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  1. I just started the video and that cup being on the outside of Simon's arm gives me anxiety. I know I'd find a way to knock it over.
    Love you guys!

    eyes the cup and sweats

  2. With the challenge of finding a job and affordable housing in big cities, I'm surprised more younger Japanese and Koreans haven't decided to become farmers. They're the next generation and can bring the "hip" factor to the rural areas if they tried.

  3. You two are legit the most wonderful people. The communal art palace-slash-farm on Jeju brings to mind the kind of people who have supported intellectual and social revolutions throughout history, and I say you should totally GO FOR IT. Wherever you can, go for it. It's a beautiful idea.

    Plus: I see you guys holding hands for practically the entire video. Cuuuuuuuuute. Goals.

  4. I loved your story about the lemur<3 It reminded me of Whisper of the Heart where the girl follows that huge cat through the streets and alleyways. Its one of my favorite movies! For the onsen, I was wondering if they actually have ping-pong tables there? Its such a staple in anime but it seems so random to me.

  5. i just noticed you guys have a typo on Toyko Tales 😀 thank you for new podcast i listened to it at work supper good

  6. The animal up the electricity cables is probably a masked palm civet ( ハクビシン). Saw them at least once every summer in Tokyo. You can also see them in Ueno zoo (at the petting area though you can’t touch them). Sorry for crushing the spirit theory.

  7. I'm in health and they teach us that 75 and above is considered elderly (although we still argue among ourselves about it sometimes)

  8. I'd gladly help out on your farm if I could stay with you in Japan lol. I love gardening and farm work stuff. Plus you're wonderful people so who wouldn't want to.

  9. At the onsen I'd love to see the menu for the food and what are other things you can do in the onsen when you're just chilling. Like sometimes in anime they play ping pong or whatever. Are there things like that to do?

  10. I learned about the non-manned produce stands from I think it was Texan in Tokyo! Man, living in that kind of community would be so fulfilling and lovely and peaceful!
    I hope you see another Tanuki!!
    And I agree with all the other people-you two are couple perfection-your love is so true and beautiful 💖💖💖 I’ve thought so since you guys were rolling down your sexy windows.

  11. You guys are soooo cutest couple ever!
    Holding hands and massaging her arm…ideal relationship here!
    Anyway, the creature name is “Ha ku bi shin”. (In Japanese).
    It looks like a cat or raccoon dog but it’s not.
    It is “masked palm civet”. You can see them around Tokyo sometimes!

  12. Great podcast guys! I’d love to see the menus and how you both order the food! It’s something I have some anxiety over when it comes to Japan and I’d love to see you guys ordering the food 😀

  13. Honestly you two are an inspiration to me. I mean how CUTE is it to watch the two of you holding hands and when Simon starts to massage martinas arm thats so lovely 🙂 I saw it and started smiling. Its lovely to see how such a small gesture can be so meaningful and it shows how much Simon cares. That is one of the reasons why I love watching your Videos. The Chemistry between you too even after such a long time seems still to be like a fresh couple, I love it! Much love from Germany to both of you

  14. 11:38 PLEZ do this this would be awesome 😭😭😭 I wanna do farming 👀 and meet two beautiful you tubers 😭❤️

  15. So…the animal you saw was a Digimon. Because everyone knows they live in Tokyo.
    And I dream about vacation in a remote place where I half help on the farm and half explore the area. A dream vacation.

  16. If you do make a farm, maybe consider something like breeding herbs or roses or something. My parents made a living from their garden. Like…a regular garden. They were breeding organic roses and rare herbs. My mother has a disease that makes work for her very painful, but she managed to keep up her work until now, when she´s retired. I´ve been living in the city for more than 10 years now and I just recently moved into a house close by Vienna, but definitely rural. Guys….you won´t go back to the city. Promise. 🙂
    If you want, I can give you some details on how to make your life easier on the farm, especially for Martina. 🙂 You´ll do just fine.

  17. Isn't kichijoji the number one neighborhood where Japanese people want to live in in Tokyo? They even make a tv show about it

  18. Not sure if someone already mentioned it, but maybe u guys saw a Civet? Im from Europe and when I lived in Taiwan it was the first time a Civet crossed my path and I was soooo confused because I never saw one before and the only thing I was able to say was 'THATS NOT A CAT!' and it took me good time to figure out what this cat thing was but im happy this Tanuki could comfort u guys a little bit, love you

  19. Onsen food, the softness of the pillows/blankets/futon, the different types of onsen they have maybe? Some places have different things in each bath….

  20. This is kind of off topic, but lately I have been watching your Korea vlogs. Do you guys still cook Korean food at home?

  21. I did a little research and it seems like the spirit animal could have been a pine marten or a sable. Since you said it was kind of lemur or weasel-like that's my best guess?

  22. Can you guys add your podcast to Stitcher? I've been listening to the SBS PopAsia ones and would like to be able to listen to Tokyo Tales too!

  23. Not yet down listening to podcost, but… MY GOODNESS. I'd help with the farm so hard. Agh, that'd make the visit even better.

  24. I'm in China atm, and grocery stores excite me sooo much 😂 there's loads of stuff I've never seen before and things we know in the west, but different exotic flavours, for example. Grocery shopping in a foreign country is a must for me.

  25. Pretch about the mosquitos they killed me and my boyfriend in Kyoto. It was 30 :O and they weren't selling mosquitos spray at drug stores 🙁

  26. my friends and I are traveling to Japan in a few months and one of our biggest concerns is where to find a nice onsen that allows tattoos. We don't want to spend our entire time in Tokyo and would love to explore other parts of Japan so we're all very excited to hear about places we may be able to visit ! I personally loved seeing what the open air bath looked like in your last onsen video but I think we'd all love to see what kind of food they serve and, if it's a ryokan, what the rooms look like !

  27. if you guys buy an extra house I would so come visit and help with the farm life, even though I'm talentless lol. I also can't help but watch how Simon and Martina held hands throughout the video and how Simon rubbed your arm when you needed it. It's such gentle gesture and act of love that is so beautiful.

  28. I love small town life! But I also can't imagine being happy in a city and my city friends seem to feel the same about small towns. There are good points and bad points in almost any area, but it does seem like there are people who just naturally prefer certain kinds of living situations.

    On the other hand, you two seem so happy anywhere you go, so maybe you'd find a way to love small town life!

  29. I would most like to see a visual representation of the connection to nature that you feel at Onsens. And speaking of Japanese folklore maybe you can give us more lessons on different creatures related or unrelated to onsen culture that you feel fit the vibe.

  30. Maybe like a summer or a rest home in the province? You know, so you really have a place just to get out of the city for a looong time.

  31. Thanks for the amazing conversation on rural living. I lived in Hida-Furukawa for 3 weeks and had an amazing experience there. The place is one 15 minute train ride to the nearest city (Takayama) and the place has lovely neighbours who all know each other. I went under the joint program of Fab Cafe (and parent company Loft Works) who accept residencies to their Hida-Furukawa Fab Cafe location and they have an amazing studio space (wood shop at back, cafe at front). Talk to the owners of Fab Cafe in Shibuya when you get a chance to hear more about opening specialty shops around the world. I can give you a contacts if you're interested in visiting as well (since they know me pretty well). Overall love your topic this session and can't wait to hear more!

  32. Guys, I couldn’t read all the comments so probably someone already said this but even before you said Tanuki I was thinking that’s what it is. Like a real one. There are differences between the real tanuki and the mythical ones like bake-danuki but your description sounds like tanuki!

  33. Hey you two cuties.
    Love those podcasts. ♡ just sitting here on the sofa drinking my sunday morning cardamom coffee and watching your video. x3
    About your idea of a house outside the city for artsy stuff and farmers life. We got a youtuber / musician here in Germany that did this too. He bought himself a huge property and uses it to invite artists or other ppl over. They can film videos there and in exchange they help him with the fields or other projects.
    If you're interested you can check out his channel. But the videos are in German
    It's "Kliemannsland" 🙂

  34. Please do it!!!! I know that there are some setups like that in Japan where you can go and stay for free (or low cost) at a place in the countryside if you help on the farm. But I think it would be so great if you guys had a setup like that! I think the great thing about it if you guys did it would be the creativity and community that would come from it.

  35. I always listen to your podcasts while vacuuming. I’m not a big fan of vacuuming and this makes it so much more enjoyable

  36. I wish I could of visited Kichijoji/Mitaka. I’m so sad. Ghibli should make this story into a movie. I would watch it.

  37. HOLY SHIET at 23:58 the writing on that shirt are Indonesian. IS that just a random thing or that person really an Indonesian? The shirt meaning kinda say "vigor of young people". Kinda, my english so suck lately cause i am writing my thesis. Pfft.. blaming things when i never practice or learn anything.

    Btw. that child story remind me of crayon shincan. Love that show but way inappropiate for a kid show. lol. Hope you both get better and waiting for more livestream, need some nasty community lol. Writing this thesis sucks so much cos i am stuck at home and being rush by deadline.

  38. I'm sorry, stop the podcast/video!!! I can't stop staring at them holding hands so casually on the table and it's making me drop my uwus everywhere! <3 Love it!

  39. A bit late to the party but while relistening to this episode I had a thought.

    With the farming thing it sounds exactly like WWOOF, an organisation which connects volunteers with organic farms where they work on the farm in exchange for food and board. I've done it many times and it's great fun and a super cheap way to travel and meet new people while learning new things.

    Yes a fully fledged farm is difficukt to run, but growing 3-5 types of crop, and using energy saving techniques like permaculture it's much much easier.
    (e.g. you can build trays and grow veggies waist high, meaning when you weed or harvest you don't need to crouch because everything is at arm's reach). Also chickens are awesome to keep for eggs. They eat all your food waste and you get lovely fresh eggs every day, and they're so sweet to be around. Ducks are also great because they eat any slugs on your crops, and work the soil with their feet and even fertilize a bit with their poops.

    Ok I've gone on way too long about this but I think it's a freaking awesome plan and Im so excited for you and if you do set up a farm arthouse I will 100percent come visit!!

  40. I bet it was a possum you saw! In this part of the world we have lots of types of possums that run along the telephone wires.

  41. You two are so cute! I love the hand holding throughout the video. You give me hope that someday I will find my other half. Thank you for making these! I love being able to see while listening to your podcast.

  42. Man I would love to live in the countryside in Japan. Its the dream! I bet its hard to make a living with art in Japan though, I am a tattoo artist in England atm. I think i'll come visit Japan soon and ask some studios if they'd hire a foreigner.

  43. Martina! If you love tanukis you really should watch Studio Ghibli’s Pom Poko – a super lighthearted movie about tanukis and the industrialization of Tokyo – that I really think you’ll appreciate wanting to live in the country side!!!

  44. i know this comment is really late but if you actually decide to make the art house i will find a way to come visit. that is honestly one of the coolest ideas i’ve heard in a long time!!

  45. commenting on videos always feels like talking to the void but! I have to say that I really do love watching/listening to tokyo tales, bc there are all these side stories and tangents and everything seems sweet and real. maybe that's just bc I can never make it through a single story start to finish oops but yeah! I'm making my way through the tales and feeling kinda connected I guess and I wanted to share that

  46. I’ve been a passive viewer for years and these podcasts have to be my absolute favorite videos! I love you guys and keep on inspiring people to be who they are ❤️❤️

  47. Uhm, how would one go about staying at this communal house y’all want to open? I would readily work/pay to stay with you guys and help out. This is one of the most exciting things either of you have ever said. ❤️ what an opportunity that would be!

  48. Hey, love these video podcasts, I always listen to them on my train commute😊 in case you guys didn't know, these local veggie/fruit places are called yaoya (八百屋)!

  49. This is probably a very late comment but the animal your describing sounds like a Palm Civet which were introduced to Japan after WW2 for the fur trade. Still sounds like a magical experience. I love watching your videos and hearing your stories 🙂

  50. Re-listening to this podcast reminded me of how much you love tanuki Martina, and because you love tanuki I highly recommend watching the anime the Eccentric Family. It's a really fun anime to watch and tho it can have its dramatic moments, true to the nature of tanuki it's overall lighthearted, comedic and fun.

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