Top 10 Cool New Apps of the Month – Best Free Android Apps July 2018

Top 10 Cool New Apps of the Month – Best Free Android Apps July 2018

Hello everyone Rahul here from TechReviewPro
and welcome back to another episode of the best Android apps of the month where I review
some of the best Android or iOS apps and games that I come across every month. In this video, I’ll review top 10 best Android
apps for the month of July. Excited? Let’s find out which cool Android apps I
have for you today. [Welcome Music] [Welcome to TechReviewPro!] 1. Google Podcasts Let me start with one of the trending Android
apps of this month and it’s coming from Google itself. Google silently launched its podcast app – Google
Podcasts. Google Podcasts allows you to listen to podcasts
for free. It has got a very clean and minimal design
which I would say, a typical Google app’s material design. Google Podcasts is aimed at providing you
with a great user experience. On the home page itself, you are greeted with
the list of top podcasts, trending podcasts, and top podcasts by genres like comedy, social
and culture, news and politics etc. The podcasts player is very clean with a cool
design. You can skip 30 seconds forward or rewind
10 seconds back. You also get the functionality to speed up
upto 2 times and trim silence as well. In the settings, it doesn’t offer as much
customization options as I do expect from a premium like an app made by Google. However, you get some download options which
is good. If you love listening to podcasts, Google
Podcasts is an app you must try. I have tried other podcasts apps on Android
as well but trust me I found Google Podcasts to be a lot better. 2. Adobe Spark Post Next app I have on the list of best free Android
apps of the month is coming from Adobe. If you are a graphic designer or simply create
lots of social media images like Instagram posts, Facebook cover, etc. or even professional
design work like designing a flyer, posters etc. then Adobe Spark Post is the app you
must try. Adobe Spark Post is one of the most powerful
graphic design apps that will come very handy in your every graphic design needs. It comes with a huge number of pre-made templates. You can either choose from various pre-made
templates already available or add your own image to create your template. You can remix the graphic to tweak its color,
design, palette, layout, or effects. You also get the functionality to resize the
graphic for social posts. According to me, this functionality alone
is a real deal breaker. As you know that different social media platforms
have their own sizes and remembering size or dimension of the image for each social
media platform is tough. But with Adobe Spark Post, you don’t need
to remember them now. The app is currently in beta but you can download
it now as I have provided the link in the description below. 3. Amoled Wallpaper And here comes the cool app you had been waiting
for. Amoled Wallpaper is the wallpaper app of the
month. Amoled Wallpaper presents you with some fancy
wallpapers for your Android device ranging from different categories like Abstract, games,
animals & Creatures, Anime, architecture, flowers, minimal, nature & landscapes, space,
superheroes & movies, alphabet & typography, supercars & vehicles, materials etc. Apart from the ads, you’ll see here and
there, the app has a pretty good user interface as it presents you with the straightforward
option to download wallpaper or set wallpaper on your phone simply by tapping phone icon. 4. CatchUp Moving on to next app which is CatchUp – an
app for catching up on things. No this is not about catching in the game
of Cricket. Instead, Catchup app for Android is more like
a feed app which aggregates feeds from different sites like Reddit, Hacker News, Medium, Product
Hunt, Slashdot, Designer News, Dribble, GitHub etc. If you explore these sites and find yourself
spending lots of time on these, thankfully, you don’t need to waste time visiting them
individually. Catchup app does the work for you. Currently, the app is unreleased and in development
mode but you can download it right now because I have provided the download link in the description
below. 5. Google Lens Another app made by Google that caught my
attention this month is Google Lens. I have noticed Google already been testing
Google Lens features in beta since last year on its Pixel phones. But other Android users were missing it. Finally, Google has introduced Google Lens
for non-Pixel devices as well. Google Lens continually analyses what comes
under your phone camera to scan it and provide you with information in the real time. Google Lens can detect whatever you point
your camera at and provide you information about that particular object whether it is
a product, plant, object, or text etc. Simply open Google Lens and point your camera
at object and Google Lens will detect what object it is. Google is doing wonders in Artificial Intelligence
technology and Google Lens is the perfect example of Google’s perfection in machine
learning. 6. Nord VPN If you are browsing the internet, you need
a VPN for multiple needs. But finding a reliable and trusted VPN is
tough. Thankfully, Nord VPN is one of the most trusted
VPN for Android. Nord VPN is a very fast VPN that hides your
browsing activities. So you can use Nord VPN for private and secure
internet connections. It comes with a 7-day free trial. It has got a large number of countries and
servers to choose from but what I like most about Nord VPN is that it provides you with
the functionality to choose the server based on the speciality like P2P, Anti DDos, Double
VPN, Dedicated IP etc. If you are looking for a good VPN app, be
sure to check it out. Download link is in the description below. 7. Flynx Most of the times when you are reading anything
and you come across another wonderful piece of article link that you find worth reading,
you tap on that and it takes you to a new page, thus you need to reload the previous
page again. If you ever found it irritating to manually
open links in new tab, thankfully, there is an app which can help you automatically open
links in the background. The name of the app is Flynx. Flynx lets you read the web smartly by loading
articles and links in the background so that you can open new links without leaving the
current article. Simply tap on any link and it opens that page
in the background. Pretty simple, Right? But it has also got some advanced features
like saving articles to read later and cloud sync. Simply double tap on any link you come across
any app, and Flynx will automatically save it to read later. But keep in mind, this works only if Flynx
is your default browser for opening links. 8. Today in History Next app I have on the list is for people
who find themselves interested in learning history. Today in History is a useful app to know what
happened on this day in the history. It’s a nice addition to your list of reading
apps as it provides historical information with the help of the historical calendar. You also get the functionality to choose any
other dates from the calendar to know information about that particular date. Moreover, you can also save events or add
your own in the agenda section. In the settings, you can choose different
themes, and I found the dark theme to be awesome. You can also configure the app settings to
get notifications about random events, breaking news, or agenda – which is an advantage. 9. Snow – AR Camera Snow is a cool video messaging app that works
on the principle of the latest Augmented Reality technology. It is a nice AR Camera app with a variety
of AR stickers, exploring which, you’ll find fun. It has got many cool filters as well. You can click a picture of yourself or create
a video to share with others. And the best thing is: you also get a lot
of music to choose from. Choose any music from top trending songs and
create your own music video. Snow – AR Camera app lets you enjoy a whole
new world of AR technology, so be creative and the possibilities are endless. 10. Web Games Portal Last but not the least, I have an app for
gamers. Ever thought of playing popular games without
installing? Well, I have already created a video earlier
about how you can play any Android game without downloading or installing. But the app I’m talking about will take
your gaming experience to the next level. Web Games Portal is the app that lets you
play games without installing. You can play games like Badland, Guns n Glory
Heroes, RGB Trucker, Crazy Color Switcher etc. It has got a database of more than 1400 best
web games that you can play on your Android device without waiting to install. You may choose from various categories like
Arcade games, racing games, action games, skill games, Puzzle games, Adventure games,
shooting games, Strategy games, classic games and many more. And now that we are talking about games, stay
tuned as the next video is coming up about top 10 best Android and iOS games of the month. Please subscribe and tap on the bell icon
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month. Please hit like button if you enjoyed watching
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this month? Do let me know in the comments section below. This is Rahul signing off, thanks for watching
and I’ll see you in the next video.

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