Todd White – Can I Pray for the Sick When I Need Healing ( INTERVIEW )

Todd White – Can I Pray for the Sick When I Need Healing ( INTERVIEW )

I’ve been in so many situations where I’ve had stuff that I’ve been dealing with, and I’ll tell you a simple one. I tore my knee one time, and I’m like Man, I don’t like this. You know, I’m a guy that’s praying for the sick all the time. You know all the time. It’s never stopped. It’s always been non-stop. It’s always happening. So I’m praying for people. I tear my knee and I end up going to a doctor. My doctor is Jewish. He’s a Jewish doctor. So I go in there and I tell him Jesus is gonna heal me man, and he said, “Listen I’m Jewish, and I don’t believe like you believe, but you can see right here” (they did the MRI-) “there’s a tear right here and you need to understand that we have to operate on this, because your knee’s not going back to normal.” I said, “Man. I’m telling you. Jesus is gonna heal me.” He goes, “All right,” he goes, “You’re very zealous for what you believe in.” He goes, “That’s great.” So we prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and nothing. I didn’t get to see it healed, and it was a bummer, and so surgery was scheduled for three weeks later. I had Dan pray for me, all that stuff. So I called Dan one morning and I’m a little overwhelmed because I told this Jewish guy this Jewish doctor, God’s son, one of his sons. He doesn’t know it, right? In the Messiah in Christ, I said, “Man God’s gonna heal my knee.” So I’m like, man, God it would be great for him to see that you heal my knee. You know, and I’m thinking, heal me because of him, you know for his sake, not because of me. God would heal you whether anybody found out or not, because he’s just good like that. So I’m there, I called Dan on the phone. I said, “Man, my knee is not healed.” I said, “Man, I just want to kneel down. I just want to worship God, man.” You know? And I prayed for a bunch of knees in the midst of this thing, and like people’s knees are getting healed, you know, and I’m not really frustrated with it not happening for me except the fact of this Jewish guy. So God says to me, or I kneel on the floor and I’m like I just want to kneel down. I’m trying to squeeze my knee and I hear this voice, this still small voice. “Just go ahead,” and I kneel, and bend the whole way and my knee was completely healed. It was ridiculous, man. So amazing, and I’ve received it straight from my Father. So now I have to go to the doctor, and I have to tell that Jewish doctor. And I’m so excited, so I go to the waiting room, you know, and I’m waiting in the doctor’s office, just waiting to go in there, because I’m on–you know, this is a workman’s comp related injury, you know. So I have to go and I have to get him to sign off on this thing. So I go in his office. I say, “Guess what man?” He goes, “What?” He goes “Why, what’s going on?” And I started jumping around. I squatted way down on the ground, held my squat, stood up, jumped off the ground. He was checking it, moving my knee all sideways, trying to see you know, what ever. He goes, “Todd.” He goes, “You know,” he goes, “I appreciate the fact that you think that Jesus healed you.” He goes, “But honestly, this is workman’s comp. So I’ll tell you what we’ll do. He said, “If you can pay $1100 for an MRI, then I will go ahead and do another MRI, because workman’s comp isn’t gonna pay for it,” he goes, and that’s the only way that I can release you.” And I’m thinking, I don’t have $1,100. What am I gonna do? I go and leave the doctor’s office kind of like, what do I do? God speaks to me in the car and says, “He’s my son. I want you to go through the surgery.” Why would I go through the surgery? I don’t want to have someone cut me open. I go through surgery? This is ridiculous. Like I don’t want to do this thing. And I’m sitting there, and I’m like, I’m thinking in my heart, God you healed me. Why would I go through surgery? So I’m thinking, Is this the devil? Then I hear God say, “He’s my son, but he doesn’t know it. Have you laid down your life?” I’m thinking, the devil wouldn’t say that to me. So I went through surgery. I go through, full expectation. Amazing, go through surgery. I come out, out of anesthesia. I’m coming to, it’s amazing, I’m all groggy. I’m out of it. I’m like, I had this nurse, the people are trying to help me. I get a word of knowledge for the nurse that’s there, about migraine headaches. I said, “Do you have a migraine headache right now?” I’m totally out of it, but I can remember this clear as day. She goes “Yes, I do. Why?” I said, “Can I have your hand please?” She goes, “Oh, are are you okay?” I said, “Yes, I am.” I grabbed her hand. I said, “Migraine headache, you go away in Jesus name,” coming out of this anesthetic. It’s amazing man. She goes, “Oh, you’re delirious.” I said, “Is your headache gone?” She said, “Yes it is.” I’m like, that’s myJesus. You know, and then I pass back out again. I came to, and she ended up coming back and telling me what happened. It’s awesome. So I waited. I had to wait a whole week and a half in order for my next visit, and my knee really hurt, like he cut me open and did the arthroscopic surgery. So I go in for my next visit, and I said to the doc–I’m so like excited man, this is God’s son. This is why I did it. So he’s like, he goes, “Well,” he goes. “Here’s some pictures. We went in. We scraped your knee cap. We did this. We did that.” I said whoa, and he goes, “You know,” he goes, “It’s gonna heal up just fine. I have to set you up on physical therapy, And you’re gonna have to go through that for a little while before we can release you back to full duty. All right. I’ll see you in two weeks.” Gives me the papers and walks out the door, doesn’t say anything, and I’m thinking, you’ve got to be kidding me. Now I’ve got to go to physical therapy too. God what’s going on? Nothing. Didn’t say a word. So I went to physical therapy, after. It was actually a week later, and I went to physical therapy really light stuff, and I am praying for people in the physical therapy office, and people with neck problems and back problems and rehabilitated shoulders, God is touching them and they can’t wait to get me out of physical therapy, because I’m there and everybody’s hurting in the whole place and they’re rehabbing my knee, you know, but it was so weird, because I was healed. I know I was right, but that’s not the issue. The issue is that all these people need healing too, and God loves them and they don’t know him, and my PT, my physical therapist they don’t know. He doesn’t know God, and then the other one, she doesn’t–the therapist assistant, she doesn’t know God. And every time I talk about Jesus, they’re so weird about me. But I can’t let that determine whether I’m gonna talk about him, so I don’t have anything else to talk about, and I’ve got to be in there for 45 minutes three times a week, so I get to bring the gospel. So I used my time at home with my rehab for the first couple weeks before I went back to work on light duty to seek and to search out Jesus and the reality of who he says I am, and then when I went to physical therapy all kinds of people get healed, all kinds of stuff. So I go through all my rehab, get through everything, I get the last visit with my doctor and I said, “Man, will you do me a favor? I said, “Look, I understand malpractice and all that stuff, and I’m not after that man. But I know what I heard in my heart, and God told me that you were his son and did I lay down my life? Have I laid down my life? And I know where I’m at. And I know what I’ve given myself to. I want to know this: when you showed me the picture, there was no tear. When you showed me the picture there was no tear, like it was. When you went in there. what did you see, and when you went in there, what happened to your heart? He goes, “Let’s just say, that I’ve had a big change of heart. I just want to thank you.” And I was like… He hugged me and I walked out of that room, and I was so thankful. But in the process of my knee, I saw 36 knees get healed while I was going through that stuff. And that’s just one situation of stuff that I’ve been through. Someone else needing prayer for healing isn’t determined by whether you’ve gotten healed yet. We press in. This is not a formula. It’s a fight of faith. So Father I thank you that you’d give people great courage God, that you’d give people great great awareness of who they are in you, that God their identity would be solid God, that we would be help in time of need, that we would be hope in every situation. Father I thank you that you would empower people to be free from being in bondage because they’re going through something. God the devil lies and says “Why would God heal somebody else if he didn’t heal you?” or “If God never healed this person, why would He heal you?” It’s all lies from hell. Jesus paid a price for us to be forgiven and for us to be healed. We drink the juice. We eat the bread. Jesus paid a price for us to be forgiven and live unto righteousness. It says,”Having believed unto righteousness – by His stripes we are healed.” Father, never let this be a stumbling block for the body of Christ. I thank you for people that are dealing with issues right now, that they would be healed in Jesus name.

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  1. I was in the hospital with a lung infection i prayed in my water for healing prayed normally and coughed up so much mucus and crap i was on medicine but i have cystic fibrosis so its hard to get up mucus but after i prayed i got so much sickness out

  2. I fell off my log loader. Landed on the steel log deck. I had a punctured lung, air bulbs coming out and God had me keep working. He healed me in 2 days. The air bubbles made a high pitched sound and i could feel the vibration as the bubbles rose up in my chest.

  3. Great testimony Todd. I just came across your video n am already enjoying this one. Awesome testimony. Awesome Spirit filled.Awesome all over for Jesus but most of all I love your radical passion for Jesus. It shows the kind of relationship you have with the Father. Totally awesome meins!
    So with all that said can you please pray for my left side breast. I had a water slam a month ago n I got it hurt by the water so please agree with me for healing meins. I desperatly need healing. Thank you bro. I do appreciate it n I receive that prayer right now in Jesus mighty name. Amen n amen!!!!! GO JESUS!!!!

  4. Someone online recommended you to me and I thank God they did ✨ God bless you and Amen 😄

  5. Please sir pray for me that God will heal me from infertility, nerve damage and everything that is wrong with me in Jesus name

  6. Sir Todd white please pray for me im all ways losers and nobody love me any more please pray for me Thank you God bless you more and more

  7. A doctor would rexamine you to double check and make sure everything is okay. They wouldn't bribe or whatever you wanna call it saying pay for the MRI because work comp wouldn't cover it. If there were any changes, the doctor would want to reexamine.

  8. Hey Todd We need prayer so bad. I’ve prayed to God. And nothing. There is so much hurt and Pain in my family. My wife, my daughters, myself. There is some much standing in the way of my family and there is a point of total destruction. I don’t believe my family and I are done yet. My wife says she is not done with me yet. My kids are done with her. She is the step mom.

    Please ask Jesus to help us get through this.

  9. I was watching hillsong and you Todd White came out at the end and prayed for people and you said anyone with hearing problems, put your hands over your ears so i did and prayed with you and that exact moment my hearing was healed and been healed every since. Glory and praise to Jesus!!!! 💕

  10. Keep the faith. Jesus healed me. He straighten my spine from scoliosis. All by praying immediately healed on 9'09'16… I'm pain free. Thank you Jesus.

  11. Todd can you pray with me for my friend Monica to heal her back and to heal my wife's M.S. You faith is much stronger than mine and I love you for that, I am trying to have more faith and devotion!

  12. Love u brother Tod & all my brother's & sister's in Jesus 🙋‍♀️ lots of love & BIG HUGS !!! 😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😃❤💜💛💚💙💟

  13. I need a healing from God – tinnitus in my left ear to be healed and the ear drum completely restored, and healed of major depression. Can God heal me of these things that plague my health and quality of life?

  14. I think God knows who needs to see a miracle to believe and those who walk by faith. I’m currently seeking God for the healing of my baby boy. It’s been 7 months of me praying unendingly. I believe in it all: that there’s power in Jesus’ name when it is spoken. And that in an instant God could eliminate all sickness from my boy’s body.
    But through it all, my faith has remained strong. Even stronger I would say and I can’t explain how that’s possible. It’s a blessing because who in their natural state would grow closer to God when their child is getting sicker and sicker?
    It’s the Holy Spirit that has kept me close. I know there is a bigger picture that I don’t see and I trust God in what He allows to happen.
    I’ll never stop praying for a miracle because I love my son. But even if it doesn’t happen, I know He is in it all.

  15. WOW…ok my faith keeps growing and I love it… I am subscribed to a topical Bible study email that comes in everyday and I was literally watching this video and a email notification pops up on my phone… It said today's topical bible study…Healing bible verses…God knows I'm reaching out to him and he keeps sending me signs including all these videos and emails and other stuff…I am starting to change and I love it…I love God and I love learning about God and creating a relationship with him and 8 months ago I met the love of my life she is the most beautiful hearted and has the most beautiful soul I have ever seen/met and I met her because God sent her into my life and me into her life…Gods love is so unmeasurable because it never ends, God bless everyone Amen🙏

  16. I did the same thing for an ankle injury people thought I was crazy maybe I am I don’t know but I’m not ashamed. I’m more low key nowadays.

  17. …ive been a skeptical person about things i have to see to believe…but for some reason i feel Jesus talks and works through this man. He man reminds me of John the baptist in the Bible mini series

  18. Bro, I have a prayer Request,
    One of my friend is in coma from 2 years,
    Can you remember her (Riny Roy) in your prayers please,
    God Bless You.

  19. I had poison Ivy all over my arms and after listening to this video, my poison Ivy went from burning, to reduced, no longer itching. Praise God

  20. what jesus bore i need not bear!!! and in honor of the sacrifice of jesus, i refuse to be sick !!!! i call my body well from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet in the name of jesus. thank you father!!! thank you brother todd

  21. What is the use in praying to heal the sick, when we all have a death sentence to serve? Praying for the sick, is just a temporary reprieve from death.

  22. Now I am scared about no receiving what I am believing God to heal me for. I absolutely do not want to go thru the medical system anymore. And now after hearing this testimony I am afraid that I will have to. I just don't know what to do now.

  23. Todd White: I am begging for prayer for my son. He is only 16. He is autistic. He is sweet. The last 2 months out of nowhere he turned and is not himself. I have wondered if he could be tormented. Wondering if he’s in bondage. He loves Jesus. When I say he loves Jesus, he loves him. Proclaims his name and reads his word. I just had to leave him at the hospital. I am angry at the Lord. I am frustrated. I read and read his word. I believe Him. I am begging the Lord to heal my son mentally. If he can create an ear, make a donkey talk, and send someone to spit in mud to make a blind man see, why can’t he bring my son back. I hear your stories and I believe yet I don’t. Why only you? Why does he work these for you and yet, I serve the same God, read the same word, and worship hard. I love Jesus. I really do.
    If he hears the “voice of the lad” why can’t he hear the voice of my son? My poor son. My poor son crying for me not to leave but is not in a sound mind. Why can’t or why doesn’t Jesus restore His mind? My son would proclaim the name of Jesus and give Him glory for restoration.
    2 months ago my son was laughing and life was in his eyes and now he doesn’t. Please pray. Please pray. My son needs mental deliverance from his bondage. Please I want my son back. I want my son back and I want peace in my home. Please. I have cried all I can cry and I will sacrifice my life for him. I will take it. Please Jesus… I can only cry and beg and scream for much longer. I am weary and afraid I’m going to lose the faith. Please pray for my son. His name is Jeremiah.

  24. I just had written YAY!!!
    on the testimonial video of a Jewish lady, a couple of hours ago, who came to Christ. I was realizing that many will think I spelled yay wrong, but I didn't.
    YAY had welled up in my heart, hearing her salvation story.
    You hardly ever see yay spelled right.
    Then an hour or so later I watch your video about witnessing to your Jewish doctor, that says "Yay God" on your shirt in it.

  25. im a young leader of my church i believe in Jesus but i suffered for my knee problem i cant play football and its hurting me everyday peoples know im a believer but i cant do the things what i like most i dont have any testimony how could i preech God boldly that God heals you…please pray for i want to see the glory of God in my life…

  26. So awesome and encouraging. Your life energizes my faith to prayer over people and believe for what is not ordinary. Glory to Jesus.

  27. I just want to share that while watching this video my right ankle got hurt. After reaching the end of the video, my ankle doesn't hurt anymore and I realized it was a prayer. Thank you, Todd!

  28. My name is Joseph.
    please pray for me and my children for deliverance from demons and evil spirits.
    please pray that no witch or wizard
    shall have power over me and my children.

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