you to collaborate with other
creators to produce a true mini Mario adventure, and wouldn’t that be great? I think it would really help bring the World
together. And there you have it, my Top 10 Hopes for
Super Mario Maker 2 DLC. But what do you think of my choices and what
do you hope to see yourself? Let us know by posting in the comments below! And with that, thanks for watching and make
sure to stay tuned to GameXplain for more on SMM2 and everything else Nintendo Switch!

100 thoughts on “Top 10 DLC we want in Super Mario Maker 2

  1. Tanooki Mario (SMB3, SM3DL and SM3DW)
    Hammer Mario and Frog Mario (SMB3)
    Space Mario (SML2: 6 Golden Coins)
    Propeller Mario, Ice Mario Penguin Mario and Gold Mario (NSMB series)
    Super Mario Odyssey style

  2. As someone who has really been enjoying making levels with a story lately, I think the course description length should be doubled, and there should be a way to make comments on a level by it's owner stand out so you can instantly see who posted the comments.

    Another thing I would like is for a way to display the difficulty of my levels without taking up space in the title or description. I make extremely difficult kaizo levels and I also make very normal difficulty story levels that are more accessible to players, as well as kaizo training story levels. This means less experienced players play my story levels and just love them, then come and then search my other levels and pick another and very often it's a level that took me 5+ hours to upload because it's just so brutally hard. Then they leave and never play another level of mine. My goal is to hook people with a story, teach them to kaizo and eventually give them a good kaizo level. Instead people just bail after trying a second level of mine. I see it happen constantly

  3. Nintendo won’t add Super Mario Bros. 2 because that’s the American Super Mario Bros. 2, and Nintendo is in japan, so they have The Lost Levels

  4. A bit bold, but I could actually see them adding a Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island theme as paid DLC. It's 2D, canonically made to be a Mario game, and different enough to justify it not being in the original release.

  5. i want the mario world message

    and fire bros in all style mode

    and tower and volcano and beach and montain theme



    spikes and pokey and more ennemies


  6. SMB2 would absolutely have to be an isolated extra theme. The mechanics of picking things up, and it's power ups were completely different. So don't hold your breath on 3D World being an interchangeable theme.
    And we should be able to freely place bodies of water. It would probably be required that they be surrounded by blocks or ground, but Super Mario 3D World even had free standing blocks of anti-gravity water.

  7. Forget the super acorn and the frog suit.


  8. I really want a separate option for making single player courses or multiplayer courses! Even a step further and being able to choose if you want this a Versus course or a Co-op Course. I would like to choose where each player starts on the map and more specific multiplayer exclusive stuff. There's too many versus courses that were designed just for one player…

  9. Hey! For you who own a copy of the ground-breaking Mario Maker 2, here's a level ID: DVN-CY8-BCG. One of my rigorous levels, and I hope some of you play it and give me some feedback. That would be nice!

  10. I want original music for the forest and desert themes in smb3, they all use the standart music. And cooler backrounds for the nsmbu night themes, most of them use the same star-backround. I relly want a Galaxy Style!

  11. With SMM2 we can build Sand, snow or jungle Levels. But we didn‘t get ANY Snow or Jungle enemies like ice bros or pokeys. The angry sun is cool, but i want more options by Building an level! Boomerang bros would be nice too! And i want the hamer suit! Please bring a dlc soon Nintendo! 👍🏼❤️🤩

  12. Better idea: playtest mode. People open that and play levels submitted. Once the level has had certain number of plays the creator could watch those plays to see how the players play!

  13. I'd like to see new Coin Options

    Blue P-Switch Coins that show up when a P-Switch is triggered
    These Gray Dotted Line one's that appeae once a Player went through them.
    Maybe even Poisonous Coins or Coind that have an On-Off Function like 2 State Blocks.
    And what about Red and Green Coin Rings?
    There are a quite alot of things to do with Coins so why don't we get some new stuff?
    These Coin Block from NSMB2 that cycle through different amounts of Coins like SMB3's Ending Thingy could be great too especially if you could use them for Power-Up's too

  14. Feature list:
    1. Fix 3D World style
    2. More styles: SMB2 style, SML2, SM64, SM Odysee, SM Sunshine
    3. Pipes
    A.Tilted Pipes
    B. Restore the 1 and 3-way functionality of the pipes
    4. Add more clear pipe options
    5. Interface improvement (make zoom clickable + clipboard feature)
    6. Free lava and water usage (mix match, not only jungle and castle)
    7. More classic enemies and powerups
    A. Enemies: (Spike, Fire bro’s (only in new styles atm), Rex, Dino-Rhino or Diono-Torch, Chargin Chucks
    and enemies from NSMB, starting with Waddlewings, Koopalings,
    B. Frog Suit, P Balloon, Squirrel Suit,
    8. Add Super Mario Run mode
    9. Playtesting option, (prohibit Cheesing, getting stuck)
    10. World Maps, playlists

  15. I would really like an option to share unfinished levels with friends to get feedback. As you mentioned in the video it's not a real option to invite people to the apartment just for some testing.

  16. Yeah I still don't get why the water, lava and poison water is locked for only certain themes I'd love to make an underwater castle or a ground level with lava. I also don't get why the don't add a water and lava tile block to Mario Maker 2 so you could have small pools of water or lava randomly in your level

  17. I want 2 new themes too, I want a volcano theme so we can have another theme with lava and in that theme lava bubbles could be turned into lava geysers and the night version could have meteors falling from the sky. And then I think the spooky theme from the original New Super Mario Bros. (From the DS) would be cool because it's a unique theme and I wish I could make spooky levels that aren't just ghost houses

  18. I agree we need more enemies I think the dino enemy they should add would be Rex because he's a classic enemy, and he's simple but he also takes 3 hits it would be awesome to see how looks in other styles too, same goes for spike I have no clue why he wasn't added, and I don't get why fire Bros are locked into only the 3D world style it makes no sense, speaking of that we should have boomerang bros too like why do we only really have one bro? The hammer bro is cool but I wanna mix my levels up and add the other types of Bros. And then I think the final enemy we need is the Broozer because we don't have many ghost enemies and he could break blocks, or the charging Chuck could work too. No seriously why don't we have the charging Chuck in the game? I'd love to have tougher enemies because the charging Chuck takes three hits just like Rex

  19. I think the world thing is a great idea because in the endless Mario challenge it kinda already exists so they could make it simple where you select a world theme and the themes could just be based in the already existing themes and then you could select how much levels you want on the world and then after that you could re-arange the levels however you like that would be so fun cause then you could share your worlds with other players

  20. Keep in mind, “Super Mario Bros.2” was a complete different game in Japan with the actual 2nd game being the Lost Levels here in America

  21. If there were ever a Mario Odyssey dlc idc what it would cost because I can guarantee I would be one of the first people in my state to get it

  22. I would love the playlist/world map idea. Because one of my favourite things to do on Mario maker is to make games, will multiple areas and levels. But having to stick with the four level per world thing is just really frusturaring

  23. I mean, they would all look good on paper. But if executed, some of them would end up looking real atrocious. Thus having even MORE complaints towards the game than they're needed to be.

    And I think Andre is pretty much acting like a r/choosingbeggar at that point because of how he acted in the video.

  24. sorry for “advertising” lmao, but some beta testers and i are working on a fangame of mine, that includes every element of SMM2, plus some new ones.

    -SMB2 Style
    -SML2 Style
    -SM64 Style
    -6 new course themes
    -New Powerups: Boomerang Flower, Hammer (SMB3), Blue Shell, Cloud Flower, Bee Shroom, and more.

    this isn’t even everything, there’s so much more, but i just wanted to give you an idea. and yes, the sm64 theme will be 3d and not 2d pre-rendered 🙂

  25. They bought Super mario bros 2 when it was a different game created as someones first game and then just put mario characters in it… I dont think it'll work cause Im pretty sure they are not proud of it

  26. SMB2 would make complete sense given the addition of vertical subworlds. I feel like SMB2 had the most vertical style levels of any of the classics.

    I think that Super Mario Land is not going to happen, they already gave a nod to it with the SMB1 power up…

  27. Yoshis Island would be nice. It’s a completely different play style from what we have, and would open so many options

    This gane is SUPER OVERPRICED
    And when they release more dlcs for mods they will truly be the worst company ever.

    I know im going to get dislikes because of the amount of nintendo kids there are here that have money but still idc.

    They should give more content for free. Not paid content.

  29. why advocate for paid dlc? in a level editor game it would make no sense to lock content behind an extra paywall, and for players without it it would just be unfair. it's a 60 dollar game, and you already need a switch online membership to have it function. paid dlc would make no sense for the type of game it is.

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