Tonor Lapel Microphone Review and Test

Tonor Lapel Microphone Review and Test

Microphones that plug directly into smartphones
are pretty good for convenience and this one at 8 quid really caught my attention. This
is the Tonor lapel microphone. I’ve previously reviewed the Movo PM10 which is also a lapel
microphone which plugs directly into a smartphone. That was pretty good but it was around £18.
This at £8 is obviously a tenner cheaper. So, how does it sound in comparison? Well,
really good! What?! How does that work? Of course, the big microphone in the lapel-smartphone-thingymajig
game is the Rode Smartlav. That’s the big one. That’s the big daddy of the lot. Big
daddy – I’m never saying that again. And that’s around 50 quid and that claims that it produces
broadcast quality audio and all that sort of stuff but how does something which is five
times cheaper compare to that? Now, you’re currently listening to the audio from the
Tonor lapel microphone so you can judge for yourself. I think it’s a pretty good result.
I’m using it with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I’m using an app called RecForge to record
the audio. And for the price, I think it produces a really good sound and it comes with a windscreen
and a pouch to keep it in. So, there you go. You can judge for yourself what it sounds
like and if you like the sound of it then… like £8. I mean, what’s that? Thats… 16
Pot Noodles… because they’re currently on offer at ASDA.

4 thoughts on “Tonor Lapel Microphone Review and Test

  1. Would have been nice to have heard a comparison but that would have been costly. Tonor sounds great…….and so does a Pot Noodle at only 50p!

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