Tokyo Tales: House Hunting (Simon and Martina Podcast Episode 10)

Tokyo Tales: House Hunting (Simon and Martina Podcast Episode 10)

Hey, it’s Simon and this is Martina and we’re broadcasting out of Tokyo Japan. The best part of Japan. We gotta work on our voice tones here. Should we do like a kiichi Joji or should be like kiichi jojo should be like be like kiichi What we need to do is every time you try to do it I’m just gonna throw it off into a different tone. -He does,it’s very frustrating for me -There will be no musicality in this whatsover -It hurts my musical soul. It like physically burns. K, ready? You go Kichijoji Kichijoji -Kichijoji I’m gonna try to figure out what he’s gonna do kiichi. Jodi is the best city. We just discovered a new supermarket. I Love it so much. It’s the important things in life. It’s the important things. We just did our video about groceries in Japan We wish we found this before me cuz this is the bomb diggity I don’t even know what it’s called But we were just biking around City Hall and we like why don’t we go on the street because we never wanted before yeah and up opened up this super smooth like Sidewalk, like freshly painted with no black. It hadn’t turned out like great own, honey parking they had like guards waving everyone in. the Supermarket was like glistening. – we were like “what is this?” And we went inside. we found a whole bunch of like new Ingredients that we haven’t used before -we have literally held hands as the entrance door opened and we both went *gasps* Like it was it was like one of those moments where you’re like”this place is so huge!” like it Honestly is so much smaller than every grocery store I’ve ever been in North America, but it’s so big for Japan It’s bigger than our big store. -It is bigger than our big store. – Summit I thought was huge -right.- I thought Summit was vast it’s bigger than the summit and it’s it’s like nicely lit and it’s got so many things that like we Sometimes see in our grocery stores that are go out of season But here they have like the breaded fish all year round -We buy this like pan breaded.. – I said all year round But I’ve only been here a few times but it’s like they got the breaded fish here While the other places don’t have the breaded fish now. They’ve got like a great sale on paprika’s Peppers we Roast our own red peppers, – and I love it because it when you take the bike back home ,when we take our bikes back Yeah It opens up to a whole new part of Kichijoji. don’t bite through Martina hates this because I’ve been going by myself – I don’t hate It. what I hate is when somoeone..when Simon comes home And says . – I want to buy a house. Like I’m looking at theirs like cuz it’s more of the rural part of kichijoji I don’t really know how to explain it. So like the best thing I can think of is, this is how I’ve experienced Japan so far No matter where we went. whether it was Osaka or Kobe or Kyoto or wherever. You have a main subway station. It’s surrounded by Name-brand things like Yoshinoya’s and like the equivalent of North American chain shops like McDonald’s and KFC then as you go further out you start to find like local izakays and things that have more like we’d get into our Light up coffees and we get into like more personal vibes And then as you go further out, it becomes just totally neighborhoods And it seems to be like this in every single place – but when you get further away from the neighborhoods -right, the next block -That’s when you start seeing some like open land that people are using for farming So there’s a lot of community gardens. beside the community gardens are these food lockers? They look like vending machines or lockers So we saw something in kichijoji. I don’t think you saw this because I don’t think -No I only saw the one in kichijoi that sells like weird herbs and stuff – because I think that’s a vending machine that sells herbs But this place right here instead is I think as a locker system everyone has their keys and they could like put the produce That they’ve gathered from their community garden -yeah but we can buy that Can we? – Yes! – I don’t know because I saw people going there like I don’t want to look there and be confused -I know I read about that online So because I’ve always been looking for it since before we came to Japan So basically there these lockers that farmers that are growing small amounts of food like local ones They put it in and it’ll be like three dollars for fresh eggs. -Yeah -from their hens or like five dollars for radishes So we can buy that. – right? Oh well I’m gonna try the next time -take me with you – because right beside the locker is the old lady that’s selling the produce that I brought Some produce back from a couple times – What does the stand look like? It’s just this like it looks like it’s right by all the houses So like there’s a whole bunch like houses And then right on the corner because there’s a street that goes by a little like small stream of water And the stream of water has these like nice little like arching bridges and I like often see like old people they’re throwing like bread Crumbs into there at ducks. I’m not sure if they’re throwing bread crumbs at ducks. That’s what I assume. They are I couldn’t see the ducks because I was going by so fast my bike He could just be throwing his garbage out into the water one of the hosts to Japan The odds are it’s something lovely like an old man feeding a bunch of ducks So when Street intersects with another like smaller Street that goes into the subdivision of houses right on the corners I saw the house. It has like this front facing stall and there’s this old woman and and – like how old do you think she Is? – I think she’s probably like 70 or 80 or so like she looks like pretty like a lot older than we are . -when you say 70 and 80 my mom and your parents just went “how dare you sir!” -well! -when I think Of old, I think of like 80 plus -girl how many people do you know are 80 plus? Lots of them -know like the relative bar for us is 70 is the old age now. -Oh, I don’t feel like that I feel like – people retire 65. – No, I think 70 is old I just don’t think of 70 as like, like,’ I’m an old lady’ like the word old lady to me is like 80 Like I think – so what would you describe as 70? – 70 is like old but not like an old lady I’d be like a – so it depends on how many O’s I use. Yeah, she’s not oooold but she’s old Yeah, okay, like an older lady for example. – she’s an older ..oldish? what I hear. Yeah. I when I hear an older lady I picture somebody in their 60s and 70s, but when you say an old woman. I picture like a hobbled over person who’s like “I’m an old woman” Well, she’s definitely like very like a lot more slow and doddery and whatnot and like right in that little hole that she sells her Stuff. I called the hole but there’s a little entrance it’s maybe like two meters deep with like, uh like three tables around one on left side one on the right and one in the middle at which she’s behind and they got these little Baskets of like vegetables so they have cucumbers and tomatoes And parsnips and whatnot and they all have the prices written like on cardboard in big markers so like she hand drew them you can see like where they squiggle and whatnot so you could get cucumbers for like 160 yen Tomatoes for 230 yen – Thats great ,Do you think it’s just like a local garden. She probably grows. It’s just a local garden -We edited out a sneeze if I you can tell right now -I hurt my chest I sneeze so hard Yeah And it’s just like whenever I try to when I buy more than one thing she takes a long time to figure out the math She’s like it’s 230 plus 160. She doesn’t even have a calculator or an abacus. She’s like Yep 390 I have my coins already. She’s like, all right, then 319 Yeah, Q. I have such a hard problems with the hack in the BX qg q j Anyhow, I love buying on is my reason Yeah but when is in the hundreds of some vehicles I have It’s like I have such a difficulty with all numbers around the world globally So when I go to the new grocery store, I bike by her first to see what she has to make sure I don’t buy at a grocery store. because like she doesn’t have red peppers, but we need red peppers for red pepper season But she has other things that we use like cucumbers and whatnot So I buy from her -Simon’s been really getting into the cukes. You guys know how Simon really loves the cucumbers that are sliced up in like feels like it’s a Sesame oil,meets a vinegar with like a hot pepper – in our Toriyozoku video like I I Married the cucumber cus it’s so good. I’m trying to recreate at home I I asked my chef friend he has a different recipe.It’s is not the one that I get at the grocery store because it’s more like it’s a His is very vinegary and peppery. I’m looking for that deeper kind of like “soy” kind of flavor -I have no idea what you’re talking about because I think the recipe the last two batches you’ve made Yeah, the one before was too soft. You over-salted them. Yeah, this one I thought was perfect It was vinegary,it was crunchy. -But it doesn’t taste like the ones we get at the supermarket -because the ones we get the supermarket has a dash of oil in it So what you should be -I put oil in there. -Sesame oil? -I finish off with Sesame Oil See, it’s just not right. I ain’t getting the balances Right don’t to tell you they make them in like a mass bulk the point is when I come back there because I guy I do grocery shop and then I come back home on my own and I see these houses along the way these huge or much bigger properties They don’t even have fences around them because like every house in the neighborhood -You need to tone down the word “huge” because huge is like we’re picturing bridle path homes. you mean like bigger than our current home . -bigger than our current home like maybe like at least three times bigger and they have like big open lawns with gardens and they have their own little like woodworking farm in the back with a little tractor that they Drive back and forth like I would putter about there so much and I come back home and I’m like Martina we need to buy a house and she’s like What do you mean. we can’t because I looked at the real estate prices. He respond. They’re super expensive But the whole point is I really love this new supermarket. We found it from exploring. What area okay I’ll tell you one thing that we have been discussing We have been considering like, you know, if you want to get a house in Japan. It’s way too expensive I mean you have to have a lot of money to live in the city area unless you find some really great deal Yeah, but there’s a lot of rural parts of Japan that are practically giving houses away -oh my gosh – because there’s a problem with the aging population Yeah, and the problem is that a lot of people either aren’t having kids yeah, or they have a kid and then their kid goes somewhere else and there’s town there are towns that are becoming like Deserted because it’s only people who are actually old right 80s and 90s And they’re aging and then there’s no one to take over their house. And so that’s it the houses your house Give me I will gladly live in a house in the countryside So well, we are considering which is just like you guys can think about this and leave some comments about it -This isn’t like something we’re gonna do the next month – no – when we talk about this stuff. We talk for many months even years About what we’re gonna do -basically we talked about this a lot when we were in Korea So our original plan was in our last year in Korea. We had to gone to jeju-do. We did like a trip in Jeju I think our last year or two and we were like wow Jeju has a totally different pace to it The real estate was super cheap. Yeah, like Lee Hyori bought some like to get away from Seoul she like bought some house there and was like I’m getting away And we noticed that the attitude in Jeju-do they were still young people there, but it was very different Yeah, it felt very much Like, oh we want to get away from the fast-paced life of the big city, and we want to go to this place You know what? It felt like in Tokyo, Oshima. We went to Izo oshima the Godzilla island they had like young people that wanted to get away -we have to go visit Sugaru again And I looked at real estate prices there You could see what how many transactions have gone by in the past year and they’re really cheap in Oshima Let me explain to you. Why? Oshima is an island. Yeah, that is an active volcano Yeah, and we are very bad with bringing bad weather to places -Oh pish-posh hogwash -so we’re gonna buy a ten dollar home and then a volcano will explode. Well, I don’t be like help we’re on an island We can’t get off and then thus will end. That’ll be the end of it I mean it would still be a pretty cool way to go. How did you die? volcano! volcano! Bro a volcano that’s -we’re like up in heaven and we’re like dope and someone’s like old age were like nah probably went from lava -When we were.. so we explore different parts of Kichijoji -I didn’t finish my story – Oh, please go on. I thought you were done with like the with the death by volcano, I Wasn’t even talking about Oshima. Okay point was we were considering moving to Jeju. Yes And what we were thinking of doing was, selling the studio, selling our apartments and moving to jeju and opening up a really big ,kind of like an arthouse ,where we would be doing our stuff exploring Jeju and that kind of thing But it would be open for artists to come in and out – right -other youtubers Musicians and people could sleep in the like second part of this huge place and we’d all have like communal meals together But they could make art or music or whatever it is and the deal would be you either stay for free by helping us with our farm or you pay money, but like cheap like Right really like low prices So we thought about that but then in the end we were like let’s go to a new country, right? So now we’re thinking about the same kind of thing for Japan. Yeah, so like it would be kind of cool I thought that if we could open up some kind of a house outside of Tokyo -Right -and then even like various nasties or like people that are watching our videos. if they’re coming through they can come by we can hang out with them, but you have to help with our farm Yes All right so it’d be this kind of cool way for people to get to know one area and and be inspired because sometimes getting out of the city and and getting in touch with nature again really does something I know I’m sounding like a total hippie but it does! when you go for stroll in the woods or when you see beautiful grass or there’s a feeling that you get when you’re in a forest, you know -Well next week, we’re going to Akita. -Yes! – and we’re excited we’re gonna do like a onsen -Akita, Akita! -so if you remember the video that we did about better than Kobe beef where we had Akita gyu And they had the stamp certificate of the steak that we ate there. That’s from Akita. That’s where you see Akita dogs Instead of like shiba inu dogs are like also Akita dogs are a little bit bigger And we’re gonna be going there to these like really remote onsens There’s like this onsen loop. you get on a bus If you go to different ones there’s some famous onsens in the area and it’s supposed to be like the perfect time of year because of the Changing of the leaves right now -We’re trying something new which is, um when you go to like the subway stations You’ll see all these posters all over Tokyo being like, you know There’s a picture of like an Akita dog with like a little leaf on his nose or you’ll see, like, onsens or like onsen adventure things You can go on and you book these trips like a tour So you go to the place you say we want to go. and for us we had some difficulties because they’d to call to check For our tattoos, right? And that was a big one I’m not going all the way up to Akita and they’re like no tattoos -Because there was some places that they called that they were not cool with tattoos. -Yeah – so we couldn’t book them Yeah so we tried to book a place to make sure we can go with tattoos and We’re probably gonna do a live stream there as well.- I think so – depending if there’s internet Yeah Cuz I have no idea like what if we get there we have no Gbs. -We have lots of data on our phone for -Just for live streams! -So we’ll be able to blow it all at this live stream. -Yep So hopefully we’ll get a chance to do kind of an adventure video and show you guys like a different part of Japan But that’ll give us that chance to go back into nature to step away from the city and go to somewhere a little bit more Remote and get a different feeling of what other parts of Japan are like because we’re -hopefully -we’re very much city folk. but this might give us a sense of what things are like. -are the Mosquitos -I hope they’re all.., no it’s up north in Japan. So it’s colder there – But it’s not minus weather yet I want the murderous minus weather I want one cold snap that murders the whole mosquito population and then the next day it can go back to 20 because currently It’s like 20 degrees. Yeah and above in Tokyo, which is Wild and weird – 20 degrees now. It’s like in the like the second half of October now -But it’s the kind of 20 where you’re still able to wear jeans and a t-shirt – right But it’s not enough that I could actually go out in this hoodie. Like if I went outside in this hoodie, I’d be way overheated. But by the evening, you need the hoodie Yeah, like when the Sun starts setting it’s kind of like hoodie weather is required – but when it comes to -my arm started twitching twitching.It was from my shoulder. I think it slipped out – i know, let me see what I can do. I like using phrases like “slipped out” because this is what i feel like Excruciating pain then out loud. I’m like, I think my shoulder slipped out Well, let’s tell another magical story about a adventure that we went on at night. -Yamachan? -No. Not Yamachan I’m thinking about something even more magical -What? -that’s made us feel like we’re going to a mystic realm We instead of biking sometimes we just walk around a neighborhood and one night We decided to walk around Kichijoji on some different streets that we haven’t seen and when we looked up we saw like the Electricity cables or like the telephone cables that go from place to place and I looked up and I said wow that’s a really big cat and Then the cats are walking along the cables I’m like “that cat has an exceptionally long tail!” and then I started squinting -and I said Simon that ain’t no cat That’s not a cat. That’s a What -Merpanda? – I don’t know. Was it a lemur? Was it a ferret? Okay So we theorize that it’s some kind of like lemur family at least because it had. we’re gonna describe it to you guys and see if you can help us. It was black and white Yes, okay, and it had really big eyes -right -but not huge eyes Where you’re like” it’s a sugar glider!”, but they were big enough that we could see these golden looking eyes Yes, and it had not a long snout like a weasel or ferret Which is why I’m like, it’s not a ferret, right? It was way too big to be a ferret It was like a giant cat. -It was a lot bigger than a ferret -like double a cats sizw -It was like not as big as Meemers. because Meemers was a fat boy. that’s right, you over there fatty! Lean and long – very lean and long and but his tail was longer than his body. like his tail would go way past his head.- his tail Would constantly if you guys are watching this on our channel I’m doing these weird movements but its tail would whip back and forth to kind of get his balance so you see a cheetah running and the cheetah uses his tail for like Balancing his body -and and this thing was just like going along the cables and we were like walking around looking like what is this? is this animal? -Well, we came to a conclusion about this because Spudgey had just passed away, right? It was probably like I think two or three days after he passed away, right? We were still not taking it well -right and We are taking it a bit better now, but still having our, our bad days But we said I think we have to follow this -we don’t have a choice I think this is like one of those like spirit animal things that came to us in the night and we were feeling so down about spudgy and talking about him and then this lemur Animal shows up and we were like we should follow it I mean like we were like cause it was on a street that had like people going by like bikes going by and like I Had no idea what it was So I was hoping that by like looking confused enough somebody would stop and look as well and then say something so like a lady like so the lemur thing Went past an apartment building and a lady wrote her bike into the apartment and we were just like staring up and pointing I’ll be like wow. What is that? What is that and she didn’t even give it crap. She was like I am tired It’s 11 p.m. I just got off my work shift and I am going straight home I don’t care if there’s an elephant on that. I need to watch my dramas and go to bed I think she glanced but was like, it’s a cat like -Like have these foreigners never seen a cat -it’s a cat. It’s not a cat. and then the funniest part was this poor lemur got very suspicious of us following him -Yes, he was so he’d be walking and then suddenly he’d be like this -he’d turn back at us and he would look and just stop -he’d stop and be like this bitch -are they following me? and then we would be like *whisting* -Yeah, and so we’d look away and as soon as we looked away he start up again, -right -we followed him Probably four blocks down. Yeah, they hung a right, right. This is all in the cables. Yeah went up through another Street So we followed him there and then he and then the cables went through a tree Yeah, right and then so he went to the tree He’s probably gonna go like hanging on the tree for a bit and we discuss him and we’re like hey How does does he have any girlfriends? Like what does he mate with like where are the rest of his homies? Like is this a common animal in Tokyo? did he escape from the Zoo? Then we heard more ruffling and then we saw him keep on going on the cables. like we gotta follow him He tried to shake us off We did a little detour he did But it didn’t stop us or like we gotta keep following you like I know that this is some kind of spirited away I’m gonna go into the magic realm or something here in Tokyo Yeah, and then when we kept on following him He eventually made a left on this new cable that went by a fence and we couldn’t hop. It was like a temple of some kind and he went into it and so we couldn’t enter it, right I was still like you know what it really reminded me of a Tanuki. Oh So his balls were so big. He was huge lying on his balls Oh the reason why I bring up Tanuki. Tanukis are like raccoon dogs They’re like a Japanese raccoon dog And I’m obsessed with them if you guys have not seen all posts always put up on Twitter of Tanukis. There Are these little tiny statues that you see in Japan and they look like they’re kind of staring like ah Like that meme with the awkward girlfriend, right? Yeah, that’s what Tanukis always look like. But they have huge balls yeah, okay and I can talk about this cuz it’s real -Yeah -from the history of Japan -very historic -Their balls are magical and they are trickster spirits and I love them They love to play tricks on humans and show up as like pretending to be authority figures But they can’t speak because if they speak they give away who they are. They got panicky Then you’re like, wait a second. Are you a tanuki? They sometimes speak in like really old speak So they’ve they’ve done a really good job of like getting away with being monks and stuff like that But they when they write they’ll write with really weird characters and little acorns like pop out of there They try to pay with acorns and stuff. No, they do these things to try to trick people So like people will often have these um historical stories of like Zen monks that are like really deep and reflective and when they write their Chinese characters, It’s very like old archaic that people don’t understand but they don’t understand because it’s a Tanuki trying to write like a human, right? That’s the funny part. Yeah, it’s like mystic and everyone’s like he’s so wise and he’s like And if you call them out their tail will pop out and so you can if you see their tail under the robes You’re like wait a second You’re a Tanuki And then they’re like “Tanuki”and if they gave you money the money turns back into acorns and leaves. Ah Because they can make things right. Anyhow, I thought that he looked like a Tanuki Okay, and that’s my and then he went into the temple area and then we couldn’t see him again So maybe that temple has a monk. Uh-huh, and that monk is actually a tanuki the point is Like Martina said we weren’t doing – uh, okay We were having a pretty rough like we were really missing somebody bad but when we saw this or like we have to follow this and We we walked with it for maybe like a good twenty to thirty minutes or so and we were talking and we were just like having Giggles with each other and we were very distracted and went into the temple area We thought you know like maybe this was a little manifestation of Spudgey spirit trying to distract us trying to give us a little bit of a smile as Spudgey goes back into his little shrine temple area He like hey guys. eyes eyes. look at that thing. Stop crying. look at this thing come on let’s go what’s that Like what am I? Over here. look at me. look at me. my tail’s so long, sparkly things we’re like oooh., we just followed it like doddering children. He’s like man, you forget me so easily, All I gotta show you is a weird animal and then that’s it but, it was , it was a nice little adventure It was a simple way to feel to Distract ourselves. Yeah, it was a simple way like you don’t need to necessarily Have money and go out and like do these things like cost no money to like go follow this animal around I did cost no money to bike around a new part of our neighborhood and to see new people and to discover new areas and why not just go out there and just go wherever your body leads you till you find I’m definitely really enjoying the posts that I see on the build a lot of hashtags because a lot of you guys will show me where you’re living and so some of you are in Very rural neighborhoods and you’re saying like, oh, there’s not much here, but like look at the sunset and I’m like wow I haven’t seen a sunset over like hit a hill area for years because if you live in the city -every time you look at the sunset there’s always buildings in the way You’re like there it and then it’s gone like you know, so there are different trade-offs for living in different areas Like there are there is a lot more hustle bustle in a city and there are more things to do technically But you can also feel very lonely in a city because everyone’s there but they’re not necessarily interacting with you. Yeah well When you kind of go out into an area that might be more fields and grass You can observe animals and you can see trees and I’m just really enjoying the posts to see what you guys are doing Well, thank you for that everyone. I appreciate it because I like looking at them. So that’s it for this week we didn’t even talk about yamachan -oh my gosh pantless wonder. the pantless yamachans i know we’re gonna tell you about yeah match ends next time For now, we’re gonna -i posted up. I think a picture or video of a pantless Izakaya man So we’ve got a new video coming tomorrow night. Yeah, so that’s two videos in one week. Check that out. Whoa whoa We got a video coming out on Friday and then we’ll probably you’ll probably see this live streaming in akita In the middle of next. Yeah, and then we’re making a video in Akita. Yeah, um, let me know in the comments section When we go to an onsen, what are you interested in us showing you don’t say naked people or bewbs? boobs!! Everyone’s like well, what am I gonna say now? Like, what do you think? No, because like, what are you interested in? Like do you want to see the menus of like what you eat a few onsen food? Like we’re gonna play scrabble really wanna show some onsen food. Yeah. So look, what are it? What is something that you’re like? What are the pillows like like I want to know things that maybe we didn’t think of that we’ve kind of gotten used to yeah You know, yeah And I hope you liked our stories for this week and we’ll see you later. Everyone. Yeah, and Bye bye bye to you at the time the cameras gonna die. Bye guys

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  16. If you do make a farm, maybe consider something like breeding herbs or roses or something. My parents made a living from their garden. Like…a regular garden. They were breeding organic roses and rare herbs. My mother has a disease that makes work for her very painful, but she managed to keep up her work until now, when she´s retired. I´ve been living in the city for more than 10 years now and I just recently moved into a house close by Vienna, but definitely rural. Guys….you won´t go back to the city. Promise. 🙂
    If you want, I can give you some details on how to make your life easier on the farm, especially for Martina. 🙂 You´ll do just fine.

  17. Isn't kichijoji the number one neighborhood where Japanese people want to live in in Tokyo? They even make a tv show about it

  18. Not sure if someone already mentioned it, but maybe u guys saw a Civet? Im from Europe and when I lived in Taiwan it was the first time a Civet crossed my path and I was soooo confused because I never saw one before and the only thing I was able to say was 'THATS NOT A CAT!' and it took me good time to figure out what this cat thing was but im happy this Tanuki could comfort u guys a little bit, love you

  19. Onsen food, the softness of the pillows/blankets/futon, the different types of onsen they have maybe? Some places have different things in each bath….

  20. This is kind of off topic, but lately I have been watching your Korea vlogs. Do you guys still cook Korean food at home?

  21. I did a little research and it seems like the spirit animal could have been a pine marten or a sable. Since you said it was kind of lemur or weasel-like that's my best guess?

  22. Can you guys add your podcast to Stitcher? I've been listening to the SBS PopAsia ones and would like to be able to listen to Tokyo Tales too!

  23. Not yet down listening to podcost, but… MY GOODNESS. I'd help with the farm so hard. Agh, that'd make the visit even better.

  24. I'm in China atm, and grocery stores excite me sooo much 😂 there's loads of stuff I've never seen before and things we know in the west, but different exotic flavours, for example. Grocery shopping in a foreign country is a must for me.

  25. Pretch about the mosquitos they killed me and my boyfriend in Kyoto. It was 30 :O and they weren't selling mosquitos spray at drug stores 🙁

  26. my friends and I are traveling to Japan in a few months and one of our biggest concerns is where to find a nice onsen that allows tattoos. We don't want to spend our entire time in Tokyo and would love to explore other parts of Japan so we're all very excited to hear about places we may be able to visit ! I personally loved seeing what the open air bath looked like in your last onsen video but I think we'd all love to see what kind of food they serve and, if it's a ryokan, what the rooms look like !

  27. if you guys buy an extra house I would so come visit and help with the farm life, even though I'm talentless lol. I also can't help but watch how Simon and Martina held hands throughout the video and how Simon rubbed your arm when you needed it. It's such gentle gesture and act of love that is so beautiful.

  28. I love small town life! But I also can't imagine being happy in a city and my city friends seem to feel the same about small towns. There are good points and bad points in almost any area, but it does seem like there are people who just naturally prefer certain kinds of living situations.

    On the other hand, you two seem so happy anywhere you go, so maybe you'd find a way to love small town life!

  29. I would most like to see a visual representation of the connection to nature that you feel at Onsens. And speaking of Japanese folklore maybe you can give us more lessons on different creatures related or unrelated to onsen culture that you feel fit the vibe.

  30. Maybe like a summer or a rest home in the province? You know, so you really have a place just to get out of the city for a looong time.

  31. Thanks for the amazing conversation on rural living. I lived in Hida-Furukawa for 3 weeks and had an amazing experience there. The place is one 15 minute train ride to the nearest city (Takayama) and the place has lovely neighbours who all know each other. I went under the joint program of Fab Cafe (and parent company Loft Works) who accept residencies to their Hida-Furukawa Fab Cafe location and they have an amazing studio space (wood shop at back, cafe at front). Talk to the owners of Fab Cafe in Shibuya when you get a chance to hear more about opening specialty shops around the world. I can give you a contacts if you're interested in visiting as well (since they know me pretty well). Overall love your topic this session and can't wait to hear more!

  32. Guys, I couldn’t read all the comments so probably someone already said this but even before you said Tanuki I was thinking that’s what it is. Like a real one. There are differences between the real tanuki and the mythical ones like bake-danuki but your description sounds like tanuki!

  33. Hey you two cuties.
    Love those podcasts. ♡ just sitting here on the sofa drinking my sunday morning cardamom coffee and watching your video. x3
    About your idea of a house outside the city for artsy stuff and farmers life. We got a youtuber / musician here in Germany that did this too. He bought himself a huge property and uses it to invite artists or other ppl over. They can film videos there and in exchange they help him with the fields or other projects.
    If you're interested you can check out his channel. But the videos are in German
    It's "Kliemannsland" 🙂

  34. Please do it!!!! I know that there are some setups like that in Japan where you can go and stay for free (or low cost) at a place in the countryside if you help on the farm. But I think it would be so great if you guys had a setup like that! I think the great thing about it if you guys did it would be the creativity and community that would come from it.

  35. I always listen to your podcasts while vacuuming. I’m not a big fan of vacuuming and this makes it so much more enjoyable

  36. I wish I could of visited Kichijoji/Mitaka. I’m so sad. Ghibli should make this story into a movie. I would watch it.

  37. HOLY SHIET at 23:58 the writing on that shirt are Indonesian. IS that just a random thing or that person really an Indonesian? The shirt meaning kinda say "vigor of young people". Kinda, my english so suck lately cause i am writing my thesis. Pfft.. blaming things when i never practice or learn anything.

    Btw. that child story remind me of crayon shincan. Love that show but way inappropiate for a kid show. lol. Hope you both get better and waiting for more livestream, need some nasty community lol. Writing this thesis sucks so much cos i am stuck at home and being rush by deadline.

  38. I'm sorry, stop the podcast/video!!! I can't stop staring at them holding hands so casually on the table and it's making me drop my uwus everywhere! <3 Love it!

  39. A bit late to the party but while relistening to this episode I had a thought.

    With the farming thing it sounds exactly like WWOOF, an organisation which connects volunteers with organic farms where they work on the farm in exchange for food and board. I've done it many times and it's great fun and a super cheap way to travel and meet new people while learning new things.

    Yes a fully fledged farm is difficukt to run, but growing 3-5 types of crop, and using energy saving techniques like permaculture it's much much easier.
    (e.g. you can build trays and grow veggies waist high, meaning when you weed or harvest you don't need to crouch because everything is at arm's reach). Also chickens are awesome to keep for eggs. They eat all your food waste and you get lovely fresh eggs every day, and they're so sweet to be around. Ducks are also great because they eat any slugs on your crops, and work the soil with their feet and even fertilize a bit with their poops.

    Ok I've gone on way too long about this but I think it's a freaking awesome plan and Im so excited for you and if you do set up a farm arthouse I will 100percent come visit!!

  40. I bet it was a possum you saw! In this part of the world we have lots of types of possums that run along the telephone wires.

  41. You two are so cute! I love the hand holding throughout the video. You give me hope that someday I will find my other half. Thank you for making these! I love being able to see while listening to your podcast.

  42. Man I would love to live in the countryside in Japan. Its the dream! I bet its hard to make a living with art in Japan though, I am a tattoo artist in England atm. I think i'll come visit Japan soon and ask some studios if they'd hire a foreigner.

  43. Martina! If you love tanukis you really should watch Studio Ghibli’s Pom Poko – a super lighthearted movie about tanukis and the industrialization of Tokyo – that I really think you’ll appreciate wanting to live in the country side!!!

  44. i know this comment is really late but if you actually decide to make the art house i will find a way to come visit. that is honestly one of the coolest ideas i’ve heard in a long time!!

  45. commenting on videos always feels like talking to the void but! I have to say that I really do love watching/listening to tokyo tales, bc there are all these side stories and tangents and everything seems sweet and real. maybe that's just bc I can never make it through a single story start to finish oops but yeah! I'm making my way through the tales and feeling kinda connected I guess and I wanted to share that

  46. I’ve been a passive viewer for years and these podcasts have to be my absolute favorite videos! I love you guys and keep on inspiring people to be who they are ❤️❤️

  47. Uhm, how would one go about staying at this communal house y’all want to open? I would readily work/pay to stay with you guys and help out. This is one of the most exciting things either of you have ever said. ❤️ what an opportunity that would be!

  48. Hey, love these video podcasts, I always listen to them on my train commute😊 in case you guys didn't know, these local veggie/fruit places are called yaoya (八百屋)!

  49. This is probably a very late comment but the animal your describing sounds like a Palm Civet which were introduced to Japan after WW2 for the fur trade. Still sounds like a magical experience. I love watching your videos and hearing your stories 🙂

  50. Re-listening to this podcast reminded me of how much you love tanuki Martina, and because you love tanuki I highly recommend watching the anime the Eccentric Family. It's a really fun anime to watch and tho it can have its dramatic moments, true to the nature of tanuki it's overall lighthearted, comedic and fun.

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