Tips to Get Started Speaking Korean from an Experienced Language Learner

Tips to Get Started Speaking Korean from an Experienced Language Learner

en español…
in Spanish Mucho gusto. Mi nombre es Adan y nací en Tijuana, Baja California de México
Nice to meet you. My name is Adan and I was born in Tijuana, Mexico’s Baja Califnoria y me encanta estudiar idiomas
and I love studying languages por supuesto
of course en Japonés
in Japanese 皆さんこんにちは。アダンと言います。
Hey everyone my name is Adan! 34 歳でティフアナというところで生まれ育ったんですけれども、
I am 34 years old and was born in a place called Tijuana, もう日本語を勉 強し始めて大体 15 年以上 経つんですけれども、 なんとなくここまで頑張ってきて
It’s been over 15 years since I started learning but somehow I’ve been able to get this far. 普通に 喋れると思うんですけれども、 なかなか日本語を 覚えるのが大変なので
Although I think I can speak without any issues I do think learning Japanese is quite hard to learn. まぁ 楽しいとは言えるけれども すごくできるようになるでは 時間と努力がかかると思います。
Even though it is fun it does take a bit of time and effort to be able to speak it well. 한국말은 ? 안녕하세요 반갑습니다 . 네 저는 아단이라고 합니다 .
Hello nice to meet you. Yep. As for me, I am called Adan. 한국말 배우기 시작한지 … 대충 .. 모 ..
Since I started learning Korean it’s been… about… uh.. 8 년 된 거 아니야 ?
Hasn’t it been 8 years? 8 년 좀 된 거 같애요 .
I think it’s been about 8 years. 그쵸 . 그리고 뭐 .. 일본말이랑 되게 가까우니까 .. 너무 비슷해서
Yep. And uh.. Since it’s really close to Japanese… since it’s sooo similar… 다른 사람보다는 조금 … 배우는게 … 좀 많이 쉬웠던 거 같애 그치
I think it’s been a lot easier for me than for other people [who learn Korean] 처음에 시작했을 때 ‘ 어 아단 너 한국말 되게 일본사람 같다’는 소리 많이 들었어요
When I first started, people would always say to me ‘Your Korean sounds like a Japanese person[’s] 가끔 들려
Sometimes I hear it 가끔 그런 .. 그치 있는 거지
Sometimes yea.. You’re right it’s there. 근데 너무 재미있어요 *
But it’s so fun. 이제 한국말이랑 … 어 .. 일본말이랑 너무 비슷하니까
Now with Korean… I mean… Since it’s so similar to Japanese 뭐 특히 한자 이런 같은 경우에는 너무 배우기 쉽다고 하긴 하지만
Especially in the case of Chinese roots, I do think that learning [Korean] was really easy but… 많이 아니까 … 그치
Because I [already] know a lot… right 그것도 뭐 …
That too.. uh… 안 써도 된다는 한자도 있는데
Although there’s a lot of Chinese root characters that you don’t really have to use 표현이나 이런 것도 다를 때도 많고 어색하지만 근데 그래도
expressions and all that sometimes they’re used differently or are awkward but I mean still 가끔 우리가 언어 교환 할 때 그 … 아단이 뭐 .. 어떤 말을 하는데
Sometimes when we do our language exchange Adan uhh is saying something and 내가 이해는 할 수 있지만 ‘ 그게 좀 부자연스러운 거 같은데
although I can understand him I’m like ‘that seems a bit unnatural’ ‘ 우리 그런 말 안 해 ’… 그렇다고 … 그렇게 도와주는거죠 *
I say ‘We don’t really use that word’… Anyway, yea that’s how I help him.

23 thoughts on “Tips to Get Started Speaking Korean from an Experienced Language Learner

  1. I'm actually a system's administrator (IT), and I've always wondered what it would be like to work at a Korean IT company or provide service to someone in Korean.

  2. Great story! I've been studying korean for 2 years and it is really hard to learn without someone to talk to

  3. I just started as a French tutor (or, hopefully, a guide). Thank you, Jeremy, for being a good role model in that respect.

  4. I'm trying to imagine you all sitting at a coffee shop speaking in Korean and getting all sorts of looks from strangers! Haha this is awesome 🙂

  5. I admire your passion and efforts putting in to the practice so hard to get your goals. This is so helpful and I will definitely try harder to speak english.

    목표를 성취하기 위해서 부단히 노력하는 두분의 열정과 노력을 정말 높게사고싶네요. 좋은 영상 감사드리고, 저도 영어 더 잘 구사 할 수 있도록 더욱 노력할게요!

  6. How long does it take learning a language to start thinking in the language rather than to translate?

  7. Oh dang , jealous of Adan!! Much much admiration for Adan (and Jeremy, but that was a given already )!

  8. 3:48 lol Que esta pasando? Que esta diciendo?…(accents are missing!)
    Just like Bill Murray in "Lost in translation" (same look) ^ ^ hahaha
    All four are beautiful languages! Maybe Japanese is "soft", thus suits to Spanish
    speakers!? But writing is completely different level! Even spelling in Spanish and
    Spanish by itself require attention. No language should be underestimated! Especially
    not Korean.

  9. I wanted to learn Korean so badly but i am student which I couldn't spend much time on learning it. But luckily i got some Korean friends in my school that i can learn from , so may i ask do you have any tips on learning it well and quick?? # I am Chinese. TT

  10. Ive been studying korean since January 2017, and listening comprehension has always been the hardest and most discouraging for me. I was surprised at how much I understood in his Korean introduction!

  11. Adan, and Jeremy. Thanks for sharing this video. I love learning languages. I've been practicing English for almost two decades and taking up Chines since last year. Why do you guys learn multiple languages so diligently? Do you guys have any particular goal for that?

  12. I am a Japanese native speaker and his Japanese is REALLY good…also in terms of intonation.

  13. Pues, como dirían los mexicanos, qué padre!. Siempre me gustan tus videos Jeremy. Crees que es posible ponernos en contacto Adan y yo? Hablamos varios de los mismos idiomas él y yo — ingles, español, francés, portugués, chino.

  14. In school age my friend and I would try to speak in English only and we changed our phones to English language instead of Swedish settings. I am right now actually starting to speak Korean to my dogs because it is comforting that they can't understand or judge and I get to practice talking with no pressure, just testing. So far it's only one word here and there and I try to read out loud each time I try to read. My one dog I got when I still lived in Sweden so I speak both English and Swedish to her to keep my Swedish but with the younger ones I'll probably try to find ways to make them bilingual too for the sake of my practice. I'm so happy to have them to build confidence with until I feel ready to find exchange buddies.

  15. 초록색 옷 입은 사람은 영어를 다소 쉬운 문장으로만 말하는 경향이 있는 듯. 완전 원어민 수준은 아님.. 물론 나는 훨씬 못함 ㅋ

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