Tommy Craze x Frosty Interview [JET Crew Podcast]

hi guys oh wait hold up yes to the first series video on this channel in like forever forever yeah there’s a brawl uncut fear of us pretty much asking things that you guys would probably want to know ask you things that you guys want to know those things that wait you wanted are just just you know just general duh general questions yeah you know you probably you guys are curious about we’re gonna be serious since videos it’s like actual should we want to show you guys the sign of us though you’ve probably never seen before exactly yes like we want to we want to show you that like we are real people um we are know it just like he is you know like what kind of like portray ourselves to be like this funny guys yeah don’t give a shit but we do have a serious side to ourselves that’s it other than the jetkor East Side yeah we just want to explore this today in this video we’ve got a serious background we’re gonna fucking plant you know we’re gonna flat so we got mocks every chance come on and even notepads show them your notepad bro you got a jet crew notepad so I’m gonna jackaroo notepad I it’s two years old with it’s still two years old bro so we’ll call it the podcast of some sort this is practically it’s it’s a podcast quickly a podcasters yeah just frosty times craze interview bro alright let’s do this man yeah we did traditional dick mouth okay cheek pussy oh then you go like it’s a you go you ask me first I think you asked me first it’s so much yeah are you going ask than asking yeah it is bro yeah so I’ll do have like some questions that we ran down before for you just yet like just to us but yes we’ll just roll off or we got food yeah so like I just want to know boy like what made you want to do YouTube oh I said turn on um I still remember I do not want to do YouTube I just wanted to hang out with you guys doing the videos cuz it was a bunch of us sitting you ten eleven you guys are making beer and I was like I want to be a part of that yeah it looks like fun at first it was just like it was just having fun it was doing videos hanging out with some some like mates putting some stupid videos up and I was just like then I got into it and then it wasn’t until that made me want to do YouTube when it was just asked to everyone had left and it was like 2015 16 euro birth 2015 birth yeah it was just us two doing videos and then I’m like fuck I actually want to do this do you two like it’s just fun like it was just us two it was it was good yeah we just we made whatever we wanted to and then I was just like I could I could fucking do this yeah you know the main like that’s that was I think that was the moment like it wasn’t way back when when we started doing videos but it was like that one was just us – yeah I feel you bro like we have more control over do it yeah we put a lot more serious than as well yeah when we’re doing with like everyone and it was more just for me and I think for some people it was just like just just you know having fun turning up some silly videos doing whatever but then when we started talking looking at more business-wise just us – it was it’s like we can yeah we can do this shit yeah it was like what aspects like made you like really want to do it was the vlogging or like like what woman that you really really fall in love with it that the part of the me fall in love with that the most was definitely had to be like just the fun doing it yeah like in the freedom to do whatever you want and you can upload it and you’re guaranteed views on it yeah you know I mean back that like making people happy is one other thing like I like I like making people happy I like I go a lot like that’s that’s one of the things that like I get joy off making other people happy so when we did that I was like fuck this is see and know that is just having fun nurses you and me hanging out doing a stupid video doing whatever I it was just like it’s all documented – exactly yeah that’s it was just like that was one of the main reasons doing it it’s just like I can see a future out of this but like the best part is is this like it’s a curry another job down so you can have fun with it you saw that that’s better than what I expected are you killed that bro damn yeah but that was my first question of a good first question I think I’d have something very much similar or similar oh I did have I did have like molten you know what yeah I actually have the same I do have exactly the same question what it’s a bit different what made you start making films because out of all of us you’re the first one to do it yeah what was your inspiration to start doing it and then continually doing it up until today like what to be honest I don’t remember bro like okay I’ll be making videos like I can remember the furthest back yeah bro like since I was 12 nothing I’ve been making videos since I was 12 I was just inspired by like nigahiga and yeah yeah yeah I just really looked up to these guys that’s like I want to be like them when I grow up man yeah yeah bro so that’s how it all started for me that’s how sorry all suits Wow yeah because that’s what we used to do is just skits that’s what YouTube was yes it’s logging was like non-existent yeah or maybe a very small percentage of yet and grow fair enough yeah and then up until today like that’s that’s then that’s kind of like just imprinted in my brain it’s a part of me now bro just making videos it’s just like I have to like a colleague without making videos no more man no I mean yeah like YouTube is like that much an important part of your life yeah like everyone like curry choices I want to be able I love this I like Lurky wants to be youtuber I just never want to tell anyone cuz that kind of like shy about it cuz back then no I actually understood like this whole social media thing going yeah you’re right back then if you said I want to be YouTube everyone is like there’s gonna laugh at you what are you gonna do easier with you but you’re wasting your life is what that would say yeah that’s yeah like like dude like I I I want it to be an actor yeah no shit like 100 I wanna be an actor if I could do that after like like like whilst doing jet Korean army now have you come definitely so you know I think you have mad skills man thank you yeah dude like when it comes to it like filming wise and editing wise like that’s you like you’ve been doing it for so long now like you yeah acted the other but it’s like it’s crazy to wash clothes me pretty much like that’s well straight up that guy’s wiper I didn’t know it went that far back yeah roads like that’s the first thing I wanted to do and this what I’m doing grosser no that’s what I respect there’s no way like I’m ever gonna stop making videos you know me yeah yeah maybe when I’m like 40 maybe there’s a key exactly can you imagine like a 40 year old man react into like a six last okay bro would be kinda dating by the same time it’s like it’s it’s very creepy that’s some Jessie shit something straight up Jessie shit bro okay Wow fucking good answer thanks bro I’m good there’s some good stuff going on here is your question Zenon wherever you like we’re kind of like getting the groove on man yeah but yeah bro what’s your next class I did have another one to ask you like what we’ll do YouTube bro what kind of like do you really want to achieve like like out of this whole YouTube thing I know it’s like a really hard question to us no no no like mainly like what do you see coming out of this whole bit scenario like as that’s jetcart either way bro well it’s a two-part question really so personally like I want to be able to do this full-time yeah yeah like I want I want to be like like wake up every day be happy working at somewhere doing a job like not a job but a career that I can like be proud of every single day Donna means it’s like okay fucking we’re doing this today we’re doing this day every day is a new surprise kind of thing that sounds like that that’s what I want out of jet crew though I wanted to be stable yeah like I want us to be able to do it now and then like having jobs I have a security up until we’re like you know 50 yeah like we can retire from life you know what I mean like that I do enjoy like there’ll be a certain point I believe in jet crew where were like we’re getting too old for this shit possibly I don’t know Marie we don’t know when that’s gonna be about like we’re 23 are still fighting yeah we’ll still go a few years to go funny fucking time but like like you said I don’t wanna do do this one I’m like fucking fool like a massively network or some shit yeah that’s what I want to get out like a team you continue like somebody shit like they’ve got like a massive factory they got work as part of a bob of life if we can build up something like that that’s what I see for us that’s the ultimate goal we’re turning jet crew from a channel to like a community we could do that that’s what I’ll be happy with because then it’s just like cause like when you get older you think like an adult and you’re like okay like yeah bill you’ve got a future you know wife kid bad now you just like fuck you know you need to have like security yeah and that’s what I wanted for us as jet crew security security close as I can in today as an enterprise that’s that’s yeah that’s what I want to get out of jet crew personally I just want to be able to wake up that every day and be happy doing something yeah no I haven’t worried about waking up looking for you and exactly the stupid shit there’s some crazy guys I want to be able to just like it’s fucking 10 o’clock let’s go film like break out the system bro exactly Conor was living in a really blessed era like don’t you don’t you’re I couldn’t you say like this time we’re living in is so good bro they’ve been able to be a youtuber on star like 10 years ago like when people were just kind of edging towards it like barely even starting YouTube like Chooch it was only two years old man like you you’d be fucking we know if you quit your job and just did you – yeah like what the fuck you doing rahmel it’s a completely normal thing bro do it keeps drops cool quit their jobs all I can’t just – do you have a button contain that I like you know it’s cool I’m saying well happy but not doing it people are doing it it’s just like I’m just saying like put the people who can quit their jobs and just you YouTube I’ve seen so many new channels do it as just like don’t ya respects me and that’s it yeah doing a grind road nothing wrong with like you know giving something you are shot in your life like you know if you have to leave your work you want something like you want to pursue something so bad that it makes you want to leave your work then fucking do and give it a shot you know that’s it and the way it works down is like obviously people like let’s be honest money’s a huge thing when it comes to this kind of thing straight up so but if you have to like quit your job in order to focus on the YouTube the more you’re doing like if you’re why they’re equal let’s say like the paint yeah the thing you like I want to quit my job so I can focus on YouTube well the more you focus the more you get out of it you know the more you get out of it that’s how weight holding it down yet drop that is inflate I know some some people are different like it comes down to like life and sure like that but you know let’s straight up bro if you can do it fucking I always say if anyone wanted to do a channel yeah don’t worry about people judging you like I think that’s a lot of things that pull people back from starting their channels like yeah pressure of being judged and stuff that’s it I know it like fuck all that people think you only live in this life once so like why not I know this get really the art but how are they live in this life once you know do what makes you happy like don’t waste and squeeze the shit out of your life squeeze this yes that’s it each question gets a fist ball there’s none but you’re right like when we first started jet crew back in high school everyone thought like thighs fucking lame you guys aren’t gonna do shit out of it it’s just like now we here making videos I know I know for like for instance and I’m not trying to throw shade in and I’m good on them people who made fun of us are starting to do social media stuff asking for advice it’s just like I’m not like we give it to them we have to but it’s just like you off to us then and now we’re here you know we’re giving you advice it’s kind of like it’s come full circle car yeah haha fuck you but it’s just like we started a little lucky like we started what we did you know I’m happy you have to prove these people wrong bro does every day you wake up with that feeling like fuck we did it it’s satisfaction yeah in its own way it is it sent us back yeah bro all right fuck this is good shit plus some good screw the discussion good discussion hi this is a this is a harsh one ich schwing scrubber I think maybe if you weren’t doing YouTube like you know as like as you are now what do you think you would be doing instead but if let’s say like YouTube wasn’t Danny weren’t doing it I like that question yeah cause like right now like you’re doing YouTube full-time yeah exactly projects and like other stuff here and there but like YouTube is like Bishop is my main thing you know like unfortunately like I I’m not I wish I was but I’m not get there bro okay well definitely won’t get there 1% like I’m not stressed about that I’m just curious like if if you weren’t doing it what do you think you’d be doing like you know how I said like thought of you to be in my career since I was 12 yeah hard for me to my celly we’ve got to go all the way back yeah we think like what would have our done but uh they’re all something else I wanted to do I think editing videos where I was the media editor but it’s kind of like it’s already being a youtuber at the same time I mean I guess you’re apply that skill you had you choose like I mean you’ve done that before you I’m gonna know it’s already know before YouTube before that would tell me mm editing for two years but the air man honestly I don’t really don’t know what I’ll do other than YouTube but about to quit YouTube right now yeah yeah like oh probably go something that would you know securely pay bills and help me build my network slowly so I can then invest into probably starting a business yeah only start a business of my exact way yeah that’s because I mean personally like like respect where everyone doesn’t have a job yeah I don’t really want to work for someone else and not turn to come true that’s the last thing I would want to do my entire life I’ve only ever worked for people yeah if I could I mean eventually hopefully if it’s just us two that will be that’s you’re your own boss exactly you know doing and I do see like yeah YouTube like it’s fucking paying your bills and that’s just that’s dopey shit me you you you could type that skills like your videography your photography your editing like you could easily graphic design man you could do anything move into that exactly let’s say let’s just say like tomorrow YouTube fails man you’ve got all these skills behind you from it yeah you can start your own business at that shit Julie yeah that easily I think I don’t know who would be stupid enough not to buy that yeah thanks I appreciate that no of course man yeah like yeah it just made me think I was it’s like it’s like I know this guy could do a lot thanks outside YouTube appreciate all this time backups man I guess like even we’re doing YouTube like oh we gotta get you always gonna have a planet like especially like YouTube lately it’s been up and down man so sorry about the dog barking by the way guys oh yeah like you said like you choose a bit it’s a bit up and down so you like you never know I mean we’re doing well doing well we’re doing wow it is like at this point we’ve taken some hits here and there over the past couple and we’ve always started from nothing bro we were the shadowkhan we just did it on her like we didn’t built quite a large fanbase I appreciate you guys for being here that’s another thing I want to ask it’s like we get some comments like every day never about fans like us predominantly going towards a Polish audience in like obviously you’re polish how do you take that as a Polish person like doing polish videos and then the fans coming like you’re just feeding off them like like you know amazing like low-key first it really hurt me bro yeah holes like like what am I doing wrong here on man like fuck I make videos about my own country yeah first I was like really short but now I kind of do understand where they coming from like I guess they like datum like it’s something different I’m like yeah but the thing is like we’re not trying to move the Polish audience like this is this is our audience we’re not know the name no say you’re a gamer for example yeah you stream yeah you play games you’re milking the gaming or you that’s exactly right but you just did you you’re teasing to your audience yeah I get you 100% like I it doesn’t affect me as much like it still hurts but like I’m not polish yeah like come balls on me you get you got a lot of the shit yeah he’s polish he obviously got a lot of the shit like I was using you blah blah and then it would came to part of our since like Vince it’s like if you look 80% of our audience this polish yeah not gonna not do Polish videos like it will be done what’s not to like even make apology video this broke do that we’re just trying to appeal this is what we started from – bro yeah Holsey guys doesn’t speak Polish that was the one that yeah exactly yeah so if anything like other than making Polish videos we were doing these Polish videos like for me it’s the more like spreading in a culture like giving more power to my culture oh yeah it’s like you know you world what spreading this worldwide yeah exactly we do see that and then like they learn about the Polish culture bro Mon understand there’s so much to the poles called for tuned we’ve actually spread yeah quite a lot and when people say well milking them to make money like if only they saw like how much we do really make which is not that much out of these videos on sexuality that’s it that’s true there’s 100 cent truth not only that it’s also like we have never denied why we make Polish videos we’re not once we’ve never we’ve never like subtly like purposely just made Polish videos just like try and get the audience seen we’ve always said our audience to the Polish we’re gonna make Polish videos exactly well what are we gonna do we’re gonna start making like doesn’t make sense you know we have a lot of projects in development to do with Polish stuff yeah like we’re not gonna not do it like that’s just it’s kind of a thing with my channel now like you know what I mean it is we’ve invested so much into the Polish culture that we can’t not do polish because all our merchandise is polish straight up that’s just how it is this it’s just one of those things I saw the other day I see comments like every day and it shows always it’s like oh you’re just trying to fucking get the Polish audience this is like yes we just like well really one thing I’m gonna like mention on the side nokia since we’re in this topic in cycles a lot of people have seen in the comments not only our videos but like other videos what we mentioned we’ve been mentioned py like all you know they think only the Polish people were answered like crazy when they heard foreigners talk about Poland because the parents like a stereotype when someone else mentions Poland that’s not polish they go crazy about it yeah by saying that they’re making the Polish the whole pollen look stupid exactly like 30 well yeah yeah exactly we’re doing it because it’s new for me yeah you know sometimes it’s need to use young yeah oh so it’s like it’s new for us like the whole experience especially cuz we do music and food and whatnot because that’s what we that’s what we like so for them to say that it’s just like what’s wrong with that exists nothing wrong with being appreciative of someone else recognising the positives in your culture yeah like if someone came to Australia someone from Poland made a video about Australia I’m gonna show that goodness like that would be like fuck yeah this is the actual human reaction bro that’s something excites you you don’t fucking know man yeah that’s one thing I like the whole stigma or whatever we gotta put it the funny thing is it’s not just poll on it it’s all countries do that they already exactly that exactly unless it’s USA I think you must a story like oversaturated that shit oh yeah yeah bro straight y’all um what’s gonna say I’m gonna ask you like how do you feel like knowing you suppose you need a Oh like on your behalf it is that huh there’s two different sides to it because I don’t want to offend anyone at the same time like it but I’m gonna give my honest opinion in any video that regardless no matter what yeah I don’t want to offend anyone if I don’t like something and you guys Polish people and let’s be honest a very very into their culture very like very proud of it you know what I mean so I like there’s been times where I don’t like to say thank for I didn’t like a certain song or whatever and I’ve cooked a lot I hate for a business like that’s I’m up from now like that’s different to me like it’s not a bad thing I’m not saying like this is what scoffing no I’m about I’m saying personally I don’t like it so there’s no those moments where I don’t like quiet like I’m not into something in culture it’s like yes I get a lot of shit for it but like that’s my opinion you don’t have to like everything yeah but I do like doing these videos one because it makes the board against happy you know majority always polish we’ve said a thousand times say it a thousand more like I like making people happy if it makes them happy I’ll continue to do that too I like being multicultural brighter like since we were young since like like forever most of our friends have been from all around the world near especially in Australia which is very very that’s the most called multicultural country like I literally have barely any Aussie friends going up like most of my friends were either your opinion or like Asian or whatever you might my girlfriend’s Asian leo bro and out of a like woul European most of our friends like like from oversea from overseas you know we’re lucky I love experiencing like go to their house and eating their food coming out for first time he’s mom fed me like fuckin pierogi and I love doing it experiencing in this type of way where we can connect by YouTube and Internet and music and what I like it’s fuckin awesome I love doing it like there’s good sides and there’s bad sides to it oh yeah but mostly it’s it’s good well I have a really important question to ask you though really important yeah yeah yeah I played the same question how good to make templates for me okay this is a very important issue you have to fucking bring that what I will do instead because fuck that I’m going to show you how I make my pies I’ll do it I’ve been thinking about it for a while like doing a little whole series on Instagram because that’s what I’m mainly on now besides YouTube over 70 on Instagram of all the guy cooks or some shit like that you know what I mean and I’ll be like you know how I post we do that overhead team what I’m gonna do so everyone can get pies I will show you exactly how I make it ingredients measurements blah blah blah whatever that way everyone you could make it at home that way set of 10 people getting pies when million people can get pie all right like a diving hour sounds fair okay yeah maybe I will do it we’ll see what they say though it may I might still do a giveaway like two years old that joke this is anyway your honor its twenty sixteen bars can you toss a bit old we still get comments every day hashtag well is it my applied word about what attacking something this morning saying now I was like fuck dad did not yeah you motherfucker had you bring that up I’m sorry if you could go back let’s say five five years in the past before we started YouTube 2013 yeah 13 but let’s say yeah before YouTube started getting serious yeah you can go back then and tell yourself like one piece of advice what what would it be like what would you go and tell yourself it’s a tough guy routine because there’s a lot of stuff there’s a lot of things that their world itself changed a lot since yeah so personally though to help you now what would you only want the of you can only take one thing and then you that’s it make a focus of it yourself we don’t be scared of other people’s opinions and just do what makes you happy you know he’s going to invest all all your energy into your dream and fuck where you’re there I like that I didn’t have a lot of pressure like from my parents and stuff after we finished high school to go to uni do this follow a specific career choice it’s it’s sat it in in certain cultures like European I know it is like in my family I would have been like the first one to finish uni bro if I did God really thing but like that’s what kind of was like really a lot for me to do it at the same time bro cuz you was on a bridge man exactly on this one on mom at the same time you wanted to meet yourself do you too bro I get that but yeah bro that’s good advice though I mean like these day and ages people would always try to act like other people mmm you know yourselves feel Sophie happy with who you are I’m speaking of that a little bit of the same we asked they’re like where’s someone else Buffalo they kind of see us act a certain way videos right yeah so they’re kind of confined to us being like that they think we’re like that all the time 24/7 yeah I can reaction videos like crazy like what else I mean when you think that is kind of kind of car bus but it’s not it’s it’s an extension of us exactly Yeah right you know that’s not us all but it’s got different personality yeah we like this as well a lot of the time most the time yeah we’re pretty chill like most time this is our actually we talk most the time yeah like you know and sometimes yeah we see video we hear a song that would like fucking we were like fuck yeah straight off you’re right like when we release that like super saiyan a lot of people were like like what are you trying to do were you trying to beat this is a lot of you this is not jet crew like that was a start this is a spits because you’ve never seen they’ve never seen in the society now exactly like for example let’s say if Kevin Hart drop a song everyon girl what fuck exactly I think I’ll see where they’re coming from yeah at the same time I’m really glad we doing stuff like this to show them that we’re not one-dimensional to us yeah you know and in a way Super Saiyan it was such a great song such fun to do it was very very long day was awesome but the song itself it had meeting like the would every new kid it wasn’t just stupid like the lyrics might sound stupid to you to us it would add a bit a meaning to it though it does go deeper than just listening to it exactly like you can analyze it as much as you want but to us it means something different to you guys like that’s I think that’s how it works we were trolling a little bit a little bit a little bit rolling I’ll go get attention somehow exactly here but majority of it will actually that was near us doing that like that was the sign of us they hadn’t seen before straight bro and that’s a different side to now as well oh yeah so hopeful about this Commons bro like sorry guys the camera just cut off the battery died but this all good now yes always say Mercer I’m sort of comments like how my reaction to the comments basically the way I took it was like those harsh comments it was it was good I liked the date they had I saying you trying to be different like you’re not trying to be used she’s like yeah we try to be us like a different us but your mundane you haven’t seen before that’s why I kind of like that was like I took the positive out of it like straight up they all saw a different side and I was like fucking sweet see different sizes all the way yeah it’s good though you have that distance meant like to like we’ve done an effective shred away I mean that’s what kind of makes us yeah it was successful exactly like you’re having this distance we’re going to that point we get hate every single day it’s just like you gotta like yeah this sometimes it will like but most last one so I kind of ran out of time here but I did a really main question for you burner is my last question its how do you feel having people watch you and me inspired by you like do feel a sense of pressure like like being forced to act a certain way or is the way act on camera now is like all natural for you and it’s just you got another flu Jesus the first aspect of that question like people who like I love it yeah people looking up to us people being inspired by us for not it’s it’s awesome it’s different going from um we like back you know I still look back in high school more just like dudes now we’re like like not stars but people look up to us and it’s different it’s like what the fuck and nobody can understand in our lives what that’s like except us except ourselves you know we have we have other people that we who know but like it’s it’s good it’s a bit pressuring but at the same time we’ve never not been ourselves we’re never active differently we don’t portray in anyone else but never like sense at ourselves which is good so that like they may know this is roll this is us as for being in the videos like those are my religion reactions like that’s a different part of me where I can actually be somewhat myself in those videos you know me like an be like it’s it’s like more lose-lose I mean like you can’t do that in everyday life well like in the videos we could to be different cuz I’ve got a different audience I’ve got you yeah it’s like you’d act different around different people whatnot Yeah Yeah Yeah right you for me Eddie you take it off that’s a deep question you’ve got j.crew any rock stars that was the hardest fucking thing we share one but you’ve got yes I can’t like I’m taking a break from my channel because I can’t keep up like it’s very difficult I’ve been to fan bases I tried to like you know merge them into one yeah but at the same time like it’s very difficult bro having having to sir for me the way I see it if people look up to me that’s good Breyer like I’m just beating me like you know what I’m trying to message I’m trying to leave so yeah like whatever I’m trying to do and what I’m trying to get to so if people look up to me for that man that’s good if I can make a difference in people’s lives bro then fuck I’m all for him and that’s that’s good that’s yeah that’s nice I like how we both pretty much got like the same response yeah bro and that’s for like you in the videos and me in our videos yeah I think that’s a very natural aspect to our look I don’t really think too much about it yeah it’s just like like right now I’m gonna look like as soon as that camera turns on like not this video girl I could I could lie so reactive Porsche pop soon as that camera turns on I’m kind of like yeah I kind of like wake up in the wall – doing a video yeah yeah yeah I get you it is like that sort of like as soon as that camera comes on we’re just like switched on yeah it’s it’s fluid for us now before when we started was like a bit you know now we’re just like and then as soon as we’re done recording it’s switch off yeah yeah exactly i getcha yeah I think I think that was a pretty good interview like yeah that was it wrap it up yeah wrap it up talking slang we could talk forever and ever but hopefully we got through we had like five questions planned each and that we only got to like to do there was so much going on it was so good that was Danberg feels good yeah hopefully you guys did enjoy this little podcast you see how to do more of these kind of things we might do it again give me much to the game let us know if you want to see you do more there’s some questions you want us to ask each other yeah I mean questions together we can we could do it we fucking dark and we should be doing a live podcast although so much is so good god damn alright well foie gras has been a pleasure it happy to pledge oh fuck and for many more years to come yes definitely Jake who’s starting up yes you yes shit that was it that wasn’t mad as fuck

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