100 thoughts on “Tom Holland Funny Moments 2017

  1. If you ever feel bad about not being flexible, remember, spiderman can't touch his toes and neither can I.

  2. Tom, I know you want to be like Batman but just because you're doing the voice of him, doesn't mean you have to act like him.

  3. Person: Tom if you keep doing this we’re going to get sued
    Tom: I have so much money. I’m Batman.
    Person: No your not Batman.
    I laughed so much at this

  4. Tom: i thought i was food and foot ball but im not
    Guy: what kind
    Tom:the one u use to kick it with ur foot

  5. Anyone else notice Tom Holland plays Peter Parker and in the other spider Man movies Peter Parker’s best friend is Harry. And Tom has a brother named Harry. I think that’s awesome.

  6. He’s cute
    He’s funny
    He’s okay
    He’s Spider-Man
    Y’all lady’s can agree with me but the problem is IM 10 ;-;

  7. To all Spider-Man fans and Tom Holland him self:
    His mum worked in my school as the photographer and he went to my primary school #southwestlondon4life #corpuschristi #spiderman

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